Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 84 — Dukedom of Ancadi

Chapter 84: Dukedom of Ancadi

Because of his peculiar condition before, the young man, though he regained consciousness, could not stand straight. Furthermore, because of the danger of dehydration due to the desert’s temperature and his considerably sweating, the young man was invited into the vehicle and allowed to drink some water inside.

The young man was forced to acknowledge that the four-wheeler was some sort of carriage, and he feels giddiness from the comfortability inside it. However, when he recalled that he could not finish his mission if he stopped mid-way, he pulled himself together as there was no time to enjoy such luxury. Then, he introduced himself to Hajime’s party who saved him.

“First, let me say my appreciation for your help. Thank you very much. When I thought I was going to die in this state… Ancadi would be finished. My name is Viz Fuad Zengain. Son of the Dukedom of Ancadi’s ruler, Randzi Fuad Zengain.”

Surprisingly, the young man called Viz was an important person. Ancadi itself is the key point in transporting marine products so the freshness would not drop by much from Elisen, where 80% of marine products were produced in that northern part of the continent. In other words, by being the main supplier of the food from the northern part of the continent, Ancadi held the monopoly. Ancadi’s ruler himself was not only a distinguished noble but a great noble who was trusted by Herrlicht Kingdom.

Hearing Kaori’s identity of being one of the “God’s Apostle” and someone summoned from different world, as well as how Hajime’s party was made up of Gold-ranked adventurers, Viz was so astonished that his eyes popped out. Thus, he thought, Is this a command from God!? Even a Goddess is sent to us!, and he suddenly prayed to the heavens. In this case, the Goddess, Kaori, was dumbfounded by him. Hajime urged him to tell them the situation while leaking a slight Pressure, making Viz clear his throat and begin to talk while drenched in cold sweat.

What Viz told them was,

Four days ago, people collapsing with a high fever of an unknown cause began appearing one after another in Ancadi. It was really a sudden, with 3,000 people out of 270,000 falling unconscious in the first day, and those with similar symptoms reached 20,000 people. The medical center filled instantly, and it continued to fill up the communal center. The medical personnels were treating the patients while looking for the cause of the disease, but, just like Kaori, they could only delay it without curing any.

While it happened, the number of patients kept increasing one after another. Before long, infected medical personnels began to appear. The number overwhelmed the magic users capable of delaying the disease, and under such chaos, dead finally appeared among those who didn’t receive the treatment. Despair shrouded the people due to the fact that people died only after the second day they were infected.

Within those, one pharmacist accidentally used “Liquid Judging” on the drinking water. Resultantly, it was known that the water contained poison, which resulted in rampaging of magic power. At once, survey team was formed. They examined Ancadi’s oasis while assuming the worst situation in their mind, and as they thought, the oasis had been polluted.

Naturally, the oasis is a lifeline for a country located in the middle of the desert, so the guarding and maintenance were strictly managed by the one in charge. Thinking about it normally, it was not an exaggeration that it was impossible to take out the guards of Ancadi and poisoned the oasis even with all prepared measures.

From where, how, who… The survey team could only tilted their heads, but more importantly, because the stock of water from two days ago were not plenty, they didn’t have any more water to use. Thus, it resulted with them having no other ways to save those infected from drinking the polluted water.

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However, it wasn’t like there wasn’t any other method — there was a method to heal those infected. The method needed a mineral called “Serene Stone.” This “Serene Stone” is a special mineral hat carried an effect to calm the magic power’s activity and a small amount of this valuable mineral could be harvested in the northern rock zone near ?Guryuu-en Great Volcano?. If the “Serene Stone” was made into powder and drunk, it would be able to calm the rampaging magic power inside the bodies of the infected.

Even so, the northern rock zone was too far that it needed at least one month of travel using carriage. Moreover, Ancadi’s adventurers, especially those capable of entering ?Guryuu-en Great Volcano?’s dungeon, harvesting “Serene Stone,” and returning, had already fallen to the disease. Half-assed adventurers could not even able to go through the desert storm wrapping ?Guryuu-en Great Volcano?. Besides, even if there were people with power to do so, they also did not have any stock of water safe to use, so it was necessary to ask for help from the Kingdom.

The requested help asked for water that could temporarily relieved 270,000 people in the Dukedom of Ancadi, in addition to powerful people capable of going to the dungeon of ?Guryuu-en Great Volcano?. However, it was not easy to arrange powerful people capable of doing that. Even though the request from the Dukedom could not be disregarded, the Kingdom would rather choose to investigate Ancadi’s current condition first. Furthermore, the Kingdom would also deliberately make the procedures as a slow one.

That’s why, Zengain, the one in power, thought it was necessary for Viz to be the representative and directly asking for reinforcement.

“Father, mother, and my little sister were infected, too, and although they managed to recover using the stock of Serene Stone in Ancadi, they were in a truly weakened state that they are incapable of going to the nearby city much less to the Kingdom. That’s why I am the one to ask for the help and left Ancadi yesterday along with bodyguards. At that time, I didn’t have any symptom… but I might have been infected. The appearance of the disease likely differs depending on the individual. I was agitated by this situation… my family falling sick, the duchy fell into disorder, and how we were argued on who was to immediately ask for rescue. It is also necessary to procure Serene Stone. And even right now, the lives of Ancadi’s people are perishing… but I am in such a miserable condition!”

Even though he could not put strength into his body, Viz put strength into his fist and hit his thigh. He seemed to have a strong sense of responsibility towards the people as the next Lord of Ancadi. He might also be mortified by how his bodyguards were annihilated when the Sandworms attacked.

However, it was fortunately the Sandworms hesitated to eat him due to sensing the disease. Though he was exhausted due to the disease, it was also what caused the Sandworms not to attack him and resultantly, he met Hajime’s party. Life is where one is unable to know what would happen next.

“… I want you, no, I request you as the formal representative of the Lord of Ancadi Dukedom. Please lend me your strength.”

Saying so, Viz bowed his head. Silence filled the vehicle for a while. The sound of sand carried by the wind and hitting the windows greatly resounded. Viz himself knew that as the Lord’s representative, he should not easily bow his head to someone else, but he was so desperate not to let go of such good fortune.

All gazes moved to Hajime. Though they left the decision to Hajime, everyone’s gazes, except Yue and Tio’s, were obviously telling him they wanted to help. Especially Kaori; she could not disregard such a situation as a “Healer.” Her gaze was petitioning him. However, Myuu was more direct.

“Papa~. Won’t Papa help him?”

She said while looking at him with a truly pure gaze. She seemed to believe Hajime could solve whatever the problem was, unconditionally. For Myuu, Hajime was her one and only hero. Towards Myuu, and Kaori’s expectant gaze, “It can’t be helped,” Hajime shrugged his shoulders with wry feeling.

“Fufu,” Shia and Tio chuckled at Hajime. Hajime immediately looked over his shoulder towards Yue, and Yue was… just the same as always. No matter what Hajime’s decision was, she will lend him all of her might. Even without words, Yue’s feelings were clearly transmitted to him. Hajime stroked Yue’s cheek, and Viz his agreement to undertake the request.

To begin with, he had planned to go to ?Guryuu-en Great Volcano?, and he thought of entrusting Myuu to Ancadi at that time. After all, it wasn’t right to bring along a four year old child into a Great Dungeon. As such, they didn’t have any problem of procuring “Serene Stone” while conquering the dungeon, and there was no danger for Myuu, a child from demi-human race, since the source of the rampaging magic power disease was known. In the end, it was a problem Hajime could solve while completing his own agenda.

“With Hajime-dono’s class being “Gold,” I wanted you to gather “Serene Stone” from the Great Volcano first, but it is necessary to go to Imperial Capital first to secure our water. Can this movement type artifact be used by someone else other than Hajime-dono?”

“Well, except Kaori and Myuu, everyone can use it, but… there’s no need to go all the way to the Imperial Capital. I will somehow secure the water, so I want to go to Ancadi first, what do you think?”

“Hajime-dono can somehow secure it? What does it mean?”

The words that Hajime was capable of securing the water for several hundred thousand people made Viz dubious, and it was natural to doubt it. However, even without transporting it, Hajime had a method to obtain water. It was to collect the moisture in the atmosphere using water element magic.

Of course it might be impossible for an ordinary magic-user, but by his side was the rare magic genius, Yue. Moreover, Yue had many means of instantly recovering her magic power. Also, Viz or Randzi would still have enough time to go to the Kingdom to ask for help again if they regained their physical condition and took the remaining Serene Stone in Ancadi along.

After briefly explained those, Viz could not believe it at first. After all the chance was so small for him to make it into the Kingdom in his current condition, but he agreed to return to Ancadi after being persuaded by Kaori, a “God’s Apostle.”

While being surprised once again from how four-wheeler moved in high-speed as if it was sliding in the desert, Viz wondered why a “God’s Apostle” like Kaori was alone accompanied by the adventurers, why a child of Sea-dweller tribe called Hajime, a human, Papa, why they got along with someone from Rabbitman tribe, why a black-haired blooming woman made a disgusting smile though she being abused, but his chest was heated by the hope that came into his view.

* * *

Within the fluttering brown sand, the Ancadi they arrived at, just like Neutral Commercial City of Fhuren, was surrounded by wall and a milk-white one in this case. The outer wall and buildings were milky white in color, which created a beautiful contrast with the brown-colored outside world.

However, what differed from Fhuren were the pillars of light coming from the enclosing, irregular-shaped wall, which climbed towards the heavens. The pillars of light joined together in the sky, forming a gigantic dome, covering the entirety of Ancadi. At times, it was as if the surface of water had something thrown into it; ripples were appearing, creating a mysterious and beautiful spectacle.

Apparently, this dome was preventing sand from entering the city. And although large sand storm sometimes appearing in time of full moon, the dome made none of the sand entered Ancadi and it was only looked like a cloudy weather from inside.

Hajime’s party entered Ancadi from the shining, huge gate. Even a magic barrier was erected on the gate to not let sand entered. The gate guards, though surprised by seeing magic-driven four-wheeler, they didn’t have energy to question it because of the gloomy atmosphere surrounding Ancadi; they seemed to have given up. However, when they noticed the next Lord sitting on the back seat of four-wheeler, they stood in attention, seeming to regain their energy as soldiers.

Ancadi’s entrance gate was located in higher elevation. It seemed to be built in consideration of letting visitors to enjoy Ancadi’s beauty.

Hajime’s party were certainly admiring its beauty. The oasis in the east was glittering while being reflected by the sunlight, and a lot of lush green vegetations growing, surrounding it. The water from the oasis was flowing within the town like rivers and there were small boats moored here and there even though it was in the middle of desert. Lush green plazas were set up around the town which made one understood how spacious the city is.

On the north was the farmland. To prove the story of Ancadi’s abundance of fruit production, Hajime could see numerous amounts of fruits growing as far as his “Farsight” could see. To the west side was a big, palace-like building with pure white color unlike the other buildings which were milky white. The impressiveness and scale made one understood that this is the dwelling of the Lord. Boorish looking buildings were lined up around the palace in order which was likely to be the government ward.

While it was a desert nation, it was also just like a capital of water… that’s how Dukedom of Ancadi is.

Normally, this place would be actively doing business for fruits since it was the relay point from Elisen. Moreover, it was a popular place for sightseeing and should’ve been filled by vigor and clamor. But now, it was covered in a gloomy atmosphere. There were only few people on the street and no store was in business. All of the doors were firmly shut, as if they were quietly waiting for the storm to pass, crouching. The silence ruled the town.

“… I wanted to show our country filled with vigor to Miss Apostle and Hajime-dono. Unfortunately, we aren’t in time for that. So, let me guide you around myself once everything is solved. For the time being, let’s go to my father. He is in the palace.”

The party nodded at Viz’s words, and they advanced with the oasis as the background.

* * *


“Viz! You, wh—… No, wait, what’s with you!?”

Entering the place using Viz’s face as a pass, Hajime’s party entered the Lord’s, Randzi’s, office. They heard the Lord was pretty weakened, but apparently he had used a lot of healing magic and medicine, and now was working in vigor.

Randzi was surprised that his son, who departed to the Imperial Capital to ask for help, had returned. Just like the workers inside the palace, Randzi was pop-eyed seeing his son’s state.

It wasn’t strange. After all, Viz was floating mid-air at the moment.

More accurately, he was in a falling prone state while being carried by a Cross Bit in mid-air. Viz was severely weakened, and although Kaori’s healing magic managed to help him keeping his consciousness, he could not walk by himself. When Kaori couldn’t bear with it any longer and tried to help, “Ah, Apostle-sama, for me…,” Viz blushed and began to watch Kaori with moistened eyes. Thus, Hajime forcefully made the Cross Bit carried him.

Incidentally, it made it seemed Hajime was jealous. Thinking so, Kaori’s cheeks were reddened and she took a peek at Hajime, but it was simply because Hajime didn’t want to create another Kouki or Hiyama.

Even though he was in such a miserable appearance, clinging to the Cross Bitt, Viz quickly finished explaining to his father. As the talk advanced, a butler-like person came bringing in a powdered form of Serene Stone which Viz drank, who was still receiving Kaori’s healing magic. Thus, he was cured as if there was no obstacle to prevent him from being cured.

Even so, it was only a feeling; the toxin itself was still inside his body’s liquid. It was simply the effect of Serene Stone doing its work. The toxin was merged with his body’s liquid, so there was possibility of it being excreted, and there was nothing more that could be done.

“Well then, we should get going. Kaori, you go with Shia to the medical center where the patients are. Bring along Magic-Crystallization Stones. The rest will be securing the water. Lord, is there a broad space around 200 meters on all sides at the lowest?”

“Hmm? Um, though there’s one in the farming area…”

“Then, other than Kaori and Shia, we will go there. Shia, you must go to Yue if the Magic-Crystallization stones are full.”

Hajime issued instruction to all of the members. What Hajime’s party needed to do was simple. Just like Viz’s case, Kaori will use “Holy Ground” to extract magic power from the patients little by little and delayed the disease’s progression using “Ten Thousand Heaven.” The extracted magic power will be stocked inside Magic-Crystallization stones. Then, it will be carried to and used by Yue to create water once they were filled.

After he helped Yue create a reservoir, Hajime will go towards the Oasis. He was going to investigate the cause. He will solve it if he find the cause, but if not, he will just go to ?Guryuu-en Great Volcano?. It was such a plan.

Everyone nodded vigorously towards Hajime’s instruction.

* * *

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Currently, the Lord, Randzi, the guards, and his attendants went to a corner of the farmland area in northern part of Ancadi, followed by Hajime, Yue, Tio, and Myuu. The plain was almost three times of the 200 meters on four sides. Normally, it was the place where a certain crop was grown, but it was now in its resting period.

Currently, the dubious Randzi was staring dagger into Hajime’s party expressing that if not for the emergency situation, they would receive capital punishment. Although he truly wanted to secure water, common sense told him Hajime’s plan was an impossible one thus it couldn’t be helped that Randzi was glaring at him.

However, his doubting gaze was instantly turned into an astonished after Yue used her magic.

“”Threat Destroyer.””

A black, swirling orb immediately appeared above the farmland where her right hand was outstretched to. That orb changed its shape above the farmland, into a thin square which spread horizontally and the square was already around 200 meters in length. Thus, after a moment of stagnation, it fell to the ground without making a sound and casually crushed the ground.

The ground sunk due to the terrific pressure, and the earth tremored. It was as if the ground itself was screaming. After a moment, the 200 meters on all side of the farm that had received the supergravity pressure formed a huge reservoir with five meters in depth.

Hajime sneaked a look at Randzi and his subordinates, and every single one of them had their jaws dropped far that their jaws might have dislocated. Their eyes widened and seemed to pop. The impact was too strong that they turned speechless, all of them were shouting, “Huwwhuuattt—!?”, in their minds.

Having activated Age of Gods magic with half of its output, “Fuu,” Yue exhaled. Although her magic power was exhausted by suddenly consuming a large amount of magic, her expression did not change since she felt only a slight tiredness. Though it would be okay if she took the magic stored inside Magic-Crystallization stone just like the battle in Ul, she thought of keeping the magic power inside the Magic-Crystallization stone as much as possible because they were going to challenge ?Guryuu-en Great Volcano? after this. Moreover, because they were not in a battle, Hajime used Yue’s other method of replenishing her magic power.

Yue’s body was swaying as if she was about to fall, but she displayed she didn’t need to be supported. It was something she wanted to do, so she didn’t want to fall because of this. Eventually, with a thud, Yue’s body leaned on Hajime’s arm.

From behind her, Hajime embraced Yue a little, and lifted her. This time he was embracing her from the front. Yue was smiling in joy, and answered his embrace by wrapping her arms on Hajime’s neck.

Following that, “…Thank you for the treat.” Then, she bit Hajime’s neck.


Blood flowed from Hajime’s body. Yue, absent-mindedly with moistened eyes, was licking Hajime’s neck multiple times. Yue’s amorousness despite her appearance was further increased when she sucked Hajime’s blood. It made one think pheromones was discharged from all over her body, turning the atmosphere into one of a bewitchment.

Nh, ah, chu chu, fuu

The appearance of the beautiful little girl using her tongue to lick the scruff of Hajime’s neck while making small, lewd, gasping sounds made everyone forgot to question Yue’s race, when thinking normally, was actually the hateful, bloodsucker. The surrounding men were slouching. Only the Lord, as expected of a Lord, had recovered from his astonishment and stared daggers at Hajime’s party. A lot of things were swirling inside his head. He thought they were being a little too arrogant, he thought of things seriously and his eyes became bloodshot.

Incidentally, though Tio also wanted to exhibit her pervertedness, she was completely blindfolding Myuu from behind because it was too early for Myuu, while being aroused herself. “Myuu can’t see~,” Myuu complained only to be hugged from behind and could not resist since her head was wrapped by breasts far bigger than Shia’s.

Converting Hajime’s blood into magic power using “Blood Conversion,” Yue quietly separated from Hajime’s neck after she licked it for once more. Then, she kissed Hajime’s lips. Hajime and Yue were looking at each other with burning gazes and Ahem!, it ended with coughs. They came from Randzi, the Lord, and the slouching men. Thinking they overdid it, Hajime and Yue made wry smiles… then they turned around and began to kiss again.

“No, no, no, you should do it where we can’t see… I also have various guesses about that thing, the bloodsucker, but for the time being, I want you to do the thing that should be done… Rather, shouldn’t you be the one who understands it the most!?”

The Lord’s rebuttal made Hajime and Yue shrugged their shoulders in reluctance, leering at Randzi and the others who were irritated by their gestures, they began their work.

Hajime went into the reservoir, and took out the four-wheeler from “Treasure Box.” Using land-leveling function installed in four-wheeler, he used “Mineral Separation” and coated the surface of the reservoir with metal so water couldn’t be absorbed. After Hajime returned when he finished the coating, Yue thrust out her arm and used water element magic against the instant-reservoir.

“”Fissuring Wave.””

It was one of the high-ranked, Water element magic which created a huge wave to crush the enemies. For an ordinary magic-user, though it was called a huge wave, it would only be a tsunami around ten to twenty meters, squarely. However, the number changed once Yue used it. A tsunami with width of 150 meters and height of 100 meters was created, immediately flowing into the reservoir. In the middle of it, she sucked Hajime’s blood so many times to replenish her magic power, and thus, as much as half of her magic power was saved. However, there was also a limit on how much blood Hajime had.

Any further, he would become anaemic due to loss of blood, but Shia came at this time. In her hands were the Magic-Crystallization stones from Kaori. Although it was drained little by little, the magic power was drained from several thousands of patients. Thus, a large amount had been saved up. Not even two hours had passed since Kaori came to the medical center, but in such a short time, Kaori was able to treat a large number of patients. She certainly was also a cheat-like character.

Shia returned to help Kaori again and at the same time, Yue activated “Fissuring Wave” in rapid succession. Before long, the forty thousand square meters reservoir was filled with fresh, unpolluted water.

“…Such a thing…”

Dumbfounded, Randzi was staring at the surface of water before him, reflecting by the sunlight and glittering just like an oasis. He was speechless.

“It is enough for now. Next, I am going to examine the oasis… if I don’t come to understand anything, then it is okay for you to ask for water from the Kingdom at that time.”

“Ah, yeah. Well, I have a lot I want to ask… but thank you. You have my gratitude. With this, my people won’t die from dehydration. Also, let me guide you to the oasis.”

Although Randzi was still recovering from the shock, he knew what should be done, so his attitude completely changed and he sincerely said his gratitude to Hajime’s party.

Hajime and the others moved straight to the oasis.

Unchanging, the oasis was beautifully glittering, reflecting the sunlight, and it did not seem to contain any poison.




Frowning, Hajime stared at a spot inside the oasis. Noticing his change, Yue tilted her head and asked Hajime with a doubtful expression.

“Well, that, my Magic Eye was reacting to something just now… Lord, to what length has the survey team examined it?”

“… I am certain it was the substances inside the oasis and the river flowing from it. They also investigated the substance in various wells and the underground river. The water’s substance was just as you heard from my son, but no abnormality was found in the underground river. Moreover, the range of examination was only several tens of meters from the oasis. The bottom of the oasis itself hadn’t been examined.”

“Had an artifact sunk into the oasis?”

“? No, I don’t think so. Although the guards and the management of the oasis used an artifact, it was set up above the ground… It is a barrier-type artifact, so it shouldn’t be able to pollute the oasis. As for the proof, the oasis had never been polluted before.”

The artifact Randzi spoke about was called “Cutter of What Intended,” and it was actually the dome of light protecting Ancadi. It was a useful barrier that prevented sand from entering while allowing the necessity such as air and moisture to pass through, but the things capable of passing could also be decided by the setter. In addition, it was not just a simple barrier since it also had detecting function, and what was detected could also be set. By setting it in default, it was possible to detect whether one’s soul was affected by a magic of dark element.

In other words, if it was set to “those who have malicious intent towards the oasis,” the person who set it, Randzi, would know if the “Cutter of What Intended” was reacting to something. However, the Lord himself didn’t know whether there was a hidden requirement. Incidentally, up until now, a lot of people had been going in and out during the examination while the guards had been off-duty due to the oasis being polluted already.

“…Hee~. Then, I wonder what’s with that.”

Having the oasis of Dukedom of Ancadi polluted, the appearance of Randzi clenching his fists in bitterness made one think he was indeed Viz’s father. Looking at Randzi with narrowed eyes, Hajime laughed while understanding Randzi had misunderstood his words. Hajime’s Magic Eye was certainly seen “something” releasing magic power in the bottom of the center of the oasis.

The thing that shouldn’t be there made Randzi and the others agitated. Coming near the oasis, Hajime took out a 500ml pet bottle-shaped metal object from “Treasure Box” and supplied it with magic power. Next, he casually threw it into the oasis.

Trotting, Hajime moved away from the oasis and stood next to Yue. Though everyone wore doubtful expressions, Hajime didn’t say anything. Following that, Randzi finally came to ask Hajime. And at that moment,


A huge explosive sound rang out accompanied by the oasis spouting a huge column of water. Randzi and his subordinates were once again slackjawed and pop-eyed.

“Tch, was it evaded? …No, it must be because it has high defense, huh?”

Saying so, Hajime took out ten of the same thing and thrown them into the oasis. Following that, after several seconds, huge explosions and huge columns of water appeared all over the oasis.

What Hajime threw were the so called torpedo. Because the next Seven Great Dungeon over the Elisen, ?Meljeenae’s Seabed Ruin?, was located at the bottom of the sea (according to the information from Miledi), Hajime made prototypes of weapons that could be used in the sea, the torpedo. He threw them because he now had the time and a place to experiment them. The result was, although it had a good amount of power, its homing and speed was not that good. Improvements were necessary.

The torpedoes were equipped with crystal created by Creation magic which was capable of “Specific Perception” and “Pursuit.” They would run after the enemy, and once the enemy was locked, it would explode upon contact. What it meant was, something was inside the water, and he used the experimental weapons to chase after it.

“Oy, oy, oy! Hajime-dono! What in the world are you doing!? Ahh! The pier is blown off! The fishes are dead! The oasis is dyed in red!”

“Tch, it still couldn’t be caught, huh. Well then, next will be 50…”

Randzi was screaming because of the scenery of the oasis was gradually turning worse, but Hajime muttered without a care and moved out. Randzi, along with his subordinates clung to Hajime, desperately trying to stop him.

From Randzi’s view who didn’t know about the “something” seen by Hajime’s Magic Eye, Hajime had suddenly threw out unknown objects which blasted the oasis one after another along with the pier and the fishes. It was a confusing situation since the barrier didn’t see it as an evil, destructive action. Randzi couldn’t conceal his confusion, however, he still desperately tried to protect the oasis.

Irritated by Randzi and the others clinging to him, Hajime tried to shake them off as he advanced. However,


Numerous tentacles came out of the water cutting the wind, and it attacked Hajime and the others. Immediately, Hajime intercepted it some using Donner-Schlag and the tentacles coming out of the water were blown off. Yue froze them while Tio used fire to evaporate the tentacles.

As Randzi and his subordinates looked at the oasis, wondering what happened, but they were once again astonished by the spectacle of something appearing from the oasis. They thought the surface of the water raised because of anger from Hajime’s bombing. It kept rising up and became a little mountain with the height of around ten meters.

“What is… that…”

Randzi muttered with a blank expression, but his words were resounded clearly.

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