Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 87 — The Last Trial is Easy?

Chapter 87: The Last Trial is Easy?

Guryuu-en Great Volcano? probably has fifty floors.

Since it was the current floor Hajime’s party was in. The “probably” part was because the floor’s situation was a little special. Frankly, they didn’t understand anything about the current floor.

But more accurately, Hajime’s party were currently on board a brown colored boulder, like a small boat, on the magma that was flowing like a big river, mid-air.

“It feels like Indiana-san in hard mode eh…” Hajime muttered while recalling the Earth’s most famous and too aggressive Archeologist.

As for the reason why they were in this situation… truthfully, it was Hajime’s mistake. Hajime’s party had noticed the magma that continued to scorch them, was sometimes making unnatural movement while they were searching for the Serene stone right before they completed the floor.

More accurately, the flow of the magma greatly changed even though there was nothing obstructing it before, or the current suddenly slowed, or there was only a part of magma flowing in the air, and it overflowed, thus the magma dripped below.

However, those happened on the magma away from the passage, so they didn’t worry about it because it would not disturb them from conquering the floor. However, Hajime by chance used “Mineral Enquiry” to the surrounding and found out that the cause of the magma’s unnatural movement was “Serene Stone.” It seemed the magic power inside the magma was calmed by “Serene Stone,” similar to obstructing the magma flow.

Hajime’s party then thought that the place where the magma’s movement was strongly obstructed would have a large amount of “Serene Stone.” Thus they searched for it and they indeed discovered a large amount of “Serene Stone” buried in that place. While noting the magma’s movement, Hajime’s party collected a considerable amount of “Serene Stone.” Afterwards, they came to a certain location while thinking there would be much stone in reserve.

It was a place enclosed by the magma flowing in mid-air like a huge wall. Hajime transmuted a stair to approach it and came to know that a large amount of “Serene Stone” was buried there when he used “Mineral Enquiry.”

Immediately, Hajime used “Mineral Separation” to only collect “Serene Stone,” but he was careless because he kept collecting “Serene Stone” due to lack of concentration from the heat. He didn’t put much attention to the surrounding wall of magma.

Hajime noticed this mistake when he stored the “Serene stone” into “Treasure Box.” It was because magma spouted with tremendous momentum from the wall the moment the effect of “Serene Stone” had disappeared.

Hajime immediately jumped back, but the magma was spouting with tremendous power just like water gushing out from the cracked and thus collapsed dam. The hole from where it spouted expanded and more rushed out.

The overly tremendous momentum of the magma made the surrounding immediately filled with magma. Hajime used transmutation to create a small boat before Yue’s barrier was broken, and the party boarded it. The small boat was immediately heated up by the magma, but there was no problem since Hajime had strengthened the boat using “Strength Endowment” derived from “Vajra.”

Following that, they continued to drift along the flow of the magma and was flowing mid-air before they were aware of it. They flowed into the depth of ?Guryuu-en Great Volcano? using different route from the stairs. Flowing as they felt the scorching heat from the streaming magma, and ended up where they were currently at.

By the way, normally they would’ve stopped on the riverbed when they were about to ride on the magma’s sky road, but Shia used “Effect Endowment” of gravity magic to reduce the boat’s weight, and thus they were able to get on the magma. “Effect Endowment” made it possible to adjust the weight of the thing Shia touched as if it were her own.

“Ah, Hajime-san. There’s another tunnel.”

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“We art almost at the level of the foot of this mountain. Be prepared, okay?”

Seeing the direction Shia pointed at, Hajime’s party was would indeed continue to flow into a big hole on the wall along with the magma. They understood the magma was continuing to flow downward. Until now, they’ve entered a tunnel every time they descent a floor, it might be a shortcut if compared to normally using the stair.

While nodding at Tio’s advice, Hajime’s party drifted into the tunnel. The magma’s sky road was continuing in the middle of the big tunnel like a snake. After the magma’s sky road was going lower, it suddenly cut off right after a curve. No, more accurately, it was a sudden downward slope similar to a waterfall.

“Again… everyone, don’t get shaken off!”

Yue and the girls nodded at Hajime’s words and they either clung to the edge of the small boat or Hajime’s waist. After feeling the anxiousness similar to when the climbing jet coaster about to go down from the first falling point, Hajime’s party’s boat finally fell.

Fwiish Swiish

Sound of wind entered their ears. Shia used gravity magic to shift the weight while Tio controlled the wind as they descend on the rapid magma. The magma’s speed increased by times as if it didn’t have any viscosity.

Transmuting spikes on his shoes to fix his posture, Hajime cautiously watched over the surroundings. After all, usually at such time…

“Tch, they come after all.”

Clicking his tongue, he pulled out Donner at the same time, and Hajime unhesitatingly pulled the trigger. Explosive sound resounded. It rang out three times accompanied with three flashes that cut through the air without deviating and destroyed the targets. The ones that came attacking Hajime’s party were the bat-type monsters that scattered magma from their wings.

These Magma Bats were not much of a threat alone. They only have considerable speed and capable of scattering magma like flame bullets. They were only small fries to Hajime’s party.

However, the troublesome point about Magma Bats was they attacked in group. Thirty more could be found if one was seen, just like Black G demonic beasts, appearing from the crack of the boulder wall.

Even now, although Hajime instant-killed three Magma Bats, as expected, they could hear sound of a large amount of fluttering wings amidst the wind coming from the rapid descent.

“… Hajime, leave the left and behind to me.”

“Ah, I will leave it to you. Shia, Tio, you control the boat.”


“Mhm, leave it to this one. How about ass spanking as a reward?”

Ignoring Tio’s perverted remark that could neither be taken as joke nor real, Hajime and Yue were back to back diagonally on the boat. Then, crowd of Magma Bats could be seen.

It was not an exaggeration to call them as one living creature. The numerous Magma Bats were moving as one big mass, like a group perfectly ordered birds. Their appearance was just like a dragon if seen from the side. It might be more accurate to call it a fire dragon because each of its wings was cladded in blazing magma.

The mass of Magma Bats approaching Hajime’s party divided into two on their way, creating pincer attack from the front and behind. No matter how weak they were alone, the numerous them were moving as one huge creature and normally would overwhelm anyone with their number.

However, the party here were a group of cheat-like individuals. The demonic beasts that became fertilizer on the ground near the town of Ul were the proof the party wouldn’t be so weak being overwhelmed by just number.

Hajime took out Metzelei from “Treasure Box,” set it beside his waist and pulled the monster’s trigger.


With the ringing of the peculiar shooting sound, the storm of death exhibited its undoubtable might and one rapid fire pierced through various targets. The bullets crushed the wall of the cave in the distance while the Magma Bats were killed and fell into the ground without being able to resist.

Furthermore, Hajime took out Orkan using the other free hand, placed it on his shoulder, and mercilessly fired it. Spark created, and the rockets flew and pierced into the middle of Magma Bats who were grouping due to Metzelei’s barrage, scattering violent impacts along with roaring sounds.

The result was clear. The crowd of Magma Bats were crushed and falling just like a short squall.

Similar thing happened to the Magma Bats attacking from the rear.

“”Storm Dragon.””

Yue’s right hand thrust straight, and the moment she muttered that, a green sphere of wind was created. Following that, the sphere transformed, forming a dragon in less than no time. The wind dragon, who was a compilation of green-colored wind and called “Storm Dragon,” glared at the crowd of Magma Bats once, and it opened its jaws, moving to devour its preys.

Naturally, the Magma Bats shot flame bullets towards “Storm Dragon,” then they divided into two again to dodge the dragon. However, all of Yue’s “dragons” were a compound of gravity magic and other element. Naturally, “Storm Dragon” was not just composed of normal wind; it was composed of wind blades that were pulled by gravity to create a dragon. Once it moved, it would be difficult for the prey to escape.

Magma Bats, just like the other demonic beasts that became the food of “Thunder Dragon” and “Azure Dragon,” couldn’t resist from being pulled towards “Storm Dragon.” Thus the body cladded by wind blades cut the demonic beasts’ bodies to pieces, scattering flesh and blood. It should be noted that the reasons Yue didn’t use “Thunder Dragon” or “Azure Dragon” was because the Magma Bats were strong against heat and Yue judged it was enough to just cut their wings.

In the end, “Storm Dragon” came within the crowd and released the million wind blades formed its body in all direction, completely annihilating the Magma Bats.

“Um~, Master and Yue’s annihilating force art fearful no matter how many times I has’t seen i.”


While controlling the boat on the rapid current, Tio and Shia were praising them with awkward feeling. Shrugging his shoulders as he put out Metzelei and Orkan into “Treasure Box,” Hajime lightly touched the Yue’s cheek with his chest then returned to look at the front. Yue, after narrowing her eyes in happiness from being touched, returned to look at the surrounding with caution.

Hajme and Yue who casually took the chance to flirt made Shia exuded aura that expressed, Shia is lonely! Hold me!, which Tio took advantage of. Making slightly troubled expression after thinking it couldn’t be helped, Hajime lightly stroked Shia’s rabbit ear then pinched Tio’s cheek. Hajime was troubled such things could make the two raised joyed expressions.

Hajime’s party were considerably composed even though they were attacked by demonic beasts as they descended the rapid, magma’s sky road. However, as if to take down their composure, the descending magma up until now suddenly began to ascend.

After climbing several tens of meters with tremendous speed, they could see light ahead of them. It was the exit of the tunnel. However, the problematic thing was the magma was cut off for real this time.

“Hold on tight!”

With Hajime’s command, Yue and the girls once again clung to the small boat. Having ridden on the magma rapid’s speed, the small boat was thrown outside with tremendous momentum.

While having his dantian attacked by the feeling of being in mid-air, Hajime quickly confirmed the condition of the surrounding. The space Hajime’s party falling into was similar to the room where the last trial of ?Raisen Great Dungeon? took place; a vast space.

However, it wasn’t spherical like the room in ?Raisen Great Dungeon?. It has distorted shape which made it impossible to completely understand how vast the space was, but it was at least more than three kilometers. Almost all part of the ground was filled with magma, but the boulders appeared in some places and created footholds. On the surrounding walls were protruding places and conversely, there were also shaved off places. In the air was as expected, numerous rivers of intersecting magmas, and disappearing below, into the ocean of magma.

Flare-like pillars of fire spouted from the boiling, scorching ocean. If there was something called boiler of hell, it must be looked like this. That was the impression Hajime’s party got.

However, the most noticeable thing was the small island in the center of the ocean of magma. The island was raised around 10 meters above the magma’s surface, an island or rock. If it was only that, then it would just become a foothold big enough for them, but the island was covered by dome of magma. The spherical magma was just like a small version of sun, but the thing in the middle of the island was enough to catch the attention of Hajime’s party.

“”O’ wind.””

The small boat turned over by the momentum was fixed by Tio in the air, then each of them returned to their own duty as they once again boarded the small boat. Yue used “Soar” to adjust the boat’s falling speed. The boat softly landed on the ocean of magma, and the party maximized their vigilance because this place was obviously different from the ones they had seen.

“… Is that the dwelling?”

Yue muttered as she took a look at the middle of the magma-domed island.

“From the depth, I think it is okay to think so… but, if it really is…”

“There should be the last guardian of some sort… right, Master?”

“We used something similar to shortcut, so is it too farfetched to say we have passed the test, Hajime-san?”

Hajime’s thought was confirmed by Tio, who was looking at the surrounding with sharp gaze, made her not to be thought as a perverted masochist if some small accidents were overlooked. Even seeing their tightened expression, Shia muttered optimist words while looking at a certain direction.

Tracing Shia’s gaze, Hajime could see a staircase beyond the large foothold. The staircase continued into the wall made him think that perhaps they would’ve come from that staircase if they used the proper route.

Even so, no matter how impossible it was for someone to use magma’s sky road, it was too much of an optimist to think the shortcut even passed through the last trial room. It’d be nice if it really is~, Shia said, but her cautious look expressed that even she couldn’t believe that.

It was correct for them to be cautious because immediately, bullet-like magma shot out from the magma flowing in the air.

“Hmph, leave it to this one!”

Tio shouted as she activated her magic, thus masses of flame shot out from the ocean of magma, countering magma approaching from above.

However, that attack was only the beginning signal. Immediately after Tio countered the incoming blazing masses and scattered them, more blazing masses were shot out from the ocean of magma like a machinegun.

“Tch, scatter!”

Judging they would only be a target on their current place, the small boat, Hajime told the other to scatter as he jumped towards the nearby foothold, abandoning the small boat. The numerous blazing masses crushed the small boat where Hajime’s party were before, thus it sunk into the ocean of magma.

With each of them in different foothold, Hajime’s party intercepted the incoming blazing masses. Though they easily intercepted those, Hajime’s party were irritated because it didn’t seem to ever end. They were also irritated the heat coming from the ocean of magma that the distorted air.

To break from this situation, at the same time Hajime finished reloading Donner-Schlag using gunspin, and aimed Schlag muzzle over his shoulder without turning around. Thus the elbow of his artificial arm was faced forward and fired to intercept the masses of magma in front, while Schlag rapid-fired to shoot down the masses of magma approaching Yue behind him.

His intention was completely read by Yue without a word. She immediately activated gravity magic using this chance.

“”Absolute Calamity.””

At the same time the name rang out, a black, swirling sphere appeared in the middle of Hajime’s party, pulling the incoming masses of magma one after another. The black, small star swallowed everything and used its supergravity to compress them.

With the room between the barrage of magma masses by Yue’s magic, Hajime used “Aerodynamic” to jump into the air, trying to reach the magma-domed middle island.

The most troublesome thing about the barrage that attacked Hajime’s party was the endlessness. This place was obviously the last trial of ?Guryuu-en Great Volcano?, but because there’s no visible enemy unlike the other dungeons he had been in, he didn’t know what to do to clear it. As such, Hajime thought of getting on the suspicious island.

While running in the air towards the middle island, Hajime used “Telepathy.”

“I am going to look around the middle island. Cover me.”


The masses of magma outside of the range of Yue’s “Absolute Calamity” came to attack Hajime, but Tio intercepted those using numerous flame bullets from the ocean of magma. Shia didn’t expand Doryukken and used its shotgun mode to intercept. Yue, while maintaining “Absolute Calamity,” also intercept using numerous flame bullets from ocean of magma just like Tio.

With covering from Yue and the girls, Hajime approached straight towards the middle island, and he was about to do the last jump using “Aerodynamic.”

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However, at that moment,



Hearing the bellowing, majestic roar, a gigantic serpent came to attack from right under Hajime who was in mid-air with its opened mouth.

Maybe because its whole body was clad in magma, neither heat perception nor sign perception noticed it in this place filled with magma. Moreover, the ocean magma itself was filled with magic power so magic power perception also didn’t notice it, so the gigantic Magma Serpent was able to completely make a surprise attack.

However, Hajime twisted his body using his superhuman reflex and was barely able to evade the mouth.

In the place Hajime was before, crunch, the Magma Serpent chomped and passed through. Hajime flipped his body in mid-air just like a cat, aimed the muzzles at the passing Magma Serpent’s head and fired. The flash with certain killing destructiveness didn’t miss its mark and hit the Magma Serpent’s head, blowing it away.

“What !?”

However, the raised voice was not the Magma Serpent’s death throes, but Hajime’s astonished voice.

Naturally, the cause was the Magma Serpent. After all, the Magma Serpent’s head was certainly hit and burst, but the thing scattered was only magma, none of the inside matter. He had seen demonic beasts cladded in magma in ?Guryuu-en Great Volcano?, but they were only wearing the magma, and had their own flesh. None was composed of only magma.

Hajime immediately recovered and tried to shoot the other parts of the creature to experiment. Numerous flashes mercilessly penetrated the Magma Serpent’s body, but as he thought, there’s no flesh at all. This Magma Serpent seemed to be composed of only Magma.

Though surprised, Hajime had immobilized the Magma Serpent for now by blowing all over of its body, so he once again jumped towards the middle island using “Aerodynamic”, passing by the serpent’s side.

However, the Magma Serpent’s attack hasn’t ended yet. At the moment Hajime passed through its side, it suddenly hurled its body towards Hajime even though it had lost its head and parts of its body.

Hajime made the shotshell in his artificial arm burst and barely succeeded to evade using its recoil. And at this time, a chill ran down Hajime’s spine. Following his instinct, Hajime burst out the shotshells in succession immediately and used “Aerodynamic” to withdraw from there in high speed.

One attack after another, the Magma Serpents came out of the ocean of magma, chasing after Hajime’s track. Those huge mouths crunch, crunch, chomped.

Retreating while rotating in the air, Hajime landed on a nearby foothold. Yue and the girls came to his side. The barrage of blazing masses temporarily stopped.

“… Hajime, are you unhurt?”

“Ah, no problem. More importantly, the real things finally appear.”

Yue, who was worried about his safety, touched his arm. Hajime returned her touch, and answered without looking away from the front. Fwuush With each sound, Magma Serpents appeared one after another before Hajime.

“As expected, that middle island is the last stop. Well thee seemth to say defeat us if thou want to pass.”

“But, the one Hajime-san shot before regenerated, you know? Are they beatable?”

Around 20 Magma Serpents appeared, glaring at Hajime’s party. Even the Magma Serpent that received gunfires from Hajime before had already restored to its former appearance as if nothing had happened.

Shia was frowning as she pointed that out. At Raisen Great Dungeon, she was confused by the regenerating knights, but now she was calmly thinking on how to pass this. It was shown by how her rabbit ears were restlessly moving about. Wryly smiling at Shia who became quite courageous, Hajime told them his guess.

“It might be similar to the Vachram from before, having a core, a magic stone, to form the magma body. Though my magic eye cannot specify the location because the obstruction from the magma… there’s nothing else but to destroy the core.”

Everyone nodded at Hajime’s words and they simultaneously attacked the 20 Magma Serpents.

The Magma Serpents rose like the solar flare shot out masses of flame from their mouth as they tensed. The twenty attacked from all direction. Normally, one would be swallowed by the numerous masses of magma without being able to escape.

“It hath been a long time since this one used this attack! So, taste all of it!”

A huge amount of black magic power appeared before Tio’s thrust her hands out. It then compressed in less than no time, and fired in the next moment. It was the Ryuujin tribe’s Breath.

Thus the black flash, whose dreadful power forced Hajime to defend with all of his might, eliminated all of the Magma Serpents in front of Tio without any trace left. Furthermore, she swung it as if it was a black colored flash blade and annihilated other Magma Serpents.

Immediately, eight Magma Serpents were annihilated, thus Hajime’s party dashed out from the hole of the encirclement.

As expected, by annihilating them without leaving a trace, the magic stone would also be annihilated no matter where the location was, but it was the Great Dungeon’s quality to not make it that easy.

The 12 remaining Magma Serpents instantly crushed the foothold where Hajime’s party were before, falling into the ocean of magma and disappeared, but their numbers went back up to 20 the next time they re-appeared.

“Oi oi, I’ve confirmed the disappearance of the magic stones, you know? Was defeating it not the condition to clear this trial?”

Hajime’s expression distorted from the doubt. Hajime had activated “Light Speed” at the time Tio’s breath was about to reach the Magma Serpent and he confirmed the moment when the magic stone inside Magma Serpent was annihilated by the Breath using his increased kinetic vision.

Hajime came to doubt the condition for conquering this dungeon, and Shia raised her voice while pointing at the middle island.

“Hajime-san! Look at that! The wall is shining!”


When he looked at the middle island, it was indeed as Shia said. A part of the rockwall shot light as big as a fist. He didn’t notice it up until now, but the orange-colored light was coming from some kind of crystal buried under the wall of rock.

Hajime used “Farsight” to confirm it, but although it was difficult to confirm due to camouflage, he understood a large amount of similar crystals were buried on the rockwall of the middle island in orderly fashion. The middle island was cylindrical, so considering the interval between crystals and the island’s surface area, around 100 crystals were buried. And the crystals that currently shooting out light were eight… the same number of Magma Serpents Tio annihilated before.

“I see… so we need to defeat a hundred of these Magma Serpents to clear it, huh.”

“… In this heat, fighting a hundred of them… it matched the dungeon’s concept.”

Needless to say, having suffered from the heat and surprise attacks, the challengers were driven into the situation where they needed to concentrate the most in the very end; nastiness suitable for a Great Dungeon.

Indeed, even Hajime’s party were quite exhausted, mentally. However, their expressions didn’t show any exhaustion, they were wearing fearless smile because they had found out the method to conquer the dungeon.

They regained their spirit when they came to understand what they must do, and they once again attacked the Magma Serpents. Along with the downpouring masses of magma, the Magma Serpents made irregular movements to catch and burn their prey.

Hajime’s party spread out again and respectively began to counterattack.

With dragon wings grown out of her back, Tio floated using the wind she regenerated and used tornado along with vacuum blades to attack, bombarding the serpent. It was a wind element, mid-ranked offensive magic, “Imperial Cannon.”

“This is the ninth! Presently, this one is leading, Master! If this one defeated the most of them then this one wants a lot of rewards (punishments)! Of course, only two of us at night!”

Tio shouted while slashing the ninth Magma Serpents to pieces. Hajime tried to refuse with an amazed expression, but Shia interrupted him.

“Wha-! It’s unfair if it’s only Tio-san! I am also entering this challenge! Hajime-san, one night with me if I win!”

After shouting, Shia jumped above a Magma Serpent and swung down Doryukken onto its head from upper-stance. At the moment of impact, ripple of light blue colored magic power spread, next a violent impact was generated. The serpent immediately exploded from the head part until the ocean of magma. Sparkling minerals fluttered from the remains of Magma Serpent. It was the magic stone crushed by the impact from “Magic Shockwave”.

Masses of magma were approaching Shia, who was still mid-air from killing one of Magma Serpent, from behind. Shia used the recoil from Doryukken’s outburst and evaded. However, as if it was aiming for this, a Magma Serpents with its mouth opened come attacking to where Shia would fall.

However, Shia wasn’t that worried about it, she threw a disk taken out from the holster on her back into the air. It was a disk with diameter of 30 centimeters, and it didn’t fall but floated slightly lower place than Shia. Shia put her foot on it weightlessly and once again danced in the air.

The disk used the same principle as Cross Bit to float in the air, becoming foothold, and moving according Shia’s will by using induction stone. This, coupled with Shia’s weight adjustment, made it possible to do a combat like “dancing in the air”.

With its calculation coming off, the Magma Snake passed through the empty space under Shia. Transforming Doryukken, Shia aimed the muzzle towards the serpent and pulled the trigger. What shot out wasn’t the usual bullet but a slug bullet.

However, it wasn’t a normal slug bullet. It was a bullet created from special ore that Hajime endowed with characteristic of “Magic Shockwave,” thus it would generate shock wave from the supplied magic power at the same time it hit the target. By force alone, it far surpassed the grenade bullet.

Along with the roar of Doryukken, the fired slug bullet didn’t miss its target while hitting the Magma Serpent from back of its head, thus from its head to its body, the Magma Serpent was swallowed by the regenerated explosion. That impact once again crushed the magic stone which now fluttered as it sparkled in the air.

“Oi, girls. You, don’t just selfishly…”

“… Then, I want one day of date for the two of us.”

Hajime opened his mouth to retort on Tio and Shia’s one-sided competition, but he was interrupted by Yue who also wanted to participate in the competition of annihilation. Putting aside the things at night, the increasing number of companions decreased their time alone, so Yue seemed to want a one full day of just the two.

Exuding aura of having fun, however, the magic Yue activated was a brutal one. It was her latest favorite, “Thunder Dragon.”

However, due to her being more and more skillful on using it, the “Thunder Dragon” that appeared was numbered seven. At almost the same time, they moved toward their respective targets. Thundering roars rang out. The Magma Serpents who were trying to devour Yue was conversely devoured one after another by the group of Thunder Dragons without even leaving a mass of magma behind, so their magic stone inside their body had also broken.

Seeing that spectacle, Shia said, “As I thought, the most powerful enemy is Yue-san~!” Tio said, “Yue is bugged! Twas absolutely odd!” Both of them made hasty expressions while cursing. They pull out more severe attacks, adding the number of things they annihilated.

“… It’s not like I care. But, they seem to having fun.”

Shrugging his shoulders towards the three enthusiastic girls that made him as the prize of the competition, Hajime somewhat given up. Then, without turning around, he rapidly fired Schlag over his shoulder towards the incoming Magma Serpent behind him.

The bullets were fired evenly on the Magma Serpent’s body and the impacts blown the serpent’s body. At the same time, the impacts made the magic stone fluttered in the air. Repelling the masses of magma that flew from the previous half body, Hajime pinpoint shot through the falling magic stone right before it fell into the ocean of magma.

The bullet Hajime fired from Schlag was the similar exploding bullet like Shia’s. However, because it would be problematic if the bullets were too big, their power didn’t reach slug bullet’s. Of course if he used Schlagen, then it would be possible to bring out that much of a destructive power. However, it was the first time the bullets were used, similar to an experiment, so he only used the two guns.

The normal sized bullet didn’t have the power to blow away the Magma Serpent along with its magic stone, so Hajime now used around 2 shots to blown off the magma armor and sniped the exposed magic stone using Donner’s pinpoint attack. Naturally, the Schlagen was capable of ignoring the magma armor and penetrate through the magic stone, but it had too much penetrative power added that it wasn’t easy to locate the magic stone thus wasn’t suitable for aiming at the magic stone.

Now, another two Magma Serpents were attacking Hajime from his right and left, but he withdrew in high speed using “Aerodynamic” and “Ground Shrinker.” He flipped mid-air and fired Schlag in inverted pose.


One explosive sound rang out. However, the fired masses of killing intent were four. The Magma Serpents, who were attacking from right and left with tremendous momentum didn’t have any chance to be confused from the suddenly disappearing prey. They were attacked by the impact coming from above thus had its magma bodies dispersed, exposing the core, the magic stone.

At the same time, two flashes of light were fired from Donner and shot through the two magic stone without even one millimeter of error.

If one looked, the crystals regularly buried on the outer circumference of the rockwall of the middle island mostly emitted light, only eight haven’t. That was done even though not that much time passed since the real fight begun.

If Hajime’s party’s guess, where ?Guryuu-en Great Volcano?’s concept was for a prolonged battle while having one’s concentration down due to nasty environment, was right, then the expectation of the creator of this trial could be said as completely off the mark because they were Hajime and his party.

Tio’s Breath destroyed more Magma Serpents

— Six left.

Shia used a blow from Doryukken and at the same time fired the slug bullet into another Magma Serpent, blasting them.

— Four left.

Two Magma Serpent were trying to do a pincer attack on Yue, ambushing from below where the ocean of magma. However, above them was “Thunder Dragon” coiling around Yue, obstructing them thus it became a standstill. Following that, the two Magma Serpents were now attacked by four “Thunder Dragons” from both of their sides, and were devoured.

— Two left.

A Magma Serpent was rapidly charging at Hajime while scattering bullet-like masses of magma. However, Hajime was swaying like a dancing falling leaf and avoided the masses of magma. When he was about to be devoured by the Magma Serpent, he fired Schlag and they passed through each other. The serpent blown away while the inertia made the magic stone jumped out which then sniped by Donner and Hajime didn’t even need to look at it.

Finally, the last Magma Serpent was surprise attacking from the ocean of magma below. Hajime flew up using “Aerodynamic” and fired Schlag, towards the interior of the opened mouth of Magma Serpent coming from below.

At the moment of impact, red shockwave scattered the magma. The gap created slightly revealed the magic stone. Hajime poised the Donner in his right hand. When he was about to fire the last attack, he watched Yue and the girl’s satisfied looks.

“This is the end.”

Looking at it in the edge of his vision, Hajime fired the last attack for the sake of conquering ?Guryuu-en Great Volcano?.

— And at that moment.


A beam poured down from above.

The light looked like divine punishment shot from the heaven, was the light that mortally injured Hajime before. No, it might be far stronger than that. The attack even made the air screamed was fired, aiming at the time of battle where Hajime most wide opened — swallowing Hajime along with the last Magma Serpent.

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