Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 90 — A Girl Fell From the Sky, the MC’s Daughter in…

Chapter 90: A Girl Fell From the Sky, the MC’s Daughter in this Case

Blue as far as one could see.

A clear sky stretched into the horizon, and the sunlight poured down brilliantly. However, it wasn’t that hot, and the climate made it easy to spend the time here. The gentle breeze blowing time after time felt good. Only, there wasn’t a single “thing” no matter how much one looked at the surrounding which made one feels a little lonely.

To begin with, that feeling wasn’t something that could be helped with. It was in the middle of ocean after all.

At the very center of the ocean, was a ship swaying, drifting about the waves. Well, it wasn’t known whether it was okay to call it a ship. After all, the people of this world wouldn’t be able to recognize this as a “ship”.

As for the reason, the ship’s body was a black, lustrous streamline shaped, without a place for passenger to board it unlike normal ships. Normally, the body would also have two small wing-like thingy on both side creating V shape and a screw-like rudder attached behind it… but the only thing that could be seen was the devastated remain of them. If it was smoothed out, the original slightly flat orca-like shape could be seen.

However, surely the people of this world would agree to call it a new kind of demonic beast rather than a ship. The orca-shaped ship was a submarine. Needless to say, it was Hajime’s artefact, allowing its passengers to narrowly escape from death after being thrown inside the magma in ?Guryuu-en Great Volcano?. In return, it was broken to the level of bring majorly damaged.

Lying above the floating submarine while it was being swept by the waves, with both hands at the back of his head was Hajime sporting an extremely satisfied look. His artificial left arm that was melt after being attacked by the beam and unable to move properly had been fixed using the material from the submarine and returned to its original form. However, the gimmicks installed couldn’t be used.

“… Hajime, how’s your condition?”

While dozing off cradled by the warm sunlight and the rocking wave, the hatch behind him suddenly opened. Yue popped her head out and asked his about his condition worriedly. It was because Hajime had received huge damage from the beam, and because of the beam’s toxin, the wound doesn’t easily recover.

“There’s no problem at all. All the wounds are already closed. But I feel it will need at least another day for a complete recovery… More importantly, how’s the thing on Yue’s side? You are considerably exhausted, right?

“Nn… I am okay. Shia gave me her blood after all.”

Hajime’s words of worries were joyfully answered by Yue who got out from the hatch and came Hajime’s side, who was lying down, in all fours. Thus, with an extremely natural movement, she laid on top of Hajime. Her soft butt was pressing up against Hajime and stimulated him in a really bad place.

“… Yue-san, why did you get on top of me?”

“… Because Hajime is there.”

Although the answer was just like a certain mountaineer, Yue’s gaze was serious. Next, Hajime was attacked with a muttered, “… stay like that,” concealed with bewitchment as she flop her body. She licked Hajime’s neck, bit him, and licked the blood that flowed out.

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“… Nn, almost all of the toxin has disappeared. It seems like there’s no need to worry.”

Apparently, she licked the Hajime’s blood to confirm how much the beam’s toxin remained.

“Didn’t I say there’s no problem at all?”

“… Nn. But, I can’t help but worry. Our current location is also problem… But I am glad Hajime can rest easy.”

“Well yeah. It was a truly rapid development. I don’t know whether we are lucky or unlucky…”

Hajime, who was smiling wryly, made Yue frowned with furrowed eyebrows, troubled. The two recalled how they got swallowed by the magma in ?Guryuu-en Great Volcano?, drifting until they got to where they were at now, in the vast ocean. They had suffered a lot of misfortune that could be lamented on along the way, but it was a happy and lucky thing that they survived. A kind of delicate mindset.

After they were thrown into the magma and drifted underground, Hajime’s party were exposed to the swift current for one full day. Because they couldn’t always use the attracting force of Yue’s “Absolute Calamity” to control the position of their bodies, Hajime somehow managed to create gravity stone using Creation magic, producing floating seat after much trial and error inside the stormy submarine. So, although the submarine kept producing sound just like a toy crashing into walls, the floating seat somehow managed to keep them away from a shaker-like situation.

Following that, with Yue and Shia clinging on his right and left, he spent the sleepless time lighted by the faint light of Green Light stone.

‘Could it be we are going straight into the planet’s mantle?’ Hajime began to question accompanied with cold sweat. However, their underground travel onto the unknown finally ended. Hajime’s party was attacked by the biggest impact they had felt until now. The tremendous impact broke through the defense of “Vajra” and damaged the submarine. Along with the impact, the submarine was blown away with tremendous speed.

Hurriedly reactivating “Vajra” after the intense impact, Hajime questioned what happened and used the remote camera function from “Farsight stone” installed even in the Cross Bit to confirm the surrounding. Following that, the spectacle that entered his view was not the red world filled by magma, but magma writhing like a snake and greatly boiling the rampaging “sea.”

Apparently, Hajime’s party was blown away by the so called phreatomagmatic explosion when they spouted from a submerged volcano. The impact damaged the hull, but fortunately the water didn’t flood in, or maybe it should be said as expected of Hajime’s artifact.

Narrowly escaping from death, Hajime’s party was relieved to be able to return to the surface, but their suffering continued.

After being dumbfounded from turning round and round by the eruption, and then thrown out into the sea, the party immediately regained the control of the submarine and began their sailing. Both wings and stern were seriously damaged, but it was possible to sail by supplying the submarine with magic power. There was no problem other than the fuel consumption rate was overwhelmingly worse compared to when the screw, wings, and stern could be used.

Because it wouldn’t be able to endure another eruption, Hajime’s party hurriedly moved away, but a gigantic shadow followed the orca-shaped submarine. It was a gigantic squid-like creature. With length reaching 30 meters, and with more than 30 wriggling tentacles, its appearance was similar to a sea monster, the Kraken.

The monster mercilessly attacked the submarine. Twined by tentacles, the submarine was about to be crunched by sharp fangs that in the middle of its mouth. However, the monster was repelled by the submarine’s weapon (torpedo) and Yue’s magic.

Nevertheless, it didn’t end even after they repelled the Kraken-like monster. This time, they were attacked by a flock of sharks. The sharks were a kind of demonic beast, annoying enemies that cooperated while shooting out water tornados.

In the end, the ammunition inside the submarine was depleted and they could only rely on Yue’s magic. It was a situation where Yue used the magic power stocked inside Magic-crystallization stone and sucked Shia’s blood, since Hajime had already loss a large amount of blood. They somehow managed to get away while repelling the sharks, but they fought in ?Guryuu-en Great Volcano? before so Hajime’s party had indeed exhausted all of their energy. Although Shia didn’t really do anything, she collapsed from anemia due to offering her blood to Yue because it was “the least” she could do.

Letting Yue and Shia rest, Hajime moved the submarine to the surface. They were in a location where there was only the sea and blue sky as far as the eye could reach, so they advanced towards the continent. Then, after sailing for half a day, due to calm climate and wave, Hajime halted the sub and rested, basking in the sunlight outside the sub.

The development from conquering ?Guryuu-en Great Volcano? until the present time was truly a rapid one. No matter what, it could be said that other people except Hajime’s party wouldn’t have any possibility of surviving at all. It was alright for Hajime to unconsciously want to shout “What a bad luck!” like a certain user of gender-equal punch.

“How’s Shia?”

Although he was looking at the distance, Hajime asked Yue who’s currently seated on top of him.

“… She is still sleeping. I drank a lot… so she probably won’t wake up for a while.”

Yue’s reason was that the amount converted to magic power wasn’t as efficient compared to when she sucked Hajime’s blood. It was because the amount converted was several times more from Hajime, her partner of “Blood Pact,” than Shia who wasn’t. After picking the partner for “Blood Pact,” the effect of “Blood Conversion” from other people lowered while the effect became several times bigger if it was her contracted partner.

“I see. Well, it’s better for her to rest now. Anyway, we don’t know our current location much less about the time needed to reach the continent. We also don’t know what will happen so it is better to take our time to recover.”


The sea was at the west of the continent, so they only needed to head for the east to reach the continent. There was no problem because they could create water from magic and catch fish for meals. Things like fishes wouldn’t be able to escape from the submarine and magic, so even though they were in the middle of the vast ocean, it wasn’t a situation to be panicked about. Also, as long as they can confirm their location using the star at night, they could determine the course towards the continent. As such, they rested when they should.

The warm sunlight and breeze made Hajime relaxed. Watching Hajime with narrowed eyes, Yue…

“… Yue-san. What are you doing?”

“… Making Hajime energetic.”

Before he was aware of it, Yue exuded a bewitching aura and moved slowly. She seemed to want to energize him. But although she didn’t say which part, when Hajime saw Yue’s blurred eyes, he didn’t even think of resisting.

“Ngh… fufu, Hajime has become energetic.”

“… Wait, to do it in the middle of the ocean… Well, if it was me from half a year ago, I wouldn’t even imagine it.”

In the place they felt safe about while they were glad to be alive, Hajime and Yue showed each other’s body. For a while, the submarine was shaken by something other than the small waves.

* * *

“Seems you’ve been enjoying yourselves…”

After being refreshed from various ways, they returned inside the submarine and were stared at by Shia.

“Ng? You are awake, eh. How’s your condition?”

“Acting as if nothing happened, but I am thankful for the worry. My drowsiness was blown away thanks to the intense shaking, the very entranced voices, and those fresh sounds. My physical condition is excellent from energy converted from emptiness and loneliness. Yeah, with this, I will be attacked, too, or so I thought.”

“I see, then that’s good.”

Hajime was truly glad that Shia recovered, but since he didn’t show any feelings of guilt, it made Shia, “Uu~,” groaned with teary eyes. Her appearance made Hajime thought he ignored her too much. Smiling wryly, he told her to make space and sat beside her.

Waking up without anyone inboard and hearing the sounds of Hajime and Yue making love from the opened hatch, made Shia truly lonely, and thus she hugged Hajime who sat beside her, tightly. Yue also sat by Shia’s side, not Hajime’s, and patted Shia’s head to comfort her.

While the two were comforting Shia, Hajime supplied his magic power to start the submarine, advancing to the east. From time to time, they were attacked by demonic beasts, but were repulsed by Yue’s magic, and they advanced for one full day. Having advanced through under the starry sky, Hajime finally caught the sight of land when the morning sunshine brightened the world.

According to the position of the stars they saw last night, the party was currently located in the north of Elisen. As such, as long as they moved towards the left side over the land, they would surely come to see the harbor along with Elisen and ?Guryuu-en Great Desert?.

Relieved from seeing land, they advanced south for two days.

When the sun reached the zenith on the second day, the party stopped the submarine to take a break, and had lunch above the submarine while being swayed by the wave. The menu was of course the fishes they caught in the sea. Using “Lightning-clad” to roast the food, made him recalled the time he was in the abyss. The party didn’t have any cooking utensil or any seasoning because the “Treasure Box” was entrusted to Tio.

Even so, the fish the three happily ate while absentmindedly watching the horizon was quite the delish. The location and atmosphere were compensating for the seasoning. Those who lived in the sea, or opened a stall during a festival, all of them were uses this kind of compensation.

And when Shia was enjoying the roasted unknown fish, her rabbit-ears suddenly stood straight then began to move restlessly. Following that, “Nn?,” Hajime also noticed a presence of something. Filling his mouth with a fish of about 60 centimeters in length, he moved his gaze.

Surrounding the submarine, zoom!, several people appeared from inside the sea and thrust their tridents. There were about 20 people. All of them have emerald green hair and ears that looked like fan-shaped fin. By their looks, they were a group of Sea-dweller tribe. Their eyes were overflowed with caution and dangerously narrowed.

Among them, a man faced Hajime with thrust spear and asked him.

“Who are you? Why are you here? And what’s the thing you are riding on?”

Hajime was busy chewing the fish that filled his mouth to the point of his cheeks swelling. He didn’t plan on opposing them, so he wanted to answer quickly, but unfortunately the fish he was currently eating was chewy and large. It took time before he could swallow it.

Hajime took a serious pose, but considering how he calmly ate his meal even though spears were pointed at him while being surrounded, made others see him as nothing but an impudent fellow.

Veins appeared on the forehead of the man who asked him. Anyhow, even if they had their doubts, it was too much for them to be this menacing after finding humans in the sea. Shia thought of breaking the volatile situation by answering in the place of Hajime.

“Ah, umm, please calm down. We are…”

“Silent! A Rabbitman tribe like you should not open your mouth!”

The Rabbitman tribe’s position was low even among Demi-human race outside of the Sea of Trees. How they were strangely agitated and how they stubbornly wanted Hajime, who was looking down on them (from their POV), to answer them might also be a factor. Changing the target of his spear, the man grandly thrust the spear at Shia.

The attack of a Sea-dweller tribe would not pass through Shia’s defense with her strengthened body; the thrust spear would only shallowly cut Shia’s cheek even if she didn’t dodge it. The man probably wanted to slightly hurt her to give Hajime a warning. As expected, the party felt it was abnormal. After all, the Sea-dweller tribe wasn’t this fierce.

However, that was a bad move no matter what their circumstances were. No matter, if it was for a warning, Hajime would not let go those who tried to hurt Shia.

In a moment, huge killing intent and pressure poured down like a huge cataract, spreading on the sea’s surface like a ripple, causing rough waves.


With his eyes opened wide, the man who was staring at Hajime’s sudden change was, blown away from his spot, accompanied by a loud sound. He bounced several times on the surface of the sea, flew while spinning, and finally sank into the sea.

With dumbfounded expressions, the remaining Sea-dweller tribe’s members moved their gaze from the blown man to Hajime who somehow was gripping the tail of a large, roasted fish with a pose of someone having done a full golf’s swing.

The splashing sea water was sparkling as it reflected the sunlight. Even the eyes of the dead fish were somehow shining.

“Wh-, wh-.”

The Sea-dweller tribe’s members were flustered.

Shouldering the somewhat eaten fish, Hajime glared at the man beside the blown away man. Needless to say, having received a pressure he never felt before, the man of Sea-dweller tribe thrust his spear while shouting as he panicked from being glared by Hajime.


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Even in all of the man’s life until now, it was an attack that satisfied him the most. Having premonition of death, he instinctively did a sure-kill attack. However, the sure-kill attack pierced into the mouth of the white eyed fish and was easily stopped.

“Eh? What? H-How…”

When Hajime swung the fish, the man was dumbfounded after seeing the unbelievable spectacle, and thus the spear was easily snatched. The swinging momentum made the spear fly out from the fish’s mouth, directly hitting the face of another person of Sea-dweller tribe. Leering at the person from Sea-dweller tribe who groaned as the blood gushed out from his bleeding nose, Hajime once again swung fish.

The man whose spear was taken and thrown away had cramped cheeks because of the nonsensical scene of the white-eyed fish approaching his face with its opened mouth and somehow shining in bright red.




He was blown away just like the man earlier.

“Munch, munch… gulp… Now then, I actually don’t want to fight against the Sea-dweller tribe. As such, why don’t we calm down and have a talk here? However, indeed I can’t stay silent if someone tries to hurt my companion… Ah, the people blown away wouldn’t die because I held back, okay?”

With the limp fish in one hand, which lost its shine, Hajime proposed after deactivating his “Pressure.” Hajime himself didn’t really want to fight the Sea-dweller tribe’s people who were of the same tribe as Myuu. Although the other side tried to kill him, he actually didn’t even see them as a neighbourhood uncle (totally ignoring them).

However, the Sea-dweller tribe didn’t seem to accept his proposal. It was because their pride seemed to have been damaged by Hajime who looked down at them expressing “you are not even my match” even though humans were at a disadvantageous position in the sea, and he had blown away their comrades even though he said they didn’t die.

Moreover, because of their abnormally high alert against the human race, they could not trust Hajime’s words at all. We must not let our guards down! They took distance from Hajime’s party, and took a stance ready to throw the short harpoons on their backs.

“I see. It’s not enough to kidnapping that child, huh? That’s why you come here again to kidnap other children of ours?”

“We won’t give you the time to cast any magic! The sea is our territory, don’t think you can return unhurt!”

“We will make you spit that child’s location even if we need to chop your limbs!”

“Don’t worry. We will keep you alive until we hand you over to the Kingdom. Your safety isn’t guaranteed though.”

It seemed to be an abnormal situation. Rather than being cautious, strong grudge could be seen lodged in their eyes. Hajime somehow understood the cause of their agitation from the words “kidnap other children.” These people were likely to have misunderstood him as the one who kidnapped Myuu. Riding on unknown transportation and taking along a slave from Rabbitman tribe while wandering around the territory of Sea-dweller tribe… It wasn’t so strange for a human like him to be misunderstood.

The Demi-human race held a very strong unity and affection towards their race. It was certainly so for their own race, but it was even stronger among their own tribe. Haulia tribe went out of the Sea of Trees just for Shia, while the Bearman tribe ignored the decision of the Chiefs’ conference to take revenge on the one who injured their chief. Even the Sea-dweller tribe wasn’t any different. Any children of their tribe are important, even they weren’t their own.

Secretly, Hajime was sulking a little as he complained, “Even if she doesn’t go her way to treat me as her father, she has these people treat her like their daughter, eh.” The mutter mixed with a wry smile was aimed at Myuu who wasn’t here. Following that, Hajime tried to say Myuu’s name to solve the misunderstanding.

“Ah~, you know, about that kidna-…”

“Get ’em!!”

However, faster than his words, the Sea-dweller tribe began to throw the harpoons one after another. Even though the lower half of their bodies was underwater, treading on it, the harpoons were flying with a considerable speed and indeed they were aimed at the shoulders or feet, and not to kill them. In thoroughness, they were also stabbing the submarine which shook it intensely.

If it was a normal human, he would have his balance broken and would either be pierced by the harpoons from being unable of taking evasive maneuver or fall into the sea and suppressed by the Sea-dweller tribe. Well, if it was a normal human.

“”Wave Castle.””

With Yue’s mutter, the sea water compressed as it surged, obstructing the harpoons coming from all directions. Following that, while the Sea-dweller tribe were still astonished by the non-chanted magic, Yue made around 20 thunder balls floating around her.

At the same time the sound of upsurge seawater had literally became a rampart, returned to normal. The people of Sea-dweller tribe witnessed the floating and sparkling thunderballs around Yue.

“Kh!? R-Retreaaatt!!”

A scream of order rang out. The paled tribe members panicky turned on their heels to run away. However, they were too slow.

Fwoosh!! Bzz! BZzz! BzZZzz!!

Each of the thunder balls flew towards a different direction, not letting even one of the Sea-dweller tribe away… mildly electric shocked them. “ABABABABABABABAh,” such a scream could be heard from them. After a while, the 21 people of Sea-dweller tribe were floating on the surface.

“Yue, cheers for the good work.”

“Nn… Hajime, about the thing these people were saying.”

“Well, it must be about Myuu.”

“A lot of things happened even when we were going to Elisen. As expected of Hajime-san. Not even having the time spent in a town, a problem had already appeared…”

“Please stop, Shia. I am actually a little worried about that, too… damnit. There should’ve been no problem here if Myuu was here…”

Hajime was sighing while he worried about it. Then, for the time being, he moved to gather the people of Sea-dweller tribe’s drowned bodies.

* * *

After he instantly remodelled the sub by making a carrier where he put the afro-haired, white-eyed people of Sea-dweller tribe, the party continued their voyage.

Yue effectively weakened one of the thunders, which made the person immediately awake. That person guided the party into the harbor after they explained the situation to him.

At first, because Hajime knew Myuu’s name and characteristics the man said, ‘So you are the culprit after all!’, as he raged. However, Hajime was already irritated, so he expressionlessly slapped him until the man calmed down, and the man heard the party’s story after being disciplined.

Following that, when the party told him Myuu was currently in Ancadi and will immediately returned to Elisen. The man asked the party to allow him to tag along with them to Ancadi. For the man, he could not just swallowed Hajime’s party’s story without any proof, so he wanted to go along with the party to Ancadi to at least find a clue about Myuu.

Beside the young man before them who was guiding them, the people who previously were bellowing at Hajime were those who directly knew Myuu. Myuu’s mother was also injured when Myuu was kidnapped, thus these people were becoming emotional. And, because he would feel awkward when he reunites with Myuu after having beaten up her acquaintances, Hajime reluctantly accepted the young man’s request.

Following that, after advancing on the sea for a few hours,

“Ah, Hajime-san! It has come into view! The town is! Finally, a place with people!”

“Nn? Ohh, it really is in the middle of the sea, eh.”

Shia was pointing at ?Elisen? with sparkling eyes and said to Hajime. Moving his gaze, indeed a big town floating above the sea had come into his view.

Hajime moved the submarine towards the place with a lot of protruding piers. After leering at the Sea-dweller tribe, human tourists and merchants who became pop-eyed after seeing Hajime riding on an unknown vessel, the party moored at a vacant spot.

The people of the Sea-dweller tribe came before the party, witnessed the tens of unconscious people of Sea-dweller tribe on the submarine’s carrier, and raised a commotion. However, Hajime thought it would be okay because he had explained the situation to the young man, so for the time being, he and the young man unloaded the fainted people onto the pier.

After they did that, fully-armed people of Sea-dweller tribe and human soldiers had already crowded in. The young man took a step forward to explain the situation and began to talk like a big shot. Hajime had wanted to quickly return to Ancadi and meet Kaori’s group so when he watched the young man, he became irritated and said inwardly, “Just decide who will travel with us already!”

Hajime wanted this to end peacefully, but it indeed couldn’t be that smooth. Pushing aside the young man who was confused, the soldiers rushed to the party. Hajime’s party were surrounded without a place to escape on the small pier.

“Be obedient. Let us restrain you until we can clarify the truth.”

“Oi, oi, didn’t you hear the story?”

“Of course. And it is better if we are the one who go to confirm it. There’s no need for you to go.”

Words without any chance of refusal. Hajime became even more irritated, but he controlled himself because here was Myuu’s hometown.

“Listen here. Our companions are waiting for us there. But, even though we want to immediately head to Ancadi, didn’t we come all the way here to return those who mistakenly attacked us?”

“Regardless if it was a misunderstanding or not… even if the kidnapped child is indeed in Ancadi, you’re suspicious because you wandered around Elisen’s territory on an unidentified vessel. There’s no saying you won’t run away on our way to Ancadi, right?”

“What’s with this situation this time? If we want to run away, we can just annihilate these people and escape right after that.”

“There’s also that point. But, it didn’t change that you entered our jurisdiction without permission. Furthermore, you attacked the vigilante corps that discovered you, there’s no way we can release you that easily.”

“It was them who didn’t listen to us and attacked due to their agitation. Even so, you think we would obediently let you restrain us? … just cut it out already.”

Hajime’s eyes narrowed dangerously. The man who seemed to be the leader of the soldiers before him was frowning from the heavy aura overflowing from Hajime.

On the leader’s chest was the badge with Herrlicht Kingdom’s crest, surmising that he was the commander of the regiment sent under pretext of the Kingdom’s protection. Among the Sea-dweller tribe, there were people who might be from the vigilante corps, and they didn’t back away even though they were taken aback by Hajime’s aura.

For Hajime, this place was Myuu’s hometown and he didn’t want any problem in Elisen since he thought it was likely to become the party’s base because they would surely take time to search ?Meljeene Bottom Sea Ruin?, whose location was unknown. It was the truth that Myuu was in Ancadi, and he understood the suspicion could be solved. However, Hajime’s hostility to the injustice in this world could be called a conditioned reflex. As such, he wouldn’t easily accept this.

It was a truly explosive situation.

Within the raised tension, Hajime thought that he must not rampaging in Myuu’s hometown, and by the time he wanted to concede,

“Nn? Just now…”

With her rabbit-ears moving about, Shia began to look around the sky. Hajime didn’t look away from the commander and asked, “What is it?” However, before Shia could answer him, Hajime also felt a small presence and voice.


“Ah? What?”

“—pa— !”

“Oy, it can’t be!?”


Hajime hurriedly looked up and somehow a small shadow was falling from the empty sky!

With arms spread, the shadow that was free falling full of smile was…


That’s right, it was Myuu. Myuu was skydiving. Without parachute. Looking carefully, behind her was the black dragonform of Tio, who was hurriedly descending, and riding on her back was Kaori who was also in a panic.

As soon as he recognized the falling shadow was Myuu, Hajime activated “Aerodynamic” and “Ground Shrinker.” He immediately jumped from his spot, ignoring the pier that was blown by the impact and the soldiers screaming as they fell into the sea.

Hajime that had instantly jumped for more than 100 meters in height thanks to “Aerodynamic,” to jump towards the place Myuu was going to fall through, and activated “Light Speed.” Inside the slowed down world, he made sure Myuu was in his arms, and he fell with a regulated, miracle-like speed, perfectly nulled any kind of shock.

With Myuu in his embrace, Hajime used “Aerodynamic” to hop and bounced until he reached the ground. Inwardly, the cold sweat was flowing like a waterfall.


Without even knowing a shred of what Hajime was thinking, Myuu rubbed her face on Hajime’s chest with a smiling face. Perhaps, it was Tio who told her Hajime was right under them.

Thus, although he didn’t know whether it was accidental or perhaps deliberated, she fell towards Hajime. Seeing how she was smiling as she fell, there’s no mistake she believed Hajime would surely catch her.

Even so, it took an extraordinary courage to do a free-fall with a full smiling face. Restrain yourself!Hajime retorted at the four year old child in his mind. Hajime was frowning as he thought of scolding her. But when they got to the ground, he patted Myuu.

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