Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Side Story: Fea Bergen’s Heated Night

Side Story: Fea Bergen’s Heated Night

「Why, why!? Why did you do something like this!」

She couldn’t believe it. Sadness overflowed from her heart.

She believed them. From the bottom of her heart.

That they were her family. That they would always be her ally. That there was no way they would betray her.

「Fuh. Why, you ask? What a funny question.」

「Yes. Truly. It’s too late to ask that. You must have known the answer already from the beginning.」

「Rather this is insulting. You act as though we are traitor. How can one become a traitor when they aren’t even an ally from the start.」

Mocking laughter erupted from everywhere. Many rabbit ears were also bouncing up and down in delight.

「No way……this is your aim from the start? You’re saying that the congratulations from everyone were just a big lie!?」

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「How stupid. Our feeling is genuine.」

「Then why!」

「That should be obvious isn’t it, little miss idiot.」

The roars of the rabbit ears overlapped in the night of Fea Belgen.

「「「「Because we’re jealous that you will have your first night with boss obviously!!」」」」

Obviously~ Obviously~ Obviously~, the scream of their souls echoed through the city that was still brightly lit. All the citizens wanted to scream Shut up! What time do you think it is!, but it was hard for them to do just that considering the topic of the argument.

The source of the extremely annoying yells was of course the clan that had become the synonym of complete annoyance. They were the evolved (?) race of rabbitman and also the terrifying head reaping rabbits――Hauria clan. By the way, only the females were here and none of the males.

「What are you all doing Rana-san and everyoneee! Don’t yell something like that in the middle of cityyy! That’s embarrassinggg~, ehehe~」

The one who was wriggling around in embarrassment while pressing her hands on her cheeks along with her rabbit ears was naturally the unique specimen who rivaled the whole Hauria females――Shia.

「Kuuh, what the hell! Looking so happy like that! That’s too cute dammit!」

「Even though you’re just Shia! Even though you’re just Shia! Even though I’m older than you!」

「Big sis Shia……don’t you have any consideration left in your heart about sharing your happiness with your little sister?」

The ones who just talked in turn were Rana, Mina, and Nea, the strongest three of Hauria’s females.

Also behind Shia there was the one they called boss――Hajime looking like he was at his wits’ end.

Now then, how did the situation become like this? What started it was when Shia’s feeling was finally rewarded and she got recognized as Hajime’s lover. Of course after that Shia wished to experience the same things like what Hajime usually did with Yue.

And so it was decided that tonight would be the night but, there Hauria clan who possessed excellent intelligence network exhibited their excellence needlessly. They broadcasted the information 「Shia will finally become one with boss tonight!」 that they obtained. The males reacted with 「That’s auspicious!」 and celebrated, while the females became 「Sh*t, I’m jealous! No other choice then, we gotta charge in that case!」.

「Boss! Let’s hold a debauched party with rabbit harem tonight!」

「Ain’t no way I’m doing that.」

Hajime replied to Rana’s proposal with rubber bullet.

「Boss! It’s fine! There isn’t that much difference between one or two or dozens of rabbits!」

「There’s a world of difference, stupid.」

A needle from needle gun went *pshew* at Mina’s forehead.

「Boss! How about a sister sandwich of big sis Shia and me!?」

「Where did you learn that phrase……or rather Nea! You’re still ten years old! Do you want to turn me into a criminal!」

「Something like age is trivial as long as there’s love! And I love you boss! In other words it’s legal!」


Nea jumped with her lips jutted out like octopus. Hajime performed Iron Claw on her face and threw her toward a house.

「Oi Karm! I know you’re there! You’re the chief! Do something about this!」

The clan chief jumped down from a tree and landed on the ground. Karm looked at Hajime with a sharp appearance and,

「A word boss! There is no way man can win against the women united!」

The declaration was made with a terrific amount of pressure despite its pathetic content. It was even enough to make Hajime of all people go「O-ou, I see. I guess……I see?」 in understanding.

Even while they were having such skit, the female rabbits who were wanting to get in the way of Shia’s first night were tightening the encirclement with blazing eyes like carnivorous beasts.

「Uu~, if it’s like this I have no choice except turning everyone into shining stars in the sky……」

It was unknown whether Shia meant to send everyone flying to the horizon or turning them into spectators from heaven when she said that.

「No, either way, I’m not in the mood anymore to do that kinda thing though……」

Hajime spoke drily like that because he had completely withered dow there. It caused Shia’s rabbit ears to stand straight in shock as though she had just gotten hit by lightning. At this rate the important night that she had been impatiently waiting for all this time would end up in vain!

And so, she tightened her fists in resolve to do something about it. It was then,

「……Fuh. Miss rabbit over there. Are you troubled?」


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Yue-san gallantly appeared. She was mysteriously standing on a tree and even mysteriously making the pose of someone who would give punishment in the place of the moon.

Then sure enough, Yue-san jumped down from the tree by leaping forward and mysteriously somersaulting several times in the air. She landed in front of Hajime and Shia. She stood up with dignity in front of them as though to protect them.

And then, she looked back across her shoulder and gave the two a thumb up still with a sharp expression.

「……Leave this place to me and go ahead!」

「Oi, Yue. What are you――」

「Yue-san! Thank you so much desuu!」

Shia’s leg swept Hajime’s feet from underneath him! Her movement was so pointlessly refined. Even Hajime couldn’t react against the unexpected surprise attack from Shia. For a moment his body floated weightlessly. Then Shia swiftly put Hajime on her shoulder before immediately turning around and dashed away like a fleeing rabbit.

「I’m taking Hajime-san homeeee~~」 It felt like the voice of Shia’s heart could be heard screaming.

Rana and others went 「ah」 and tried to give chase but,

「――”Calamity Heaven”」


Everyone harmoniously kissed the ground together.

「Kuuh, as expected from the honored first wife! She’s truly the last boss!」

「Don’t give up everyone! The Fait Accompli strategy will fail the moment you give up!」

The predator rabbits struggled desperately. Their eyes were bloodshot and all their muscles convulsed! Even love that lasted for a hundred years would cool down if their current look was seen by others!

Then, a miracle occurred in respond to their effort……

A silver colored beam swept away the gravity field that was weighing them down. Yue’s bewildered gaze traced the direction of the beam’s origin and there, also on top of a tree were a duo making a pose like a certain transforming rider. Or rather, it was Kaori and Tio. Yue’s gaze turned extremely cold. If there was a measurement for cold gaze’s level then it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call her cold gaze to be level MAX.

「Ahosaki Bakaori and the perverted dragon. What are you two planning?」

The two answered her coolly.

「I heard that Hajime-kun’s love withered because of the mood and their forcefulness!」

「I heard that I wouldst be able to get Goshujin-sama to mess me up by doing this!」

Charging forward is my specialty! Now, dear rabbits! It’s time for charging forward!

Even the first wife isn’t scary at all if we do this with everyone!

The hungry rabbits howled to the sky. The residences of the neighborhood all closed their curtain.

「……So you all will go this far for Hajime’s affection.」

That’s right! The rabbits in heat who were joined with a god apostle and a dragon unsheathed their blade.

Yue-sama closed her eyes for a bit. Then those eyes snapped wide open.

「……Very well. Then come at me! If you want Hajime, you must step over my dead body first!」

By the way, Yue-sama was practically immortal.

Yue-sama spread open her arms and legs and took a stance like a certain martial artist. Then right away, the building behind her became surrounded with barrier. In addition the night sky became covered with lightning clouds.

Thunder flashed. Wind whirled. Darkness that was even thicker than the night’s blackness covered Fea Bergen. Amidst that golden magic power sparked and ruby eyes shined brilliantly and dazzlingly.

The sound of gulping could be heard.

「This is……the true first wife……」

「The true first wife is a monster……」

What majesty. What dominating aura. So the first wife was actually this might.

「What’s important is courage. Make your heart tremble for the sake of your wish!」

It felt like the crushing pressure suddenly became lighter. When everyone looked toward where the voice came from, they saw the figure of Kaori shining silver.

「Everyone! Be courageous!」

A bellowing voice. A dignified atmosphere. The way that figure looked straight ahead looked exactly like the depiction of the hero who was going to challenge the demon king.

「Fuh. Difficulty exist to be overcame. Everyone, now art the time to put thy life on the line!」

A reverberating voice. A powerful atmosphere. A composed expression. However, the way that figure wouldn’t avert her eyes from difficulty looked exactly like the depiction of the sage who accompanied the hero throughout his quest!

The blood of the rabbit girls boiled. So what if she’s the first wife. They should be like the hero and the sage.

Yes, they should be like the hero and the sage who just wa~anted to join in with other people’s sex life!

「Let’s go! CHARGEEEEE-」

With the command from the hero, UOOOOOOOOOOOO the rabbits in heat charged after her.


Lightning fell thunderously. Lightning dragons rained down from the sky.

Like that the lovely first night of her best rabbit friend and the night of struggle to interrupt that first night began.

Five minutes later. The loud noises caused a swordswoman with black hair in ponytail to come with a face like demon. It was said that the grave scolding from the swordswoman caused everyone to sit on their knees as punishment or something……

It caused the “black haired swordswoman in ponytail’s Mother Mode is the strongest” theory to spread throughout Fea Belgen. Please judge the veracity of the theory with your own judgment.

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