Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 10: Believe It Or Not but I Your Father Will Report You?

Chapter 10: Believe It Or Not but I Your Father Will Report You?

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Shortly after Hai Yunfan entered the Peach Blossom Village, the third wave of visitors appeared.

This was not a surprise to Wang Lu and Hai Yunfan; there was an incredible number of geniuses and young heroes present at the beginning of the Immortal Gathering. Besides Wang Lu, there were probably quite a few other people whose qualifications were similar to Hai Yunfan.

Therefore, while Wang Lu and Hai Yunfan were happily chatting, they had anticipated that the present peace and quiet in the Peach Blossom Village would soon become more lively.


"Damn? What is this place?"

"Shouldn't there be the Red Ridge Mountain, Frozen Wind Valley or something like that after the Cloud Wave Map? Why is there a random village here?"

"This is different to what we were told..."

That afternoon, three new people appeared on the village. They were all descendants from famous Immortal Cultivator's families allied together with noble and illustrious backgrounds. Even Hai Yunfan needed to treat them with courtesy.

These three people not only have a prominent origin, they were also highly talented. Moreover, because their Immortal Cultivator's families allied together, the three became a perfect team because they could help each other. Before the Immortal Gathering, Hai Yunfan had prepared to face them as his greatest rivals, but with Wang Lu, an eccentric with extraordinary talent, at his side... he no longer needed to feel anxious.

Watching the three approaching the village, Hai Yunfan coldly sneered in his heart, "Things are going to get interesting soon."

On one side was the enigmatic and legendary countryman, Wang Lu, while on the other were the proud descendants of Immortal Cultivator's families. This narrow and small mountain village would not be able to accommodate these two opposing sides who were so different to each other, so when they met, a battle was probably going to occur. In retrospect, perhaps this was the Spirit Sword Sect's objective?

However, this didn't matter much to him. He would temporarily hide while enjoying the amusing display.

Hai Yunfan looked forward to that play, and he didn't have to wait long either.


"You, move out from here."

In the courtyard of the Village Head, the youth from the Xie family of the Hearing Rain Pavilion of the You Region stretched out his finger and pointed at Wang Lu with a face full of contempt.

Then, as the recipient of that contempt, Wang Lu, while gnawing on a village corn, carelessly replied, "Who the fxck are you? Are you retarded?"

Xie Qianlong became furious. Raising his eyebrows, he said, "You dare to be rude to me?! Do you know who I am?!"

Wang Lu put the corn down. "I only asked because I didn't know! So you really are a fxcking retard."

Xie Qianlong subconsciously reached for something in the inner pocket of his clothing, as if he wanted to take something out, then paused.

"I am a fourteenth generation descendant of the Xie Family of the Hearing Rain Pavilion in the You Region."

"Hello, descendant, what can I do for you?"

A blue vein appeared on Xie Qianlong's head. "I already said it. I want you to move out from here."

"Move out? Why?"

"Because I want you to move out."

"Heh, you're quite a straightforward man, saying 'I want you' to another guy."

Xie Qianlong finally could not stand it anymore and was about to become violent towards Wang Lu. But at this time, his two companions impatiently walked in.

"Young Master Xie, why is it taking so long?"

"Did that kid fail to appreciate your kindness?"

Xie Qianlong held out his hand to stop them. "Stay out of this, you two."

Wang Lu picked up and started nibbling on his corn again as he looked at the three people that were breaking into his room indifferently. And then he asked Hai Yunfan who were behind those three.

"Little Hai, what's with these three?"

Hai Yunfan silently cursed. He initially wanted to watch the play from the sideline, but he would have never expected that Wang Lu would be able to spot him hiding behind the tree. Now, he was forcefully brought into the conflict.

Seeing as he had been spotted, Hai Yunfan confidently walked out and greeted the three people.

"Young Master Xie, Young Master Yun, Young Master Li."

The three people were taken aback upon seeing Hai Yunfan. "Hai Yunfan? Is that you?"

Wang Lu was also shocked. "Little Hai, it seems that these people don't think much of you."

Hai Yunfan once again silently cursed in his mind, "Nonsense. We're in the Spirit Sword Mountain, not the mortal world Emperor's territory. Plus, with the three of them combined, my status as the second prince of the Grand Cloud Empire is far inferior. You, this insensitive guy, always creates awkward situations for other people!"

However, Hai Yunfan was indeed Hai Yunfan. He has been shrewd since he was a little. He smilingly ignored Wang Lu's comment and said, "Just then, Young Master Xie asked you to move out of the Head of the Village's house."

Wang Lu glanced at Xie Qianlong and asked Hai Yunfan, "Why?"

Hai Yunfan looked at the three young masters. It seemed that none of them were going to say anything to Wang Lu and only waited for him to agree.

Well, seeing that he was forced to join the play, Hai Yunfan cleared his throat and started to explain, "Ahem. Well, it's quite simple. Young Master Xie comes from a very famous and influential Immortal Cultivator family, while brother Wang, although you're very talented, you're still a countryman..."

Hearing this, Wang Lu somewhat impatiently said, "It's not like I fancy his mom and want to be his step dad or anything. What's the point in telling me the difference between our family?"

"This... well, because you came from a humble background, yet you are living in the best location in the village, whereas Young Master Xie and his companions are living in normal villager's residences. This is a bit... not too fitting." Hai Yunfan then added, "Of course, I'm just explaining their point of views, this doesn't represent my own views."

Having explained everything clearly, Hai Yunfan fell silent and waited for Wang Lu's reply.

Wang Lu's reaction was a long silence.

Xie Qianlong became impatient. "Boy, what the hell do you want? Can you pay the price for wasting our valuable time?"

Wang Lu sneered, "I understand. You're all the mediocre types who can't excel in the family and thus left home in order to prove yourselves to the rest of your families. Little Hai, you're quite knowledgeable; if I have not guessed wrong, then these so called Young Masters had quite the low status in their families, right?"

Hai Yun Fan smiled wryly, "Do you really expect me to say such offensive things?" Let alone low status, being able to make it to this point in this Spirit Sword Sect's trial was already evidence that they were all geniuses... But, just like Wang Lu had said, each of them had their own difficulties and unfortunate circumstances.

Xie Qianlong became furious and could not hold back anymore. "Brat, you're courting death, so don't blame us!"

"Hmph, such a reckless act!"

"Just because you got good results in the Cloud Wave Map, you think you're so special?"

The three people all prepared to attack. Xie Qianlong reached into his pocket, the young master from the Yun family put his hand on the hilt of his sword, and the young master from the Li Family put his arms behind his back, his long hair moving despite the absence of wind.

Hai Yunfan's heart shivered; these children of Immortal Cultivator's families were indeed not ordinary. Each of them had treasures given to them by their families... and they were all fairly advanced treasures!

What kind of place was the Spirit Sword Mountain? How could the Spirit Sword Sect allow people to casually bring Immortal Cultivation Tools and Treasures that would give them an unfair advantage? On the Golden Bridge, all the common treasures had already been rejected. The only things that would be able to get past the Golden Bridge and the Cloud Wave Map were probably no less than Magical Treasures!

Even if they were from a third-rate Immortal Cultivator's family, they would not casually give out Magical Treasures. It seems that these three peoples' statuses were much higher than the reports had stated... But, the most important thing was, with their Magical Treasures, these eleven or twelve years old kids could easily destroy 100 elite soldiers of the Grand Cloud Empire with a snap of their fingers. Hai Yunfan wondered how Wang Lu was going to resist their attacks.

Hai Yunfan did not doubt about the arrogant and malicious personality of Xie Qianlong and the other two. The large Immortal Cultivator's families all viewed ordinary mortals as ants. However, the families of these three youths could barely be qualified as a "righteous sect". Actually, they were basically an "evil sect" within the "righteous sects".

In their view, although Wang Lu, who came from humble background without any power, had an amazing raw talent, since he had become their obstacle... he could only be described with one word: dead.

As for Wang Lu... although there were many special things about him, he was still a countryman from an obscure mountain village... It was simply impossible to compare him to Xie Qianlong and the others.

The question was, how would this fledgling genius deal with the danger in front of him?

As a bystander, Hai Yunfan was incredibly curious.

It wasn't impossible for Hai Yunfan to stop the fight. Although Xie Qianlong and the other two did not take him too seriously, if he used his trump card, he would definitely be able to "shock and awe" them into submission even for just a moment. However... Wang Lu was neither his relative nor kin, and as such, he had no reason to use his trump card for him, isn't it?

Moreover, if Wang Lu couldn't even deal with this sort of situation by himself, then Hai Yunfan had overestimated him; he would not be worth paying attention to, let alone be made friends with.

"Come on, Wang Lu, tell me your answer..." Hai Yunfan thought as he stood by the side.

Then, he saw Wang Lu calmly play his fingers on the table. "Could it be... that you want to beat me up using an unfair advantage in numbers?"

The three teenagers looked at each other, and the young masters from the Yun and Li families withdrew their hands.

Since Xie Qianlong started this whole situation, naturally, he should be the one to end it. Even though Immortal Cultivator's families indeed viewed mortals as ants, they still had to follow certain customs befitting their identity. Using an unfair advantage in numbers was indeed laughable.

As for Xie Qianlong, after he froze for a moment, he couldn't help but laugh out loud, "Boy, one person or three - what's the difference for you? Do you think you are qualified to deal with me!"

Wang Lu also laughed, "Hah, you're all quite impatient. What I was trying to say is, beating you one by one would take too much time, so you might as well all come at once."

"What did you say!?"

Wang Lu looked at them with a serious expression. "I mean, to deal with a few trash like you, I, alone, is enough. As long as I say a sentence, I will be able to deal with all three of you at once."

Such a shocking statement from him couldn't help but make everyone speechless.

As a spectator, Hai Yunfan felt his heart speeding up. The excitement that came from the anticipation of the climax of the fight had completely engulfed him.

Even if it was just a bluff, Wang Lu's performance caused all of them to be extremely shocked. Let alone the fact that Hai Yunfan did not believe that Wang Lu was simply bluffing. In other words, the three youths were finished.

Meanwhile, Xie Qianlong and his companions almost exploded in rage out of shame.

They were so humiliated by this countryman... It was not just them who were humiliated, their families were greatly humiliated as well! It was time for Wang Lu to die!

"Frozen Seal Shower Talisman!"

"Flowing Cloud Invisible Sword!"

"Blood Red Essence Energy!"

The three people all revealed their Magical Treasures at the same time, and although the three had yet to set their feet on the path of cultivation, their killing intent could be felt by everyone in the entire room. In other words, although they were without cultivation and thus could only use an extremely small fraction of their families' Magical Treasures' powers... but that was enough to hack Wang Lu to pieces.

But Wang Lu's response was only saying a sentence, "Village Head, some people are making trouble here."

As soon as he finished speaking, a black shadow broke through the window and rushed towards Xie Qianlong and his companions.

The black shadow's actions were as fast as lightning; the black shadow's feet and fists were like a mirage as they flew towards the three people, producing some sort of strange sound effects.


In just a moment, along with their blood, the three people, along with their Magical Treasures, fell to the ground, unconscious.

As soon as the black shadow knocked the three people unconscious, it immediately left through the broken window, leaving Wang Lu, his errand boy and the incomparably shocked Hai Yunfan.

Then, Hai Yunfan clearly heard Wang Lu dismissively say, "These trash dare to challenge me, the Great Guru of Reporting? What reckless idiots!"

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