Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 106: I Am Not the Person That You Think I Am

Chapter 106: I Am Not the Person That You Think I Am

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“Sect Leader… I sincerely advise you this sentence, please go back. This is not an opponent that you can cope with.”

When they met, Xie Chi gave his frank and sincere advised.

If this were three months ago, perhaps he would not have this much conviction—although he already knew Wang Lu likely came from one of the top sects within the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and had a deep background at that time, however, a deep background was not a free pass card in the Immortal Cultivation World. In the face of powerful opponents, the Seven Stars Sect also has its own way to survive; it was the so-called snake has its snake way and rat has its rat way. Especially since Wang Lu was still young and his cultivation shallow, there were many means to send him dispiritedly back to his sect.

However, three months later, after witnessing the crazy development of the Wisdom Sect, Xie Chi no longer held any contempt. The young privileged kid was not an amateur who descended the mountain on experiential learning mission, but a very capable professional worthy of admiration. Now even without Wang Lu in the background, the current Wisdom Sect was not just a random low-level sect that could be destroyed in a pinch. With Wang Lu’s guidance, each of the loose cultivators who had joined the sect had progressed in their cultivation level. Especially those who previously had long been trapped in a bottleneck, often, with a single remark that exposed the crucial point from Wang Lu, their cultivation would immediately undergo rapid growth!

And Xie Chi, who was one of the first batches of followers and thus became the backbone of the Wisdom Sect, naturally didn’t fail to receive the benefit of Wang Lu. Using the resources at hand, after importing large quantities of Six Harmonies Pill, he successfully found a technique called “Dazzling Flowers”, which, as it turned out, complemented his cultivation deficiency. Although it didn’t advance his cultivation level, his power had actually risen a length!

This was f*cking similar to holding a beautiful woman’s thighs; it was extremely comfortable!

Now, Xie Chi didn’t have the divided heart anymore; even if there were no Three Corpses Brain Pill, he would not betray that young cultivator with low-level Qi Cultivating Stage.

If it were not the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader who personally came, he would have nearly forgotten that he was once a member of the Seven Stars Sect. However, since now they had met, the memory of their previous friendship welled up in his mind once more, so Xie Chi didn’t want to be hostile and thus gave a heartfelt advice.

The Sect Leader stared earnestly at Xie Chi’s eyes, trying to find out if there were a shred of hypocrisy and deception… However, he was disappointed.

Xie Chi was indeed serious. The guy had indeed also thought of their previous good relationship, deep down still respected him, and had a deep understanding of his power and prestige as a Xudan Stage cultivator… Yet, he still made such a warning.


Xie Chi helplessly shook his head. “I’m sorry, I can’t say it… Taking a risk to meet with the Sect Leader here is the limit of what I can do.”

The Sect Leader was startled for a moment, and then nodded in understanding, but then he sighed. “If it’s like this, I have no way to explain it to everybody.”

Xie Chi wryly smiled. “You are the Sect Leader, why should you explain it to everybody? Moreover, is there anything that you should be accounted for? From the establishment of the Seven Stars Sect till today, don’t tell me everything went smoothly according to the plan? A little setback does not warrant an accountability, does it not?”

The Sect Leader was still unwilling. “I don’t even know who the opponent is!?”

“Even if you know, what can you do? Some things are better not to know about. Sect Leader, the Seven Stars Sect development was quite smooth these recent years, however, in the Immortal Cultivation World, the Seven Stars Sect is still far from being the top player. Any one of those top level sects can turn Seven Stars Sect into ashes… the sect should find the right way to exist.”

Upon hearing this, the Sect Leader keenly captured several key points.

It was the work of the top level sect? No wonder previously even the people from Union of Ten Thousand Immortals purposely gave trouble for them—it was indeed the only explanation… However, if the one behind this was from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, why would that person come to this kind of deserted countryside ridge? The spiritual energy in Wang Family Village was quite abundant, but did it warrant the attention from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals?

Unfortunately, no matter how he asked, Xie Chi would not say anything more than that. The Sect Leader knew that it was useless to press him for an answer, and if he forced it, then their friendship would cease no more.

Just before leaving, the Sect Leader wanted to say something, but when he opened his mouth, he didn’t know anything good to say.

He still remembered that several years ago in the Ten Thousand Flowers House Sect, the two people drinking and chatting while imagining the future. At that time, the Seven Stars Sect had just suffered from the Hall of Mortal Reason and had yet to have the today’s solid foundation, and Xie Chi was only a futureless, hopeless low-level disciple. When the two were nearly intoxicated by the wine, they made an agreement to turn the Seven Stars Sect into an upright and righteous sect and bring it into the fold of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, so that in the future, their cultivation road would be wider and be able to explore the unlimitedness of the Immortal Cultivation Path.

Unfortunately… the former companion was today’s hostile enemy, but in the future… where would the road ahead lead to? He had cultivated for a hundred years and finally reached the Xudan Stage, but if in this life there was no big opportunity, then perhaps his Immortal Cultivation Path would stop at this point—something that he really could not be reconciled with.

Thinking to this, the Sect Leader’s mood had turned sour. However, when he was about to leave, his Jade Mansion slightly trembled, snapping his Primordial Spirit out of its funk.

“Who is it!?”

“Oh, it’s me.”

The Sect Leader only heard the voice, not the figure. Inwardly, he scolded, “Who am I?”

However, on the other hand, when he scanned his surrounding with his Xudan Stage’s Primordial Spirit, he could not find the position of the speaker… There were only two possibilities here. First, the Dog Ear Mountain had been planted with loads of arrays that were sufficient enough to suppress his Primordial Spirit’s perception, and the second, the other side’s cultivation was higher than him! However, regardless of which, none of them was good news for him.

The Sect Leader’s heart was moved. On the surface, he maintained his composure while secretly activating his magical tool defense. His usual weapon, the Seven Stars Atlas, was also in his hand, which could be launched at any time.

“Well, actually, you don’t need to be this tense because this is just my passing voice technique. I myself is far from this place, so it’s normal if you can’t find me, but it would be insane instead if it’s otherwise.”

The Sect Leader suddenly felt as if he had just eaten a rotten apple. Damn! After considering everything, he had actually neglected this most basic possibility; he really lost his face this time.

“What do you want?”

“I’ll go straight to the point; I want to invite you to join the Wisdom Sect.”

“...” The Sect Leader froze for a moment and then laughed. “You’re asking me to join the Wisdom Sect? This joke of yours is so funny.”

“My feeling is definitely real, and my sincerity is as bright as the sun and the moon.”

“Then I will clearly say... in your dreams.”

“Now, now, no need to refuse this fast. Even if according to the rejecting-someone-after-being-deeply-touched routine, you need to show a bit of hesitation first, no? My Wisdom Sect is a rapidly expanding sect with promising future. If you join our sect now, you can still become one of the original founders. If in the future you decide to join, then you won’t be offered this cheap deal anymore.”

The Sect Leader was calm and collected as he refuted, “If I want to enter another sect, base on my cultivation level, except for the top sects in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, which sect I can’t enter to? I won’t even accept being an Elder in the sect like Ten Thousand Flowers House, and for many decades, I have received countless similar offers, so your little Wisdom Sect should get in line first.”

Wang Lu was still trying to elaborate the difference between his Wisdom Sect and the other traditional sect. However, the Sect Leader hurriedly interrupted him, “I know your background is extraordinary. Before I came here, I look up some of your Wisdom Sect’s information. In just a few months in the Great Ming Country, your sect has developed to such a scale, so I dare not believe that you’re just a loose cultivator without a backing. But if you think you can rely on the big sect that back you up to do whatever you please, then you are gravely mistaken. In fact, I very much would like to know if the sect behind you knows that you have developed a sect in the Great Ming Country, whether they would really support you?”

Dozens of miles away, upon hearing this remark, Wang Lu was very much amazed; he sighed. “Old man, your IQ must be ten percent higher than what I originally expect.”

From when he started to develop the Wisdom Sect in the Wang Family Village three months ago till now, he had many contacts with loose cultivators and sects. Although Wang Lu’s identity has been kept strictly confidential, most people could see that his background was deep. And realizing this, people only thought that this was an unbeatable advantage, yet only a few people could think that, if Wang Lu indeed came from a top sect within the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, would his sect look favorably on him operating an evil cult in the mortal world?

There was nothing strange with this. In the eyes of today’s world of loose cultivators, it was hard for them to understand the way of thinking of the top sects in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. For those top sects, the value in exploiting the world of mortals was next to nothing. When the Seven Stars Sect occupied a prefectural capital, they amassed hundreds of thousands of spirit stones, enough to make these motley band of loose cultivators crazy. However, for a top rank sect, just the sect’s public expenditure alone would reach at least tens of millions of spirit stones per annum. If it were Shengjing Sect, then it would be even more astronomical… hundreds of thousands of spirit stones were not enough to fill the gap between the teeth.

Therefore, it was hard for them to understand that those top rank sects simply didn’t care about the wealth of the world of mortals. Tens of millions of spirit stones were far less important than the sect’s face.

“Regardless of how you want to develop your Wisdom Sect, our Seven Stars Sect doesn’t intend to interfere with it. Some people from my sect couldn’t resist the temptation and switched over to your sect… I can also let that bygones be bygones. In the future, well water will not interfere with the river water, and no one will provoke anyone.”

With that, the Sect Leader intended to leave right away, but how could Wang Lu let him go that easily.

“What a joke. Now you may say these nice words, but when you go back, I’m afraid you’d give me trouble. Not directly, of course, but you could probably spread around report letters that say a certain disciple from a top rank sect have been developing an evil cult so the relevant department in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals should investigate it… So I say, it’s better for you to stay here.”

The Sect Leader laughed loudly. “After all of that, in the end, you still want to fight?” As soon as he finished, he turned to look at Xie Chi, whose face showed a helpless look and had retreated several steps back, indicating that this matter was beyond his control and he didn’t want to help both sides.

The Sect Leader was slightly gratified; he nodded his head. “Very well, then let me experience the method of a prestigious sect’s disciple!”

As soon as his voice fell, seven-colored rays of lights flickered out from the palm of his hand and together with the Seven Stars Atlas, shrouded the area within several hundreds of meters. More than ten figures that lurk in the shadows were forced to reveal themselves, which was followed by a burst of cries.

“It really is an ambush,” the Sect Leader inwardly cried, but he was not surprised in the least bit. When he reached an agreement to meet with Xie Chi near the Dog Ear Mountain, he didn’t naively think that the opposite party would come alone; even if Xie Chi was true to his words, would the Wisdom Sect’s Sect Leader?

If there were no ambush, that would’ve been really strange!

But even so, he still came, because this kind of situation was not the first time for the Seven Stars Sect. In the past, when the Seven Stars Sect occupied a prefectural capital, they forcefully took it after trampling the White Horse Camp’s Skeleton of the Dead that was stationed there. Afterward, they had a turf fight with the Jade River Sect, that was when he went to the opponent’s place alone and was surrounded by more than ten cultivators...

That bloody battle lasted for three days, and in the end, Jade River Sect was removed from the Immortal Cultivation World, even if that sect originally didn’t even exist in the prestigious sects’ record. Though the Sect Leader was severely wounded, because of that fight, his Seven Stars Atlas was refined into magical treasure, and its power was doubled.

This fact, besides to the two most trusted Elders in the Seven Stars Sect, wasn’t disclosed to anyone by him. That included Xie Chi who only knew that the Seven Stars Atlas was just a top rank magical tool. Thus, when the Sect Leader suddenly launched his weapon, it really took the opposite party by surprise.

And then… the Sect Leader’s mouth slightly arched up, but before he could rotate the array in the atlas, a voice that let his Primordial Spirit tremble came through the back of his head, causing his Jade Mansion shook.

“Ugh, I’m bored to death, you guys are so slow.”

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