Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 108: Congratulations to You on Crawling before Me

Chapter 108: Congratulations to You on Crawling before Me

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“As long as you can crawl up to me, I will give you a chance to challenge me.”

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader clenched his teeth and inwardly scolded, “What a sharp-tongued, despicable and shameless person! He said as if I’m the one who’s begging for a fight!”

Nevertheless, because of this, the Sect Leader was able to judge that the opposite party’s cultivation was indeed not high and definitely just a young cultivator of a top rank sect. Otherwise, with how proud the cultivators of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals were, the opposite party ought to launch a higher cultivation technique and an even more powerful magical treasure to crush him. What was the need of using so much trickery?

Furthermore, the opposite party’s cultivation was probably below the high-level Foundation Establishment… Otherwise, with how solid the foundation of the cultivators of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortal was, a high-level Foundation Establishment Stage should be enough to challenge a common Xudan Stage cultivator.

Since reaching Foundation Establishment, there were many technique and skills that a cultivator could use, and indeed many cultivators from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals were able to achieve the over-rank victory. However, in his more than one hundred years of cultivation, the Seven Stars Sect’ Sect Leader was also able to defeat quite a few disciples of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals… Without formidable powers, there was nothing terrific about that person!

However, when the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader was about to go all out, he suddenly heard a burst of scream from afar.

The Sect Leader was surprised and frightened, thinking that those were the cries of the sect’s Elders that came together with him and was told to hide and aid at the crucial moment!

Then, Sect Leader suddenly remembered the dialogue not too long ago.

“In any case, you’re not going to be useful here anymore, so why don’t you go east of the mountain and help that dirty old man clean up the small fries.”

“Tch, fighting small fries.”

… It turned out at that time, the small fries that the Wisdom Sect’s Sect Leader said referred to was the sect’s elites that he brought here with him! No wonder in this place, they only used the Qi Cultivating Stage cultivators that were enhanced by arrays! From the rumor that they heard on their travel here, the Wisdom Sect actually have several Foundation Establishment cultivators. It turned out those Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators went to encircle the Seven Stars Sect people!

Now it became clear to him why the Wisdom Sect’s Sect Leader was talking so much nonsense. It was because, the more the other party talk, the more it could delay the time!

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader didn’t doubt that the opposite party has enough force to encircle the Seven Stars Sect people. Although, in theory, more than ten among the people he brought here were Sect Elders of Foundation Establishment Stage—far more than what the Wisdom Sect had—however, the other side had the home ground advantage… Plus, remembering that young girl, who mysteriously appeared and disappeared, the outcome was to be expected!

Thinking to this, the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader didn’t hesitate anymore. He flipped out the Seven Stars Atlas, and at the same time, the Seven Stellar Accumulations were ignited at the same time; he was about to use this magical treasure to shift him away from this disadvantageous battlefield.

However, how could Wang Lu let him have this opportunity?

“Want to go? It’s not that easy!”

A clap of thunder like sound shook the ground and the starlights flickered. The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader saw that the two mountain peaks were rapidly approaching, clamping together to form a long and narrow pathway, and overhead there seemed to be dark clouds cover which completely obscured the starlights; his path was completely cut!

“... What a good Feng Shui Reverse technique!”

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader was shocked since he found himself trapped in a valley. However, he didn’t panic. In his opinion, moving-mountain-to-fill-the-sea feat could only be performed by a high-level Jindan Stage from prestigious sects; as for moving more than five kilometers of mountain range together, a common Yuanying Stage cultivator should be able to do it. Therefore, it was impossible for his opponent, who hasn’t yet reached the high-level Foundation Establishment Stage, to do it.

What really happened was, it wasn’t the ground and mountain that moved, but the flow of the spiritual energy along the Feng Shui Lines that was hidden underground were reversed. Wang Lu had used the Spirit Well to reverse the spiritual energy flow that moved along the Feng Shui lines, which were within the Spirit Well, into an intense spiritual energy burst. In short, it propped up the illusion world that trapped his body inside.

However, regarding this Feng Shui Reverse Technique, the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader only understood its general principle, not the specific on how to do it. However, at this time, he had been trapped deep inside the illusion world. Thus, he only had two options. First, he needed to stop that spiritual energy burst and sever its connection with the outside world using the entire magical power that was stockpiled in his Jade Mansion; only then would the illusion technique be surely broken. However, his Core Cultivation Method was incomplete, and his stored up magical power wouldn’t be enough to fuel the Seven Stars Atlas to fully operate. As for the other way to break the illusion array...

“Just beat the man who manages the Feng Shui Reverse and naturally you’ll be able to get out.”

The opposite party’s provocative words reverberated in the entire mountain valley. At the same time, at the valley straight ahead, a white-clad young man faintly smiled at the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader; his eyes were filled with provocation.

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader probed with his Primordial Spirit and found out that, sure enough, he was right, the opposite party was a Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator. However, with top rank Immortal techniques from the prestigious sect, as well as home base advantage, the opposite party could greatly offset the gap in the cultivation stage. The Sect Leader believed that these were the reasons why the other side dared to face him directly.

What a pity, the gap between Xudan Stage and Foundation Establishment Stage wasn’t so easy to be filled. Although the other party could correctly guess the origin of his cultivation method, the other party could never guess how many cards that he had accumulated in his more than one hundred years of cultivation!

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader uttered a sneer, flicked his right hand, and the Seven Stars Atlas suddenly rolled open and then shook. A piece of diagram in it astonishingly turned into a real three feet long sword, which he then grabbed with his hand. Seven Stellar Accumulations were sprinkled on both sides of the sword, glittering with strange lights.

The next moment, the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader pointed the sword forward with one hand, and the Stellar Accumulations on the sword suddenly lit up. Within that brilliant ray of light, the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader, along with the sword, in a blink of an eye, suddenly shifted over several hundreds of meters away and directly appeared in front of that white-clad youth. However, the after image that he left behind had yet to disappear, which made it seem like he had suddenly turned into two.

Seven Stars Sword Art First Move - Sword Out.

The white-clad youth wasn’t flustered; he seemed to have already predicted this move. Before the Sect Leader thrust his sword, he had already retreated half a step.

In this long and narrow valley, this retreat seemed to be infinitely elongated. A half a step had turned into hundreds of meters, which rendered the Sect Leader’s first sword move useless.

Seeing that his first move had failed, the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader flicked his wrist that was holding the sword. With that shake, one of the Stellar Accumulations came out of the tip of the sword and then instantly broke into pieces, which then turned into countless sharp small swords. These countless small swords then lunged at the opponent like a tempest.

Seven Stars Sword Art Second Move - Sword Divisions.

However, Wang Lu’s movement wasn’t slow either, his right hand grasped the empty air and made a horizontal rowing move. Two towering valley rocks opposite of each other rumbled and moved towards each other, which turned into a very solid shield in front of him.

That tide like countless swords rained upon that shield, violently colliding with the rocks which eventually crushed down like rain.

Before the rock wall completely collapsed, the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader wielded his sword back, rushed forward, and then thrusted his sword forward like a spear.

A dazzling beam of light filled the valley which easily ripped through that layer of thick rock where the white-clad person was hiding behind.

Seven Stars Sword Art Third Move - Sword Dash.

After the third sword move had succeeded in destroying that rock wall, the Sect Leader didn’t relax at all. The sword continued to move forward as he launched the first sword move, Sword Out, again.

This time, he finally caught up with the opponent. Unable to flee from incoming sword thrust, the white-clad youth reached out to grasp the empty air and then pointed his finger upward. Then, like a mirage, his whole person disappeared before him.


How could the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader let go of his opponent easily? The sword fiercely trembled in his hand, and then, like an illusion, it started to fade away from the field of view. However, at the last tremble, the sword sent out an intense wave that extended in all directions, which rolled up like an all-conquering tornado that engulfed the valley.

Seven Stars Sword Art Fourth Move - Sword Wind.

From mid-air came a muffled-full-of-pain sound. That white-clad youth who had been hiding behind the illusion was thrown up by the Sword Wind, forcing his body to reveal itself and then fall. His white clothes had already been soaked with blood

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader finally revealed a glimmer of smile. However, not long after his mouth curled up, his face immediately stiffened.

Right before him, the youth’s appearance began to change into that of a bearded gray-haired old man. The old man’s face was filled with pain, which coincidentally, completely matched the Sect Leader’s expression.

“He Yun, it’s you!?” The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader was stunned!

“Ouch, the pain is killing me…”

It was exactly the dirty old man He Yun! This cultivator, who was skilled in arrays, was like a fish back in water within this illusion world created by the Feng Shui Reverse Technique. When the Xudan Stage Sect Leader finally defeated him with the four sword moves just now, it just wounded him and not killed him at all, even though he was just a Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator!

Normally, when a Xudan Stage cultivator fight with a Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator, it would be a disgrace to the Xudan Stage cultivator if the Foundation Establishment only fell on the second move.

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader was seething with anger because to defeat this dirty old man, he had sacrificed his precious cards. Not only had he used the Seven Stars Sword Art in succession, but he had also used up two pieces of valuable Stellar Accumulations from his sword, only to injure a Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator! At this time, he didn’t even have the time to deal with this traitor; he lifted up his sword and roared.

“Until now, you’re still afraid to show yourself and fight with me, and only use these dirty tricks to stall time, Wisdom Sect’s Sect Leader!”

A moment later, that mocking voice reverberated throughout the valley again.

“Like I said, as long as you can crawl to me, I will give you a chance to challenge me.”

The Seven Stars Sect’s Leader cursed, “Motherf*cker! I, your father, want to see how long you can still hide!”

With that, the Seven Stars Sword was thrown mid-air by him, then three Stellar Accumulations on the sword simultaneously lit up. The next moment, it filled the entire valley with brilliant light that the dim night changed like it was daytime. Tens of thousands of swords, hundreds of thousands of swords—countless swords fell from the sky, brutally and ruthlessly washing everything in the valley.

Seven Stars Sword Art Final Move - Sword Extinguishes.

After the sword move was finally over, the narrow and long valley had disappeared. The spirit well that forcefully reversed the flow of spiritual energy along the Feng Shui lines was broken by the all out attack from the Xudan Stage cultivator, making the flow return to normal. Naturally, the illusion had also disappeared.

At the same time, the crazy destructive force from the final move of the Seven Stars Sword Art didn’t spare the mountain forest. Several hundreds of meters of lush forest around the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader was completely destroyed. Trees disorderly lied on the ground, deep sword marks crisscrossed all over the ground, and from time to time, mountain rocks that were cut from the above slid down to the ground.

Although an all-out attack from a Xudan Stage cultivator wasn’t on the level of moving the mountain to fill the sea, its power was enough to instantly kill a large number of mortals. This sword strike had wiped out everything within the radius of several hundreds of meters. The illusion that was propped up by the reverse flow of spiritual energy along the Feng Shui lines was also broken by its outrageous power. Furthermore, the ten extra high-level Qi Cultivating Stage loose cultivators that were put inside the illusion to maintain the reverse flow were also affected by the fallout, shocking them into confusion.

Using his Primordial Spirit to scan the area, the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader found out that he was surrounded by cries of pain. Feeling pleased, he retrieved back his magical treasure, however, he inwardly felt slightly regretful. If his core cultivation method was completed, that Sword Extinguishes move just now would further corrode those loose cultivators’ Primordial Spirits, wounding both their mind and body. It might also directly kill them on the spot, unlike now where they were only injured. Nevertheless, the goal has been achieved.

Surrounded by the bleak atmosphere, one figure particularly stood out. That person just now was within the attack range of the Sword Extinguishes, yet there were no signs of injury nor weariness on him...

“Congratulations to you on finally crawling before me.”

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