Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 109 - The Same Trick Won’t Work On Me…

Chapter 109: The Same Trick Won’t Work On Me…

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“Congratulations to you on finally crawling before me. But now, are you still sure you can win against me?”

In front of the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader, Wang Lu revealed himself; a little fatty gradually changed into a medium build youth, which just now spoke calm and collected. However, this calm scene was immediately contrasted with the cries of pain from the distant seriously wounded Seven Stars Elders.

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader was surprised on how young his opponent was, while at the same time, it actually strengthened his resolve.

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Just now, when he heard the tragic cries of the Elders of his sect, he had wanted to rescue them at once, however, right now, he didn’t need to… Since the opposite party had succeeded in using the Feng Shui Reversed technique to delay him a few moments, he had already missed the window of opportunity to rescue them. Even if he rushed now, he was afraid that he would only find their corpses. Since that was the case, he might as well seize this chance to defeat the leader of the opposite party. As long as he could capture this mysterious Wisdom Sect’s Sect Leader, he could turn defeat into victory. He had found that the opponent’s cultivation was still shallow; using his Primordial Spirit to perceived the spiritual energy fluctuation, it was around high-level Qi Cultivating Stage, which was two stages difference with him. Even if the opponent was from the top rank sect, it would not matter at all.

Even though the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader belonged at the bottom rung in the Immortal Cultivation World, after all, he was still a Xudan Stage cultivator. Plus, he also had his magical treasure. He was confident that even a peerless talent from the Shengjing Sect would still find it impossible at the Qi Cultivating Stage to fight him, a Xudan Stage cultivator. If not, the other party wouldn’t have needed to make such a complex arrangement; just fighting him one on one should suffice.

Unfortunately, at this time, there were very little Stellar Accumulations left on his Seven Stars Sword, meaning that he couldn’t unleash the most powerful move from the Seven Stars Sword Art. Moreover, the moonlight and starlight within dozens of miles around the Dog Ear Mountain were all taken by the Moon Well, thus he couldn’t use the Seven Stars Atlas and repeat his Seven Stars Sword’s sword moves anymore. All in all, he only had about twenty to thirty percent of his initial strength. But even so, it was still more than enough to bully a Qi Cultivating Stage cultivator.

Thus, the Sect Leader brought the Seven Stars Sword close to his chest, pressed it from top and bottom with his palms, which flattened the sword and then turned it into a spread open Seven Stars Atlas. Compared to the fierce and swift Seven Stars Sword, Seven Stars Atlas was more reserved, but it contained much more; although its sharp point wasn’t shown, it nevertheless has both attack and defensive capability, which could be used according to the situation. With this atlas of arrays, the Sect Leader was confident that, unless a Jindan Stage cultivator arrived, he has the ability to adapt to any situation.

Wang Lu quietly watched the Sect Leader’s actions until the Seven Stars Atlas was fully unfolded and the Sect Leader assumed a fighting stance. Then, somewhat amazed, he asked, “Oh, I have given you a chance to leave, but you don’t want to? Do you really want to fight one on one with me?”

The Sect Leader was completely focused; his two fingers on his right hand flicked out, and innumerable rays of light shone in midair, which, under the curtain of the night, looked like a resplendent galaxy.

The real starlights were already completely covered by the moon well, so the present starry sky was naturally developed by the array within the atlas.

The Sect Leader somewhat strangely looked at Wang Lu, thinking that how come he ignored his move in laying out the array? Although this place was not his home base, with the Seven Stars Atlas in hand, if the other side let him lay out and activated the arrays as he pleased, then the home base advantage might be reversed. Right now, he had already laid out the Whole Sky Stellar Accumulations Array; as long as he lit up the seven main Stellar Accumulations, which activated the Whole Sky Stellar Accumulations, then the Stellar Accumulations would grow and multiply without end, and he would truly be in an impregnable position. Even if a Jindan Stage rashly charged in, he could still contend for several moves. As for handling a Qi Cultivating Stage cultivator, it would be easy as batting an eye.

However, Wang Lu truly let the opponent laid out the array, just looking at them with a smile and occasionally commenting on the opposite party’s array deficiency—of course, most of his comments were nonsense; even if he was the Spirit Sword Sect’s top student, it was impossible for him to be an array expert in just two years, not to mention commenting on a Xudan Stage’s level of array.

However, it was also because he read too much book at the Spirit Sword Mountain that even his absurd nonsense comments appeared “logical”. This caused the Spirit Sword Sect’s Sect Leader to inadvertently allow those comments to affect his mind, which slowed down his speed in setting up the array. Realizing this, he immediately panicked.

If this were the peak of the showdown, it would often mean that it was a bad omen. Despite the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader was a seasoned fighter, cold sweat also seeped out of his forehead.

Wang Lu, who was still looking at him in leisure, spoke out comforting words to him, “Don’t worry, take your time.”

Finally, he had activated the Whole Sky Stellar Accumulations Array; the seven main Stellar Accumulations also shone up with amazingly brilliant light, and the Stellar Accumulations’ spiritual energy began to circulate, completing the final step of growing and multiplying without end…

Then, Wang Lu smiled, shook his head and put his finger on his forehead; his Emperor Bone trembled, and the Non-Phase Sword Bones hungrily took a deep breath.

The next moment, the surrounding spiritual energy within hundreds of meters of radius from him surged inward towards him, forming a stormy sea.

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader’s color drained from his face, he could not imagine that such a situation could happen! This crazy gathering of spiritual energy was like something that happened when a Jindan or Yuanying Stage expert was in a deep meditation! The change in the surrounding spiritual energy was too fierce; although it would not cause too much direct damage due to the natural neutrality of the spiritual energy, but it happened when his Whole Sky Stellar Accumulations Array was almost complete, which was its most critical and most vulnerable moment!

Even if the Seven Stars Atlas has a thousand ways to counter this, the Sect Leader was completely unprepared for this change. His left hand hastily made a seal as he used the power from those Stellar Accumulations to suppress the spiritual energy. At the same time, his right hand pointed towards the sky and guided the spiritual energy of the main Stellar Accumulations to complete the last circulation.

For a loose cultivator, the Sect Leader’s reaction speed could be considered as outstanding, however, Wang Lu was even faster than him.


The same spell, when used by Wang Lu in his current cultivation stage, was even inferior to one percent of the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader’s power. However, this spell was cast at the perfect time that it detonated the spirit well.


The spirit well collapsed, and the entire Feng Shui Lines were gently shocked. Many spiritual veins hidden deep underground painfully groaned and then trembled.

For the Feng Shui lines in the Blue River Region, this tremble was like a giant blinking his eyes. However, the resulting change that happened on the battlefield was earth-shaking. The collapse of the spirit well caused the spiritual energy to spew out like the eruption of a volcano! The spiritual energy gushed out so violently that it caused the ground to tremble.

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At the same time, the array that the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader carefully laid out for quite a while has finally been interrupted by this strong impact. Although the whole Stellar Accumulations haven’t dispersed, the most critical part, the main Stellar Accumulations, weren’t able to circulate the spiritual energy anymore, which completely derailed almost half of his painstaking effort!

Wang Lu cheerfully asked, “Quite an exciting play, isn’t it?”

Play your mother!

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader was ashamed and resentful, thinking that what was so exciting about this!? Although the array has yet to complete, the Stellar Accumulations were enough. Whether he turned it into the Seven Stars Sword, or kept using the Seven Stars Atlas, at least, unlike when he exhausted the Stellar Accumulations prior to this, he would still be able to display the limit of what a low-level Xudan Stage cultivator could accomplish. As such, a Qi Cultivating Stage cultivator would find it impossible to resist him!

Even if the opponent detonated ten spirit wells, which would damage the Feng Shui lines and cause a tsunami, it would still not be able to save him!

“Stellar Lock!”

Sect Leader reached out to pluck one of the Stellar Accumulations in that resplendent galaxy and turned it into a silver chain that wound towards his opponent. Seeing this, Wang Lu laughed, spat out the Sword of Mount Kun, which stretched out, and held it forward before him. Then, that silver chain was forced to stop before it hit him.

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader was inwardly amazed; a Qi Cultivating Stage opponent actually has the skill to block his Stellar Lock? He added a bit more strength to his hand, forcing the chain to move forward.

Wang Lu didn’t try to resist too hard; he lightly pulled back the Sword of Mount Kun, letting the chain to approach. However, when the chain was about three inches from the sword, the Stellar Lock was once again blocked by an invisible force.

On the other end of the chain, the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader felt a slight tingling on the palm that held the chain, as if countless of thorns pricked it. When he added more strength, the tingling sensation suddenly doubled, quadrupled, and so on, until he felt that his palm was almost split.

Wang Lu still held that Sword of Mount Kun; his whole body’s aura gradually combined with that of the Sword of Mount Kun. This was the Sword Bone Unsheathed Skill, which was separated from Sword Bone Scabbard because of the huge pressure from the spiritual energy tide three months ago. Three months later, he was even more adept with this Sword Bone Unsheathed Skill. Moreover, with the Sword of Mount Kun in hand, he could even temporary resist an attack from a Xudan Stage cultivator.

The unexpected pain did indeed make the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader a bit late to react. But at this time, Wang Lu held out the Sword of Mount Kun forward and slowly moved forward, puncturing the tip of the chain.

A loud snapping sound echoed; the Stellar Lock clashed with the Sword of Mount Kun’s spiritual energy of earth element, and immediately after, the Stellar Lock fell down, unable to be controlled again.

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader was truly taken aback this time; besides protecting Wang Lu’s body, just the sword’s spiritual energy of earth element alone was able to neutralize the Stellar Lock, even though Wang Lu previously showed that his cultivation stage was just at the Qi Cultivating Stage; it was like he suddenly had the power of a high-level Foundation Establishment! Coupled with the exquisitely outstanding Immortal Cultivation Sword Art, he was able to block the attack from a Xudan Stage cultivator.

Of course, the other side wasn’t really a high-level Foundation Establishment cultivator, but rather a cultivator who used the array to gather the spiritual energy along the Feng Shui lines into his body to enhance his cultivation stage by force. However, enhancing the Qi Cultivating Stage to high-level Foundation Establishment… this thing was simply unheard of. An excess of spiritual energy, in the body of a young cultivator, was extremely dangerous. The spiritual energy circulation would overload the body, and if someone was not a Foundation Establishment with an extremely enhanced body, then directly using the magical power from that excessive spiritual energy would instantly explode the body… This young cultivator’s cultivation was still shallow, yet his body was exceptionally tough; how much tough it was, however, was unknown.

But, the Stellar Lock was just the cheapest trick at the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader disposal—the true extent of the Xudan Stage cultivator was not limited to this. The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader took a deep breath, and all of a sudden, all of the Stellar Accumulations fell down like a waterfall. Covered by the brilliant light from those Stellar Accumulations, the Seven Stars Sword appeared in the Sect Leader’s hand. He immediately launched the first move, Sword Out, an in an instant, the Seven Stars Sword was about to stab Wang Lu in the chest.


Unsurprisingly, the thrust was blocked by Wang Lu’s Sword of Mount Kun. However, so what if the other could block it? Could a Qi Cultivating Stage cultivator contend against the power of a Xudan Stage?


Wang Lu involuntarily opened his mouth; just now, he was barely able to block the sword attack. Although he was prepared for it by gathering a massive amount of spiritual energy through the array, which instantly enhanced his cultivation to that of a Foundation Establishment, with just a simple strike from a Xudan Stage cultivator, he felt that all of his bones began to crack!

The gap was too great. Even though his cultivation was temporarily boosted, even though the Sword of Mount Kun was a whole lot better than the Seven Stars Sword, even though the Non-Phase Sword Art was exquisite, even though the Non-Phase Sword Bone defensive ability was the best in the world… facing an opponent with two cultivation stages higher, these were all just like floating clouds.

Moreover, with this sword attack, the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader finally managed to figure out the opponent’s actual situation. He sneered and once again swung the sword down. This time, Wang Lu struggled to resist; shocked, he vomited blood right on the spot.

On the third swing, Wang Lu once again vomited blood; he wasn’t even able to maintain his posture and began to stagger back.

Although the Sect Leader was stunned by the opponent’s tenacity—a Qi Cultivating Stage cultivator could block three consecutive sword strikes from a Xudan Stage cultivator—but on the other hand, he would never let go of the opponent. Wanting to use the next move as the final blow, he retrieved the Seven Stars Atlas, put all his power on the Seven Stars Sword, and then swung the sword down again.

But just then, a familiar voice rang from behind him.

“Tch, you really are slow. Aren’t you tired of playing?”

With a heavy blow, the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader was knocked unconscious.

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