Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 111: I Give You One Day, Think About It Carefully

Chapter 111: I Give You One Day, Think About It Carefully

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The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader once did practice the Heaven Burning Blood Technique.

It was a few years ago, when by chance, he got the practice method of the Heaven Burning Blood Technique through a merchant. For a Xudan Stage cultivator who had been stuck on the level nine for more than ten years, this, without a doubt, was a blessing from the heaven.

Trapped with incomplete core cultivation method, in theory, the highest the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader could reach was the peak Foundation Establishment Stage. However, one time, he accidentally consumed a top rank spirit fruit; in the twinkling of an eye, his magical power increased dramatically. Only in this chance coincidence that he had a breakthrough, reaching the Xudan Stage. However, the future path of cultivation was completely in the dark.

Like the blind men touching an elephant kind of cultivation, it was really difficult for him to go further based on his aptitude and perception. If only he could get that top rank spirit fruit again… Unfortunately, spirit fruit was difficult to find; encountering one in the past was already the accumulation of his luck from the past several generations...

Thus, only by the help of Heaven Burning Blood Technique, this technique of sacrificing lifespan in exchange for massive magical power, would he have an opportunity for a breakthrough.

However, when the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader had just sacrificed ten years of his lifespan, he found out that, although he gained a lot of magical power, it was still far from having a breakthrough. Purely relying on the magical power accumulation to push forward the cultivation stage, using the point of view of literature and art argument, its difficulty was far beyond the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader’s imagination. Wanting to breakthrough using the Heaven Burning Blood Technique, perhaps he needed to sacrifice more than one hundred years of his life! This was not a good bargain...

“Heaven Burning Blood Technique is never intended to be used by lazy oafs to take a shortcut. The devil cultivator who invented this technique only used this Heaven Burning Blood Technique as a last resort after trying everything. In fact, most people have a serious misunderstanding on how this technique work. They only saw what Heaven Burning Blood Technique could do on the surface: lifespan equal to cultivation—but they ignored the true meaning of this technique.”

“The true meaning?”

“When you look at the name, you can also see it. What the Heaven Burning Blood Technique burn is blood, not life. Heh, you want to ask what’s the difference? Very simple, when you coldly calculate that the lifespan was equal to the amount of magical power, what you burn is just your life. When you completely disregard the life element and purely focus on the Immortal Cultivation Path, in order to walk further and further, what you burn is blood, hot blood. To put in another perspective, the Heaven Burning Blood Technique requires a cultivator who has a fanatical obsession in Immortal Cultivation. On this point, whether it was those Thousand Spirit Sect believers in the White Moon Country who believed that they could oppress people below them with higher cultivation stage, or you, a Xudan Stage cultivator with uncertain future, all are far from that.”

Towards the history and characteristic of the Heaven Burning Blood Technique, the Sect Leader’s knowledge was far below Wang Lu, so he just quietly listened while pondering why Wang Lu must tell him these words.

“Because I think you ought to think about such a problem. Since I know the nature of this Heaven Burning Blood Technique, how can I misuse this technique like the Thousand Spirit Sect?”

While speaking, Wang Lu had arrived before the Wang Family Village school. From the inside came the undulating voice of the dirty old man He Yun. He was explaining cultivation method and some shallow basic skills. Yet, He Yun’s explanation was systematic, with appropriate detail, reflecting the very deep basic skills.

However, the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader knew that that old guy was, perhaps, just went by the book. The one who really could prepare this teaching material was exactly the youth before him, the Sect Leader of Wisdom Sect who only cultivated for less than three years… However, what was the point in letting him see this?

“Heh, why don’t you see it for yourself?” Then, Wang Lu opened the school door. Inside, dozens of villagers quietly sat, motionless like carved stones as they listened to the dirty old man’s lecture.

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader was stunned, but the bigger shock came soon after that.

From the eyes of these villagers, what he saw was fanaticism, which commensurate with their sitting rock posture, just like the lava that was burning deep underneath… That was the extreme longing and yearning for the Immortal Path!

After letting him see the inside for a while, Wang Lu then withdrew from the school, smiled and asked, “Do you understand now?”

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader rhetorically asked with sinking voice, “Why?”

Why would a group of doomed-to-miss-the-Immortality people have such a passion for the Immortal Path? This… was completely incomprehensible.

“Because of ideal.”

Wang Lu said, however, he didn’t hurry to explain what were those villagers’ ideal was, instead, he asked back, “Do you have ideal?”

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader was taken aback; he didn’t expect Wang Lu to ask such a question, so he didn’t know how best to answer that.

“You have cultivated for more than a hundred years and established the Seven Stars Sect, don’t you have a purpose? According to you, base on your cultivation, you could even join the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, then why are you still trapped inside the Seven Stars Sect? In your heart, don’t you have any ideas?”

Upon listening to Wang Lu’s remarks, the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader, for a time, had mixed feelings. Indeed, if not for his own ideals, he would’ve sought shelter from one of the big sects early on. After becoming an obedient running dog for another sect for a few years, naturally, there would be bones thrown to him, but...

Wang Lu didn’t let him wallow in emotion for too long as he smiled and said, “Presumably, for the sake of being free and so on. Rather than being a running dog in a sect, you rather go out and try to make it alone. That’s why the Seven Stars Sect could exist. Frankly speaking, your development is quite good; if you really took shelter in the other sects, with your qualification, you may not necessarily reach your current cultivation stage.”

“Heh.” The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader chuckled twice while inwardly acknowledging that the other party’s reasoning was sound.

“That’s why, having an ideal is a good thing. Because of ideal, you have a good cultivation, have your own force. Even if it can’t be compared to the brilliance of those great people in the Immortal Cultivation World, at least, it’s a lot better than a lifetime of obscurity, right? However, your ideal is nothing more than that.”

While they spoke, walking on the village road, a villager was passing through their side hurriedly. Wang Lu pulled him aside and asked straight to the point, “What are you cultivating for?”

Because Wang Lu didn’t show his Sect Leader appearance this time, the villager didn’t recognize him. Being suddenly pulled aside, he was surprised, but when he saw the one behind Wang Lu was Wen Bao, he immediately guessed that Wang Lu was one of the higher ups of the Wisdom Sect. After respectfully saluting him, that villager seriously replied, “For the world’s ascension!”

His powerful and resonating words were jaw dropping.

Wang Lu smiled and patted his shoulder. “A promising child.” He then let him go.

Turning his head, although the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader was amazed on the amount of conviction in that villager’s answer, he was still confused about one thing. “What’s the world’s ascension?”

Therefore, Wang Lu simply explained his million forerunners theory. Upon hearing this explanation, The Seven Stars Sect’s Leader was stunned. “You, you can even come up with this bullsh*t theory?” Then he sneered. “So, after all is said and done, the so-called ideal is just an artificially instilled scam.”

Wang Lu smiled and then asked, “It is indeed just a scam, but what’s wrong with it? If the Nine Regions could really have a million ascenders, it will not be a bad thing. To let this group of muddle-headed fools have a reliable ideal that they can passionately struggle for, this is simply the best.”

“What a graceful words, flowery speech! You arouse the zeal of illiterates with lies, and then use the Heaven Burning Blood Technique to burn this passion, and then…”

Speaking to this, the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader suddenly froze.

Wang Lu coldly continued the Sect Leader’s words, “And then I invested all I have in this group of illiterates, only then in three months the Wang Family Village can have this improvement. While we’re at it, my initial investment is not small. Until now, there are still some spirit stones that I haven’t received back… So, what are you accusing me of? Too selfless?”

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader was silent for a long time before he asked, “Why?”

Wang Lu asked back, “What do you think?”

“... These villagers will hate you if they find out the truth.”

Wang Lu burst out laughing. “What a joke, you yourself is a Xudan Stage cultivator, so you shouldn’t be so ignorant about cultivation, no? This Heaven Burning Blood Technique thing burn the natural lifespan, how could people who cultivate not able to perceive it? If you want, you can ask these villagers now to see if they know the truth!”

“For the sake of an illusory ideal, they don’t even want their life?”

“Hahaha, although the ideal can’t be realized, the change in the Wang Family Village is real, and their cultivation achievement is not false. Of course, it’s just a small step in the Immortal Path. However, the fact that they’re already set foot in the Immortal Path is enough to excite this group of ignorant people.”

Speaking to this, Wang Lu laughed again. “Speaking of which, I want to tell you something interesting. A couple of days ago, a gang of mountain thieves appeared near the Wang Family Village, wanting to steal some things. As a result, three Qi Cultivating Stage villagers, holding sickle and wooden sticks, strike down more than ten people; their sorry figures can only flee with tails tucked between their legs… It’s a very good uplifting scene.”

With that, Wang Lu turned around. “By now, you should’ve roughly understood the situation in the Wisdom Sect. Do you have a little change of mind?”

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader bitterly said, “You… want me to join Wisdom Sect?”

Wang Lu said, “That’s right, this time, it’s still a formal invitation. Despite the fact that this sect was established not too long ago, but as long one have eyes, one would be able to see the prospect for development of this Wisdom Sect.”

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader asked, “Why me? With your background, you can find a large number of excellent followers, even from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals…”

Wang Lu interrupted him, “I have no interest in cultivators from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. The current Wisdom Sect doesn’t need those pampered, eyes looking up, high-rank talents, but rather those whose eyes on the ground and feet rooted to the floor and come from the grassroots like your Seven Stars Sect. And among the grass root elites, you are rare; although your aptitude and perception are mediocre, to be able to reach the Xudan Stage and establish the Seven Stars Sect… you’re quite a character.”

Being commented by a Qi Cultivating Stage young cultivator as if he was the one with more experience, the Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“It’s not feasible to develop a sect by blindly relying on external force. Using tens of thousand, nay, hundreds of thousands of spirit stones to employ a group of arrogant cultivators and turn them into deference may seem infinitely beautiful, but when the sect practically exhaust nearly all of its spirit stones, then this sect would vanish like smoke in thin air. In contrast, your Seven Stars Sect, this group of sly old foxes who are experts in swimming through the mud in the Immortal Cultivation World, is more suitable for the early stage of the Wisdom Sect. As for your sect’s point of view, when all is said and done, whether you want to continue to be trapped in that barren hill that you call headquarters, or you want to start cultivating here, I believe it’s not a difficult choice.”

Speaking to this, Wang Lu’s voice turned cold. “Perhaps as the sect leader, you have the dilemma of choosing chicken head or phoenix tail, but it’s not going to be a problem for the other Seven Stars Sect’s people. Moreover, you have been a sect leader for long enough, so ask yourself, does your dream of the so-called freedom already in your grasp?”

The Seven Stars Sect’s Sect Leader was silent for a long time.

“Give me one day.”

“Okay, I gave you yesterday, now you can give me your answer.”


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