Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 116: Get Out of The Way, Let The Professional Handle It!

Chapter 116: Get Out of The Way, Let The Professional Handle It!

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“Oh, you’re in trouble again?”

Just as Wen Bao was madly shouting for help, Wang Lu’s voice instantly rang in his mind.

“Senior Brother!?”

“Don’t worry, it’s me… you idiot, have you forgotten about the Psychic Jade?”

“Um, well, that…”

“That’s the precious prop that I’ve bought with countless of spirit stones from the Mysterious Sky Mansion. It’s a valuable prop that can be used in an emergency for instant communication. At that time, I’ve personally implanted it in you, have you actually forgotten about it!?”

“This, I forgot but not really. But Senior Brother, you said that Psychic Jade is priceless, even if you sold it to me… that’s why I didn’t dare to use it.”

“Damn! How stupid exactly are you!? Forget it, we don’t have much time. I have received the emergency communication from Guo Hong and Yang Xiao; initially, I thought that your awakening type could handle it, but it seems like the situation has changed. Just tell me the details of the situation as quickly as you can, and then I’ll find ways to deal with it.”

Wang Lu’s voice was quick and urgent, which for the already frightened Wen Bao, gave him an unspeakable peace of mind instead.

As long as Senior Brother handled it, nothing could go wrong!

The conversation in his mind only happened in short period of time. After Wen Bao had described the cause and effect of the matter in simple and clear terms, on the other side, Wang Lu felt silent for a moment; he then said, “Right now ,the situation is really troublesome. That Qian Hu from the Mansion of Light is really a capable person; if I just tell you what to do through the Psychic Jade, it’s not going to work… but no matter, I’m going there.”

Wen Bao was taken aback. “Senior Brother, you want to come here!? Where are you?”

“Wang Family Village, where else could I be?”

“T-Thenn I’m afraid it’s going to be too late…”

“Nonsense, of course, it’s going to be late if I personally go there. But, there’s no need for that. In a moment, you just need to put your Primordial Spirit inside the Psychic Jade, and I’ll take over from there.”

Wen Bao froze for a moment as his mind tried to recall the details of the Psychic Jade: it was a middle-rank spirit object worth several thousands of spirit stones. In addition to an emergency situation where it could transfer the thought from the Primordial Spirit, its biggest use was taking over the control of the body through Primordial Spirit! Since Wen Bao’s body had been implanted with the Psychic Jade, Wang Lu could directly control his voice and movements like controlling a puppet. However, it was limited to the strength of the Primordial Spirit. Wang Lu wouldn’t be able to do movements that were too complex; at most, he could only speak and wave Wen Bao’s hands.

“Senior Brother… are you sure?”

Wang Lu sneered. “To deal with this group of trash, I only need to talk to them. Okay, you can withdraw, let the professional handle the rest.”

With that, Wen Bao felt that his Primordial Spirit trembled and was then sucked into the Psychic Jade. Although he still had connections with his body, he could only listen and look; he couldn’t talk and couldn’t move. Wang Lu dominantly controlled his body.

“Senior Brother, what’s next?” Wen Bao’s voice was filled with tension. Originally, the awakening type Wen Bao had completely controlled the situation, but behold, the Mansion of Light’s Qian Hu’s appearance actually forced him to a dead end… Sure enough, it was just like what his Senior Brother said: behind each and every awakening type, there would be a local tyrant holding a broadsword ready to snuff it out. Although he couldn’t understand its meaning, it probably roughly meant that fortune and disaster depended on each other.

However, during this delay, the situation in the main hall in the Mansion of Light had also changed. When that woman Qian Hu exposed Wen Bao’s identity, it completely took both Yue Xinyao and Zhu Qin by surprise. While Zhu Qin remained silent without saying anything, Yue Xinyao couldn’t hold back. “Senior Brother Wen Bao, why… are you in collusion with the people of the Wisdom Sect?”

As for that Mansion of Light’s Qian Hu, after triggering the play, she lightly smiled, silently withdrew several steps, and then entered the watching-the-play-to-unfold mode.

“Senior Brother Wen Bao, although I don’t know much about this Wisdom Sect, that sect is clearly not a proper sect, you’ve… probably been deceived by them.”

Junior Sister Yue has a gentle character; she never liked to think negative things about people, and even more, she didn’t like to resort to scold or shout at people. At this time, it was clear that, in her mind, Wisdom Sect was in no way just simply “not a proper sect”. If it were so, she wouldn’t have wasted her valuable experiential learning time to rush to the Great Ming Country.

All of a sudden, Wen Bao suddenly felt extremely clear headed, which was why he was able to think this many… Perhaps because Wang Lu was using the Psychic Jade to remote-control him this time, so that Wen Bao could share his professional adventurer thinking ability. However, the more he thought about it, the more he thought that things were actually trickier. As the head of the Infrastructure Department, Wen Bao, of course, knew about the world’s prejudice towards the Wisdom Sect! Despite the Heaven Burning Blood Technique had been gradually used less and less, and its extensive used had also been slightly modified, in many people’s eyes, Wisdom Sect was nothing sort of a cult! Moreover, it was a cult with a swift and fierce development momentum—a particularly harmful cult!

Then… could one explain the objective and ideal of the sect to Junior Sister Yue earnestly? How could one explain his status as one of the Elders in the sect? Should Senior Brother’s and Sister Ling’s status within the sect be concealed?

While Wen Bao was feeling this big headache, Wang Lu, or rather Wen Bao, who was controlled by Wang Lu, opened his mouth.

“Junior Sister Yue, actually, I joined the Wisdom Sect because of you.”


Wen Bao almost passed out in that instant! And upon hearing that remark, Yue Xinyao also could only gawked. “Huh!?”

Then, Wen Bao, under Wang Lu’s control, put on an especially leisure smile and said, “Since all have been exposed, I had no choice but to confess. Yes, I did join the Wisdom Sect. Moreover, my position there is not low, I’m one of the Elders.”

Yua Xinyao cocked her head, trying hard to understand. “...Why?”

Wang Lu said in a heavy voice. “Because of you.”

“Me?” Confusion and surprise flashed through the girl’s eyes. “But, what does this have anything to do with me?”

“Because I like you.”


Wen Bao finally couldn’t stand the emotional ups and down and completely passed out.

Wang Lu said with a smile, “Because I like you, so I want to be a man worthy of you. Although my father is the teacher of the state, his power and influence are meaningless in the eyes of cultivators. But you, Junior Sister Yue, came from a noble Immortal Cultivator family; compared to you, I’m just an insignificant pauper. If I don’t work hard, how can I be worthy of you?”

Being sincerely gazed at by the other party, Yue Xinyao’s face turned crimson; the move was too excessive that it rendered her speechless.

At this time, Zhu Qin, who had been silent for all this time, slowly said, “Junior Brother Wen, your explanation is a bit far-fetched. If you really must strive hard, why can’t you strive hard in our sect? Why do you have to be in cahoots with those cult people?”

Wang Lu chuckled. “If solely practicing in the mountain is everything, then why did the Elders arrange for this one year of experiential learning? Since this is an experiential learning, if everybody is like you, Crown Prince Zhu, with throngs of retinue following on the front and behind all year round, is there any different than cultivating in the mountain? It’s nothing more than seeing more people, and more things, like an ordinary passerby. I remember at that time when Fifth Elder ridiculed Daoist Master Zhifeng, we were all listening from the side; have you already forgotten about the Elder’s teaching?”

Being countered by Wang Lu, Zhu Qin was momentarily speechless; but after a moment, he sneered. “Even if you want to experience the Immortal Cultivation World in the Nine Regions, you don’t have to throw yourself in the bog!”

Wang Lu lightly laughed. “Have Junior Brother Zhu Qin never heard of the phrase ‘to grow out of the mud unsullied?’ Looks like your intelligence is not enough.”

“You motherf…” Zhu Qin almost lost control of himself! You have the nerve to say this thing to me!?

After Yue Xinyao and Zhu Qin had been, one by one, rendered speechless, unsurprisingly, that cold female voice rang through his ears. “Oh? So, according to your argument, you joined the Wisdom Sect because you want to cultivate?”

Wang Lu inwardly sneered, thinking, “I’m just waiting for you to say this! Ha! Although you can force the awakening type Wen Bao into a dead end, which shows that there’s indeed a capable person in this place, what a pity...”

“A pity that you’ve encountered a professional!”

“Not because of cultivation, but because of liking other people,” Wang Lu said, casually denying Qian Hu’s assumption.

Qian Hu sneered. “Because of your own affair, therefore, you…”

However, before she could finish her sentence, Wang Lu abruptly interrupted her. “Therefore, it’s not only for Junior Sister Yue but also for you.”

Qian Hu’s long argument was immediately choked in her throat. “...me?”

Wang Lu leisurely said, “Yeah, because I like you.”


Wen Bao who had just regained his consciousness was thoroughly screwed.

Meanwhile, the hall had fallen into a deadly silent.

“You, you…” Qian Hu’s voice was rough and dry. Her initial plan was abruptly cut off by Wang Lu’s remark, which completely threw her off balance.

If the other side was just any other person, she could just utter a sneer and say, “What a load of crap!” Then she would promptly execute him on the spot. However, the other side was clearly the fellow martial brother of the Crown Prince. Moreover, he wasn’t a commoner either, which made her rather afraid.

Striking while he was still ahead, Wang Lu laughed. “I like you, that’s why I joined the Wisdom Sect. While struggling diligently to become a man worthy of Junior Sister Yue, I also want to do things for you to the best of my ability.”

“Y-You joined the Wisdom Sect, also because of me!?”

“Yeah.” Wang Lu went silent for a moment, and then said, “Li Nana, ancestral home in Golden Yue Country, Southern Heaven Region. Your parents moved here, and your father was entrusted by the Great Ming Country’s Imperial Court to be the head of the Mansion of Light. When your father died, you inherited his official position. However, because you’re limited by your age, and also because of lacking in means of doing things, the people who works in the Mansion of Light were discontent, and the court’s support was not as robust as before. Thus, the institution’s power and influence began to decline, unable to reach its former glory… am I right?”

Li Nana was somewhat surprised, but she soon realized that this information was not a secret, so it was normal if the other side could find it.

Actually, at this time, thousands of miles away at Wang Family Village, Wang Lu indeed had just gotten the information from Ye Chuchen; he had said that information while he read it!

“Your qualification is very good, and your parents have also taught you a great method. Now in your young age, you’ve already reached the Foundation Establishment Stage, faster than many disciples from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Moreover, you’ve been taught the ways of the world since you’re still very young, and you’re also much more intelligent than the average cultivators. But even so, your hands and feet are actually tied in this Mansion of Light that even the rapid development of our Wisdom Sect you’re nearly powerless to prevent, and almost couldn’t detect. Of course, it’s not because you’re incompetent, but because this deformed institution is already decayed… that’s why I want to help you.”


“What is the most lacking in the Mansion of Light right now? It’s manpower. If you have this, you can set up massive amount of branches throughout the country; you also need plenty of grassroots worker, just like the country’s official system. However, because of too many reasons, these several years, the Mansion of Light was practically just a mere figurehead, like a pavilion in the air that lacks the connection to the ground. However, it just so happens that our Wisdom Sect is built on the ground, with grassroots support and unparalleled influence all across the country; the information that you have found about us is but a bit of loose sand that leaked from the crevices of our fingers… Of course, if we really want to change the sky, we have neither the ability nor the need. However, actually, I think the Mansion of Light and Wisdom Sect should establish a cooperative relationship, each takes what he needs, using other’s strength to make up for one’s weak points. You need the basic manpower from the Wisdom Sect to carry out your power, and we need the upper echelons power of the Mansion of Light, at the very least, we need a status. If only by virtue of interests alone, the cooperation between the two organizations is not stable enough, then if we add the emotional factor, wouldn’t it be very good?”

“This…” Li Nana’s delicate eyebrows furrowed, her arms crossed, deep in thought; apparently, she was moved by these words.


At this time, Zhu Qin spoke against that notion, “Are you kidding me? You expect the Great Ming Country’s Mansion of Light to collude with you cult!?”

“Cult?” Wang Lu threw another sneer. “Besides me, have you ever seen any other member of Wisdom Sect? Your knowledge of this sect is limited to the filtered and modified information from other people, yet you boldly assert that it’s not worth cooperating with a cult, even in spite of our relationship as fellow martial brothers of the same sect!? Junior Brother Zhu Qin, is this your eight months of experiential learning cultivation achievement? Ridiculous, truly ridiculous!”


“As early as thousands of years ago, Great Ancestors De Sheng have already said that, without investigation, no one has the right to judge. I can’t believe that until today, you have yet to learn from experience… You want to know whether Wisdom Sect is a cult or not? It’s very easy, just come with me and experience the life in the Wisdom Sect, investigate it in deep, and then think about it and make a conclusion.”


“What do you think, Junior Sister Yue? This invitation is also for you. Just consider this as a rare experience.”

Zhu Qin felt silent for a long time before he roared, “Absurd! This is absolutely absurd! You…”

Before he finished his words, however, he heard the cold female voice beside him. “Okay. I do have some interest in your so-called cooperation.”

Zhu Qin felt that his eyes socket couldn’t hold back his eyes!

“Senior Qian Hu, y-you need to consider this clearly!”

However, Li Nana no longer cared for him.

Zhu Qin had to turn his head to seek another person for help. “Junior Sister, you…”

But behold, Yue Xinyao gently smiled as she said, “I think what Senior Brother said is right. Without investigating it, no one has the right to judge.”

“What the! You’re not serious, aren’t you!? He’ll kill you!”

Yue Xinyao seriously shook her head and, with her clear and gentle eyes, looked across from her. “No, I don’t think so. He said he likes me.”

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