Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 117: What to Do If People See Through the Scam?

Chapter 117: What to Do If People See Through the Scam?

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When Wen Bao regained his consciousness, he thought that the Age of Chaos had arrived.

Confessing to Yue Xinyao and Li Nana at the same time… Senior Brother, you sure as hell won’t stop until I die! Initially, he thought that he could hide in heaven with that emergency call, but what happened was that, his Senior Brother came and kicked him to hell!

Alas, would he be boiled by Junior Sister Yue, or roasted by Li Nana? Junior Sister Yue was gentle and kind, at most, she would just break ties with him. However, that Qian Hu of Mansion of Light looked like a man-eating, violent woman; moreover, her cultivation was not low. Thus, it was highly likely that she would serve him big punishment, unable to live but also unable to die...

“Idiot, wake up!”

Wang Lu’s voice promptly called Wen Bao’s soul back. “I’ve already put this crisis temporarily under control, but it’s still far from over. Now that the Psychic Jade time limit is rapidly coming, you must stabilize the situation while I’m going over there in full speed; expect me to arrive after a day!”

“After a day? That’s too long, Senior Brother! I can barely hold myself straight in front of that Qian Hu in a quarter of an hour!”

“Really? Then I’m going to arrive a bit later, perhaps, I’ll bring you a wreath.”

Wen Bao was left speechless. “... But, Senior Brother, with the current situation, do you really want to officially appear?”

“Don’t say stupid things, if my identity is exposed, then our endeavor is tantamount to a naught… So, remember, even if other people began to doubt, you could never admit that you and I have any relationship here. Tell them I didn’t come to the Great Ming Country, but rather I went to the Azure Billow Country for a vacation, understand!?”

“What? Azure Billow Country!?”

“Yes, you, the son of the teacher of the state has secretly arranged seventy-two virgins for my pleasure… In any case, I have nothing to do with the Wisdom Sect! Even if someone takes out a flying sword and point it at your d*ck, you can never admit it!”


Before Wen Bao could question about the details, Wang Lu’s voice has disappeared, and the Psychic Jade had turned bleak and completely lost its usefulness.

When his consciousness completely recovered, Wen Bao found himself still sitting in the Mansion of Light’s main hall. Li Nana, Yue Xinyao, and Zhu Qin, each of them lost in their own thoughts.

After a moment, Li Nana was the first to break the silence. “Tomorrow, at this time, still at this place, let’s talk more about that cooperation thing. Please carefully prepare the materials, this is not a trivial matter.”

With that, Senior Qian Hu turned around and returned to the back of the hall. To Wen Bao’s great relief, she never once mentioned the topic about his confession.

Thus, the only people remained in the hall were the three Spirit Sword Sect’s disciples. After another long silent, Zhu Qin sighed and was about to speak, however, Yue Xinyao was actually one step ahead of him. “Senior Brother Zhu Qin… I want to speak to Senior Brother Wen Bao alone, can I?”

Zhu Qin felt as if his chest was pressured with a heavy stone, making him unable to breathe.

Regarding Yue Xinyao, this gentle and kind Junior Sister, if he said he wasn’t moved by her, it was undoubtedly a lie… On the Spirit Sword Mountain, there were many female disciples, moreover, their qualities were also high. However, only a few that caught his attention. Of course, to say that his feelings for her were strong might be a bit too much. It was just that, it was hard for him to accept that the little bit of good relationship that they had was abruptly taken over by the dead fatty, as if he had swallowed a plate of raw houseflies.

While he was hesitating, Yue Xinyao urged him again. “Senior Brother Zhu Qin, I’m really sorry…”

Zhu Qin reluctantly smiled and said, “It’s nothing, I’ll go sit at the back. You two can talk here.”

After leaving the hall, this level seven Qi Cultivating Stage cultivator, with solid body-refining stage, and unusually strong body, actually staggered several steps and nearly fell!


“Em, now it’s just the two of us, Senior Brother.”

Being gazed at by Yue Xinyao’s gentle and sweet smile, Wen Bao felt as if his Primordial Spirit began to disperse. Although the previous Junior Sister Yue was very good to him, she never showed him this amazing gentleness.

He thought, “Senior Brother, you really are my good leader, my good senior brother! For such a gentle as clear water eyes, even if I have to die right now, I am willing!”

However, the next moment, Yue Xinyao’s follow up words pulled Wen Bao directly from the heaven. “It’s Senior Brother Wang Lu, right?”

“... Huh?”

“The one who talked just now was Senior Brother Wang Lu, right?”

“Hahaha, Junior Sister, you really are…” Wen Bao’s first reaction was to deny. After all, it was as if Wang Lu’s warning still lingered in his ear: Remember, even if other people began to doubt, you could never admit that you and I have any relationship here!

However, Wen Bao had to admit; under Junior Sister Yue’s gaze, it was difficult for him to lie! The only thing that he could do was to remain silent.

Seeing that Wen Bao had turned silent, Yue Xinyao knew that her guess was correct; she couldn’t help but smile. “Senior Brother Wen, just now, the way you spoke was really unlike you at all.”

Wen Bao was disheartened, thinking, “Yeah, how could a mere Wen Bao, even in the awakening type, be compared to even a finger of Senior Brother Wang Lu? He just took over my body and spoke through my mouth to help me from my perilous situation!

Acutely aware of Wen Bao’s mood, Yue Xinyao hurriedly explained, “Senior Brother Wen Bao, I just want to say that you’re not one who could say those assertive statements; compared to Senior Brother Wang Lu, you’re more gentle and simpler… These are not shortcomings, but just characteristics of a person. It’s like the people in the Nine Regions have black hair and black eyes, while in the Western Continent, there are many blond people, no one is better than the other…”

Upon hearing this, Wen Bao couldn’t help but smile; his heart was gently comforted by Junior Sister Yue!

“Since those words are Senior Brother Wang Lu’s… then the Wisdom Sect should be his creation. Well, if it’s him, then it isn’t strange at all. Senior Brother Wang Lu has always been very good at doing this kind of thing. At the Immortal Gathering, although I’m just an Outer Court Disciple, later on, Master explained to us regarding the matter in the Peach Blossom Village and other checkpoints. It is said that only he can unearth the hidden quest in the Peach Blossom Village, he’s that amazing.”

Wen Bao forced out a smile and nodded.

“Of course, you’re also amazing Senior Brother Wen Bao. You’re able to follow Senior Brother Wang Lu all throughout the experiential learning… if it were me, I would’ve long been thrown off the team.” Yue Xinyao shook her head with some dismay. “However, in any case, since the Wisdom Sect is Senior Brother Wang Lu’s own creation, then I can rest assured, those rumors… are probably wrong. Please pass over my words to him, tell him, I believe him. So, there’s no need to investigate anymore, it’s just going to give you guys trouble. In any case, the ninth month of the experiential learning is coming soon, so I’ll be ready to go back to the mountain in several days. At worst, at the Spirit Creek Town, I’ll just spend my time cultivating and consolidating my gain in exploring the ancient tomb.”

“... What?” Wen Bao froze for a moment and then immediately responded, “Junior Sister, you can’t!”

Yue Xinyao slightly widened her eyes. “I can’t?”

Wen Bao was inwardly panicked. He knew that he had said the wrong words. However, if he let Junior Sister Yue return to the mountain, in case the situation regarding the Wisdom Sect were to be known by the Elders there, especially the Disciplinary Elder… Elder Fang He definitely wouldn’t speak as good as Junior Sister Yue! Even more terrifying was that, regardless of how Wang Lu dealt with the wrath of the Disciplinary Elder, he, Wen Bao, as the chief culprit who leaked the news, would most certainly die.

What should he do now then? What should he do…!?

Don’t panic… yes, don’t panic, I’m the awakening type Wen Bao, awakening type Wen Bao!

“Junior Sister, I think… instead of leaving so early, it would be better if you take a look at Wisdom Sect. This sect is very interesting, and I have received a lot of benefit in these few months of experiential learning.”

Yue Xinyao still has some hesitation. “But, wouldn’t… Senior Brother Wang Lu dislike me because I would just be a hindrance there?”

Wen Bao hurriedly said, “You see, even someone as clumsy as me…”

Before he could continue the rest of his words, he anxiously jerked his hand to cover his mouth. While inwardly, he berated himself, wishing that he could remove his mouth. He thought, “You big fool! How could you easily spill the bean! That’s basically admitting the existence of Senior Brother Wang Lu here!”

“Senior Brother Wang Lu specifically said that even if the other party has begun to doubt, in no way you can admit it!”

Sure enough, Junior Sister Yue’s eyes were flashed with a glimmer of self-satisfaction. “If Senior Brother Wang Lu won’t ignore me, then that’s good. Later on, I need to rely on you, Senior Brother Wen Bao!”

Wen Bao wanted to cry but have no tears. He thought, “Junior Sister Yue, why do you have to be so gentle and kind, can’t you be bad a bit! I, this fool, don’t have the skill to cope with you!”


“What should we do with Senior Brother Zhu Qin?”

When Wen Bao was about to leave the Mansion of Light with Yue Xinyao, she somewhat worriedly asked.

“Senior Brother Zhu Qin?”

Yue Xinyao nodded and said, “I think Senior Brother Wang Lu doesn’t want the news about Wisdom Sect to reach our sect right?”


“Uh, Senior Brother Wang Lu and his Master are very much alike, they would often do and say unexpected things, but not all the Sect’s Elders are used to that. Therefore… I guess he might not want people to know about this Wisdom Sect thing. However, Senior Brother Zhu Qin should also quickly guess correctly that Senior Brother Wang Lu might have relations with the Wisdom Sect. And Senior Brother Zhu Qin… is more concerned about the rules of the sect, so he may immediately send a letter to the sect to report about the situation. That’s why I want to ask, what should we do?”

Wen Bao went silent for a while; he felt a splitting headache, thinking, “I’m just the department head of the infrastructure department, someone who is only good at moving bricks, moving bricks, and moving bricks. Right now, I’m just temporarily acting as a grandson; this kind of needing-to-use-the-brain thing is really not suitable for me!”

Yue Xinyao said with a smile, “Then, should we contact Senior Brother Wang Lu?”

Wen Bao helplessly buried his face in his hands. “I, I have made a mistake…”


One day later, Wang Lu arrived right on time.

In the inn where Wen Bao stayed, Wang Lu cordially met with Junior Sister Yue Xinyao.

“Junior Sister, welcome to Wisdom Sect.”

Wang Lu’s straightforwardness caught Yue Xinyao by surprise, which threw the young girl into confusion. She never thought Senior Brother Wang Lu would be this straightforward, shouldn’t his identity be highly confidential?

“Senior Brother, I…”

“Trust me, regardless of what you heard before, when you have experienced my sect, you will find that Wisdom Sect will not disappoint you.”

With that, Wang Lu suddenly changed the subject. “Wen Bao?”

Wen Bao was inwardly fearful and apprehensive. “Senior Brother?”

“I remember your meeting with that Qian Hu will soon arrive, yes? Why are you still here then? No matter what, she’s the leader of the Mansion, does she have to wait for a mere head of department like you?”


“Rest assured, this level of negotiation is not going to end in just one or two days. Today, at most, you two would explore the background of the Wisdom Sect and the Mansion of Light, just tell her some things about the Wisdom Sect according to your knowledge, and that’s it. Remember to say positive things about the Wisdom Sect, and it doesn’t matter if you exaggerate it a bit. As for the intrigues and the likes, we’ll talk about it latter.”

Wen Bao asked, “What if she asks me questions that I don’t understand, or perhaps indirectly ask about the sect’s secret?”

“Do I need to teach you how to respond to this? Just show her a meaningful smile without saying anything, and that’s that!”

“What the…”

“Enough, that’s it for the tutorial for dummies. Now go and take care of that Qian Hu. Junior Sister Yue and I will take care that Zhu Qin. Time’s being wasted, go on!”

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