Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 118: I Heard You Are Going to Snitch?

Chapter 118: I Heard You Are Going to Snitch?

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Putting on a long face, Wen Bao, with his two assistants, went to find that Qian Hu. At the same time, Wang Lu and Yue Xinyao also departed from the inn to look for Zhu Qin to give him trouble.

“Senior Brother Wang Lu, I…”

On the road, Yue Xinyao wanted to explain something, but Wang Lu immediately held out his hand to interrupt her. “Don’t apologize, I’m glad that I’m not too late in having Junior Sister Yue’s help.”

Yue Xinyao froze for a moment before a smile unconsciously appeared on her face.

Senior Brother Wang Lu was indeed Senior Brother Wang Lu, without her opening her mouth, he already knew what she wanted to say; he even took one step ahead to comfort her.

Compared to when they were still on the mountain, the current Wang Lu appeared leaner but also more mature. If this was one year ago, it was difficult to imagine that he would be able to say such a remark. That kind of Wang Lu was undoubtedly...

“Senior Brother, later on, what should we tell Senior Brother Zhu Qin? I’m afraid… nothing good would come out.”

Wang Lu said, “I know, that’s why this time, I have to personally do it. Otherwise, I only need to send Wen Bao. That dead fatty can’t stand long in front of a woman because he would turn soft, but in front of men, he still can have some use.”

Thinking about yesterday in Mansion of Light, when awakening type Wen Bao successfully suppressed Crown Prince Zhu Qin’s arrogance, Yue Xinyao could not help but cover her mouth to laugh. “Senior Brother Wen Bao’s progress in the last eight months is really fast; you guide him really well, Senior Brother.”

Wang Lu proudly patted his chest. “Revolutionary troops can truly toughen people up.”

“What troops?”

“It’s nothing… oh, we’ve arrived.”

While speaking, the two people had arrived at Zhu Qin’s residence—naturally, it was the Great Ming Country’s Imperial Palace.

Since it was the country’s Imperial Palace, its security was far tighter than that of Mansion of Light. Boldly guarding on both sides of the entrance were two rows of dozens of guards. They were not mere mortals either: each of them has reached the Foundation Establishment Stage. On their bodies were standard armors and lances; all of them were middle-rank magical tools, with quite considerable value.

Yue Xinyao couldn’t help but sigh. “In the Blue River Region, Great Ming Country is just a middle-rank country, yet their Imperial Palace is so imposing like this. I’m not surprised if there’s actually a Jindan Stage Daoist Master who oversee inside the Imperial Palace.”

Wang Lu, however, was not impressed. “They’re probably nothing more than paid guards from the Mysterious Sky Mansion. Perhaps, they have a Jindan Stage inside, but that person’s actual ability is at most comparable to a Xudan.”

Yue Xinyao was somewhat puzzled. “How could this be?”

“In simple terms, the Great Ming Country’s Imperial Court doesn’t really have its own Immortal Cultivation power; this can also be seen from the Mansion of Light’s predicament. Therefore, when the Great Ming Country’s Imperial Court wants to use the strength of cultivators, it can only hire them. And since the business of the Mysterious Sky Mansion keeps improving, as long as they pay for it, they can hire a Jindan Stage goon.”

Yue Xinyao cocked her head to think. “Then that’s a good deal for the Great Ming Country. If training their own force is too difficult, renting from other people is not a bad idea.”

Wang Lu waved his hand to dismiss it. “For a tiny country like the Azure Billow Country, it is indeed better to rent than establish their own force. But the Great Ming Country is, after all, a middle-rank country, so they can’t be too unambitious. Take this Jindan Stage in the palace for example, if one day there’s a Jindan Stage cult member who goes on a rampage in the city, can you expect this hired Jindan Stage to give all that he have to fight off the evil Jindan? At most, that person would just throw in two or three moves and then flee, so in effect, it’s not that different than a Xudan Stage. Such a big country with tens of millions of citizens, yet there’s only one Jindan Stage to guard it all, do you think that’s enough?”

Yue Xinyao nodded. “I understand, thank you for pointing it out, Senior Brother.”

The two were chatting as they walked to the palace entrance, so naturally, their existence caught the guards’ eyes, and the guards became vigilant. However, the two people were obviously of extraordinary origins, and since they didn’t go into the forbidden area, they didn’t have enough reasons to chide the two.

However, the next moment, Wang Lu, with one hand, cast a wisp of flame and sent it to air before it then burst. This caused them to feel embarrassed because according to the rules, spell casting was forbidden in the vicinity of the Imperial Palace, and violators...

Fortunately, before they had to deal with the violators, a person quickly came out of the palace to meet the two uninvited guests.

On Zhu Qin’s face hung the as-expected and triumphant smug smile; his footsteps were increasingly faster as if he was impatient.

Yesterday, after the frightening and astonishing performance from the awakening type Wen Bao, back in the Imperial Palace, Zhu Qin was sleepless. Finally, in his sleepless state, he had a flash of insight and correctly guessed the clue. He didn’t have Yue Xinyao’s keen intuition, nor did he know the existence of the Psychic Jade, but he knew that Wen Bao was essentially just a waste. Although Wen Bao has good potential, how many of it that Wen Bao himself could unearth it? While they were on the mountain, Wen Bao was a complete waste, and only thanks to Wang Lu’s help that his cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds. And right now, after going down the mountain for eight months, even his personality had changed… Wang Lu was clearly the person behind the scenes here.

Moreover, that Wisdom Sect was certainly the doing of Wang Lu. Last night, he got the information from the Imperial Secret Agent, reporting to him that solely based on the number of followers alone, which was well over one million, the Wisdom Sect was truly terrifying! He could not think of anyone—according to the intelligence of the Great Ming Country—that could silently develop such a huge force in just well over half a year. However, if he put Wang Lu in the equation, everything seemed to click. Actually, no matter how much Zhu Qin was unwilling to accept it, he had to acknowledge that, based on the ability, Wang Lu, this Successor Disciple, was far more able than him.

Currently, if he faced with Wen Bao, Zhu Qin could still feel a little sense of superiority. However, in front of Wang Lu, that was another story entirely. He and Wang Lu didn’t have any bitter hatred against each other. However, over the past several years, they had mutually argued or mocked each other, so their relationship had never been harmonious either. Against Wang Lu in their first two years of cultivation, where Wang Lu was nothing more than the best student, Zhu Qin could still hold his ground. However, since the experiential learning at the Small Clear Sky Peak, Zhu Qin would always somewhat tremble in fear every time they met.

However, this time was different. Once he was sure that Wang Lu definitely has connections to the Wisdom Sect, Zhu Qin quickly realized that he had caught Wang Lu in the act. Even if the Spirit Sword Sect always had a relaxed rule against a Successor Disciple, the Disciplinary Elder would never allow any disciple to privately develop a cult organization with over a million followers! This thing was definitely Wang Lu’s idea; he, like the Non-Phase Peak’s Fifth Elder, had always been proud of their lawlessness. However, after all, he was not the Fifth Elder, moreover, even Fifth Elder would often find herself in trouble by breaking the sect’s rules, what qualification then for Wang Lu to escape the sect’s punishment?

Of course, Zhu Qin had no substantial evidence at hand to prove that Wang Lu was the leader of the Wisdom Sect. In fact, even with the Great Ming Country’s Imperial Secret Agents’ all out effort, they could only infiltrate the middle management of the Wisdom Sect. The origin of the Wisdom Sect’s enigmatic leader was still unknown to them. However, Zhu Qin didn’t need to prove that much; just by sending a report letter back to the sect, there would definitely be elders sent downhill to investigate.

Therefore, upon seeing Wang Lu as he stepped out of the Imperial Palace, Zhu Qin’s heart was overflowed with joy, thinking that he finally could have this day where he held all the initiatives. “Ha! He’s probably going to ask me to keep secret and not send the report to Elders? Properly speaking, as a fellow disciple, I shouldn’t hit a person when he is down, but who let me be a model disciple who always adheres to the rules? Hahaha!”

“Hehehe, Senior Brother Wang Lu, I knew it was you. It just so happened that I’m looking for you too.”

Wang Lu stopped and smiled. “By all means, Junior Brother.”

Zhu Qin coughed, and then pretentiously said, “It’s like this. I heard that in recent months, there’s an emerging cult in the Great Ming Country with an extremely fast development speed. In just more than half a year, it already has more than a million of followers…”

Wang Lu interrupted, “Wisdom Sect, right? I’ve also heard of it.”

“Yes, it’s the Wisdom Sect.” Zhu Qin gritted his teeth. Looking at Wang Lu’s calm and composed face, he inwardly exclaimed, “Oh boy, you really know how to pretend!”

“So what about this Wisdom Sect? Do you have something to say to me?” Wang Lu looked at Zhu Qin earnestly and curiously as if he had nothing to do with the Wisdom Sect.

Zhu Qin sneered. “It’s like this, I don’t know what happened, but Junior Brother Wen Bao had actually run into that cult and become its Elder… I think that since you always have a good relationship with him, perhaps, you know something about it.”

Wang Lu raised his eyebrows and stopped smiling. “That dead fatty is not my illegitimate son, whatever place he wants to go to be an Elder, what does it have anything to do with me? Perhaps he was bored being the underdog on the mountain, so after descending the mountain, he wanted to experience the thrill of becoming a leader.”

Zhu Qin tightly stared at Wang Lu. “So, in other words, Senior Brother Wang Lu knows nothing about this?”

Wang Lu spread out his hands but didn’t say anything.

This indifferent posture made Zhu Qin particularly annoyed. Originally, he had planned to provoke Wang Lu, but now, it seemed like he was the one who was provoked instead! He thought, “Fine, I don’t want to play anymore, let’s get straight to the point!”

“I think there’s something strange about this, yet I can’t pinpoint it where exactly. For the safety of Wen Bao and to clear our Spirit Sword Sect’s reputation, I plan on writing a report letter to the Elders, requesting them to investigate this to the bottom of it.”

This remark was like a shot fired by Zhu Qin; his card has been turned, and now he just needed to see how Wang Lu was going to respond to that.

However, Wang Lu’s reaction was just chuckling. “Junior Brother, you want to give the Elders a report letter?”

“Yes, I want to ask the Elders to investigate this clearly, so that there would be no schemer who use the Spirit Sword Sect’s name to do all kinds of evil things.”

Zhu Qin triumphantly said. Just then, his peripheral vision caught Yue Xinyao, who stood next to Wang Lu, frowning.

He thought, “... Wait a minute, did I say something wrong?”

Unfortunately, before Zhu Qin could think it through, Wang Lu, once again chuckled and said with a smile, “Junior Brother Zhu Qin, so, you want to be a snitch then?”

Zhu Qin inwardly exclaimed, “Wait a minute, what does he mean by me being a snitch? There’s a thousand miles different from that word!”

However, before Zhu Qin could speak, Wang Lu then turned his head and, putting on an expression of “bemoaning the state of the universe”, he said, “Junior Sister Yue, Junior Brother Zhu Qin said he wants to be a snitch.”

Junior Sister Yue’s brows wrinkled even further.

Zhu Qin was so angry that he almost vomited blood, thinking, “What does this f*cking have to do with being a snitch!?”

“Senior Brother Wang Lu, I think you misunderstood, I’m not…”

Wang Lu completely ignored Zhu Qin and just looked at Junior Sister Yue; he then continued to sigh as if he felt pity toward someone for failing to meet expectations. “Junior Sister Yue, Junior Brother actually wants to rat on someone in front of a girl!”

Zhu Qin was immediately thrown into confusion. “What the…”

Wang Lu continued, “Doing bad things in front of a girl! Alas… what a shame!”

Zhu Qin inwardly exclaimed, “You’re the one who should be ashamed, your whole family should be ashamed!”

“Junior Sister Yue, I don’t remember any of our Elders ever taught us, disciples, to be a snitch, do you?” Wang Lu asked Junior Sister Yue once again.

Yue Xinyao gently shook her head.

“Junior Sister Yue, do you think this snitch behavior is something that someone should be proud of?”

Junior Sister Yue thought for a long time. “I think, it’s not good.”

“Yeah, a snitch deserve to be despised, right?”

“This… is indeed something that will arouse criticism from fellow disciples.”

“Then if your Martial Sisters know that someone is a snitch, do you think they would look down on him?”

“Em, probably?”

“Not only your Martial Sisters, even Elder Hua Yun, who was frank and generous, should also dislike someone who is a snitch, right?”

“Yes, Elder Hua is indeed like that.”

“Being disliked by Elder Hua Yun, could that person fare well in the Spirit Sword Sect?”

“Hehe, of course not.”

“If that person can’t even fare well in the Spirit Sword Sect, I am afraid, he won’t find his place even in a big organization like the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals… What a pity, I can’t, for the entire life of mine, imagine why do certain people want to be a snitch?”

While Wang Lu and Yue Xinyao happily echoed each other words, the nearby Zhu Qin nearly cried. He thought, “Damn you! This is really despicable! You’re simply twisting words and bending logic!” However, in front of Junior Sister Yue’s gentle gaze, he couldn’t just say such harsh words like, “So what? I am still going to report it!”

Instead, he just inwardly bemoaned, “Wang Lu, you’re too shameless! You actually use Junior Sister Yue as your weapon! Compared to being a snitch, y-you’re one hundred times more shameless!”

However, as the saying went, a person who didn’t care about face was invincible; knowing that he had no other choice, Zhu Qin had to bow down.

“Senior Brother, I understand, I will never report this to anyone. So, please don’t say it anymore…”

Wang Lu smiled from ear to ear. “It’s a deal!”

Then he turned around and said to Yue Xinyao, “Let’s call it a day!”

Watching the back of Wang Lu and Yue Xinyao as they walked further and further away, standing at the Imperial Palace entrance, Zhu Qin felt that he was blown away by the wind of desolation.

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