Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 119: Can You Still Keep Your Words?

Chapter 119: Can You Still Keep Your Words?

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After they had walked quite far away, Yue Xinyao finally couldn’t hold back her laughter anymore.

“Senior Brother, you’re so bad, how could you use such a rogue trick to deal with Senior Brother Zhu Qin?”

Just now when she heard Wang Lu’s funny performance, Yue Xinyao truly felt an admiration from the bottom of her heart. She also understood why Senior Brother Wang Lu wanted her to come with him to find Zhu Qin.

Senior Brother Wang Lu just wanted to use her to shut Zhu Qin’s mouth. Obviously, it was a twisted logic, yet owing to her present, it rendered Zhu Qin speechless. This confusing black from white skill could really force people against their will.

“Hehe, I also want to thank Junior Sister Yue for your performance, otherwise, it would’ve been really hard for me to act bashful in front of Zhu Qin, this idiot youngster.”

Yue Xinyao once again couldn’t hold back her laughter; and then she asked, “Will this work? Senior Brother, you’ve just directly appeared like this, wouldn’t it be too risky?”

Wang Lu sighed. “What else can I do? Besides me, who else can I rely on to suppress Zhu Qin? That awakening type Wen Bao? That fatty might be able to make Zhu Qin depressed, but only if I personally come forward will Zhu Qin freeze.”

“Mm.” Yue Xinyao nodded in acknowledgment. “But, Senior Brother Zhu Qin can’t be silenced forever, he definitely won’t accept that he was played by you.”

Wang Lu smiled. “Yeah, at least, several days later after he calms down a bit, he would definitely find reasons to convince himself and then secretly send a letter to the Elders to snitch about me. However, I also just need these several days.”

Junior Sister Yue blinked her beautiful eyes as she puzzledly looked at Wang Lu.

In Yue Xinyao’s view, Wang Lu’s problem couldn’t be solved in just a few days. With more than one million followers, once the Sect’s Elders received the report and descended the mountain to personally investigate it, Wang Lu, as the main culprit behind the scene, would inevitably be exposed. When that time comes, the sect would be strict in its punishment that even the Fifth Elder absolutely couldn’t shield him.

At this time, Yue Xinyao didn’t even consider the role that she just played and just felt worried for Wang Lu.

However, Wang Lu was still full of confidence. “Rest assured, Junior Sister, since it’s the professional adventurer who handles this matter, you just need to stay still and watch things unfold.”

“Really? Very well, then I’m looking forward to Senior Brother’s performance…”

“Hehe, don’t look forward to my performance, you should instead look for our fellow disciple Wen Bao; his role in this play is vital.”


While Wang Lu and Yue Xinyao were dealing with Zhu Qin, Wen Bao and his two assistants were at the Mansion of Light.

“Then, besides these trivial things, is there anything Elder Wen wish to add?”

In the main hall, Li Nana was seating at the main seat. With a cup of fragrant tea in hand, she lightly took a sip; her pose was elegant, yet it was difficult to mask the combination of patient and indifferent in her look.

Sitting next to Li Nana, the already dripping-in-cold-sweat-like-the-rain Wen Bao tremblingly fished out a handkerchief from his mustard seed bag, lightly wiped his sweat, and then squeezed out a seemingly meaningful smile, without saying a word.

Although the two assistants, who sat on the right side of Wen Bao, were quite active in the past, at this time, they shrank to their own chairs motionless, making the atmosphere even colder.

The three people were distressed because this Mansion of Light’s Senior Qian Hu’s aura was just too strong. Although her cultivation stage was just Foundation Establishment, and although she was just a tall but slightly thin young woman, however, her speech and manner exuded such boldness and assertiveness that was not in the least bit lesser than men, which caused the other three men to feel ashamed of their lacking.

After wiping the cold sweat on his forehead, the smile on his face gradually stiffened. Especially since facing the face of Qian Hu that was increasingly impatient.

The day before, his Senior Brother had uttered sweet words to him, saying that the negotiation for this kind of thing wouldn’t end in just one or two days, so he could simply casually tell the opposite party the relevant bits and pieces about the Wisdom Sect… But how could it be that simple! He just said those so called bits and pieces for a few minutes, and the other side was already impatient, wanting to bypass these meaningless topics to get to the core topic.

“Who is your Sect Leader? Although you might brag that your Sect Leader is a True Immortal at your followers, but at most, he’s just a Xudan Cultivator, right?”

For the first question, Wen Bao had to sacrifice his magic weapon: a meaningful smile. However, as a response to that smile, Qian Hu put down her cup and then coldly said, “What? You can't say it? Interesting, could it be his identity couldn’t be put into the light?”

Wen Bao continued his meaningful smile.

“It is you who proposed to cooperate with the Mansion of Light, but now, you can’t even reveal the identity of your Sect Leader, how can you convince other people of your sincerity!?”

Under these harsh words and stern countenance, Wen Bao’s heart trembled; thereupon, he immediately turned his head to seek help from his assistants. Who knew the two people were even more frightened than him that even their heads were bowed down!

Fortunately, Qian Hu shook her head and changed the topic. “Let’s forget about your sect’s Sect Leader identity for a moment and let’s talk about you instead. You’re originally from the Spirit Sword Sect, right? What would be the stance of your sect on you joining the Wisdom Sect? Would they approve?”

Wen Bao heard a slight thump sound on his chest. How could he dare to say the truth? Thus, he had no choice but to continue to smile.

Qian Hu deeply wrinkled her brows. “You can’t even say this? Fine, let me ask another…”

However, even after several exchanges, the answer that she got was still the same: a meaningful smile. The problem was that this Senior Qian Hu was too sharp; each of her questions was the sect’s secret. Moreover, she has a straightforward attitude, which let other people unable to say some perfunctory words. To Wen Bao, hearing her question was like taking a cold shower—both made his face cramp.

At the same time, Qian Hu’s impatience continued to accumulate. She put down her cup and constantly tap her fingers on the armrest. After silence for a moment, she asked, “Rumor has it that your Wisdom Sect taught the Heaven Burning Blood Technique to your followers, is this true?”

Wen Bao nearly cried right there and then. However, he must maintain his smile; he has to bear it no matter how uncomfortable it was.

Qian Hu’s eyes turned sharp. Her aura began to press down as she slightly leaned forward. “Don’t want to say it? Since you don’t deny it, then it must be true?”

Wen Bao suddenly had an uncontrollable urge to pee; inwardly, he rained curses upon Wang Lu. Although Wang Lu had often deceived him in the past, this time, the embarrassment that he felt before this cold woman caused a wave of unspeakable humiliation to well up in his heart.

He thought, “Damn it! Why do I have to bear this responsibility!? I’m just a little infrastructure department head who’s only good at moving bricks. I didn’t sign for this job, why should I suffer from it!? Moreover, this is happening in front of her!”

While the plump teenager’s mind was filled with anxiety, without him realizing it, the woman’s position had been different.

A moment later, Wen Bao suddenly saw a flash of disappointment in Qian Hu’s eyes. It was not a disappointment of the Wisdom Sect’s sincerity in the cooperation, but… a disappointment of Wen Bao.

Wen Bao was puzzled, thinking, “Why? Only when she has an expectation could she be disappointed, is there something in me that is worth expecting? I’m just…”

Suddenly, a surge of impulse waved through Wen Bao’s body, which caused an explosion in his mind.

The next moment, under Li Nana’s surprised eyes, Wen Bao slowly sat upright and then said, “The rumor about the Heaven Burning Blood Technique is just an utter nonsense.”

Li Nana was stunned for a while as she saw the cower-like posture of Wen Bao melting like snow in the desert and replaced by a token of confidence, indifferent, and calm.

The woman smiled. “Utter nonsense?”

“Correct. Our Wisdom Sect indeed has a unique divine method that can accelerate someone’s cultivation. However, it’s an upright method, not a demonic method. I’m afraid those rumors are slander from evil people who are jealous of our sect development and thus, they intend to destroy our Wisdom Sect’s clear reputation.”

Li Nana’s smile was increasingly wider. “If that’s the case, then it’s good, otherwise, no matter how good the conditions that you would put forward to us, our Mansion of Light could never cooperate with a cult.”

Wen Bao was startled. Watching Senior Qian Hu’s smile, the crux of the problem finally dawned on him.

Li Nana didn’t want to hear the truth but just needed a plausible explanation. Previously, this was still unclear to him, which caused the delay. No wonder the other party would feel disappointed.

Since this question had been answered, he finally could answer the next questions smoothly.

“You come from the Spirit Sword Sect, what is your sect’s stance on this matter?”

Wen Bao laughed. “The sect does not encourage nor oppose. The Spirit Sword Sect’s training policy encourage the disciples to have a high degree of freedom. As long as the disciples do not violate the bottom line, everything on the Immortal Cultivation road could be used to increase the experience.”

“Even cooperating with a mortal world’s institution?”

“The division between mortal and immortal is not absolute. At least, that’s the stance of the Spirit Sword Sect—for example, the Spirit Sword Sect’s Sect Leader’s daughter actually runs an inn in the mortal world.”

Li Nana was actually taken aback by that last information. “Is there such a thing? That’s really a surprise… then what about your Wisdom Sect’s Sect Leader?”

Wen Bao said, “Not a True Immortal, but it’s actually better than it. You can also see his capability from the development of the Wisdom Sect, right?”

“You said you want to cooperate, then what exactly can you offer?”

“A deep and solid mass base, rich Immortal Cultivation resources, as well as a high-quality partner with boundless prospects.”

“Then what do you need?”

Wen Bao froze for a moment, clenched his teeth, and then decisively guessed, “Official recognition from the Great Ming Country.”

The questions and answers continued. Time quickly slipped away, and unknowingly, the sun outside the window has already set.

After putting down the teacup, which already had been repeatedly added with water that it was basically a clear water, Li Nana nodded in satisfaction. “Today’s talk is really delightful.”

Wen Bao breathed out a sigh of relief, and then said, “Likewise.”

“Then, allow me to ask one last question.”

Wen Bao spiritedly said, “Please, by all means.”

“Yesterday you said you like me, is that true?”

“Puff!” Wen Bao sprayed out the liquid from his mouth, which filled his teacup.

Seeing Wen Bao’s distress, Li Nana smiled and then shook her head. “A joke, no need to take it seriously… Tomorrow at the same time, please ready the materials for the details of the cooperation, I would personally be glad to see it.”

With that, the woman stood up. “See the guests out.”

Thereupon, several servants entered the main hall and led Wen Bao and his two assistants out. Right before they passed the entrance, Wen Bao looked back at that woman’s slim figure; suddenly, his heart felt a sense of lost.

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