Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 121: If Disciple Might Be So Bold, Uncle, Please Bestow the Sword

Chapter 121: If Disciple Might Be So Bold, Uncle, Please Bestow the Sword

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In the Spirit Sword Sect, Wen Bao belonged to the Inner Court Disciple, under the guidance of Second Elder Liu Xian in the Misty Peak. His third uncle was naturally the Sect’s Third Elder, Disciplinary Elder Fang He. Or in Wang Lu’s words, the Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission.

Liu Xian was out and out a strict Master. In the two years of cultivation in the Sect, Wen Bao would often get scolded by him. However, if compared to him, the Disciplinary Elder was undoubtedly scarier. At this time, upon hearing Fang He’s voice, Wen Bao truly shook in fear.

“Return to your room, your Master and I are here.”

In his heart, Wen Bao very much wanted to escape, but in the end, he still tremblingly went back to his room, and when he opened the room, he nearly fainted on the spot.

Not only his Master and his Third Uncle were there, even his Fifth Aunt was there too. It was just that, compared to Liu Xian and Fang He, who sat with a serious scowl on their faces, Wang Wu’s posture was more at ease. Upon seeing him, she smiled. “This fatty has really stored up a few pounds this autumn [1].”

This time was already early in the winter, so it was already several months pass the time when people put on a few pounds. Let alone in these few months, as the head of Infrastructure Department, he was almost thinner because of overwork. Now, upon listening to Fifth Aunt’s teasing, Wen Bao reluctantly squeezed out a slight smile.

“Fifth Junior Sister, don’t talk about irrelevant topics,” Fang He interrupted, and then sternly looked at Wen Bao. “Do you know why your Master and I are here?”

Wen Bao froze for a moment, and then reluctantly nodded. The Elders had personally come, how could he dare to quibble? They would be more lenient to him if he confessed...

Therefore, he told them the nearly everything about the Wisdom Sect, from capturing the dirty old man at the Marquis County to the two days of long talk with Qian Hu. Except for the topic that was too sensitive like the Heaven Burning Blood Technique, he disclosed everything else.

This was something clever that Wen Bao learned about. If this was the other disciples, they might push the blame on other cultivators, however, in front of the strict, impartial, and square Elder, any little trick would only lead him to his own doom. Moreover, since they were willing to listen to his explanation, it proved that things had turned for the better.

Sure enough, after they finished hearing his explanation, Liu Xian and Fang He didn’t get immediately furious and just silently nodded. However, their complexion had turned gloomier.

Only Fifth Elder was still carefree. “Little fatty, you’re pretty good. Right now, you’re actually the manager of a department. Sure enough, the management promotion from a big decentralized organization is surely fast.”

As soon as her voice fell, Liu Xian finally couldn’t hold back his anger. “Fifth Junior Sister, you’re still spouting off gibberish! You had also heard Wen Bao’s words just a moment ago; Zhu Qin’s report is true, your treasured disciple has indeed provoked a gargantuan disaster!”

Fifth Elder blinked her eyes. “Really?”

“Don’t play dumb! What do you think about that damn Wisdom Sect?”

Fifth Elder continued to blink. “I think this is a typical independent entrepreneurial behavior, where a worker, relying on his capital, resources, information, technology, experience, and other factors to create his own industry to solve the employment problem. By establishing the Wisdom Sect, Wang Lu had set off a wave of Immortal Cultivation in the Great Ming Country, solving the employment problem of over a million of people. I think the Sect should commend and encourage such an endeavor, and at the same time, raise the subsidy of his Master…”

Before she finished, Liu Xian was so angered that he exaggeratedly slapped the table. “Fart!”

Fifth Elder was astonished. “What? Here? That’s not good.”

Whooz! Elder Liu Xian’s sword qi suddenly appeared, ready to be unleashed.

Fang He sighed and then reached out to hold Liu Xian back. “Please be patient Senior Brother, our main task here is, after all, not to blame Fifth Junior Sister, but to find the person that is responsible for all of this.”

Then he turned around to ask Wen Bao, “Do you have any method to contact your Senior Brother Wang Lu?”

Wen Bao replied, “Previously, there is, but I had just used the Psychic Jade three days ago, so now I have no way to contact him.”

Liu Xian pondered for a moment. “Do you know where he went?”

Wen Bao thought about it and then shook his head. “I am not sure.”

“Is there anyone who are with him?”

“Junior Sister Yue is with him.”

“Yue Xinyao?” Fang He deeply wrinkled his brows. “That child has always been decorous, how come she’s together with Wang Lu?”

Liu Xian coldly snorted. “Being instigated by him, what else? After all, that child, Yue Xinyao, doesn’t have much experience, so Wang Lu just needs to open his mouth. Compared to his Master, his mouth is even more superior.”

Fifth Elder snorted. “More superior than his Master? Second Brother, you too underestimated me.”

Liu Xian didn’t pay attention to her and said, “Now that we know he’s with Yue Xinyao, then let’s ask Junior Sister Hua Yun to find her.” He then pointed his finger forward a bit and then drew a circle in mid-air. Within that circle, the space immediately rippled, and in the middle of the ripple, Hua Yun’s face gradually emerged.

“Huh, Senior Brother, you’re looking for me?”

Hua Yun’s face was filled with astonishment.

“Help me find Yue Xinyao.” Liu Xian made the long story short, and Hua Yun also didn’t ask why. She closed her eyes for a moment, opened it again and then answered, “Not far from there. If you sweep the area with your Primordial Spirit, you would immediately find her.” Her small face then showed a trace of curiosity. “Are you playing hide and seek?”

Liu Xian, of course, had no intention to play games. Upon hearing the answer from Hua Yun, he immediately swept the area with his Primordial Spirit and indeed found the unique magical power fluctuation that belonged to Yue Xinyao. Of course, Wang Lu who was next to Yue Xinyao also caught the faint but exceptionally sharp magical power fluctuation near them.

Liu Xian’s Primordial Spirit was truly strong. If he really applied a full scan, the whole Great Ming Country could not escape his Primordial Spirit. It was just that, if he did a full scan in a foreign country, owing to his great power, it would be disrespectful to the local cultivators and might even affect some people’s training. Thus, unless it were an urgent situation, Liu Xian wouldn’t put too much power on his Primordial Spirit scan. So, when he looked for a sect disciple, he could only ask the help from the Elder who had a connection with said disciple. This was also the reason why Fifth Elder came together with them—unfortunately, she didn’t want to cooperate at all. Fortunately, they found him, moreover, Wang Lu himself came over to them.

Before long, Wang Lu had entered the room. Yue Xinyao, who came together with him, quietly stood to the side; no matter what happened next, she would just be a spectator.

Upon seeing Wang Lu, Fang He, unable to hold himself, stood up. “Wang Lu, do you admit your mistake!?”

Wang Lu was stunned for a long time, revealing an inexplicable look; he then bowed his head and said, “Disciple’s mistake is being too outstanding so that the other Junior Sisters and Junior Brothers are left in the dark, which caused them to lose their momentum to advance in the path of Immortal Cultivation.”

Upon hearing this, Fang He nearly cleaved this rebellious disciple in two.

“Fifth Junior Sister, see this, this is the result of you teaching your good disciple!”

Fifth Junior Sister happily nodded. “Not bad, neither arrogant nor servile, just like my style.”

Neither arrogant nor servile your ass! Fang He’s anger has gone through the roof, and his Primordial Spirit surged; he nearly died from an excess of anger from this “thing”!

However, seeing that the Fifth Junior Sister had made up her mind to protect Wang Lu, then she wasn’t needed here anymore. “Fifth Junior Sister, you can leave.”

“Huh? So early? I haven’t had lunch yet.”


Fifth Junior Sister had to bitterly leave, leaving the two Elders and three disciples in the room. Disciplinary Elder Fang He looked at Wang Lu up and down several times and couldn’t help but sigh. “You’re a very smart kid, why would you do this kind of thing?”

Wang Lu earnestly asked, “Dare I ask Uncle, what did I do wrong?”

Fang He was silent for a while. After determining that Wang Lu wasn’t joking and actually wanted an answer to that question, he couldn’t help but become somewhat annoyed. “You set up a cult in the mortal world, and you ask me what did you do wrong?”

Contrary to his expectation, Wang Lu firmly refuted, “Wisdom Sect is not a cult, please examine this again, Uncle!”

Fang He slapped the table. “Absurd! Everything you did in the Great Ming Country has been reported back to the sect by Zhu Qin, now I want you to see it, and tell me if there is a mistake in his report!”

A letter appeared out of nowhere in Wang Lu’s hand. Wang Lu grabbed it and waved it to Yue Xinyao. The young girl lowered her head and smiled, thinking, “Sure enough, it’s just like what Senior Brother said.”

Written on the letter of this snitch Zhu Qin was the details of the eight months of development process of the Wisdom Sect; it neither had inflammatory details nor baseless accusation—this silly trick would only make the Elders look down on him. Moreover, with Wang Lu’s action, would he even need to add inflammatory details?

After reading the report, Wang Lu rhetorically asked, “Is there a restriction to establish a sect in this experiential learning? Although my cultivation is shallow, opening up a sect is not forbidden by the regulation.”

Fang He wrinkled his brows, but when he was about to speak, Liu Xian, who personally planned this experiential learning, couldn’t help but be angry. “The purpose of this experiential learning is so that you disciples can gain experience and enhance your cultivation, not to spread rumors and mislead people to ruthlessly tax them! You’re still in the Qi Cultivating Stage, what’s the point in trying to accumulate wealth!? I really never thought that this could happen. Usually, you seem to be very assertive and opinionated, but unexpectedly, you were confused by the mortal world; is Non-Phase Peak really that poor!?”

Wang Lu couldn’t hold back his laughter. “Rest assured, Uncle, although Non-Phase Peak is poor, disciple has never been poor. Disciple has never forgotten the objective of this experiential learning. Although the profitability of my Wisdom Sect is quite good, disciple never extracted a tael out of it. I established the sect not to amass money, please Uncle examine this again.”

Upon hearing Wang Lu’s explanation, Liu Xian humphed and said, “If not for money, then it’s for power—and that’s still the same!”

Wang Lu didn’t deny it this time. Although he was a Successor Disciple in the Spirit Sword Sect, a relatively aloof position, but compared to the Sect Leader of the Wisdom Sect, where his mere words could move over a million of people, it really couldn’t be mentioned in the same breath.

“Mortal world’s trouble can temper people’s will. I sent you down the mountain so that you can grow out of the mud unsullied, not to let you wallow in the mud!”

In response to this, before the Second Elder finished his lecture, Wang Lu rudely interrupted him, “Disciple never indulged in power or wealth. In these eight months, disciple never stopped cultivating; my cultivation has grown tremendously!”

Immediately after that, he activated the magical power fluctuation of his level six Qi Cultivating Stage. Although this was like a drop in the ocean, compared to the other two disciples in the room in front of the Yuanying Stage cultivators, his cultivation speed was already extremely good. However, Liu Xian just sneered.

“Wang Lu, don’t forget your identity. You’re not a common Inner Court Disciple, but the Sect’s Successor Disciple! You’re already satisfied with your level six Qi Cultivating Stage!? You know, compared to the other Successor Disciples, even if we count when their time in the sect is exactly the same as you, your cultivation is still not the highest!”

Wang Lu, neither arrogant nor servile, replied, “If I remember correctly, it was Uncle who taught us, disciples, to not blindly believe in the cultivation stage of someone. Although disciple’s cultivation was not high, my strength is quite powerful; I’m absolutely not one of those Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters who rely on the fortuitous encounter to sharply increase their cultivation. Please, Uncle, examine this!”

Such a high-sounding shameless speech rendered Liu Xian speechless for nearly ten minutes.

Although he knew that Wang Lu this child was tormented heavily by his Master before descending the mountain, upon seeing him again this time, Liu Xian actually discovered that he had underestimated this child’s stubbornness! Regardless of his remarks, his attitude alone was irritating. In particular, the nearby Disciplinary Elder Fang He, who was angrily staring at Wang Lu, had quickly calculated how many of the sect’s regulations that were broken by Wang Lu.

“... Being a Sect Leader in the mortal world for a long time has inflated your ego to such extent that you nearly lost your mind.”

Wang Lu smiled. “I’m not losing my mind. Actually, Uncle can test it yourself… If disciple might be so bold, Uncle, please bestow the sword!”

As soon as he said it, everyone in the room was shocked!

[1] Traditionally, Fall is a harvest season and thought of as a season of plenty. Also, the cool temperatures bring back the appetite after a long sweltering and sleep-depriving summer. Therefore, fall is a time for people to store up energy and put on a few pounds.

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