Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 126: Wisdom Sect Disciple

Chapter 126: Wisdom Sect Disciple

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When the chill air of early spring breezed through, the Spirit Sword Sect’s experiential learning finally came to an end. Hence, from all over the Blue River Region, the Spirit Sword Sect’s disciples have begun to return to the mountain one by one.

One of them was Wang Lu.

Wang Lu has finally chosen to return, leaving behind the sect that he created himself; to put it in a more cruel way, he had discarded his worn out shoes. Wang Lu’s departure was so natural; before that, he named Ye Chuchen to be in charge of the overall situation—the whole time felt like a dream to Ye Chuchen.

From being a defeated opponent to the present Vice Sect Leader, the change in his status was simply earth-shaking. When he thought about the power and influence that he had right now, in the deepest part of Ye Chuchen’s heart, the fire of ambition that has long been extinguished began to burn again.

Of course, this ambition was not aimed at Wang Lu. Even if Wang Lu had left, Ye Chuchen never dared to covet Wang Lu’s status within the sect. In fact, his Vice Sect Leader position was just a chess piece in Wang Lu’s hand; he hadn’t had too many autonomies. Before he returned to the mountain, Wang Lu had formulated a very detailed strategic planning, which would be the development plan of the Wisdom Sect for the next twenty years. In his words, the initial stage of the Wisdom Sect’s development has to be more realistic than a planned economy.

Ye Chuchen didn’t think that he was wiser than Wang Lu, therefore, he would just need to strictly follow through the plan, and that was it… Although it was common knowledge to leave his own mark as the most accomplished member, Ye Chuchen has no such opportunity.

Because Wang Lu had also left behind Daoist Ming Yun, his once fellow Vice Sect Leader. Although this fellow didn’t have the ability to replace Wang Lu, as Wang Lu’s most faithful lackey, he was the best person to monitor Ye Chuchen. Ye Chuchen was very clear that, if he couldn’t be a good chess piece for Wang Lu… there were not too few people within the sect who could replace him; the dirty old man He Yun was at least ambitious enough.

In addition, Ye Chuchen also had to worry about the Mysterious Sky Mansion. A few months ago, in order to cope with the crisis, Wang Lu had made a gamble with the Mysterious Sky Mansion to obtain investment from them. Although while the bet was still in effect in the agreement—the Mysterious Sky Mansion has no right to interfere with the management of the Wisdom Sect and they only have a certain right to know—but since Wang Le had left, Ye Chuchen had no confidence that he could withstand the infiltration of such a colossus organization.

With his ability and prestige, it was not strange if he ended up as a mere figurehead. For this reason, Ye Chuchen had specially requested Wang Lu’s help before his departure. Wang Lu was indeed worthy to be Wang Lu because he had already thought about this problem in advance. Thus, he left Ye Chuchen with a brocade sack of miracle plans. When he felt that his authority has begun to shake, he could open the sack and act according to the plan.

Ye Chuchen couldn’t help but be curious, so he covertly opened the sack to take a peek at its content, which was actually a letter. The title of the letter was: Canon strike the Headquarters.

Out of prudence, Ye Chuchen didn’t continue to look and just deeply prayed that there would not be a day that he would need to use this letter.


Leaving behind Wisdom Sect to return to the Spirit Sword Mountain, many thought that Wang Lu must’ve harbored many regrets, but in fact, his mood was already exhausted; he had no sense of nostalgia towards the mortal world.

Regarding the Wisdom Sect, Wang Lu had never treated it as his genuine enterprise, but more like a momentary whim. Rather than the heroic feeling in mobilizing millions of people to transform the world, Wang Lu was actually more fond of the heartfelt joy getting the achievement in exploring the mystery of the Immortal Path in the Spirit Sword Mountain

In addition, Wang Lu had also silently cut ties with the mortal world.

In his bitter experience in the Wang Family Village, Wang Lu had completely lost faith and confidence with the mortals. With the establishment of the Wisdom Sect and changing the minds of over a million of followers, Wang Lu had gained a transcendent status, which had pulled him away from the world of mortals. When he directly faced the mountains of corpses and seas of blood in the Sword of Truth’s interrogation, Wang Lu’s mentality has already long been out of the mortal realm.

The only thing that worried him was his birth parents. Regarding this, Wang Lu’s stance was almost brutal. He has never revealed his identity to his parents, not letting them take the man made spirit root, nor participate in the cultivation—Wang Lu was very certain that his parents didn’t have the aptitude nor the mentality to cultivate. Compared to being an Immortal, they preferred to be ordinary mortals. With such a disposition, even if they possessed Heavenly Spirit Root, they wouldn’t be able to cultivate. Wang Dafu and Madame Sui Shi were just ordinary Wisdom Sect’s followers who were active in the sect’s constructions. With Wang Lu looking after them in secret, their lives were even more splendid than in the past.

When the experiential learning was about to end, Wang Lu finally came to see his parents, and then he turned around to depart. In this life, perhaps he would meet them again several times more, however, decades later, his parents would finally rest in peace, and he would continue to strive in the long road of Immortal Cultivation… However, his father had nothing to regret because, before his departure, Wang Lu had left him with a panacea to nurse his health, which in turn made Wang Dafu’s little concubine able to conceive a son, saving the Wang Family’s line.

Therefore, Wang Lu had no worries for the mortal world again.


After one year of experiential learning, the disciples had finally returned to the mountain, and many of them felt that as if it were a lifetime ago.

“Senior Brother… this year’s experience is like a dream.”

Standing at the entrance of the Spirit Creek Town, Wen Bao could not help but sigh.

A year has passed, and fatty has also cultivated to the sixth level Qi Cultivating Stage. In the last four months, he lived up to expectation and broke through the boundary. Moreover, he had also experienced several actual combats against middle-rank managers of the Wisdom Sect, providing his Primordial Spirit and swordsmanship with considerable progress.

Plus, he had also transformed into his awakening type for several times, making his whole person’s temperament far more mature than one year ago. Despite the fact that his strength progress wasn’t too fast compared to the other disciples in this experiential learning, on the comprehensive point of view, Wen Bao’s abundant harvest had actually exceeded the vast majority of his fellow disciples.

“If I can have several more months time, maybe my cultivation could increase another layer.” Wen Bao said, somewhat regretting that it was over.

“What, haven’t you played enough? I’m almost tired to death…”

The one who responded to Wen Bao’s regret was a slightly tired girl voice.

After a year, little Ling’Er has had enough of living as the Holy Maiden. In the first few months, it was still a novel and interesting experience to her. On one hand, Wang Lu’s Wisdom Sect was still new and amusing, however, as the Wisdom Sect rapidly developed, the more those things become common to her. Not to mention that in the last few months, the Wisdom Sect’s development was still fast, yet the development model has no innovation at all. According to Wang Lu, this was nothing more than the quantitative change as it waited for the process of qualitative change, and this process would need several decades to complete. At that time, Wisdom Sect would truly become an independent and powerful sect—this was one of the reasons of why Wang Lu could be so confident and at ease; Wisdom Sect was already not a play thing anymore.

Secondly, the Holy Maiden identity was new and intriguing. No matter where she went, people would worship her, thus greatly satisfying the young girl’s vanity. However, little Ling’Er, after all, was not a vain girl. After a time people always prostrated before her, she had already felt vexed about it. Before every meeting, people would kowtow first; when they talked, they always expressed a long list of reverence and joyous admiration, and after they had finished talking, they would always salute her three times and kowtow to her nine times before they withdrew… Little Ling’Er’s limited patient was already long gone. In the last few months, every time she saw this kind devout followers, she wished that she could directly kick them away.

As the Wisdom Sect’s Holy Maiden, although her words and deeds weren’t necessarily too confined, kicking a follower was something that she really could not do, and she only avoided doing so by her strong self-restraint. Thus, her last several months was filled with the melancholy of someone who suffered from postpartum-like depression.

Fortunately, she finally came back. Looking at the familiar street in the Spirit Creek Town and listening to the affectionate greetings from the town’s acquaintances, Little Ling’Er finally experienced the unprecedented warmth of one’s home.

“Ai, Spirit Creek Town is still better after all. Very well, you two can climb the mountain yourself. I want to go back to the inn to rest, so don’t bother me in the next three days.”

With that, little Ling’Er quickly fled.

Three minutes later at the Ru Family Inn.

“Anybody here!?”

Two uninvited guests pushed the front door of the inn. After their unceremonious greetings, under Lady Boss’s astonished eyes, the two arrived at the counter. The lead youth took out nine pieces of coin. “Two bowls of wine, a dish of…”

“Dish your sister! What are you guys doing here!?”

The Lady Boss was almost grief stricken with indignation. She had just come home without having the time to put down her luggage, yet they already broke through—how could they expect her to bring their order!?

“Why are you pestering here? Aren’t you supposed to go up the mountain to finish your report? Didn’t you see the close sign at the front!?”

Wang Lu said with a smile, “I don’t need you to remind me, I’ve already taken down the sign, so now your inn is open for business at any time. Besides, you’re also one of the Spirit Sword Sect’s people, how could you even forget the one month buffer period?”

The Lady Boss gawked and then slapped her forehead, finally realizing that there was indeed such a thing.

The Spirit Sword Sect’s experiential learning was twelve months long, and after that, the disciples have to return from wherever they were. However, there was a month long cushion time before they have to submit their report. A small part of this was spent on traveling time, while the majority of it was mostly for the draft.

What kind of draft? Of course, it was the summary report of their experiential learning! From the start, this was one of the important indicators to measure the disciple’s achievement on this experiential learning.

One year of experiential learning not only improved the disciples’ cultivation level, more importantly, towards the disciples’ temperament, this year’s experience had tempered their wisdom and character. And this part of improvement did not come from the amount of magical power, nor observed from the condensation of Primordial Spirit.

Therefore, the disciples were told to put every gain and all of their experience that they got in a year in the form of a report, so that the Elders would naturally know what’s going on.

One year ago, Wen Bao had been worried about this. One year later, he had actually forgotten about it!

“Hehe, Senior Brother, this time, I have to rely on you!”

Wang Lu grunted. “I don’t expect you to be able to write it in the first place. When you were the head of the infrastructure department, your work report is the worst compared to all the other department heads that you might as well be the head of a group of illiterate loose immortals. You’re supposed to know about this since you came from noble birth, yet your knowledge about poems and songs are zero; you can’t write parallel prose, official documents, or even vernacular form, which is only worthy if you want to write a novel.”

Wen Bao raised his eyebrows. “Don’t say that. I also have a real inspiration. On our first two days of journey, I already came up with its prologue. It’s called Wisdom Sect Disciple. It’s a tale about an exceptional expert with a split personality. When he put on a mask, he would be a low-profile cowardly person, but when he removed the mask, he would suddenly become a ruthless mad tyrant…”

Wang Lu cast a slightly surprised glance at Wen Bao; after being silent for half a day, he patted Wen Bao’s shoulder. “Write it properly, don’t pull off a eunuch [1].”


[1] The word “eunuch” is homonym with “too cheap”. As in, the author is too cheap and never update the story.

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