Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 128: A Report Written in Blood

Chapter 128: A Report Written in Blood

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Strictly speaking, Wang Lu’s proposed calculation method wasn’t particularly accurate. However, in the absence of a more reliable solution, this +1 rule was at least clear, concise, and easy to use.

With this +1 method, apart from the need to consider the initial standard value, the rest were relatively simple. The disciples then spent some time to create the character card of the object of their discussion, which in return, made the following discussion standardized and orderly.”

“Hey, hey, according to the calculation, I should be level four Qi Cultivating Stage + 9 and could challenge the level four Foundation Establishment Xiao Ming?”

“No, you’re wrong. The difference in value between the peak Qi Cultivating Stage and Early Foundation Establishment is five points. Therefore, you can only challenge the level nine Foundation Establishment.”

“Just level nine Foundation Establishment… What a failure.”

“Hehe, I’m also not that good, only level three Qi Cultivating Stage + 8, so I can only challenge the same level as you, Junior Brother. However, my basic skills are not as strong as you. Junior Brother, you just lack a bit in the rank of magical tools. After you return to the mountain and get a better one, you won’t be worse than me.”

“I heard that Senior Sister Zhao is level five Qi Cultivating Stage + 10. Although her level is not high, her actual strength is quite powerful. Alas, in this experiential learning, it’s rare to see someone with + 10 strength.”

“Yeah, the average value for us, Spirit Sword Sect’s disciples, is +8. Senior Sister Zhao can reach + 10, so her basic skills is so strong that it makes people’s hair stand up in disbelief… But, in regards to strong basic skills, Senior Brother Yue and the others are nothing because Senior Sister Liu Li’s challenge level [1] is probably level nine Foundation Establishment + 15.”

“... What the!”

“That’s the same as level eight Xudan Xiao Ming, moreover, she doesn’t rely on magical treasures, elixirs, and other external help. This is someone who can really go against the heaven…”

“Then, what about that Qiong Hua from the Shengjing Sect?”

“The information about her is incomplete so the calculation might not be accurate, but she’s probably + 14 levels. She’s indeed a rare genius, we are so far behind her.”

“Speaking of this, the designer of this method, Senior Brother Wang Lu… how much do you think his challenge level is?”

“Who knows? His experiential learning is mysterious. Except for his level six close to level five Qi Cultivating Stage, there’s no other information about him. However, since he is a Successor Disciple, he should be more than +10.”

Hearing the discussions of these disciples, Wang Lu, who continued to write his report in one of the corners of the inn, revealed a faint smile.

It was just that, within his smile, there was a bit of cringe.

His attack and defense ability was too unbalanced, and thus could not be accurately calculated according to the challenge level system! In regard to his defensive ability, even level nine Xudan Stage would find it hard to break his sword defense; on the defensive value alone, perhaps he was more than + 20! However, in attack, he was not much stronger than Xiao Ming, even so much that…

This challenge level method wasn’t particularly rigorous and accurate, but it was easy to calculate and proliferate. However, in a practical situation, it would definitely encounter this and that kind of issues. For example, it couldn’t easily mark a cultivator with unbalanced attack and defense. However, this case of Wang Lu was rare. Thus, listening to others discussing this topic, Wang Lu just smiled and simply didn’t care.

Currently for him, finishing the experiential learning report was his first priority. Compared to those in the hall who just casually wrote their report while spending most of their time drinking and chatting, Wang Lu had high hopes of this report.

One of the basic qualities of a professional adventurer was the understanding and the ability to explore all the resources, so Wang Lu was well aware of the potential value of this experiential learning report.

In other words, this challenge level system, which he designed and promoted, was an important part of the report that needed to be singled out.

In fact, this was inspired by his past year’s experiential learning, especially in the Wisdom Sect’s war for expansion.

In the process of expansion, Wisdom Sect encountered many opponents. The first thing that they did was to assess the enemy’s strength. However, the Wisdom Sect’s department heads would often make the same mistake as the Spirit Sword Sect’s disciples before being introduced to the challenge level system—they would always try to measure the strength of the opponent based on cultivation stage and level. Although they were well aware of how unreliable this calculation method was in their heart, they didn’t know any thing that could be better.

It was at that time when Wang Lu designed this challenge level system, which has a quite good effect in the actual combat.

In the future, without a doubt, he must certainly register this set of calculation for a patent. Once it became widely popular, he would just have to collect the royalties, just like opening a spirit stone quarry! Wang Lu was deeply confident with this. Although Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had designed a method to calculate the strength of cultivators, and was even more precise than the challenge level method, the complexity of the calculation was so cumbersome that it was enough to keep most people from using it; it has no chance to be widely used. Even Spirit Sword Sect disciples, who received quality and comprehensive education, have never heard of this calculation method of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, let alone other people. However, this time, the simple to use method would undoubtedly be loved by many.

However, if he wanted to register the patent, he needed an official written document. Thus, this report that he would need to submit to the Sect Elder to review was the correct first step.

In addition, a good quality experiential learning report could also be exchanged with a large number of sect credits or even challenge points… Since he could have an abundant harvest just by writing, then why not?

The most important point was, the controversy surrounding the Wisdom Sect was far from over; if there was no mishap, he could smoothly handle it in just a few more obstacles. This experiential learning report was one of the keys to that.

A few days later, the disciples that gathered in the Spirit Creek Town have dispersed, taking their reports back to the mountain. Even Wen Bao had contentedly gone back to the mountain after he wrote more than a hundred thousand words novel.

While Wang Lu was still calmly polishing his story at the Ru Family Inn, perfecting his report, his calmness made his other Junior Brothers and Sisters deeply admire him.

Regarding this hand written report, Wang Lu earnestly tried to refine it to perfection. Until the last day before the deadline, early in the morning, Wang Lu finally strode out of the inn, leisurely walking towards the Sect entrance.

However, as soon as he went out, he was surprised to see a familiar face.

“Old Junior Brother Zhu Qin?”

Walking-on-the-street Zhu Qin also didn’t expect to meet Wang Lu here, with an astonished countenance, he nodded. “... Good morning, Senior Brother Wang Lu.”

Wang Lu smiled and asked back, “Just returned?”

“...Yes.” With an unnatural expression, he took half a step back, showing that he had no intention to approach the opposite party.

However, Wang Lu, seemingly oblivious, came forward and patted his shoulder.

“Shall we?”

Zhu Qin contorted his face but didn’t respond. However, even this silent gesture of protest wasn’t enough to force Wang Lu to withdraw.

“Mm, are you unwell?”

Zhu Qin clenched his teeth. “It’s nothing… Since Senior Brother wants to walk together, then let’s go.”

Zhu Qin, after all, didn’t dare to refuse Wang Lu, because just now, when their eyes met, he felt that Wang Lu was able to see through him, which sent his mind into a panic. Thus, he was even more disinclined to antagonize Wang Lu.

However, as they walked together, he thought they were already at the foot of the Spirit Sword Mountain, so what could he do to him? This wasn’t a place where his Wisdom Sect could run rampant!

The two walked side by side on the road in the Spirit Creek Town. Early in the morning, the town was shrouded in a thin layer of morning mist, which should make their walk easier. However, the stifling atmosphere was suffocating.

“Old Junior Brother Zhu Qin, since four months ago, we haven’t seen each other, what were you doing since then?”

Zhu Qin said with a smile, “It’s nothing. I mainly just went home to visit my relatives. After all, we need to cut ties with the mortal world, and after being together with my mortal families for a few months… I am a man of no great ambition, unlike a man with a lofty ambition like you, Senior Brother.”

“Oh, visiting relatives? Then that’s good.”

Wang Lu nodded his head and a meaningful smile appeared on his face.

After another moment of silent, Wang Lu asked, “How is your report?”

Zhu Qin’s heart suddenly thumped, however, when he cast a sidelong glance, Wang Lu still has that faint, without-meaning smile.

“Just a casual writing, I didn’t put much thought in it.”

“Oh? What exactly did you write? I remember before we descended the mountain, the Elders said that it was best to focus on the relation between mortal and Immortal Path. And since you come from the Imperial Family, you should have your own unique perspective?”

Zhu Qin felt that his cold sweat seemed to be seeping out as he strove to make his voice smooth and didn’t seem frightened. “Uh, what kind of unique perspective could I have? It’s just a casual writing.”

“Really? Then you have wasted a valuable resource, Junior Brother. If I were you, I would write: How should a mortal world’s monarch’s respond in the face of Immortal Cultivation Sect’s cruel interference.”


It was like a clap of thunder in a sunny day in Zhu Qin’s mind, which sent his vision dark and caused him to slightly stagger a few footsteps, almost causing him to stumble forward!

Wang Lu, this guy… could he truly see through people’s mind! How did he know that that’s what’s written on his report...

That’s right, the theme of Zhu Qin’s report, though not as direct as what Wang Lu said, the essence was exactly that: How should a ruler of a country do if an Immortal Cultivation Sect seizes power by force!?

This topic was certainly not without reason. Where did it come from? Of course, by hearing and seeing it with his own eyes!

After all, Wang Lu’s Wisdom Sect’s headquarter was in Zhu Qin’s Great Ming Country!

Four months ago, when Zhu Qin returned home, he was taken aback when he heard the report about the Wisdom Sect from the Imperial spy. In a flash, he immediately understood that this was not the usual Emperor-ministers crisis. Even if he was still unclear on what was so special about the development of this Wisdom Sect, he, at least, knew that anything that came out of Wang Lu’s hand would be absolutely breathtaking! It could never be underestimated!

Thus, later on, he would rather risk being despised by Junior Sister Yue than to let this matter go! He firmly sent his report to the Sect in the hope that his Master and the other Elders would promptly interfere and disband the Wisdom Sect, dissolving the impending crisis of leadership in the Great Ming Country. However, who knew… Even the Second Elder and Third Elder weren’t able to stop Wang Lu! Later, he even learned that Wisdom Sect was actually transformed, becoming a member of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Zhu Qin almost spat out blood when he received that news!

Was there a f*cking justice left in this world? Even Union of Ten Thousand Immortals could somehow take a dark road! They could be bought over by two million spirit stones!? Their moral integrity was too cheap!

However, at that time, the Great Ming Country only paid several hundred spirit stones to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals for protection. Although their spirit stones reserve was many, their mining capacity was far from enough, which made Zhu Qin couldn’t really complain about it. Later on, he also sent a report to the relevant superior department in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, yet it was for naught. Since the Elders in charge of registering the sect to the union dared to receive a bribe, they naturally have the confidence to suppress the grassroots report.

During that four months, Wisdom Sect, on the one hand, joined the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, and on the other hand, colluded with the Mansion of Light and quickly seized every opportunities to seep into all levels of life in the entire Great Ming Country! Later on, the most blood splitting thing to him was that, his father, the Emperor, actually came and asked him, “Son, do you think it’s good to practice Wisdom Sect’s Precious Six Harmonies Method?”

“Father, please don’t be confused by that cult’s nonsense! That Precious Six Harmonies Method is basically just the pheasant’s cultivation method that can be found anywhere in the Immortal Cultivation World!”

“Really? But I saw people who practiced it have some good result.”

“That’s because they practice it using the Heaven Burning Blood Technique, it’s basically trading it with their life!”

When he was finally able to clearly explain it to his father, Zhu Qin really wanted to cry but have no tears. Wisdom Sect’s penetration had actually reached the Emperor level!? Later on, would this country still belong to surnamed Zhu or changed into Wang!?

Wait a minute, this logic seemed to imply that his father would wear the green hat [2]...

In any case, at that time, Zhu Qin decided that he must not let Wisdom Sect’s influence to continue to spread! Zhu Qin didn’t care if Wisdom Sect wanted to spread their development in other countries, as long as it wasn’t the Great Ming Country! He was the crown prince of the Great Ming Country who once received veneration from tens of thousands of people; his life of luxury stemmed from these millions upon millions of common people, from the Imperial reign of surnamed Zhu! Even if he must cut ties with the mortal world, he had to keep this one tie!

However, what could Zhu Qin, a single person, do? His opponent was Wang Lu; even if he had ten times his current courage, he still wouldn’t dare to openly antagonize Wang Lu. Therefore, in desperation, he turned his gaze to this report.

The only thing that he could do was this: Write a report and ask the Elders on the Sect to give him justice!

For this report, Zhu Qin had spent a great deal of effort to the point that he even spent the last few months of precious experiential learning time on this thing. He convened large numbers of court scholars and drafted this report together.

The purpose of this report was naturally to oppose the Wisdom Sect’s interference in the mortal world. However, the report couldn’t actually be written straightforwardly. After all, Wisdom Sect was now a genuine member of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. When the Second and Third Elder received his first report, they had actually come forward to deal with it. However, Wang Lu had actually turned the situation upside down and apparently got the two Elders’ acquiescence. Therefore, if the words in his report were too sharp, it was tantamount to a slap in the face of the two Elders.

Fortunately, each of the court scholars that Zhu Qin convened was master of words; if the frontal attack was invalid, they just changed the angle, and that was that.

The Great Ming Country’s scholars had seriously pondered and decided to use “To Further Strengthen the Supervision and Guidance of the Political Power in the Mortal World by the Immortal Cultivation World” as the theme of the report, which was roughly divided into two parts. One: When the mortal world’s rulers faced the interference from the cultivators, it was very difficult for them to solve the problem through their own strength. Thus, it was necessary for them to seek help from the Immortal Cultivation World. The second part was from the Immortal Cultivation World point of view: Directly interfering with the mortal affairs was indeed undesirable for the Immortal Cultivators, however, the two worlds were not independent of each other. When there was turmoil in the mortal world, the common people suffered the most, and since the Immortal Cultivators have the ability to solve it, they also have the obligation to bear the responsibility. Therefore, the Immortal Cultivation World should supervise and guide the political power in the mortal world to avoid the natural and manmade disasters where ordinary people have no way to make a living. At the same time, the Immortal Cultivation World internal supervision have to be strengthened, to avoid some Immortal Cultivators or Immortal Cultivation Sects from disregarding the ban on acting in a self-serving manner in the world of mortals through the internal corruption of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals!

The report was actually neither fish nor fowl [3], however, the writing intention of the report was very simple. It hoped that the Sect could deal with the problem that was the Wisdom Sect. Although it was still unclear on how Wang Lu was able to send the Second and Third Elders back without doing anything to Wisdom Sect, this report would undoubtedly give them a reason to restart their investigation.

Yes, your Wisdom Sect was a legal sect and thus, would not be banned. However, your Wisdom Sect’s way of conduct was such that my Spirit Sword Sect, as one of the Five Unique of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, have the responsibility to supervise and guide it!

This was the strategy that Zhu Qin came up with after he furiously racked his brain. Although it was not particularly brilliant, if it could be reported directly to the Heavenly Sword Hall, Zhu Qin was confident that it would be acted upon. No matter from which point of view, the existence of the Wisdom Sect was an eyesore, and the Elders couldn’t possibly resign to just let the matter go;they just lacked the excuse to do it.

It was just that… no matter how Zhu Qin thought about it, he would never have expected that immediately after he encountered Wang Lu in this Spirit Creek Town, his plan was immediately seen through!

“... What do you want?”

At this point, denial was useless. Zhu Qin didn’t believe Wang Lu was in any way benevolent, he, even more, didn’t believe that Wang Lu was easy to fool. Since he had been seen through, the only thing that he could do was to brace himself, waiting for the consequences.

However, Wang Lu unexpectedly smiled. “What do I want? I don’t want anything, you’re the one who thought too much. Write your report well and don’t waste your unique advantage.”

Upon hearing this, Zhu Qin was suddenly confused. Was this meant that Wang Lu would just let him off? Although he also knew that Wang Lu was not a vindictive person, he was also not benevolent either… Or did he just give him the chance to back away to avoid future trouble?

Backing away was indeed a choice. However, thinking about his painstaking effort in writing that report, Zhu Qin just couldn’t let himself take that option.

“Senior Brother, Great Ming Country is, after all, the place where I was born…”

Before he could continue, on the street ahead, they saw a golden-robed middle-aged Daoist riding a donkey, slowly trodding forward.

The face of that Daoist was just average, without any distinguishing features. The donkey under him, however, was worse. Not only its fur tattered, but scars could also be seen in all over its body as if someone had deliberately cut pieces of its flesh. The donkey’s pair of eyes reflected the vicissitudes and anguish.

That Daoist was just silently riding the donkey as he directly crossed in front of them, without looking at the two at all.

Until their figures were about to turn in a corner, that Daoist finally turned his head and looked at Wang Lu.

Then, in a very low voice, he said, “See, both of you used the same Heaven Burning Blood Technique, but he is one hundred times more brilliant than you.”

The donkey neighed in fury and anguish, which was exceptionally harsh to hear in this small town.


[1] How much level above that a cultivator could challenge and have a reasonable chance to win.

[2] Cuckolded.

[3] Nondescript.

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