Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 130: Why Serve The People?

Chapter 130: Why Serve The People?

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Inside the bamboo room at the Stellar Peak, the silence has been going on for quite some time before finally Sect Leader Feng Yin chuckled and asked, “Junior Sister, have you finished it?”

Junior Sister grunted and threw the report back to him. “Just consider that you’ve found a treasure.”

Feng Yin wryly smiled as he shook his head, but didn’t deny it because he indeed picked up a treasure. When this report appeared in his hand a few days ago, with his Deity Stage cultivation, unexpectedly, it froze him for a moment, and he only slowly recovered a while later.

It was indeed a fantastic piece of literature.

The report, through hundreds of thousands of words, elaborated in details a huge and complex theoretical system to answer the long-unsolved quandary of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

How to handle the relationship between Immortal and Mortal, two worlds?

Simply speaking, it was to serve the people.

Why serve the people? Very easy. First of all, the people’s power was incredibly powerful.

This was not the power to do damage. On the destructive power point of view, it was very easy for a Deity Stage cultivator to destroy a country with a population of millions. Millions of people could not overcome a single cultivator—the disparity was too large. However, from another point of view, from millions of people, several hundreds of cultivator could be born from it. And within these several hundreds of cultivators, there would be at least seven to eight who could reach Jindan Stage, among which, one of them could be lucky enough to break through the barrier and became a Yuanying Stage. One Yuanying, seven to eight Jindan, several Xudan, and many Foundation Establishment; if compared again to a Deity Stage cultivator, wasn’t the gap in power decreased by a lot? Not to mention that nowadays, the use of manmade spirit root was very popular; this millions of people were simply millions of potential cultivators.

What’s more, millions of people could continue to multiply, becoming hundreds of millions of people. While a Deity Stage cultivator, even if that person could mate like a stallion, how many descendants could that person possibly sire? Moreover, the ratio of the number of that person’s descendants that possessed the natural spirit root wasn’t that much higher than mere mortals, thus, it was useless to procreate.

Not to mention that the millions of lives, in their lifetime, could produce grain, clothes, steel… Could move mountains and fill the sea, could shake the Feng Shui lines and burn their blood using the Heaven Burning Blood Technique, transforming from mortals into Immortals!

On this point, Wang Lu didn’t mince words on his accomplishment; the miraculous achievements of his Wisdom Sect in one year was written clearly in the report by him. A sect which was founded in the mountains, in just one year, had expanded into the whole Great Ming Country and its surrounding countries. It attracted nearly ten millions of followers. Even more commendable was that, in its early development, it has a good underlying foundation because it already separated itself from using the Heaven Burning Blood Technique phase and had entered the phase of using manpower in exchange of spirit stones. Using that spirit stones, they could procure manmade spirit root in bulk, and they could even get the higher rank manmade spirit root.

And with high-rank manmade spirit roots and robust foundation supporting this profits-pouring-in-from-all-sides sect, what was the difference between this sect, that Wang Lu created on a whim, and a regular member of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals?

At the same time, in order to avoid the Heaven Burning Blood Technique as a loophole to be attacked, Wang Lu produced a comparative data—the average life expectancy per person in the Wisdom Sect curve. Although the Heaven Burning Blood was the main reason for the death, because of the improved social order and increased utilization of the surrounding spiritual energy as well as elixirs, in one year, people’s life expectancy had actually increased instead of decreasing!

In one year, starting from scratch to becoming a member of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals decidedly showed the power of the people. Even if the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals didn’t use it, there would always be someone who would use it!

Secondly was how to make good use of the power of the people?

Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had vividly made an example of their own that exploitation was not workable.

The only thing that could circumvent that was to serve the people.

The most important factor in the rapid development of the Wisdom Sect was to have a selfless leader! The sect ability to gather wealth was truly crazy, but from the over a million of people that gathered spirit stones from mountains and plains, Wang Lu had never taken even one! All of the collected spirit stones were for the Wisdom Sect’s operation; this was exactly the so-called selfless, serve the people. The Wisdom Sect was able to rapidly develop in its early stage because it didn’t have any loss of resources!

And from the beginning to the end, the one with the largest harvest was Wang Lu. Even if he didn’t have any direct income in that one year, in the coming decades, when the Wisdom Sect had been continuously on the right track, with the strong foundation as the key to success, the income would be endless. With how he developed the Wisdom Sect, Wang Lu has given a classic answer on how to make good use of the people’s power.

Finally, on another different point of view, currently, the world of mortals and the Immortal World could not be separated anymore. Eventually, cultivators wanted to penetrate deeply into the mortal world, but if one didn’t want to serve the people, could it be that they wanted to prey on people? In the early years, the usual saying was that people were stupid and thus needed guidance from the cultivators. Unfortunately, later on, it turned out that the cultivators’ ability to prey on the people was not as good as mortal world’s emperors—the latter's ability to prey on the people was actually superior and more formidable.

The above information was provided with well documented and extensive evidence by Wang Lu. His writing was excellent, yet it only accounted for a third of his report. Meanwhile, the remaining part was the key.

It wasn’t difficult to entice the people’s infinite power with benefits, however, one must not just run through the entire guiding principle of the Immortal Cultivation World just to entice people with its benefits. Otherwise, presumably, there would be more cultivators who ran the principle of killing the chicken to get the eggs.

And the solution to this problem was this ideal.

Wang Lu had gathered his Wisdom Sect’s followers using the principle of millions of forerunners for the great ideal of world’s ascension, which proved that this idea was indeed pretty powerful, enough to turn the world upside down. Therefore, his proposed idea for the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was similar to this.

It was still the million of forerunners for the world’s ascension! However, at this time, Wang Lu had actually carefully polished this big lie earnestly!

Wang Lu’s proposed theory lies in the thought that the mission objective of the Immortal Cultivation World in the Nine Regions was the proliferation of productivity, improving the cultivation of the entire Immortal Cultivation World. For the former, there was a large number of history book that could prove it. Although the Nine Regions had experienced the Age of Chaos, as well as the catastrophic war between Immortals and Demons, in the end, it still progressed forward. Even in the process of progress, there were twists and turns, and perhaps could not be compared to the magnificence of the time before the Age of Chaos. However, from its bleakest dark age, there has already a lot of progress, constantly approaching the splendor that was before the Age of Chaos.

Over the past thousands of years, this progress has continued. There were a few setbacks, but they couldn’t reverse the general trend. And Wang Lu thought that this was the everlasting law in the Nine Regions for the millions of cultivators and billions of common people.

That being said, what would it be like when this big societal development progressed to the extreme?

Theoretically, when everyone ascended, True Immortals would be everywhere! In particular, hadn’t Patriarch Liu He’s Six Harmonies Spirit Root provided the people with the opportunity to ascend? Even if today that seemed like a distant fantasy, what if when the productivity of the tens of millions had been upgraded? The surrounding spiritual energy was by no mean a fixed variable. When the people could transform their surrounding, the surrounding spiritual energy would surely increase, and the high-rank spirit objects would be abundant; in this kind of world, was there anything that could stop millions of people from ascension?

Therefore, serving the people didn’t lower the cultivator’s identity, and most of all, it wasn’t for the benefit of the people… but for the future million of forerunners and the Nine Region’s ascension! Those mortals, under the banner of Wisdom Sect, diligently strived for that millions of ascensions, pushing the cultivation stage of the cultivators, increasing their power. Was there any reason for someone to not contribute to this lofty ambition?

But why millions rather than tens of millions? Wang Lu’s explanation to this was that, according to his calculation, it only needed millions of ascenders for the Nine Regions to successfully transform and have the quality to ascend. At which time, the surrounding spiritual energy would be so rich that it would be indistinguishable with the True Immortal World, which meant that the whole Nine Regions was basically the true world of immortals—the entire Nine Regions ascended!

As for the calculation process, whether it was Feng Yin or Wang Wu, both didn’t understand it at all. In the last two-thirds of the report, Wang Lu used most of it to construct the model, build the formula, and transform the myriad things in the world into numbers to derive the unthinkable answer. Although they didn’t understand the specific process, they didn’t have to. Wang Lu’s derivation of the millions of forerunners answer, using the huge amount of space in his report, was basically just a nonsense work.

Even the previous luring for the benefits part was also a nonsense, even so much that the whole hundreds of thousands of words in the report was totally rubbish. However, right now what the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals needed the most was exactly this utter crap report. Wang Lu’s narration was so engaging that it could entice people that once they started to read, they could not stop themselves from reading it to the end!

For Feng Yin, this report simply came at the most opportune moment.

The right time for what exactly? The Shengjing Sect and the few top sects in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals were currently facing this conundrum: How to properly handle the relationship between the mortal and Immortal, two worlds? Currently, the relationship between the two worlds was unstable, and anyone could see that. However, how to deal with the entrenched interference in the mortal world even though there was no mature approach? The result was that, one after the other, the aloof Immortal Cultivators were dragged down into the water, becoming the evil predator themselves. This was the reason why there was this saying in the Immortal Cultivation World, that the Immortal path was different than that of a mortal. This saying was intended to isolate the world of Immortal Cultivation from the mortal world. Previously, in those ancient sects tens of thousands of years ago, there were three hundred and fifty otherworldly cultivators who lived in seclusion deep in the mountain, painstakingly cultivating… Now, such a thing was decidedly unworkable; the likes of Spirit Sword Sects who put themselves in relative isolation was just maverick minorities. Any big sects must have their own foundation in the mortal world, forming a stable pyramid scheme. However, the words Immortal path was different than that of a mortal formed a deep moat around that stable pyramid, which forced people to wander around the lower ground to support the layer upon layer of oppression above them, but at the same time, the reaction force to free themselves was getting increasingly powerful.

The Immortal Cultivation World, particularly such a large sect like the Shengjing Sect, urgently needed a new set of theory to deal exactly with this contradiction that was the duality structure of the mortal and Immortal Cultivation World.

However, what was the use of it? This report stemmed from Spirit Sword Sect’s favorable location; it didn’t have the stamp of the Spirit Sword Sect, one of the five Unique in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. No matter how Wang Lu hyped his report, he still couldn’t win the trust of the cultivators, after all. Or if he didn’t come from the Spirit Sword Sect, developing the Wisdom Sect relying on his name alone would be met with many insurmountable difficulties.

Spirit Sword Sect was Wang Lu’s greatest backer.

As for the people? Needless to say, right before Wang Lu left the Wisdom Sect, there were already ten millions of followers, ten times as many hunger-for-immortality, thirst-for-favor-from-the-Wisdom-Sect ordinary people! If this wasn’t the people, then who was?

All the right conditions to use this report were here; it would be too much of a waste not to use it!

“What are you going to do about it then?”

Feng Yin already got the answer for this question from Wang Wu.

“This article couldn’t be signed with Wang Lu’s name alone, his influence is not enough, and the text needs to be modified. I will revise it carefully during these two days and then add my signature before mailing it to Academic Research Committee of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. This kind of report will provide thousands of Academic credits and tens of thousands Academic points. Not only could it complete the Committee’s routine share, but it would also be enough to raise the Academic rank of the Spirit Sword Sect to level nine.”

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