Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 142: My Girlfriend Is A Skeleton

Chapter 142: My Girlfriend Is A Skeleton

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The golden cloud, wordless and uncommunicative, approached the Spirit Sword Mountain. A moment later, with a loud rumble, the Grand Cloud Array that guarded the mountain began to disperse, revealing a spacious passage as well as the true appearance of the mountain. On the other end of the passage was the Spirit Sword Mountain’s Four Directions Peak. At its summit, nearly all the Spirit Sword Sect’s higher-ups were present.

On the Cloud Wave Boat, several white-robed cultivators cast a glance at each other. Their countenances were filled with a trace of ridicule.

"This Spirit Sword Sect is actually quite tactful; their display could be regarded as respectful."

"Humph, a mere member of Five Unique, what qualification do they have to not be respectful? This is also because of the Sect Leader, why would he send us to this remote place? Look at this Grand Protection Array, it actually still uses the obsolete several hundred years design concept. Tsk, I smell the taste of country bumpkin on this place’s spiritual energy, perhaps it could affect the sharpness of our thoughts."

"Sect Leader said the two Sects’ disciples must learn from each other on this competition… Hehe, what is there to learn from them? I heard that the other side needs ten years of cultivation to reach the Foundation Establishment, so at most, they just reach the high-level Qi Cultivating Stage. This group of barbarian doesn't even have a good cultivation foundation; they literally have no merit at all. In this competition, rather than performing alone, we should charge them performance fee instead."

"Senior Brothers, I think… since the other side is also one of the Five Uniques, the same as us, we shouldn’t be too careless."

"Humph, Yunfan, you’re just confused, so what if both two are of the Five Uniques? Aren’t we and those inferior sects share the same identity as the Nine Region cultivators? But how can we be compared to them? Not to mention this Five Unique title is just their own creation, I don’t think those nouveau riches and antiques deserved to stand shoulder to shoulder with our Ten Thousand Arts Sect. The reason people can stand at the top of all creatures is that we know more than any other creatures."

"That’s enough."

While the several white-robed youths were happily talking, a middle-aged man standing in the middle of the deck of the Cloud Wave Boat raised his hand to stop them from chatting. However, there was a similarly slightly contemptuous smile on his face.

"We’ll arrive soon, some of the words in your mind doesn’t need to be said out loud, after all, this is other people’s home. It is said that the Sect Leader of the Spirit Sword Sect, Daoist Master Feng Yin, is a Deity Stage Cultivator, which is not weaker than me, so you guys shouldn’t look down on the other side too much."

A young disciple behind that middle-aged cultivator was still unconvinced and laughingly said, "The head of this bunch of barbarians is actually just a Deity Stage cultivator, this Spirit Sword Sect is too laughable."

Another disciple laughed. "Hahaha, Third Senior Brother, I actually think that this sect has an advantage over us."

"Oh? What kind of advantage?"

"They have enough female disciples. See that on their Four Directions Peak, there are around six to seven female disciples, moreover, they’re all very nice."

"Hahaha, well said, Fourth Junior Brother. This Spirit Sword Sect doesn’t have anything good to show off, but the quality of their female disciples is actually outstanding. Hehe, we’ll just have to demonstrate our talents to these haven’t-seen-the-world girls, and it’s highly possible that we’ll have sexual encounters in this Blue River Region."


The two young male disciples were so enraptured in their talk that the voice that suddenly came from behind absolutely terrified them."

"Second, Second Senior Sister…"

A girl dressed in a similar white robe, with an unhappy expression, walked to the bow of the ship and coldly humphed. "Why don’t you two ask yourself, when you really meet those women, can you even talk to them?"

The Third Junior Brother obviously couldn’t accept this. "Talk is talk, what’s so difficult about it?"

"Really? Then why don’t you two turn your head and say a few words to me."

The Third Junior Brother turned his head and said as if he was heroically sacrificing his life, "Come, say what you want to say."

Second Senior Sister sighed reluctantly. "Why don’t you open your eyes first before speaking heroically like that, it would’ve been more convincing… Okay, that’s enough, go down and wake up your Eldest Brother, tell him we’ve arrived."

"Oh, okay."

During their exchange, the golden Cloud Wave Boat have arrived at Four Directions Peak and began to descend slowly.

On the other side, at the Four Directions Peak, many Elders, Senior Disciples, and Disciples with less than ten years of cultivation time were present at the scene.

Feng Yin, Liu Xian, Fang He, Zhou Ming, Lu Li, Ao Guanhai, Hua Yun… nearly all the Elders of the Heavenly Sword Hall were in attendance. Feng Yin stood in the center of the row in strict accordance to the rules stance.

This has nothing to do with the order in the Five Unique, but completely stemmed from basic courtesy. Ten Thousand Arts Sect could be rude, but Spirit Sword Sect could not lose their self-discipline.

However, those who were conscious with their self-discipline were only the Elders who stood at the front. The disciples at the back row inevitably became indignant and started whispering.

"Humph, what’s so great about them? They act high and mighty like they’re True Immortals or something."

"Moreover, if they want to come then just come; it is said that they just come with a few individuals, yet they rode on this huge Cloud Wave Boat, do they want to show off their wealth?"

"Humph, when the real contest comes, we must give them something good."

"Oh, by the way, where are Fifth Elder and Senior Brother Wang Lu? They’re supposed to be here for the occasion, but I can’t spot them."

"... Is it because of the fear that if they appear, they will cause Spirit Sword Sect to lose face?"

The two of them were talking in whispers, but suddenly, the shoulder of one of them sank as a hand had landed on top of it.

"Tell me, who did you say will lose the face of the Spirit Sword Sect?"

That outer court disciple hurriedly turned his head and saw the person behind him. Immediately, his countenance turned white.

"Senior Brother Wang Lu, just now, I, I…"

However, Wang Lu actually didn’t care about that remark; he just said with a smile, "Stay put, there will be a good show later on."

With that, he walked past the two of them, towards the row reserved for the Successor Disciple behind the Elders; admittedly, standing in that so-called row were just him and Liu Li, two people. Because her cultivation time has exceeded past the ten-year threshold, their Senior Sister Zhu Shiyao simply didn’t come.

Right at this time, the Cloud Wave Boat finally stopped. Eight golden rays of lights shot down from the cloud, and three Ten Thousand Arts Sect Elders descended first and then followed by five disciples. These eight cultivators trod on the golden light and descended as if they were True Immortals descending on earth, or a mortal world’s Emperor inspecting his country, full of vigorous imposing manner. Their brilliance dazzled the eyes, but it was just that… the golden lights were too slow to descend.

The Spirit Sword Sect’s people before them were naturally able to see that they were just putting on airs. Their few Elders’ mouths were looking at their noses, and their noses were looking at their foreheads; not even one muscle on their face ever twitched. The Spirit Sword Sect disciples naturally somewhat couldn’t stand all of that.

"Damn, they’re too arrogant."

"Do this Ten Thousand Arts Sect want to compete or pick a fight?"

"Just let Martial Uncles and Aunts activate the Grand Cloud Protection Array to pack them like a dumpling."

Upon hearing these several exchanges from the outer court disciples, a certain Successor Disciple nodded to interject. "Yeah, as long as we claim there’s a terrorist attack from outside, Spirit Sword Sect can just send their strong condemnation and profound condolences."

Just as his voice fell, the Third Elder standing in front of him turned his heads and slightly furrowed his brows. This quickly silenced the few outer court disciples and forced Wang Lu to reveal his sincere smile.

Fang He sighed and then ignored them. This Ten Thousand Arts Sect’s offensive attitude was no doubt hateful, but… his Sect Leader Senior Brother has given the task to organize the welcoming ceremony to his Fifth Junior Sister and that child Wang Lu, which could only be regarded as wicked grinding another wicked. As one of the Heavenly Sword Hall Elders, he had seen the scheduled programs beforehand… suffice to say that he was thoroughly speechless.

However, the Ten Thousand Arts Sect cultivators in mid-air naturally would not let these discussions and petty actions slide away just like that. Two young cultivators could not help but sneer. "What kind of Immortal Cultivator that is this crude?"

"Well, they are Blue River Region’s barbarian… Hey, Fourth Junior Brother, look, that young miss is pretty nice."

"W-What a lethal weapon," The Fourth Junior Brother said and hurriedly wiped the corner of his mouth. "I-I think they’re at least D cup."

"Great minds think alike indeed."

"You guys…"

A certain Senior Sister helplessly sighed. However, inwardly, she recalled from reading the data that the young girl with hot body who stood behind the Spirit Sword Elders should be a Successor Disciple… Was it Zhu Shiyao or Liu Li? It should be the latter. It was said that two years ago in the Blood Cloud Gorge, she even slain twelve Xudan and quasi-Xudan demons. Although she was just a barbarian, she was actually a powerful barbarian. It seemed like the one that would contend with Senior Brother Zhan Ziye should be her… However, if that girl wanted to fight Senior Brother, she must pass her first.

As both were female cultivators, Ye Feifei didn’t believe that she would lose to a female barbarian of the Blue River Region. Although her Spirit Root wasn’t the best, as an Immortal Cultivator from the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, she had the best and the most advance education in the whole Nine Regions. With this advantage, even those with Heavenly Spirit Root couldn’t be compared to her. A mere twelve Xudan and quasi-Xudan, how could she not be able to handle them? Perhaps she could do even more than that.

However, even if she could do better, compared to her Senior Brother Zhan Ziye, the gap between them was still too far. Her Senior Brother was a true talented genius… Ye Feifei inwardly thought and then reverently looked at her Senior Brother. However, her Senior Brother’s eyes were also glued to that Liu Li. With furrowed brows, his mouth mumbled.

"Hello, my name is Zhan Ziye. This year, I’m nineteen years old, middle-level Foundation Establishment and single. I hope we can be friends...Hello, beautiful, I am the Ten Thousand Sect’s Eldest Brother of the younger generation, Zhan Ziye…"

Ye Feifei’s jaw dropped: "Senior-Senior Brother, how could you?"

The few of their Elders at the front were also helpless. The male-female disciple's ratio of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect was indeed too imbalanced. Moreover, their relationships with the several famous female only Sects were not that good. Thus, their disciples lacked experience in this aspect.

However, this was not a big deal. The disciples of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect were highly talented and intelligent, so they should understand that the affairs of men and women pale in comparison to the Immortal Cultivation Path. As long as they uphold their way and keep on studying, the whole thing was as transient as the fleeting cloud.

This time, they would show this bunch of Blue River Region’s country bumpkins how powerful they, people of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, are.

Finally, the eight golden lights landed on the ground. However, just as these eight individuals took their first step, they heard someone dressed in a red-white robe from the opposite party loudly shout.


As soon as his voice fell, a deafening sound flooded the entire Four Directions Peak. The music came too suddenly that the eight individuals from the Ten Thousand Arts Sect were somewhat taken aback and had a scare. While bewilderingly looking around, they all thought the Spirit Sword Sect had activated the Grand Cloud Protection Array to pack them into several dumplings.

After a while, when they finally assured that this probably was just a welcoming ceremony that was thrown by the Spirit Sword Sect… they felt angry out of shame—being frightened by a welcome music cost them a big chunk of their face. They all thought that it was highly likely that the Spirit Sword Sect had intentionally arranged for this music.

However, soon, that red-white-robed cultivator who stood behind the Elders of the Spirit Sword Sect opened his mouth again.

"Girls, it’s show time!"

The next moment, from all around the platform on the summit of the Four Directions Peak came a feminine chorus. Hundreds of beautiful young women entered the stage and surrounded the people from the Ten Thousand Arts Sect.

These hundreds of women, some were tall and slender, some delicate and petite, some of them plump, and some were skinny but attractive. The older ones seemed less than thirty years, which exuded the lingering charm of a mature woman. However, most of them were just sixteen to seventeen years old, vibrantly energetic young girls. Some were just thirteen or fourteen years old; they still have their childish feature yet delicately beautiful.

All these women wore special dress. Although it didn’t expose too much skin, the fabric tightly snugged their bodies, which perfectly outlined the curves on their body. Some even wore a more attractive skirt, which revealed their pair of snow-white soft thighs, fully exuding a fiery temptation.

These women surrounded the eight people of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect while charmingly shouting.

"Welcome Ten Thousand Arts Sect to the Spirit Sword Mountain."

"Welcome to the Spirit Sword Mountain."

"Mr. Immortal, you’re so handsome."

"Mr. Immortal, Mr. Immortal, can you give your signature? Just sign it here." A woman with a very thin clothing strutted out her full chest.

For a time, except for a few insiders, all the people present in the Four Directions Peak were dumbfounded as if they were petrified.

A moment later, the eight Ten Thousand Arts Sect people were like ants on a steamer, anxious and didn’t know what to do. Especially the several young cultivators. Blushing from ear to ear, their eyes wandered around while their minds were thrown into confusion.

One of the Spirit Sword Sect’s inner court disciple stammered, "S-Senior Brother Wang Lu, w-what is happening…"

"Humph, this is called cleavage show." Wang Lu coldly sneered and then exclaimed, "Ladies, show them your cleavage."


The more than ten women that were at the front of the pack immediately opened their top, revealing their underwear as well as large tracks of their ample bosom.


The third Junior Brother of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect could not hold back anymore and spurted out blood from his nose. The nearby Fourth Junior Brother was choked by his own saliva, which caused him to constantly cough. A grand Foundation Establishment Cultivator that could be choked by his own saliva could be considered as news.

"Hey handsome, what is your name?"

"M-My name is Zhan Ziye, I am…"

"Wow, what a cool name. I knew you’re definitely powerful as soon as I heard your name."

"Hehe, not worth mentioning, just middle-level Foundation Establishment."

"Wow, middle-level Foundation Establishment? That’s so awesome! But you don’t look very old."

"Hehe, I am nineteen years old, single…"

While he was flustered, he heard a cold humph not far from him. "Humph, despicable trick! Break!"

One of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect Elders made a seal and launched a spell. A cool breeze blew over the peak, which was actually a special Ten Thousand Arts Sect’s spell intended to break every kind of illusions. Under this illusion breaking spell, only a few kind of powerful illusions that could survive.

However, after the breeze blew over, the sweet and delicate voice was still there as before. That Elder froze for a long time while inwardly exclaiming, "Impossible! What kind of illusion is this?"

Right at this time, two plump female closed up to him. "Mr. Immortal, what kind of Immortal method was that? You can actually call the wind like that, that’s so awesome."

"Mr. Immortal, Mr. Immortal, teach me a spell will you? I also want to learn Immortal method."

While talking, that plump female began to rub that Elder’s arm with her plentiful chest. Before long, that Elder’s face had turned red from embarrassment; unable to hold it anymore, he exclaimed, "Y-You are all illusions, I’m not scared of you. Watch my Illusion-breaking Heart Sutra."

The head of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect Elders was calmer than that Elder. When the illusion breaking wind failed, he immediately knew that these women were not illusions, but truly...

Damn! Spirit Sword Sect, don’t you have a limit on how low you could stoop? Unexpectedly, you guys really brought real people to perform this obscene act? Humph, what a pity, you could never deal my Ten Thousand Arts Sect with this dishonest trick!

"Calm the mind, drive away the evil and clean your mind."

The middle-aged Elder lifted up his right index finger and from its tip bloomed out a brilliant golden-white ray of light. Anyone touched by this light, their evil thoughts would be washed away and their hearts firm. This was a spell to calm the mind and enhance the human will. Although this was basically just a simple trick, because it was cast by a Deity Stage Elder, it could kill a raging monster in a second and bring countless sinners to repent.

You, this group of loose women, repent!

However, after being touched by this calming light, the women were just slightly stunned. Not only they didn’t kneel to repent, they even inched closer to him. "Mr. Immortal, you’re so handsome."

"May I lick your finger?"

"Mr. Immortal, I want to give you a baby."

"Poof!" This Deity Stage Elder slightly spurted out blood. His calming light unexpectedly failed, could it be that this group of women didn’t have any obscene thoughts in their mind? So what exactly are they doing right now? Being a good wife?

The people of the Spirit Sword Sect were also similarly confused.

Even those Elders who had a prior knowledge of this show were also curious on where exactly did these females come from.

Their enthusiasm was like fire, and emotionally, they were very sincere. Moreover, their characters were pure; all those acts didn’t stem from immorality. Yet, their speeches and behavior were very similar to that of prostitutes. When the Fifth Elder and Wang Lu previously proposed this plan, they were questioned by the other Elders: what would happen if the other party broke these women’s resolve with spells? At that time, Wang Lu solemnly vowed that it would not, unless the Ten Thousand Arts Sect threw away their uprightness and directly killed these innocent women. Actually, Ten Thousand Arts Sect has no other choice but to use the illusion breaking spell or calming mind light—soft approaches… In light of this, the single most important thing was to find the correct candidate to perform.

For this unanswered question, Wang Lu finally gave the Elders his answer.

"They are the Wisdom Sect’s followers."

"I personally ordered Ye Chuchen to pick susceptible beautiful females from tens of millions of Wisdom Sect’s followers to receive Wisdom Sect’s strict brainwashing doctrine… After their thoughts were baptized, they became absolutely pure and have an absolutely unwavering faith, moreover...Basically, every one of them is a cultivator. Otherwise, with their high and mighty attitude, I’m afraid no ordinary person could stand them."

Wang Lu said as he sighed as if he was someone who was lonely at the top. "It seemed like this little stimulation is a bit too much to handle for this gang of otakus, hahaha."

At this time, someone from the Ten Thousand Arts Sect finally took the matter to her own hand. Although she was just a low-level Foundation Establishment, the scene around her didn’t affect her at all. She heaved a sigh. "You guys, what the hell are you doing? World’s transformation, Bustling Fall!"

A ripple immediately spread around with her at the center. In the several Elders’ eyes, as well as the young disciples, the scene around them suddenly changed.

Those beautiful and attractive beauties withered in a blink of an eye, turning into skeleton-like women, which was really frightening.

Towards her Martial Brothers and Elders, Ye Feifei was really helpless, however, was this drastic measure really necessary?

Indeed, they couldn’t rudely push these passionate women away or even lock them; it would make Ten Thousand Arts Sect appear like the barbarian orangutan that was the Royal Soldier Sect. However… everyone knew this Bustling Fall illusion spell, which turned these women into skeleton-like, yet how come no one could think of using it except for her?

Sure enough, with this Bustling Fall Illusion Spell, one after the other, the disciples of Ten Thousand Arts Sect seemed to calm down from their frenzied state.

However, to some extent, not only Ye Feifei really underestimated the effect of this trick from the Spirit Sword Sect, but she also underestimated the lower limit of her own side.

Just as the Ten Thousand Arts Sect cultivators began to calm down, one of them suddenly shouted, "Damn, so what if she’s like a skeleton? She’s still a living breathing woman."

Several others disciples were startled. "Yes, you’re right."

That man shouted, "F*ck science. We must see the truth from the mist and use the heart rather than the eyes to observe things. Behind these skeletons are enchanting beauties!"

"Yes… Yes, well said. Although it looks like a skeleton, it’s actually a beauty."

A certain person proceeded to loudly shout, "Moreover, what’s wrong with looking like a skeleton? In your many years of cultivation, let alone women, even skeleton-like beauty is rarely seen by you."

"... That’s true."

"So I know that even though they look like skeletons, it’s not going to stop you."

"That’s right, they just look like a skeleton." A deeply bewitched disciple finally could not hold it anymore. He jerked forward, fiercely hugged the little skeleton in front of him, and tried to force a kiss.

Deathly silent descended on the entire Four Directions Peak.

Wang Lu shrugged. "Don’t look at me, I’m only responsible for the incitement, the one who did the deed is them."

An inner court disciple could not help but say, "B-But...Senior Brother, where did you find such a beautiful child?"

Wang Lu cast his glance ahead. The one that was hugged by the Ten Thousand Arts Sect disciple was a ten years old girl, who was giggling in the arms of that cultivator.

Wang Lu lightly said, "To entice an otaku, we naturally have to use a little loli."

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