Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 153: The Correct Method of Using the Fatty

Chapter 153: The Correct Method of Using the Fatty

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"I have come to an arrangement with the Sect Leader regarding the matter of sect’s lead representative."

In the morning, on the Non-Phase Peak, Master and disciple were chatting as they walked in the desolate part of the mountain.

"Your plan has basically passed the Heavenly Sword Hall review; most of the Elders agreed to this point exchange method. Moreover, based on the Immortal Cultivation World development on the Nine Regions these last few years, our Spirit Sword Sect could not afford to continue to be conservative and complacent anymore. The exchanges with the other sects will inevitably increase. Therefore, this lead representative system is necessary."

With that, Wang Wu pulled out a stack of materials from her mustard seed bag and threw it at Wang Lu.

"The next question is how to get that lead representative position. The two sects have basically decided to divide the competition into two parts, individual and team. Needless to say, team competition is basically a brawl. However, the individual competition is actually different than usual."

While listening, Wang Lu had opened and read the two sects’ materials regarding the competition. He then said with a smile, "This is interesting, each of the two Sects will send five representatives, who, through elimination match, would vie for the final champion? What kind of competition is this?"

"To emphasize the pursuit of harmony between the two sects, solidarity, and mutual assistance. It sounds more harmonious than simply confrontation between two sects for a championship."

Wang Lu said, "It’s just a matter of convenience, heh. From each sect’s five representatives, one would be the substitute. The rest of the total of eight representatives would be divided into groups where they would confront each other. After three rounds, the winner would come out — a clean, tidy, and cost-saving method. However, the luck factor in this kind of group competition is quite big; for the Ten Thousand Arts Sect to willingly accept this plan, they must’ve been full of confidence."

"Of course they are confident." Here, Wang Wu finally turned her head and stopped, "In fact, according to that idiot Sect Leader’s calculation, the probability of a same-sect finale for them is more than half. Our people are likely to not even reach the finals! Regardless through your tricks a few days ago, Spirit Sword Sect has gained the upper hand. For this competition, our strength is, after all, not as good as theirs. From the five people, Yue Yun, Zhu Qin, and Yue Xinyao, three people are just there to fill the numbers; the true aces here are you and Liu Li. These several days, there are Elders who focus on training little Liu Li. As for you…"

Wang Lu chuckled, "Rest assured, I’ve already got a plan for that. Although its use is still somewhat unfamiliar, with two days of intensive training, it can be used in a fight. By the way, of the three people whose use is to make up the numbers, I want Zhu Qin to be removed, he’s just style without substance, not as good and easy to use as the dead fatty."

Wang Wu couldn’t help but be surprised. She didn’t expect for Wang Lu to recommend that obese teenager. "Wen Bao? Although his cultivation level and method are quite good, would that really be enough?"

Wang Lu smiled, "In any case, in the past, he was once a department head in my Wisdom Sect. No matter how much of waste he is, he was my subordinate, and he’s always eager to best Zhu Qin."

"Those are not convincing reasons... Moreover, it’s not me who decides the list."

Wang Lu said, "No problem. Just let Wen Bao and Zhu Qin have a round of fight; any Elders that are still in doubt can watch it. By the end of the fight, no one would doubt it anymore."

Wang Wu cheerfully said, "You’re really that confident with that fatty? Okay, I will arrange the fight between them tomorrow and ask Liu Xian and Fang He as witnesses."


That afternoon, at the Misty Peak disciples dormitory.

"So that’s it, please go to the practice field tomorrow morning to have a fight with Zhu Qin. Prove your prowess as the infrastructure department head of the Wisdom Sect."


Shocked by this grievous news, a certain fatty spurted blood on the spot.

Wen Bao was simply in tears, "I was indeed the head of the infrastructure department, but I was only responsible for construction work, rarely did I reach the frontline of the battlefield; I can’t fight!"

Wang Lu chuckled, "I know you can’t fight, but even so, you’re still my Wisdom Sect’s cadre, which means, it is unlikely that you can’t even defeat that waste, Zhu Qin. It’s not as if you’re going to fight Liu Li, so what are you afraid of?"

"Senior Brother, Director! You overestimate me! My method’s attributes are too extreme, not suitable for a one-on-one fight, while Senior Brother Zhu Qin’s attributes are more comprehensive, an outstanding talent among his peers…"

Wang Lu said with a smile, "I still have some works to do, so I won’t listen to your excuses. You can slowly analyze yourself on why you can’t beat Zhu Qin, but tomorrow morning, I want you to show up at the arena on time."

With that, Wang Lu turned around and walked away, leaving fatty and his howling cry sound behind.


The next morning, on the Misty Peak, the boisterous voices of the inner court and outer court disciples can be heard all over the practice field as they enthusiastically watched the fight on the practice field.

Meanwhile, on the practice field, the fight between Wen Bao and Zhu Qin had almost reached its climax. Both sides refused to give up even for an inch!

Prior to this, very few people could think that the fatty, who had always been known as simple and timid, could actually be a match to an influential figure in the inner court.

After five years of cultivation, coupled with the previous special training, Zhu Qin had now reached the high-level Qi Cultivating Stage. Moreover, with a comprehensive strength and without any weak point, among the disciples who were on the same rank as him, he was reckoned to be one of the very best. As for Wen Bao, not only his magical power and cultivation level were inferior to Zhu Qin, he also specialized in the crude fighting method of pure attack, which was only useful if he cooperated with other people. Once he fought a one-on-one fight, he wouldn’t stand a chance. The two years of fighting practices with the other disciples have proven this point. And for the last two years, in the more than twenty rounds of exchange against Zhu Qin, Wen Bao had never won even once.

However, this time, in the face of an opponent whom he had never been able to defeat, Wen Bao’s performance was actually jaw-dropping. In the face of an aggressive, trying-to-end-the-match-as-quick-as-possible Zhu Qin, once he got past his hesitation and timidity, Wen Bao brandished his door-like gigantic sword and welcomed the attack head on!

In many people’s eyes, this was simply suicidal. Although his Black Iron Sword Art was famous for its formidable offensive, unmatched in the attack power, this was still a foolhardy charge. He had countless of visible flaws. As long as Zhu Qin exploited one or two of those flaws, Zhu Qin’s victory would be assured. However, with his skill, how could he possibly guard against that?

However, in the actual development of the fight, to everyone’s surprise, the power of Wen Bao’s amazing swordsmanship had actually multiplied by several times compared to the past! In his hand, the wave of his gigantic door-like sword appeared like a human-shaped storm. Although it had flaws, no one could do anything about them. Zhu Qin flicked his sword and cast out three sword qi in succession, but one after the other, they were repelled by the Black Iron Sword qi. Zhu Qin was alarmed and hastily withdrew using the Amazing Step Method. After he made an observation, he used his magical power to cast spells at Wen Bao in succession. Slow, confuse, disorder...and various other spells.

Zhu Qin was very skilled in spell casting and was ranked as one of the best among his peers. This successive spell casting often could cause the opponent to get trapped in a quagmire; even with power, there was nothing his opponent could do. And Wen Bao wasn’t good at dealing with these spells. Each time he took it, he suffered a defeat. In the past twenty rounds of fights against Zhu Qin, most of the time, Zhu Qin used this spell technique to suppress his move and humiliate him in defeat.

However, this time, Zhu Qin’s spells were clearly more powerful than in the past that should’ve immediately suppressed Wen Bao, causing him to feel dizzy, confused, and unable to move. However, Wen Bao didn’t seem to be affected by it. His charge’s momentum didn’t have the slightest bit of reduction!

Zhu Qin was stunned for a moment. He finally discovered that at this time, Wen Bao’s blood and qi were in the state of excitation… Unexpectedly, this was a form of body protection technique that transformed the vital energy into a layer of invisible armor around the body used by the great martial arts masters in the mortal world! This vital energy body protection completely warded off all of Zhu Qin’s spells, which caused them to have zero effect on Wen Bao and forced Zhu Qin to continue to retreat and look for another chance.

Generally speaking, when a mortal world’s martial arts master fought a Qi Cultivating Stage cultivator, this vital energy body protection would be one of their most powerful weapons. Unless the cultivator has the magical power of a Foundation Establishment. Otherwise, it was very difficult for a Qi Cultivating Stage cultivator to deal with this layer of invisible armor. It was just this vital energy body protection technique was very difficult to train. Even Zhu Qin himself was helpless against it. Unexpectedly this moronic fatty was actually able to use such an amazing technique!

"Senior Brother Wen Bao is so formidable… was he hiding his real power before?"

Outside the practice field, the outer court disciple Wen Yin, dressed in the blue and white dress, looked at the practice field in surprise. It seemed like Wen Bao was being possessed by the god of death.

Although in the face of keenness and swiftness of Zhu Qin, Wen Bao didn’t have the chance to win. As long as he had this vital energy body armor and his Black Iron Sword qi, Zhu Qin also could do nothing to him.

"Hiding his power? Based on his IQ, do you think he could hide his power? He has just eaten a stimulant, that’s why he could display this extraordinary performance."

Wen Yun curiously asked, "Extraordinary performance?"

Wang Lu pointed to a person next to the girl. "You can just ask her about it... Am I right, Junior Sister Yue?"

Yue Xinyao became somewhat embarrassed. With a slightly red face, she said, "Senior Brother, what are you talking about? How would I know!?"

Wang Lu said, "In Wen Bao’s previous fight with the others, because he didn’t have the confidence, Wen Bao never let Junior Sister Yue watch those fights, am I right?"

Yue Xinyao’s face turned even redder. "Senior Brother Wang Lu, if you say that again, I will immediately leave!"

"Don’t. If you go, how would Wen Bao show his true strength?"

Yue Xinyao stomped her foot in frustration. She really didn’t want him to say those words, moreover...

"Moreover, there’s no use for Senior Brother Wen Bao to maintain this stance. Although it looks like they are a match, his energy consumption is far more than that of Senior Brother Zhu Qin. Even if his physical strength is amazing... he can’t sustain the stance for long."

Wang Lu nodded, "Indeed if this continues, the dead fatty will undoubtedly lose. Therefore, I’ll give him an even more intense stimulation, so that he can show his real ability."

For this, even Yue Xinyao was curious. An even more intense stimulation? What would it be?

While shaking his head, Wang Lu said, "There’s no other way. Initially, I didn’t want to trouble that person to appear on the scene, but since this dead fatty doesn’t live up to expectations, I have no other choice."

With that, he turned around and clapped his hands.

"Senior Qian Hu, please come here."

Then, with an indifferent sneer, a well-dressed young woman came to the side of the practice field and then stood still as she watched the scene on the practice field.

Naturally, she became the object of discussion among the Spirit Sword Sect disciples, yet no one recognized this strange woman’s identity. Wang Lu, who was familiar with her, went forward and greeted, "Yo, Senior Qian Hu."

She was the leader of the Mansion of Light of the Great Ming Country who was also a Vice Sect Leader of the Wisdom Sect, Li Nana.

Upon seeing Wang Lu, Li Nana slightly smiled, and her eyes shifted back to the practice field. "This fight is quite exciting."

As soon as she said that, on the practice field, Wen Bao suddenly froze.

The woman’s voice was like a lightning strike to him; his brain could no longer think of anything else. However, at the same time, how could Zhu Qin let this opportunity to slip away? He immediately rushed forward and thrust his flickering flaming sword on Wen Bao’s chest.

"Junior Brother, you’ve lost…"

"Get out of the way!"


Like an avalanche, the gigantic door-like sword swung with an unprecedented sword qi which completely engulfed Zhu Qin’s whole body.

While everyone was dumbstruck, Wang Lu turned his head and smiled, "See, it’s lust...ah, wrong, it’s the power of love."

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