Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 160: There Is Already Nothing To Be Afraid Of

Chapter 160: There Is Already Nothing To Be Afraid Of

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Wen Bao’s defeat was indeed regrettable.

When nobody was optimistic, he bravely went forth into battle and unexpectedly became dominant in it. But then, beyond everyone’s expectation again, he sprayed out blood and lost... a mysterious dark horse.

Of course, in addition to the Elders with their amazing eyesight, most people couldn’t see the secret to this. Wen Bao’s source of power inside the pouch became the object of gossip of everyone. Some people said it was a banned substance, other said it was nothing; people would just make something unnecessarily complicated, and the fatty was actually very formidable. Others also said that the thing inside the pouch was the Spirit Sword Sect’s newly developed magical treasure, which had the power to store magical power...

Of course, regarding the two Sects’ contestants, no matter how shocking Wen Bao’s performance was, it was a thing of the past. Regardless of how many secrets he kept inside his body, as a loser, he had already lost his appeal.

What really mattered were the four cultivators who overcame their opponents and marched into the next round.

After the four fights of the first round, the two sides had more or less exposed their cards and weaknesses. Zhan Ziye’s lightning body, Liu Li’s fire and water double sword, Wang Lu’s reversing-injury nameless sword, and Ye Feifei’s Royal Air.

The second round was scheduled for the next day. The contestants had one day to restore their magical power, heal injuries, and deduce and make appropriate counters according to the new information. Among these, except for Wang Lu, all the other three winners were almost uninjured going into the next round and had no reason to restore anything. Wang Lu’s case was more worrying; although his injury for injury method was very beautiful to defeat a stronger opponent, the damage to him was also quite heavy. Many people guessed Spirit Sword Sect would send Yue Xinyao to substitute him.

However, regarding the concerned party, such speculation was simply nonsense.

"What a joke, want little Yue to replace me? Isn’t that the same as pushing a little girl into a fire pit? Her three-legged cat’s Kung Fu would just be a child’s play even for Ye Feifei in her menstruation period!"

"... Senior Brother, although I appreciate your concern for me, what you said is too…"

"I’m sorry, I’m too straightforward. However, this substitute notion needs to be forgotten ASAP; the opponent is too strong this time. Except for me and Liu Li, no one else has a reasonable chance of winning unless they use the brocade sack method. However, there’s no suitable brocade sack for you."

Wang Lu spoke some comforting words to Yue Xinyao as he lay on his bed at the Non-Phase Peak during her visit.

"This injury is nothing at all. Many times I suffered heavier injuries than this in the Savage Land. As long as I take a little bit of medicine and some sleep, tomorrow morning, I will be fine."

Yue Xinyao still had some worries. "But this precious pre-fight preparation time would be a waste."

Wang Lu smiled. "Against Ye Feifei, is there a need to prepare for anything? If the opponent is Zhan Ziye or Liu Li, preparation is a must, but for Ye Feifei, she’s yet to qualify for that."

"Senior Brother, isn't this talk a little bit too much?"

Sitting near the bed, the simple and honest warrior Wen Bao said, "Ye Feifei... is actually very formidable."

Because he was sitting next to Yue Xinyao, the fatty obviously was quite uncomfortable. He was especially afraid if she knew the truth about the brocade sack, thus he couldn’t help but break into cold sweat. However, he still tried to convey his experience in fighting Ye Feifei to Wang Lu.

"Although Ye Feifei has shown her card, her strength is more than that…"

"I know, her spell should be strong. Although her successive probing spells failed to affect your vital energy body protection, that’s just because she has yet to come up with her special move. In any case, she is the second best talent among the younger generations in the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, so her attack couldn’t possibly be so weak."

Wen Bao said, "Yes, she has speed and powerful attack, so it should be very tricky for Senior Brother to deal with her."

"Tricky?" Wang Lu showed a look of disbelief. "What’s the reason for this?"

"Because… Senior Brother, isn’t your counterattack ability only works if you fight in a melee?"

Although he was clearly embarrassed to say that, even Wen Bao could see that Wang Lu’s counterattack ability on long range fight was basically zero. Zhao Jiangyuan lost because he was in a hurry to win. If he had kept his distance and bombarded Wang Lu with spells, Wang Lu would just be a sandbag.

And Ye Feifei was undoubtedly a master in long range bombardment. She would simply not fight Wang Lu in a close combat.

Wang Lu laughed. "Mortal’s wisdom! Since I know I don’t have a chance in a long range fight, I naturally have to find a way to bring her close!"

Wen Bao froze. "How? Using spells is certainly not going to work; the opponent is after all from the Ten Thousand Arts Sect. Or do you want to rely on your dog? But your dog can’t fly."

Wang Lu said, "Your IQ is not enough to consider this complex problem; I have my own solution… If you guys really want to help to supply me with ideas, you might as well analyze Liu Li’s match."


Near the bed, many of his fellow disciples were taken by surprise. This Senior Brother Wang Lu was too ambitious. Before he even won the semifinal, he already wanted to prepare for the final. Moreover, did he really think he would stand a chance against Liu Li?

"Nonsense, of course, I will help her. After all, we are disciples of the same sect, even if we are competing in a competition. However, if there are only the two of us left, should I not make my move against her?"

This remark dispelled some doubts in the minds of the several people present, especially for outer court disciples who didn’t know much about Wang Lu. They opened their mouths wide in surprise.

Among them was a little Junior Sister who came with Yue Xinyao. She softly asked her Senior Sister Wen Yin, "Senior Sister, isn’t the Non-Phase Peak supposed to not have any good people?"

Wen Yin was a bit embarrassed. "This… There’s a lot of misunderstanding about the Non-Phase Peak."

On the other side, Wang Lu began his in-depth questions about Liu Li.

"At present, no one can defeat Liu Li head on, even my reversing-injury swordplay couldn’t overcome her Brilliant Sword Heart. Thus, to win against her, an ingenious method needs to be used. Compared to me, you guys have more contact with Liu Li, so, tell me about her life details, and I’ll see the areas where I can exploit...For example, where does she usually eat? What are her habits?"

The little Junior Sister who asked Wen Yin just now couldn’t help but ask, "Senior Brother Wang Lu, why are you asking these? Could it be you want to poison Senior Sister Liu Li?"

"Nonsense. Otherwise, do you think I would give her snacks?"


Junior Sister Yun Luan couldn’t believe her ears. Who could possibly say such a high sounding conspiracy righteously!?

Wang Lu added, "In addition, what books she likes to read, the kind of music that she likes to hear... by the way, has she ever had a love experience?"

Wang Lu asked several questions. Unfortunately, because the answers were too straightforward, for a time, unexpectedly no one responded to him.

"You don’t know this, and don’t know that. Do you guys even feel sincere in visiting the sick?" Wang Lu sighed with emotion. "But it doesn’t matter, you guys can also give me some money."

Then shortly, the room was cleared of visitors.


For the Ten Thousand Arts Sect people, this was a sleepless night.

Despite after going through a round of combat, Zhan Ziye and Ye Feifei were spent; it was more important to analyze their next opponent.

According to the arrangement of the Elders of the two Sects, the first match tomorrow would be Wang Lu vs. Ye Feifei, followed by Zhan Ziye vs. Liu Li. Upon knowing about Liu Li’s fire and water double sword, Zhan Ziye retreated back to the Cloud Wave Boat to contemplate the countermeasures to improve his winning chance. However, Ye Feifei and her several Junior Brothers gathered together in the pink house at the Spirit Pool Peak, discussing the countermeasures together.

Unlike Zhan Ziye’s opponent, the real strength of Ye Feifei’s opponent was not in his strength, but rather in his endless machinations. Even in Zhao Jiangyuan’s defeat, half of that was due to the opponent grasping his real ability—When all people thought Wang Lu would use an underhanded means to win, he suddenly went open and aboveboard, which itself could also be considered an underhanded means...

For such an opponent, contemplating the countermeasure alone was pointless. It was better to use the thinking power of many people to come up with measures to guard against the machinations of the opponent.

"Little Hai, you and Wang Lu get along the most, do you have any method to counter him?"

"Senior Sister thinks too highly of me. Toward Wang Lu, I am also at a loss." Hai Yunfan wryly smiled. He remembered his conversation with Wang Lu not so long ago, which at this time made his heart palpitated even more fiercely. However...the words that he should say, he ought to say.

"Actually, there’s no need to think too much on how to deal with Wang Lu. In the end, in a duel match, strength is the number one decider. From the previous four matches, we can trace back three of them to him."

Although they were called into the room by Ye Feifei to help her out, the several other disciples actually couldn’t come up with any idea and at this time had become listeners.

"Three times he aimed at the weakness in people’s heart. Eldest Brother is extremely bad in the matters of man and woman relationship, Third Senior Brother dreaded Wang Lu’s tricks too much that he became impatient, and what about Wen Bao? Presumably, Wang Lu stimulated Wen Bao’s potential with his trick. In fact, it’s not difficult to analyze the matter if we look from another angle. With Master and the other Elders present, Wang Lu could not use many tricks. Could he use poison tactic? Could he consume banned drugs? Could he cause mischief on the scene? The answer to all of that is no. Therefore, the only thing he can do is to launch psychological attacks."

Hai Yunfan’s reasoning was very simple, but to Ye Feifei and the others who heard it, they suddenly felt enlightened.

"With these words of yours, there’s actually nothing to be afraid of Wang Lu."

"At least, in this competition between the two Sects, there are not that many opportunities that he can exploit. Therefore...Senior Sister, as long as you keep your rhythm, and not be confused with his trick, your victory is ascertained." Hai Yunfan said and then smiled. "Although Senior Brother Zhao lost to him, at least he was forced to use his card. That dying together swordplay of his has very strict limitations, has it not?"

Zhao Jiangyuan chagrined-ly said, "Now come to think of it, the shock from his sword came from when our two swords intersected. Which means that his sword must be used in close combat to be of any use. If I kept my distance from the start and just attacked him with my flying sword, at least, I wouldn’t have gotten hurt."

Hai Yunfan said, "Senior Sister, you excel at long distance fight. If the distance is long enough, even Eldest Brother couldn’t overtake you."

Ye Feifei laughed. "How could I be compared to Eldest Brother? With his annihilation thunder, I don’t even have the chance to fight back... However, if as you say, Wang Lu doesn’t have the ability to fight from a distance, then there’s nothing to fear."

Hai Yunfan said, "However, Senior Sister, you still need to be careful a little bit. Next, we’ll try to deduce his Non-Phase Method. Senior Brother Zhao has fought with him, so he should have many valuable pieces of first-hand information."

Zhao Jiangyuan nodded. "Correct. Although I dare not say that I’ve got the essence of his Method, I did realize some things about it. The first is…"

...In this sound of active discussion, this fight-preparation became increasingly tense.

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