Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 161 - It’s My Best Friend!

Chapter 161: It’s My Best Friend!

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The highly anticipated semifinals began on time early the next morning.

The first fight would be Wang Lu vs. Ye Feifei, which was also known as the showdown between the two number two characters.

Among the five representatives of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, Ye Feifei without a doubt ranked the second. However, being placed under Liu Li had incurred quite a criticism from Wang Lu.

"Ridiculous, both of us are the Successor Disciples. My cultivation base is not exactly lower than her. I started cultivating later than her. I’m younger than her, and my reputation is higher than her, why is it that the default lead is her?"

"… I don’t think it’s a good idea to enumerate the reasons."

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Still, in Wang Lu’s view, it was clear that only he had the lead representative qualification. Even legend-has-it-that-she-was-even-better-than-Liu-Li Zhu Siyao, who couldn’t participate because she had passed the ten years cultivation limit, also didn’t have the qualification to rob the lead representative position from his hand.

"Well, no matter. Since everyone doesn’t recognize, then I will let them see me win this match and the final so they will recognize. Congratulations Junior Sister-in-law, you will become an important stepping stone on my road to be the lead representative."

Standing on the other end of the Cloud Platform, Ye Feifei was extremely puzzled, that Junior Sister-in-law referred to what? Was this some kind of provocative statement?

At the same time, under the stage, Hai Yunfan’s heart almost jumped out of his chest: Boss, don’t play me like that!

"Wang Lu, I have seen through your actual situation." Ye Feifei’s awe-inspiring eyes looked at her opponent and confidently said, "You have no chance."

Wang Lu looked at Ye Feifei. In particular, he especially stared at her pair of confident eyes, then broke into laughter. "For a second there, I thought you’d actually seen through me. Sure enough, that’s just a bluff."

Ye Feifei sneered. "Whether I’m bluffing or not, or who is bluffing here, we’ll see when the fight starts."

"Oh." Wang Lu carelessly replied and then whistled.


The mottled dog Huahua jumped on the Cloud Platform and cheerfully bounced around Wang Lu’s feet.

"Humph, it’s still the same." Under the platform, Zhao Jiangyuan resentfully looked at the dog; he still felt a dull ache on his wrist.

The dog’s teeth were sharp, and its jaws marvelous. Yesterday when he was bitten on the wrist, not only did he suffer a terrible pain, his magical power also stagnated, which failed to recover for the rest of the fight. Even after the treatment from his Master, the recovery was very slow… However, the dog’s bite attack could only rely on the element of surprise.

In addition to its sharp teeth, the dog had no other advantages. Not only was it vulnerable, but its speed was also laughable. It had no ability such as stealth, shape shifting, and so on. Once you guarded against it, it basically posed no threat anymore. Moreover, the shape changing trick could only be used once.

This time, Wang Lu once again used this stupid dog. From here, it could be seen that he was already at the end of his wits.

Thinking to this, Zhao Jiangyuan’s heart slightly eased a bit. Although he lost the fight, if it could help his Senior Sister achieve an easy victory, then his loss would have a value… It would be even better if his Eldest Brother could defeat Liu Li on the afternoon fight and therefore fight his Elder Sister in the final round, which would mean a fierce slap in the face for the Spirit Sword Sect! Thus, it would let them know that tricks and machinations did not amount to something; the prosperity of the Sect relied on strength, not plotting!

"Senior Sister, you got this!" Zhao Jiangyuan took the lead in cheerleading, along with Lu Qiancai and Hai Yunfan—unfortunately, their Eldest Brother was still in a closed door to prepare for his afternoon fight. Otherwise, if he also cheered on their Elder Sister, she would be extremely moved, which would increase her fighting spirit!

However, after cheering for quite a while, Zhao Jiangyuan suddenly found there was something strange in the Elder Sister’s eyes… which seemed to be wavering.

Although the match hadn’t started yet, it was important to do a warm up or preparation. Some of the necessary spells should be cast to adjust the primordial spirit and the body in order for them to quickly enter the combat state. However, at this time, Elder Sister earnestly watched Wang Lu’s every move, rather than… After looking at Wang Lu for a while, she then looked at the mottled dog.

"Strange, why does Elder Sister appear to be uneasy? Did she lose her nerve now? That’s unlikely."

"Yeah, Senior Sister has always been the one who can keep composure the most. Even Eldest Brother couldn’t compare to her on this point. How could she seem somewhat guilty?"

The more Zhao Jiangyuan and Lu Qiancai looked at her, the more they felt her behavior strange. However, since they couldn’t see through why that was so, they could only shake their heads and keep on cheering her. At this time, the two Sects’ Elders had checked both Wang Lu and Ye Feifei’s condition, and after confirming that there was nothing abnormal, they announced the start of the game.

"Bad!" Hai Yunfan suddenly had a flash of insight and realized that there was an impending great crisis here.

Unfortunately, the fight had officially begun! The Cloud Platform rose high and was isolated from the audience below.

This was the lesson learned from the first match—at the time it was the fight between Zhan Ziye and Yue Yun, when Zhan Ziye was about to win, Wang Lu’s words from the outside stirred some wave and nearly turned the fight around. Since then, without waiting for the opponent to call attention to it, Spirit Sword Sect made a countermeasure to it.

Right now, although the audience could still clearly see the situation on the Cloud Platform, they could not exert any influence on it. Even their cheering sounds couldn’t reach the two contestants there. It was absolutely a fair and isolated arena.

When the fight began, Ye Feifei pulled no punches. She immediately launched her Royal Air and flew straight into the air. This move triggered a burst of exclamation from the audience because Ye Feifei’s action was significantly much faster than yesterday.

When she fought with Wen Bao, she hadn’t really put out her real skill… But now, facing Wang Lu, she hid her card no more.

Ye Feifei’s casting pillars of fire toward Wang Lu officially started the fight. Being able to rain down fire from the sky proved her credential as the number two powerful character.

On the other side, Wang Lu drew his Sword of Mount Kun and dissipated the pillars of fire, which proved his extreme defense. However, after that strike, Ye Feifei instead felt at ease because the fire was only scattered; the fire power couldn’t be counterattacked back to her.

Wang Lu’s ability to counterattack was limited to close combat. Therefore, as long as she kept her distance, he was just a thick sandbag without any threat at all… If she could guard against his psychological attack and not get close to him no matter what, at the very least, she would be in an impregnable position.

Moreover, although Wang Lu’s defensive ability was strong, according to the inference from her several Junior Brothers, it was not without a flaw. His super strong defensive ability was by no means perfect; a large part of the opponent’s attack was absorbed by his body, thus it seemed that his defensive force was far beyond what was known as normal, but there was a huge flaw in this.

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Once the opponent’s attack exceeded his defense limit, the seemingly perfect defense would collapse immediately. For other cultivators, if their defenses were broken, they would only suffer injuries. However, Wang Lu was more likely to be seriously injured and might even die on the spot, losing the match in an instant!

While Ye Feifei was, in fact, most adept at this kind of fight. Although she was a woman, her magical power was vigorous; her ability to fight a protracted fight was not inferior to Zhan Ziye. Therefore, she didn’t believe a high-level Qi Cultivating Stage Wang Lu could persist longer than her.

However, Wang Lu also didn’t intend to just be a sandbag for Ye Feifei’s attack. After successfully parrying that fire attack, Wang Lu’s next move caused Ye Feifei to stare dumbfoundedly at him.

He reached out his hand, picked up the dumb dog at his feet and threw it up! While in the air, the stupid dog made threatening gestures; its face turned fierce, and its canine fangs glistened under the light. Unfortunately, Wang Lu’s aim was unsatisfactory, therefore, the stupid dog just brushed past Ye Feifei.

Then, with a dull thumping sound, the stupid dog fell back to the Cloud Platform, which completely shocked it. The corners of its mouth were overflowing with traces of blood; it couldn’t get up for a long time.

Wang Lu shook his head, leisurely walked toward it and, without any trace of pity, cruelly picked it up with the intent to throw it again.

At this time, Ye Feifei who was still in the middle of the air, unbelievably stared with eyes open wide at him, and then asked in disbelief, "What-what are you doing?"

Wang Lu laughed. "Fight back."

"With that move!?"

"What else can I do? Cast spells? The only way I can fight back right now is to let this dog bite you. But you fly so high, I have no choice but to throw this stupid dog."

Ye Feifei was trembling with rage. "You-you don’t have any humanity at all!"

Wang Lu chuckled. "No matter. I still have beastly nature!" With that, he threw that stupid dog again.

Unfortunately, his aim was still poor; the dog only passed Ye Feifei’s shoulder. However, unexpectedly, Ye Feifei reached out and sent off a puff of mist on that dog, which wrapped it and lightly landed it on the platform, preventing it from suffering any injury.

Wang Lu exclaimed, "What a kind person you are." His eyes were full of banter.

Ye Feifei was startled; she knew her flaw had been exposed. Therefore, she promptly used her magical treasure, the Red Jade Coral to stimulate her magical power. However, the next moment, the scene that was reflected in her eyes caused breathing to turn chaotic, her spell suddenly broke, her magical power scattered and her Jade Mansion shook.

Wang Lu actually kicked his spirit pet fiercely. Moreover, he clearly aimed for its sensitive parts nose and the mouth, which in turn caused it to bleed profusely.


Wang Lu ignored Ye Feifei and coldly scolded his dog, "Idiot, I gave you two chances, but you didn’t bite her. Is there any use for me to keep you!?"

The dumb dog whimpered and was very miserable.

"What are you crying about? If you have the ability, bite that woman down! Go!" While talking, Wang Lu kicked that dog once again.

The stupid dog wailed and spat out blood.

"Hehe, just now that woman helped to slow your fall with her mist, and her sympathy toward you was clearly visible. However, how could there be sympathy in a fight? So you two must have known each other before this. People say dogs are loyal, but you this cheap thing actually serve the interest of the outsider!"

As soon as he finished his words, he kicked its throat, which stopped the dog’s wail. A moment later, it vomited out many blood clots.

Under the stage, everyone was deathly silent.

Ye Feifei’s fury has reached the sky that her vision turned red and her whole body uncontrollably trembled. "You, you vicious wretch! Go to hell!"

The next moment, under the stage, Hai Yunfan anxiously exclaimed, "Senior Sister, don’t be fooled!"

Unfortunately, at this time, the Cloud Platform had been completely isolated from outside interference. Under extreme anger caused by provocation, Ye Feifei’s right index finger and ring finger slightly interlocked; she cast a spell and instantly appeared behind Wang Lu.

This Instantaneous Flurry was Ye Feifei’s life-saving card. Yet, at this time, she actually used it to launch a surprise attack. The Red Jade Coral was clasped in Ye Feifei’s hand, ready to discharge celestial fire. At the same time, her other hand reached down to search the seriously injured dying spirit pet.

Although Ye Feifei’s move was quite anxious and desperate, she actually came prepared. In her right hand, the Coral’s Celestial Fire was ready to be released, to prevent the opponent’s counterattack from injuring her. While her left hand’s fingers probed out to look for the contract sign on the Spirit Pet. As long as she found it, she could immediately break the frail contract relation between Wang Lu and Huahua. Without the shackles of the contract, the Spirit Pet would be free, not to be bullied by this evil master.

However, when her left hand was about to touch the Spirit Pet, Ye Feifei clearly saw two pairs of sneers!

Wang Lu and the mottled dog, a person and a pet, had a very similar smile!

The next moment, pain came through her left hand; the dog had viciously bitten it. At this time, Ye Feifei finally realized what her Junior Brother said as gouging one’s heart, which currently caused a deep anguish within her!

In the twinkling of an eye, even the already quite advanced Spirit Mist Heart Sutra in her Jade Mansion couldn’t withstand the shock, which immediately revealed a crack. The magical power in Ye Feifei’s body subsequently trembled and nearly went out of control. However, how could Wang Lu sit back and watch his opponent recover from the pain and regain her breathing?

The Sword of Mount Kun, leisurely but accurately, swung toward the Red Jade Coral.

"Damn it!"

The Red Jade Colar was currently in the state of drawing the bow ready to release the arrow, which could be released at any time. However, with the shock from the Sword of Mount Kun, plus Ye Feifei’s almost uncontrollable magical power, the Celestial Fire immediately leaked out, burning the sea and boiling the ocean.

And Wang Lu also quietly activated his prickly shell.

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