Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 162: Oh, You Want to Be Friends with Me?

Chapter 162: Oh, You Want to Be Friends with Me?

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"Senior Sister, are you alright?"

When she woke up, she immediately saw the worried face of her Junior Brother Hai Yunfan.

Ye Feifei, still feeling somewhat weak, lightly nodded and stood up.

Her injury wasn’t heavy. Before the Celestial Fire counterattack burned her head, it had already been suppressed by the referee Elder’s supreme remarkable ability. Therefore, she only had her Jade Mansion shocked and thus suffered an internal injury. After circulating her breathing for a moment in the resting area, she soon became clear-headed again. Afterward, contrary to the advice from her Junior Brothers and the several Elders, in large strides, she went toward the opposite side of the Cloud Platform, toward the resting area of the Spirit Sword Sect.

Sure enough, Wang Lu was also there. While coughing out blood, he teased the dog with the streaky pork.

Seeing Ye Feifei coming at him aggressively, the surrounding disciples very tacitly got out of the way, selling him out.

"Yo, what do we have here, it’s the dog powder... oh, wrong, it’s the dog lover Ye Feifei. What can I help you?" Wang Lu showed a teasing look, which immediately angered Ye Feifei.

"Did you already plan this from the start?" Inwardly angry, Ye Feifei’s voice was cold.

"No. Yesterday when I took the dog onstage, it attracted various screams from the audience, including you. I heard your voice clearly among them, that’s when I came up with a plan to deal with you." Wang Lu was exceptionally frank with her. He then picked up the stupid dog and wiggled it in front of Ye Feifei.

"You like it? Though it is a bit stupid."

Ye Feifei said, "When you abused the dog... was it fake?"

"Nonsense, this stupid dog has a rough skin and thick meat. Even if I abuse it, it’s not going to hurt. The blood that you saw was nothing but the blood tofu that I previously feed it with."

"Blood... shameless!"

"Better than having no brain." Wang Lu didn’t care about the opposite party’s accusation. "A grand Foundation Establishment Cultivator but couldn’t even recognize the blood tofu, yet you have the nerve to claim that you’re very calm and cautious in a fight?"

Ye Feifei was ashamed and angry at the same time. She wished she could decide the victory and defeat with Wang Lu right there and then.

However, in the end, she suppressed all of that anger and calmed down.

"Wang Lu, you haven’t really learned the animal training method right?"

Wang Lu teased the dumb dog with his foot, and then said, "Of course I haven’t. I just exchanged the contract with it."

"Without the animal training, there’s no use in having it. What’s the use in keeping it!?"

Wang Lu laughed, "Isn’t it a bit funny that this question comes from someone who was defeated with the help of this dog?"

"Humph, for such a spirit pet to fall into your hand, it’s really a waste." Ye Feifei said, "You and it are not suitable for each other."

"Hey, aren’t you a bit frontal in trying to poach my pet!?"

Ye Feifei ignored Wang Lu’s ridicule and just coldly put forward her own request, "I want to buy your spirit pet, tell me your price."

"80 billion spirit stones."

"You!?" Upon hearing this outrageous price, Ye Feifei knew that the opposite party was totally without any sincerity. "Your cultivation method and animal training method are completely incompatible, and your Spirit Sword Sect also doesn’t have any methods in animal training, what’s the use in keeping it? Moreover, you don’t like spirit pets at all!"

Wang Lu said, "And then? Do you want to say you have a method in animal training, therefore it’s more suitable to raise the pet?"

Ye Fefei said, "That’s right. The only thing that I lack right now is a close combat spirit pet that can form a link with my heart."

"Oh, then hurry up and prepare that 80 billion spirit stones. When it’s ready, you can buy it."

"Please be a bit sincere!"

"Who are you to ask me to be sincere? When you see those ‘Mr. Perfect’ kind of guys, you would let him f*ck you, but when he grows tired of you, would you actively give yourself freely to the losers?"

Ye Feifei deeply furrowed her brows. "What nonsense are you talking about?"

"Oh, let me make it simple to you: if you don’t have the money, just go wash up and sleep."

With that, Wang Lu immediately kicked the stupid dog on the ground next to him. The stupid dog immediately barred its teeth, revealing a fierce expression.

Ye Feifei felt a sense of loss. Knowing that she no longer had the chance, she no longer said anything and walked away.

However, when she reached the edge of the rest area, she could not bear but turn around and say, "Wang Lu, don’t think you can rely on tricks forever. In the finals, my Senior Brother will give you a lesson!"

"Hahaha, give me a lesson in front of the audience? Then let’s wait and see!"


In the afternoon, people crowded around the Cloud Platform once again.

In many people’s view, the semifinals between Zhan Ziye and Liu Li would be the true showdown of the day. Although Wang Lu continued to give amazing performances, from a cultivator’s point of view, he was too far off from the correct path of a cultivator.

The two people who really could represent the two sects as the top-level disciples were Liu Li and Zhan Ziye. For this fight, the two sects had begun their preparation since yesterday; as if by prior agreement, both sides retreated in a closed door. Needless to say, people from the sect had also done a lot of work.

For example, drumming up public support, circulating insane sex scandal. Before the match, the gossips about the two contestants was overwhelming. No one knew who spread it the first time, but some said that Zhan Ziye’s lightning body was just a camouflage; his real skill and trump card were still hidden. Some said that although Zhan Ziye’s cultivation base was quite high, the flaw in his disposition was too big, which could be easy to exploit. Some people also said that Zhan Ziye had fallen in love with Liu Li and thus might not be able to go all out on the stage. Of course, the news about Liu Li was even more. Like how simple and naive Liu Li’s mind was, and likely to fall for schemes and tricks; with a little bit of effort, you could reap a huge benefit. Another example was that, when Zhan Ziye shows Liu Li his lightning body, Liu Li’s heart would be swept away by how heroic his look at that state was. As long as he confessed to her, it was highly likely that he would get a positive result...

Of course, the source behind those gossips was suspicious. Considering a certain person was known for his unscrupulous attack method, the people of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect strictly filtered the gossips and did not let Zhan Ziye know about them. Otherwise, his close-to-succeed Ten Thousand Arts’ Motionless Heart Sutra quite possibly could fall apart. When the time comes, when the Ten Thousand Arts Sect’s Eldest Brother confessed his love on the stage in front of everybody and was publicly rejected, his mind would be thrown into confusion, which then would become a hard to wash scandal for the sect.

"Speaking of which, this time’s out of the mountain, we really are in a difficult situation. No wonder some Elders in the sect said that the Nine Regions is big, there will always be someone who is better than you; even in a common small sect might lie crouching tiger hidden dragon. This Spirit Sword Sect is not as vulnerable as Shengjing Sect said."

In the resting area, Lu Qiancai sighed with emotion.

Zhao Jiangyuan bitterly said, "How can the Shengjing Sect be so kind, calling a spade a spade for us? Spirit Sword Sect is indeed more powerful than what we imagined. That one of a kind Wang Lu is needless to say, and Liu Li really formidable. Moreover, Yue Yun, Wen Bao... although their cultivation bases are not high, their basic skills are quite solid. Barbarian sect is indeed barbarian sect."

For these Senior Brothers of his, whose sense of superiority had already been deeply etched in their bone marrow, Hai Yunfan could only respond with a wry smile. Speaking of which, he alone wasn’t plagued by this. In his several years cultivating in the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, the sect’s treatment toward him was the same as his fellow disciples, yet why hadn’t he caught the arrogant mentality of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect?

No, perhaps toward the other sects, he would be like his Senior Brothers, maintaining a superior attitude. However, in the Spirit Sword Sect, in a certain person’s place, it was difficult for him to act high and mighty.

Hai Yunfan sighed. He knew that if he kept this feeling of inferiority into the future, when his cultivation base became higher, perhaps it would lead to devil heart, therefore...

Although he very much didn’t want to become enemies with Brother Wang, who told the Spirit Sword Sect to shelter him in the past?

After thinking about it, Hai Yunfan decided to do something.


"Senior Brother, this is for you."

Eldest Brother Zhan Ziye opened his eyes and then curiously looked at Hai Yunfan and the piece of paper held in his hand. On that piece of paper, there was actually an immortal aura, as well as a row of digits and several characters.

"What is this?"

Hai Yunfan laughed. "It’s nothing. Just now, I saw under the Cloud Platform someone opening a gambling place. Thus, my hands became itchy for a moment, and I bet on your name Senior Brother."

Zhan Ziye narrowed his eyes. "A momentarily itchy hand, yet you dare to put such a big bet? Five hundred thousand spirit stones is not a small number."

"This bet is a sure win, so it doesn’t matter how high my bet is."

Zhan Ziye opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say. After a while, he sighed. "Junior Brother…"

Hai Yunfan seemed to sense that his Senior Brother was emotionally moved; he lightly laughed. "Senior Brother, you don’t have to say anything. I’m sure you can win."

"No, what I meant to say is, since you knew there’s such a gamble, why didn’t you call me and we can place our bet together?"

Hai Yunfan froze for a moment, then he realized that was just a joke; he couldn’t help but laugh. "Turns out the victory is already in Senior Brother’s hand. Later on, I will call Senior Sister and the others to bet together, so that we can win a bit more."

Zhan Ziye nodded and no longer talk. He closed his eyes and then continued to refine the fire of the Five Thunder Heart Sutra within his Jade Mansion.

As his Master said, the Heart Sutras of the Immortal Cultivation World could never turn the heart to be as still as lake water. However, a brilliant cultivator can skillfully use the heart sutra to achieve the same result.

Right now, there was only one thing in his mind, victory. In order to win, all the other thoughts could be ignored... and this was exactly the correct usage of the Five Thunder Heart Sutra.

Seeing that his Senior Brother had completely entered the state, Hai Yunfan calmed down, thinking that he had underestimated his Senior Brother; he actually didn’t need to do anything...

At this time, he suddenly heard a burst of exclaimed not too far away. People crowded around the gambling spot as if they saw something inconceivable.

Hai Yunfan’s heart sank and he had an ominous premonition. He hurriedly got up and walked out.

"Eight million spirit stones bet on Zhan Ziye? These people have guts!"

Some of the Spirit Sword Sect disciples were somewhat surprised but also in awe seeing the several magnificently dressed cultivators registering before the stage. These cultivators were uncommunicative, seemingly indifferent, but their bets were world-shaking!

Hai Yunfan was momentarily surprised but then, he understood: These were the cultivators from other sects who came to watch the fight.

The fight between the younger disciples of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect and Spirit Sword Sect was perhaps not worth mentioning, but if it was the fight between the younger generation’s leading disciple of the two sects, it was enough for the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals to make this as their spotlight event.

Although the Spirit Sword Sect was used to low-key action, the Ten Thousand Arts Sect was actually high-profile. Before entering the Blue River Region’s boundary, their Cloud Wave Boat ostentatiously floated over several regions, for fear that the others wouldn’t know they were going to the Spirit Sword Sect. However, when they arrived at the Spirit Sword Mountain, they immediately went quiet, which made the other people wonder: ‘These people have been showing off their face too much, but in the end turned into dumplings by the Spirit Sword Sect?’

When the two parties officially started the match between their disciples, the letters asking for permission to watch the fight finally arrived from various sects in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Those from low-level sects couldn’t expect to enter the base of one of the Five Unique, but top-level sects, as well as cultivators from the other Five Uniques, couldn’t contain their curiosity.

Hai Yunfan observed them a bit and guessed that they were cultivators Myriad Appearances School, which was also one of those big first rank sects, and naturally was able to put such a big bet. Moreover, it was a bet that was very good for the Ten Thousand Arts Sect—Ten Thousand Arts Sect and Myriad Appearances School have always had a pretty good relationship. Sure enough, not long after, from afar he saw the Elder from Spirit Sword Sect came over to greet and thus confirmed their identity, then accompanied them.

They were indeed the Elders of the Myriad Appearances School. Facing the Elder of the Spirit Sword Sect, they were courteous and thoughtful, but their manner was neither cold nor hot; the eight million spirit stones bet on Zhan Ziye was enough to indicate their position.

After Myriad Appearances School, there were also delegates from several big top ranked sects who passed through the registration area and then placed their bets; most of them placed their bets on Zhan Ziye. Soon, the total bet on Zhan Ziye had reached tens of millions. There were also middle-rank items and high-level spiritual treasure, which put the total value even higher. However, on the side of Liu Li, there were only scraps and leftovers.

The several disciples of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect were naturally gratified to see this new development. Most of the cultivators who came to watch the fight were optimistic with Zhan Ziye, which showed their goodwill toward the Ten Thousand Arts Sect and provided a quite advantageous environment before the fight.

Regarding this, the Spirit Sword Sect Elders acted as if they didn’t see anything. And while the disciples of the Spirit Sword Sect were indignant, there was nothing that they could do —those elders from the big top ranked sects were all rich and thus would be too awkward to confront them.

After a while, a few Elders and even Leaders of several low ranked sects also came over; they also came to watch the fight. However, the reason why the Spirit Sword Sect allowed these sects to come over was to show that the Five Unique was not divorced from the grassroots.

This line of people was full of curiosity and excitement. When they came to the registration area, one of the Sect Leaders couldn’t help but say with a smile, "It seems that this is a one-sided fight."

"Heh, the peerless talent of Zhan Ziye from the Ten Thousand Arts Sect has reverberated like thunder in one’s ear, while Liu Li has not."

"The strength of the number two or three of the Five Unique and that of the last one of the Five Unique will certainly have some gap. Not to mention Zhan Ziye is the lead representative while Liu Li is actually not.

"However, these two people’s odds are actually not that different."

"I guess this gambling spot was opened by the people from the Spirit Sword Sect themselves? Therefore, naturally, they want people to place their bets on their side. In my opinion, it’s like beating a fat person’s face until it’s swollen, they would simply waste their money in vain. I don’t know if the several friends here have any interest in scooping some of that money?"

"Hahaha, we don’t have as much asset as yours, but if it’s several hundred thousand spirit stones, we indeed do have."

The several people talking and laughing, but actually came up with several million spirit stones, several magical treasures, and panaceas to bet on Zhan Ziye.

At this time, a disciple dressed in red and white robe lightly walked over. His hands were holding several pieces of paper rich with immortal spirit aura, which he placed on the registration table.

"I bet fifty million spirit stones on Liu Li."

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