Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 165: A Gentleman Loves Money and Marries the Proper Way

Chapter 165: A Gentleman Loves Money and Marries the Proper Way

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"Hey, why do you look as if you’re constipating? Did you eat too much kaolin?"

At Ru Family Inn on the Spirit Creek Town under the Spirit Sword Mountain, the Lady Boss gave such a warm welcome.

The gloomy-faced customer also sensibly replied, "Idiot, out of the way."

The Lady Boss immediately became inexplicably surprised. "Sir, did you just say human words? I don’t understand that at all."

The guest was too lazy to reply to her nonsensical talk, so he just walked straight to the counter and put out nine coins. "Two bowls of wine, a pack of aniseed-flavored beans… plus a bowl of braised pork, a bowl of spicy soup, a tray of steamed dumplings, and…"

"Hey, your money is just nine wen!"


After that raucous shout and scream, before long, the table was filled with all kinds of dishes. Although most were just simple dishes, with Lady Boss’s culinary skill, all of them were tasty.

"Come on, tell me why your face is so stern like that. It’s like you’ve just been raped by someone."

"Cough." Wang Lu drank a mouthful of wine and said, "The semi-final is over."

"Oh, win or lose?"

Wang Lu sneered, "What a stupid question. With my IQ and means, how could I lose?"

"... Although I always think there must be a problem with the justification of your victory, let’s put that aside first. Since you’ve won, what is there to worry about?"

"The final will be a bit of a hassle." Wang Lu calmly said, "Although from the beginning I have correctly guessed that Liu Li would win, I really didn’t expect she would be this powerful."

Lady Boss said with a nonchalant smile, "Of course she’s formidable. Not only did she start cultivating earlier than you, she doesn’t have a pain-in-the-ass spirit root like you. She also receives proper training as the Sect’s Successor Disciple, so it’d be strange if she’s not stronger than you. In any case, you’ve already stumbled your way into the final, so even if you lose, no one can say anything about you."

"There’s so much at stake here, I have no way to retreat."

The Lady Boss was curious. "What do you mean by much at stake?"

"You also know that in this competition, outwardly, it is the contention between the Spirit Sword Sect and the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, but inwardly, this is a struggle for the lead representative. In accordance with the rules, as long as one achieves victory in the final, one can at least enjoy the authority of the lead representative disciple for ten years. Otherwise, you can only enjoy the honorary lead representative status, which is very different than the real one."

"And then?"

"The authority of the lead representative disciple is very important to me." Wang Lu said, "According to the explanation of the Heavenly Sword Hall about the lead representative disciple, the lead representative disciple will have more privilege than the successor disciple; the most important one is the immunity of Master. To put it simply, the lead representative disciple is not under the control of the Master."

The Lady Boss was extremely bright, so she immediately understood. "Wang Wu couldn’t control you any more right?"

"She will only have the duty of a Master, without the authority of a Master. She still has to teach me, but she can’t order me around in her capacity as my Master. Isn’t that awesome?"

Lady Boss asked, "In any case, you never even regard her as your Master, so is there a difference whether you have Master’s immunity or not?"

"Of course there’s a difference. Usually, I’m not respectful to Wang Wu because she herself doesn’t care if I respect her or not. But if I don’t act according to the rules, that old virgin Fang He will definitely punish me."

"Em…" The Lady Boss turned even more puzzled. "What did Wang Wu do to you? I see that her treatment of you is pretty good."

"She’s indeed pretty good, therefore, although I don’t act like it, I really regard her as my Master. However, this kind of harmonious relationship between Master and disciple, at present, has encountered enormous trouble. Under the lure of money, Wang Wu tends to be insane."

"The lure of money?"

Wang Lu said, "I’ve just made a fortune, earning more than forty million spirit stones, therefore…"

"Wtf! More than forty million spirit stones!?" Lady Boss pounded the table in surprise. "Big boss! We’re friends right!?"

"See, the power of money will make women crazy. Even you, Sister Ling, are not immune to this, much less my Master." Wang Lu loudly sighed, picked up a slice of vegetable and sipped his wine. "You can guess what cruel things she did to me."

Lady Boss thought for a moment. "Did she torture you?"

"Do you think I’d be afraid of torture?"

"Then… she threatened you not to teach the follow-up on the heart sutra of the Non-Phase Method?"

"Big deal, at worst, I can come up with my own. Since she can create the Non-Phase Method with her IQ, I, naturally, even more so, can also do it. She can do nothing about it."

"Em, I can’t think of anything else. I can’t estimate how low you guys from the Non-Phase Peak would be willing to stoop to."

Wang Lu wryly smiled. "I also can’t estimate… She asked me to marry her!"


The Lady Boss sprayed out the wine that just entered her mouth.

"She proposed to you!?"

"Yeah, in order to divide the property…" Wang Lu felt helpless as he continued, "Although I have flatly refused her, she plans to use the privilege of a Master to arrange marriage. And with her personality, I’m afraid she would take advantage when I’m sleeping to defile me by force."

"Damn, defile by force…" Lady Boss felt that her worldview had once again been refreshed. She raised her glass to express her admiration. "You guys, Master and disciple of Non-Phase Peak… are really a perfect match."

"In short, I had to make a tough choice to keep my innocence."

"Em, you want to castrate yourself?"

"Puff!" This time, it was Wang Lu’s turn to spurt out the wine. "Sister Ling, you also can stoop this low!"

"Proximity to pitch makes you black. So, what exactly did you do?"

Wang Lu said, "I combined the profit and the capital and bet it all on the outcome of the final. Of course, according to the rules, I can only bet on myself, which temporarily kept her at bay."

"... That’s such a large amount of bet. Was there a problem when you place your bet?"

"No one dares to refuse this amount of bet, so the Mysterious Sky Mansion had to accept it." Wang Lu said, "Regarding the final, the interest of Mysterious Sky Mansion is quite high. After seeing her Brilliant Sword Heart, many people are optimistic about her winning chance."

"So, in short, you have no other alternative but to win."

"Yeah, if I lose, not only will I lose face in the Spirit Sword Sect, people will point at me and call me a disgrace of a Successor Disciple, but I will also instantly change from big boss to poor ghost, my life will be worse than death."

The Lady Boss very understandingly nodded. "I understand. Since more than five years ago, after that ten million taels of silver in a day...Alas, it’s been tough these days recently."

Wang Lu said, "In addition, I also promised Wang Wu that as long as I can win, I would share her half of the profit. Now, she and I share the same interest. I only need to give my all to win, and I won’t have to worry that I would be defiled while asleep at night."

"What a complicated Master and disciple relationship."

"Heh, after eating this meal, I will start my special hellish training. There are still two more days before the final where my victory or defeat will be decided in one fell swoop. This time, I came here in advance partly because I want to inform you about it and I also want to ask Sister Ling to impart me if you have a super awesome card because there are still a few days left."

"Damn, how could I have any cards!"

"For example, a secret treasure that has been guarded for many years, or possibly peerless marvelous ability that you’ve been bitterly trained for years and ready to be instilled to someone else… Are there any of these?"

"Just finish your meal!"


Leaving Ru Family Inn in disappointment, Wang Lu returned to Non-Phase Peak.

He had no time to delay any more. After witnessing Liu Li’s Brilliant Sword Heart, Wang Lu was very clear that, based on his current situation, he had zero chance.

Despite with all sorts of means that had successfully defeated Zhao Jiangyuan and Ye Feifei, Liu Li was an opponent on another level entirely… Not only did she have an unparalleled explosive power, have the ever changing person and sword unite, she also had that untainted-by-even-a-speck-of-dust Brilliant Sword Heart.

In many people’s eyes, Liu Li was a naive fool, simple-minded, oblivious to the affairs of the world, lacked something in her mind, could always make a dumbfoundingly stupid action, and basically incurable.

Wang Lu had already tested this point during the preparation before the competition between the two sects.

At that time, he threw a book titled "Peerless Sword Set" on the road where Liu Li would walk through. Inside the book was a trap mechanism that, when opened, would discharge a strong knock out drug. The strength of the drug had already been carefully calculated to exceed even Liu Li’s untainted-by-even-a-speck-of-dust physique.

For most people with normal intelligence, they would not touch this kind of obvious trap even with a ten feet pole. However, when Liu Li saw the book, she was ecstatic. "Peerless Sword Set! I want to see it, I want to see it!"

When she opened the book, a pink mist sprayed on her face. The girl trembled a few times and then fell flat on the ground unconscious.

When she woke up, Liu Li was scolded by her Master Zhou Ming.

"Remember, this so-called peerless sword set book in the middle of the road is a trap. Do not touch it no matter what!"

Liu Li earnestly nodded, showing that she had firmly remembered it.

Therefore, Wang Lu renamed the book title into "No Trap Peerless Sword Set" and left it in the middle of the road. When Liu Li stumbled upon it, she pondered, "Master said I mustn’t touch a peerless sword set book that has a trap, but since this book has no trap, then there shouldn’t be a problem."

Then the girl resolutely opened the book...

Through that test, Wang Lu fully understood the intelligence level of Liu Li. If he resorted to comprehensive methods, he had too many ways to overcome her. However, when he witnessed how Liu Li defeated Zhan Ziye in the fight, he knew that, in the arena, little tricks were simply meaningless.

That day, she called out twelve flying swords. Of which, she used eleven of them to corner Zhan Ziye, forcing him to use the Annihilation Thunder to perish together. However, she still had one flying sword left, which she used it to help her flee to the safe spot. When Zhan Ziye’s Annihilation Thunder exploded, she, through the person and sword unite method, successfully flew to the safe zone, dodging the explosion.

Although this was a very simple tactic, could someone with low intelligence think about and execute the arrangement on the fly?

Liu Li was not stupid. At least, not in a fight. She was even more astute than most of the people regarding this. Her Brilliant Sword Heart eliminated all distracting thoughts; once she set her heart to achieve victory, her mind would be almost flawless.

Placed under the stage, he could toy with Liu Li as if she was a pet dog. However, once Liu Li went into combat state, his psychological attack would be meaningless.

In the end, only through real ability would he be able to win; there was no shortcut that he could choose.

"So, ready for the special hellish training, my love?"

At the Non-Phase Peak, the woman in white cheekily sneered. Beside her, the tall Seventh Elder Ao Guanhai nodded to Wang Lu.

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