Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 167: Green Is Born of Blue

Chapter 167: Green Is Born of Blue [1]

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"Eldest Brother, please drink a glass of water."

While Wang Lu struggled in the hellish special training, inside the Pink House on the Spirit Pool Peak, the Ten Thousand Arts Sect team was shrouded in a bleak atmosphere.

Zhan Ziye’s semi-final defeat was a shocking surprise to everyone from the Ten Thousand Arts Sect; the talented genius, the future hundreds of years of hope of the sect had actually lost. Lost to someone with similar cultivation time and comparable background but might as well be their own silly girl. If they had not witnessed it themselves, it would be very hard for them to believe it no matter who told it to them.

This defeat had brought a devastating blow to the morale of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect disciples. They didn’t even remember how exactly they came back from the Cloud Platform to the Pink House. When they could remember again, all they could see was the ashen face of the others, and all were completely speechless.

In the end, the one with the best mentality was Hai Yunfan. After a sigh, and after throwing his hundreds of thousands of spirit stones bet lost to the back of his mind, he began to encourage his other teammates.

He didn’t rush to talk about the wonderful but tragic fight but just poured a cup of hot water to each of his Senior Brothers and Sister, brought several desserts, and said some irrelevant idle talks to ease the atmosphere...However, the impact wasn’t too great; everyone seemed to have been affected by the outcome of the fight too great, and simple method was not going to work.

But just when Hai Yunfan was considering to look for help from the Elders, he heard his Eldest Brother finally opening his mouth and saying, "I am sorry, I have failed everyone."

Zhan Ziye’s voice was heavy but still had power over everyone; the dazed Ye Feifei and the rest were awakened.

"I lost fair and square simply because my opponent is stronger than me. Therefore, I don’t have anything to say about this fight, I truly accept my defeat. Over the past few years, I have become complacent with my achievement and ability within the sect; I thought that although the world is big, only a few could be my opponents...it really was viewing the sky from the bottom of the well."

While trying to verbally comfort his Junior Brothers and Sister, Zhan Ziye shook his head. "After the fight, I have inwardly deduced repeatedly over a hundred times; even if Liu Li didn’t show any new card and just fight me with her existing skills, in a hundred fights, I would only be able to win at most ten times. There is a real gap of strength between the two sides...I really don’t know how did she practice to achieve that."

Actually, did Zhan Ziye need to say these words? As long as they witnessed the fight themselves, anyone could see that Liu Li’s power was actually a notch higher than her opponent. Her ever-changing Brilliant Sword Heart perfectly covered her defense deficiency. Moreover, while fighting, her mind was clear, undisturbed by any interference; it was simply impeccable. Although Zhan Ziye had only lost by a move, it was a real one, not interfered by luck or any other accidental factor.

However, the realization of this just made people even more discouraged. If before their mentality was almost crushed, now it was completely crushed. Since their Eldest Brother had even abandoned himself in despair, for a moment, the haughtiness of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect that was already deeply etched in their bone marrow slightly swayed a little. They initially thought that they, as the current generation of disciples, were qualified to stand at the top of the Immortal Cultivation World of the Nine Regions. However, now that they saw that there were still others who stood even more higher than them...It was as if they had suddenly seen a new sky they had never thought of before, which naturally frightened them.

However, at this time, Zhan Ziye revealed a smile that slightly eased the mind of his Junior Brothers and Sister.

It was the smile that he revealed whenever they encountered difficulties in the Ten Thousand Arts Sect.

"Ten Thousand Art Sect is not an arrogant, nor a lawless barbarian sect. We are scholars. And what are the principles of learning?"

The younger disciples subconsciously answered, "Discover the unknown, understand the unknown, predict the unknown."

"Correct. Therefore, regarding those who are stronger than us, we should keep the mentality of active learning and improve ourselves."


"So, I should look for Liu Li to exchange insights and knowledge regarding Immortal Cultivation. Junior Brothers and Sister should take a good rest."

Zhan Ziye’s voice was getting smaller as his body turned into a ray of lightning and flashed to the direction of Brilliant Peak, leaving behind a crowd of stunned disciples.


Driving the ray of lightning, Zhan Ziye went straight to the Brilliant Peak. However, halfway through, his complexion suddenly changed.

Before him, the magical power of his Master Yuan Chaonian faintly rippled over, blocking his way. This was his Master’s silent reminder that what he sought was a dead end.

Zhan Ziye was especially chagrined. Is Master in the Brilliant Peak? Why is he stopping me then? This is a very good learning opportunity! How could he block a disciple’s sincere wish to learn?

On the other side, on the Brilliant Peak, Yuan Chaonian shook his head and smiled. "Apologies for my good-for-nothing disciple."

Before him were three Elders of the Spirit Sword Sect, Second Elder Liu Xian, Fourth Elder Zhou Ming and Ninth Elder Hua Yun.

After the two semi-finals, the Ten Thousand Arts Sect’s defeat had already been set; their original arrogance immediately vanished into thin air. The matter that was asked by the Shengjing Sect for them to do naturally hadn’t happened. And the two Sects’ exchange activities finally entered the right track.

This trip of Yuan Chaonian to the Brilliant Peak was but a goodwill gesture on behalf of his sect—although he himself was still emotional about the result, among the three Elders that came to the Spirit Sword Mountain, he was the one with enough emotional intelligence to navigate through this situation. For if it were the other two, they would surely look for a fight against the Brilliant Peak. However, on this visit, Yuan Chaonian only brought the topic of the two Sects’ disciples’ education.

Once he talked about it, Yuan Chaonian found out that he had really underestimated the Spirit Sword Sect. Perhaps these Elders’ cultivation base couldn’t be compared to him, but each of them had a lot of strong points in educating their disciples. Moreover...he had to admit that their attitude toward him was not bad.

Liu Xian said, "Elder Yuan is too modest. Zhan Ziye, that child, has been cultivating for eight years but already managed to understand the Ten Thousand Methods Comprehension and achieved his current stage of the Immortal level method, Five Thunder Sutra; his aptitude and talent is so rare that only a few people in this world have them."

Yuan Chaonian said, "The Sect has also indeed placed a high expectation of him. Since that occurrence seventeen years ago, rare talents continue to emerge one after the other in the Nine Regions. However, only a few could lead the future of the Five Unique. We, Ten Thousand Arts Sect, are already quite fortunate in having Zhan Ziye. However, unexpectedly, your Spirit Sword Sect’s harvest is even more than us."

Yuan Chaonian continued in a slightly envious tone, "Although Spirit Sword Sect occupies the last position in the Five Unique, with such a prodigy like Liu Li, in one year, you should be able to advance your position by one or two."

The Elders of the Spirit Sword Sect consciously ignored Yuan Chaonian’s remark about Spirit Sword Sect being the last position in the Five Unique. However, Zhou Ming responded, "Although that child Liu Li has good aptitude and perception, she couldn’t be trusted with any responsibility. If we put the future of the sect on her, I’m afraid that in centuries, Spirit Sword Sect would be finished."

"Master, Spirit Sword Sect will be finished?" While talking, the long multi-colored gowned Liu Li floated in; with wide eyes, she naively asked, "Then where I am going to eat after that?"

Zhou Ming peevishly scolded, "You, this idiot, only care about eating! Go back to practice flying sword incarnation for two hours...Don’t come back until we finish talking!"

The young girl’s face immediately sank. "Oh, okay."

After dealing with Liu Li, Zhou Ming wryly smiled. "Apologies for my disciple."

However, Yuan Chaonian’s countenance was actually filled with envy as he watched the faraway figure of Liu Li. "A pure mind, and body like colored glass (Liu Li means colored glass); with this aptitude, no wonder she can inherit the ancient heritage... However, I think that Brilliant Sword Heart has a very big difference than its ancient heritage form. Rumor has it that the few weaknesses of the Brilliant Sword Heart have all been ingeniously covered up."

Zhou Ming smiled but didn’t speak.

Yuan Chaonian also said, "However, I do understand what Elder Zhou means. With her disposition, advancing triumphantly in the Immortal Cultivation road is indeed a sure thing. However, she isn’t competent to be a Sect Leader...Then, is your Sect seriously going to groom Wang Lu for it?"

Upon hearing Wang Lu’s name, the complexion of the several Elders present immediately turned somewhat unnatural.

Yuan Chaonian said, "Compared to Liu Li, Wang Lu is indeed a hundred times more resourceful. However, his method is not the right way and his cultivation base is not up to par. Although previously, he could win the fight through luck, in all fairness, isn’t the kind of method that simply focuses on defense and survival not the right way?"

The complexion of the several Elders became even more peculiar.

However, the more he said it, the more curious Yuan Chaonian was. "I heard that Wang Lu is from the Non-Phase Peak, and the Master of Non-Phase Peak is only a Jindan...I think that since Wang Lu has such a strong point, even if his aptitude in Immortal Cultivation is not the best, I don’t think he needs to have a good-for-nothing as his Master, right? Let alone with how outstanding his talent is, later on, he can assume big responsibility."

"Tch, you’re the one who’s good-for-nothing!" Upon hearing Yuan Chaonian slandering her Senior Sister, Ninth Elder Hua Yun immediately became somewhat annoyed. "In any case, you’re also one of the Elders of the Five Unique, how could you still judge people based on their cultivation base? So what if she’s just a Jindan? She can still beat the crap out of you!"

Yuan Chaonian inwardly became furious. However, when he saw that, although her tone of voice clearly indicated that she was angry, her grace and outstanding beauty were still intact, his anger immediately dispersed.

Hm, perhaps there’s something special about that woman in white that I have yet to see? However, blindly focusing on defense and survival is something that is too useless. Even in the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, methods that purely focus on defense have always been unpopular. Perhaps that Fifth Elder really has a way that could make a Jindan fend off the spells of Deity Stage Elders, but to say she would beat the crap out of me, that would be a joke.

Besides, the Nine Regions is vast, who dared to say her defense was foolproof? One day someone would find its flaws, and when the time came, she wouldn’t even find a leeway. So, why bother? Unfortunately, that child Wang Lu, regardless of his spirit root qualification, his perception alone was enough to make even Yuan Chaonian fond of him. However, he had actually embarked on a wrong path.

If he wasn’t already a Successor Disciple, Yuan Chaonian really wished he could poach Wang Lu back to Ten Thousand Arts Sect. Putting aside all the other things, in their Ten Thousand Arts Sect, both the Elders and disciples were relatively lacking in the understanding of human interactions, therefore, they really needed a witty and resourceful character. In light of this, currently, their Sect Leader was very optimistic with Hai Yunfan. However, compared to Wang Lu, Hai Yunfan seemed to fall several points short...

However, the odd thing was, supposedly not long ago Wang Lu had looked for the people of the Mysterious Sky Mansion to bet his entire net worth on himself. Did he really have the confidence to win? People from the Mysterious Sky Mansion were not some nobodies, even the disciple of the Five Unique couldn’t afford the consequences if he played some tricks on his bet, what exactly was he thinking?

Feeling doubtful, Yuan Chaonian took advantage of this opportunity to ask.

Hua Yun replied, "We don’t understand it either. However, Wang Lu, that kid, will certainly not let himself suffer a loss. He is, after all, the disciple taught by Fifth Elder Sister herself."

Yuan Chaonian couldn’t help but ask, "But his cultivation base is just high-level Qi Cultivating Stage, could it be his strength is comparable to Liu Li?"

Hua Yun said, "In theory, he certainly isn’t. However, after all, he is Wang Lu. For him, little Liu Li is nothing...Ugh, no offense, Fourth Senior Brother."

Zhou Ming wryly smiled. "To be honest, I’m also not that confident with Liu Li. Putting aside the other thing first, if Fifth Junior Sister taught Wang Lu that move, Liu Li, that fool, would be finished."

Hua Yun strangely asked, "Seriously? Isn’t that move can only be used with half-real half-void primordial spirit? Wouldn’t Wang Lu still be too far away from that? Moreover, Senior Sister said that even she almost couldn’t use that move, much less the other people! However, if it is Wang Lu we’re talking about, perhaps there’s an exception. His temperament is very similar with Senior Sister, so it’s difficult to estimate."

Hearing this exchange, Yuan Chaonian became even more confused: Half-real half-void primordial spirit? What is that? Is it Big Heart Demon Oath? But, is there any use in taking Big Heart Demon Oath? Although it can be used in exchange for something, it’s only useful if the binding power of the oath is powerful, and even then, the more precious the sacrifice is needed for greater compensation. Moreover, this compensation is mostly permanent, therefore, it’s short-term utility is instead limited. How strong does this oath need to be in order to make up for the difference between the two sides in the next two days? I’m afraid it would affect even the normal action! What’s more, you can’t play words with this Big Heart Demon Oath. The oath must be recognized deep within your heart before you can be compensated. For example, if someone swears he would no longer speak in his lifetime, yet still speaking, and then inwardly explain to himself that ‘I’m not talking but just making a few syllables. As to how these syllables are assembled, that’s the listener’s thing, and it has nothing to do with me...congratulations, the next moment, this person will be plagued by the Demon Heart, head exploding and dying. The Big Heart Demon Oath could never be self-deceived.

Luckily, Yuan Chaonian came from knowledgeable sect like Ten Thousand Arts Sect, which made him able to think about all of these in a flash. If he were just a common cultivator, he absolutely wouldn’t have been able to think about this Big Heart Demon Oath. However, despite all of these, Yuan Chaonian also didn’t expect that there were actually many other uses of this Big Heart Demon Oath.

"Alas, just forget it, what’s the use in thinking so much about it? I just need to wait two more days...and while waiting, I can prepare for the team fight. Although in the single fight we’ve thoroughly lost, there’s still a chance to make a comeback in the team fight."


Two days went by in a flash.

During this period, many things have happened. For example, more and more cultivators entered the Spirit Sword Mountain, ready to watch the upcoming finale. At the suggestion of a certain Elder, the Spirit Sword Sect began to charge exorbitant tickets to the spectators and consequently was accused of being shameless. Through behind the scene manipulation from a certain aspiring person, gambling on the final match became even more popular, and the gambling stake became astronomical. Quite logically, Mysterious Sky Mansion staff that manned the gambling table were replaced by their regional leader in the Blue River Region—a cultivator with cultivation base of peak Deity Stage, to ensure that nobody would try to play any trick on the gamble.

In these two days, Liu Li and Wang Lu didn’t show up in public. Each of them hid in their respective peaks. Even the other disciples who were close to them weren’t able to see their faces.

The enthusiastic onlookers were busy talking about the upcoming fight, arguing among each other.

After having witnessed the real showdown at the semifinal, most people were optimistic about Liu Li. Whether it was her cultivation base, method, or even that perfect on-stage fighting intent, Liu Li was like a legend; people couldn’t imagine the possibility of her defeat.

As for Wang Lu, although his two previous fights were amazing, they had also exposed his true strength. Without the help of psychological attacks, he was but a little cultivator of high-level Qi Cultivating. Though he had superior defense and counterattack skill, they were nothing under the brilliance of Liu Li’s Brilliant Sword Heart.

Even Wang Lu’s supporter also believed that without shady tricks but just fighting fair and square, Wang Lu was not her opponent. And in the final, would it be so easy to play any shady trick?

On the other hand, which of his previous two battles people were optimistic about him, yet he managed to turn the table and won? This miracle of Wang Lu had been quietly spread among the onlookers.

Finally, the highly anticipated final had arrived.

On the same Cloud Platform, the same cheering crowd, the one people felt the most optimistic for, Liu Li, was the first to enter the scene. Her gorgeous dress couldn’t hide the girl’s long accumulated sharp sword intent.

On the other side, Wang Lu’s resting spot was still empty. Seeing that the match was about to begin, but Wang Lu had yet to appear, Daoist Master Feng Yin as the one who presided over the final snorted, "Stop dawdling."

At the same time, on the Non-Phase Peak, hearing the urge from her Senior Brother, the woman in white helplessly smiled. "Wang Lu, people are already looking for you."

"Very well," Wang Lu lightly replied, ignited the talisman in his hand and immediately disappeared.

A moment later, there was a weary sigh on the Non-Phase Peak.

"Senior Sister, you really have accepted an extraordinary disciple. In less than two days, he really did it."

The woman in white also revealed a trace of at-a-loss look.

"In...In my hundred years of Immortal Cultivation, this is the first time I saw someone as shameless as me! This kid is indeed the chosen one; his future is truly boundless."

With that, she showed a wry smile. "Junior Brother, help me clean the battlefield."

On the summit of the Non-Phase Peak, the smooth ground has been marked with holes as if it had been wreaked havoc by raging force.


On the Cloud Platform, the match would start in less than a minute. While many people gradually became impatient in waiting, Wang Lu finally belatedly came.

Because he didn’t have the ability to ride on flying sword, Wang Lu swiftly entered the stage through internal transfer talisman, which immediately attracted many surprised eyes.

Unlike the previous two fights, this time, Wang Lu wore a dark long coat; no one knew what kind of mysteries concealed within it. He had a relaxed smiling complexion as he strode on the Cloud Platform.

On the Cloud Platform, Liu Li had been waiting for quite a while. The young girl was like a sharp sword and her amazing sword intent blew over.

Facing this amazing sword intent, Wang Lu actually regarded it as if it was just a spring breeze. His steps were still as firm and steady until he arrived at his spot where he revealed a smile.

Seeing the two had stood still, Daoist Master Feng Yin’s sinking sound finally confirmed the final match. "Are you ready?"

Liu Li raised her hand high. "Yeah!"

Wang Lu nodded. "Ready at any moment!"

"Then, begin!"

As soon as his voice fell, Wang Lu’s feet immediately moved. Like a wind, the Sword of Mount Kun in his hand swung at Liu Li. Wang Lu had actually made a preemptive strike!


[1] The Student Becomes Superior To The Master

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