Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 177: Liu Li Kills Her Own People!?

Chapter 177: Liu Li Kills Her Own People!?

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In the face of Wang Lu’s sudden response, the two female cultivators of Beast Master School were immediately shocked.

The woman with big face pointed at Wang Lu and then at Liu Li. "Y-You say… you already have someone that you like, but, aren’t you of the same family?"

Wang Lu nodded. "Yes, this is my younger sister. I am a hopeless sister-con. Everyday, I have to rest my head on my sister’s underwear before I can sleep. Are you satisfied now?"

With that, he, along with Liu Li and the stupid dog, turned around and left, ignoring the two, who tried to pay a small price for a big reward in return, yet obviously without capital and IQ—idiot scammers.

And the two women were utterly shocked by Wang Lu’s confession that they were rooted on the spot, speechless. When their primordial spirit finally returned, the two people and the dog had long gone far away.


"Wang Lu, Wang Lu, just now, you said I am your Junior Sister, but I’m obviously older than you."

While walking on the road, Liu Li suddenly asked a question that had long puzzled her.

Wang Lu touched her head. "But your IQ is lower than me, so that’s why you’re my younger sister."

"Oh, so that’s why." Liu Li nodded her head and then tried to record this reasoning process into her memory. A moment later, she asked again, "Just now, you said ‘Sister-con’, what does that mean?"

"Sister-con is sister control. You see, even Fourth Uncle also said that when you go down the mountain, you must listen to my words, right?"

"Oh, that’s so." Liu Li continued to nod. "Then what about sleeping on sister’s underwear?"

Wang Lu was silent for a moment. "This problem involves the training of a profound Immortal Cultivation Method. For now, this is too difficult for you. Later on, when there’s an opportunity, I will explain it to you."

"Em, okay!"

After dealing with Liu Li, Wang Lu decided not to stay at the Moral Enlightenment City for long. Although he was able to fool the two female cultivators of Beast Master School just now, the other party would obviously not give up on this.

After all, at present, Wang Lu and Liu Li deliberately made their cultivation base appear to be high-level Qi Cultivating Stage. Away from home, in Cloud Region, this kind of chaotic place, being too good would invite a lot more trouble, which exactly would give the opposite party the reason to take a risk.

Yue Family identity itself was not too intimidating in the Cloud Region. At least not as good as the name Beast Master School. From a comprehensive point of view, there was seventy to eighty percent chance for the other party to take a risk out of desperation.

To say that Wang Lu was afraid would, of course, be wrong. Let alone the other side was just middle-level Foundation Establishment, even if a middle-level Xudan Stage came over, Wang Lu could seriously clean the opponent in just three or five moves. However, before he went down the mountain, his Sect Leader Uncle had looked for him and exhorted one thing from him.

"Wang Lu, right now, you have been cultivating in the Spirit Sword Mountain for about ten years. In these ten years, you have made everyone on the mountain amazed. Even among the Five Unique, your performance is also the most outstanding, whether it’s in the Immortal Cultivation or other aspects. However, you like to handle your affairs aggressively and over the top. I don’t want to say that this is inherently bad, but you’re still young, so there’s no need for you to be locked in your way. This time, when you go down the mountain, I want you to promise me one thing. Regardless of the problem that you may encounter, make one concession. Certainly, it’s just one time. After you make the concession, if the opponent is still aggressive, you can solve the problem in your own way."

At that time, upon hearing this request, Wang Lu thought for a moment, and then asked, "Can this be treated as a challenge mission?"

Sect Leader let out a laugh. "Fine, let’s treat this like your first experiential learning improved requirement. If you can successfully complete the challenge, naturally, there will be the corresponding reward points."

In accordance with the agreement, previously in front of the office, Wang Lu had chosen to make a concession—of course, it was only considered as a concession in his eyes only.

Now, Wang Lu chose to go out of town. On one hand, although this Moral Enlightenment City was big enough, if he wanted to pry out the news about Zen Master Gou Ruo, it was highly likely that it was of no hope. Neither Union of Ten Thousand Immortals or Beast Master Sect knew about this Monk Gou Ruo; this person’s status seemed to be even more mysterious than what he initially expected. Perhaps only by personally going to the Grand Cloud Mountain would he be able to find a clue.

On the other hand, although he must make a concession on the first possible conflict as per agreement, at that time, it wasn’t said that he couldn’t try to bait for the conflict to occur. Taking Liu Li and the stupid dog out of the city, if those two women were tactful, then all was good, but if not...

Wang Lu looked at Liu Li and the stupid dog beside him.

He would be able to put to use the fighting tactic that they had spent numerous days training on the mountain.


The female cultivators of the Beast Master Sect did not disappoint Wang Lu.

Shortly after they went out of the city, while they were walking in the woods, they were intercepted by two people.

Of course, this was not a surprise because the two women had a technique that let them follow the trail of the stupid dog.

The skills and techniques of Beast Master School were all related to spirit beast. Even with the standard in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, they were still among the first class. Even the cultivators of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect would often carry out cooperation with the Beast Master School on relevant aspect. Though the cultivation base of the two women was quite average, their tracking skill was excellent. If not for meeting cultivators the level of Wang Lu and Liu Li, it would be really not that easy to find them.

"Fellow Daoists, please wait."

The same words as the previous. However, this time, there was no more any politeness and restraint in them. The two female cultivators had a solemn complexion as if they were afraid other people wouldn’t be able to see that they intended to do a highway robbery. Even the Senior Sister with big round face had come up with her magical tool—a glittering whip.

However, the first one to open the mouth was actually the beautiful Junior Sister. She reluctantly hung a smile, trying to first use the courtesy before resorting to force.

"The two fellow Daoists, previously in the city, you left too early. We still have many words to say. The spirit pet dog beside you is destined with my Beast Master School. In any case, I hope you can agree to part away with your treasure."

Wang Lu chuckled. "Destined? Why don’t you let me hear what is the reason for that."

That Junior Sister had obviously done some homework; she earnestly said, "Fellow Daoist must have surely heard the reputation of my Beast Master School. In terms of training spiritual beast, in the Nine Regions, we are second to none. Although your Family is also good at something, but it is not at all good in beast taming method."

"And then?"

"Your spirit pet is innately supernatural. If it can receive proper training, its future is limitless. Forgive me for being rude, but if you’re the one who raises it, I’m afraid you’ll raise it into a waste."

"And then?"

Junior Sister frowned. "And then? Then if you’re really sincere about it, naturally you would give it a better future rather than use your years of affection and other reasons to bound it!"

Wang Lu nearly spurted out blood on the spot. Where did this bitch find this line? Even if I’m a real sister-con, I absolutely will not be an animal lover like this b*tch!

However, bizarrely, Wang Lu didn’t forget to retort. "According to your logic, if a man sincerely falls in love with a woman, then it is best for him to think of a method to give her a potent aphrodisiac and then take advantage of the night to put her in the bed with the Mr. Perfect. If Mr. Perfect and she can have a child, then all is well. Meanwhile, this man should just stay out of the window and listen to his beloved woman being done by the Mr. Perfect. Is that it?"

With that, Wang Lu let go of Liu Li’s ears and waited for the two middle-aged women’s response.

After a while, the Junior Sister fiercely said, "Such a despicable master like you are unworthy to have a spirit pet!"

At the same time, the magical tool in her hand gradually lit up. The situation has become increasingly dangerous.

Wang Lu chuckled as he ridiculed, "Since you want to be a b*tch, why don’t you show a placard that said highway dog robbery rather than trying to say such high-sounding words."

The two female cultivators no longer replied. Since it has come to this, besides making their move, what else could they do? As the two carefully looked at their opponent, they found out that the opposite party’s attention was focused on the magical tools on their hands, which made them feel relieved.

This was probably the first time the two went out for experiential learning. Since this was their first experience outside, plus they had to fight with the people from the Beast Master School, how could they focus on the cultivator it self?

After sneering at how easy this fight would be for them, they suddenly heard the girl named Yue Xian laughed. "Oh, what a cute puppy!"

While speaking, she took two steps forward, reached out her hand and a burst of light twisted out. A white haired puppy, seemingly unwilling, was held on the head by Liu Li, then it could not move anymore.

The two female cultivators’ complexion suddenly changed!

That invisible white dog was the Senior Sister Chen Dongzhi’s most proud of spirit pet. Its stealth ability was such that even Xudan Stage cultivators were often unable to detect it. It was her sneak attack weapon. Surprisingly, before the fight even began, it has actually fallen into the clutch of the other side’s seemingly naive girl.

At this time, looking at the innocent smile of that Yue Xian, inwardly, the two female cultivators of Beast Master School turned cold at the same: is this person… really that stupid or just acting stupid?

Wang Lu himself was not in the least bit surprised by this. Not to mention even he himself could see the invisible dog, Liu Li with her against-the-heaven insight would of course also see it. Even in the Spirit Sword Mountain, unless it was a Jindan Stage spell, otherwise, no spells or methods that could deceive her eyes. Meanwhile, the strength of these two female robbers was too weak.

"Xian’Er." Wang Lu suppressed his gag reflex from calling her like that.

"Huh?" Liu Li was completely unaware of this. She kept petting the white-haired dog happily. Seeing that it was trembling with fear, she tried to feed it with a snack. In this urgent situation, she actually revealed a childlike warmth.

Then Wang Lu’s next sentence destroyed this ‘warm’ atmosphere.

"The thing in your hand will be our dinner tonight."

Liu Li froze for a moment as she unconsciously made a swallowing movement. The invisible white dog that she stroked with her hand was finally unable to withstand the despair anymore as it went unconscious.

"Junior Sister, now!"

Chen Dongzhi roared. The glittering whip in her hand lashed out into a golden cloud. Though her consummate ability was of a spirit beast, as a Foundation Establishment Cultivator from a high-rank sect, her skill was not the least bit weak.

Unfortunately, it depended on who her opponent was.

"Xian’Er, begin."

Although the order came later than the opponent, Liu Li’s response was too fast. Before Wang Lu’s voice fell, the girl’s flying sword had directly pierced that golden cloud of Chen Dongzhi and her Junior Sister, breaking their magical tools and causing the two women to spurt out a mouthful of blood. Then, the flying sword turned around and deftly and skillfully pointed at the Junior Sister’s neck. Though it was only a touch, it has completely destroyed all the defensive spells on her.

The Junior Sister didn’t even have the time to call her spirit pet for help as she no longer able to say any word.

A single sword move had defeated the two female cultivators. Liu Li withdrew her flying sword, picked up the unconscious white dog, sized it up, and then somewhat awkwardly asked, "Are we really going to eat this little thing tonight?"

Before Wang Lu had the chance to talk, he heard Liu Li plead, "Can we not eat it, brother [1]?"


A buzzing sound had completely filled Wang Lu’s head.

Y-You idiot, at this time you want to kill your own side!?


[1] Endearing term of brother.

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