Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 179: Liu Li Is a Promising Child

Chapter 179: Liu Li Is a Promising Child

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Beast Master School’s animal training was very well known in the Nine Region. Almost all sect member has one or even several spirit beasts. However, their way to manage their spirit beast varied from person to person. For example, that Chen Dongzhi who treated her spirit dog as a tool to be used belonged to a comparatively low level one. At the end of the spectrum was that muscular Elder, whose cultivation base was a Jindan Stage, thus his ‘Beast Master’ way changed accordingly.

First of all, as the cultivation base of the master progressed, the level of the spirit beast normally would rise also. After all, since the master had become a Jindan Stage, how could the spirit pet not condense its inner core? It would’ve been of no use otherwise. However, once the level of the spirit beast rose, its spirit knowledge would also grow, becoming more familiar with human nature and correspondingly more intelligence. At this point, if the master continued to use the spirit beast as a tool, though it was not impossible in accordance with the contract, the instinctive resistance of the spirit beast would greatly weaken its effect.

Therefore, as the level of the spirit beast rose, the master would elevate its position accordingly. Like the gorilla that stood before Chen Dongzhi whose status had risen to that of Junior Brother. So much that within the internal of the Beast Master School, its name was registered as a cultivator and already considered as an official cultivator. Except from exclusion of the senior management position within the Beast Master School, it has almost the same authority as human cultivators.

The various ideas that Beast Master School advocated were mostly too extreme, which invited a lot of opposition and even ridicule from all over Nine Regions. However, internally, they have actually been trying to apply these ideas that they advocated, and thus obtained the recognition and respect from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

The Master of Chen Dongzhi and her Junior Sister was one of the cultivators who advocated for animal-people equality within the sect—of course, this animal-people equality was only limited to people who cultivated i.e cultivators; ordinary people were not people at all. He and his main pet Junior Brother were of one heart; they treated one another with absolute sincerity. Just now, he was personally summoned by his Senior Brother and had no time to do other things, therefore, he handed over the task to capture the two people of the Yue Family to Silver Back.

For this huge gorilla to win today’s status, its strength naturally could not be underestimated. From the level of monster point of view, it would be at least a category four or five monster. Its inner core had already long been formed, and coupled with superior beast cultivation method from the Beast Master School, its comprehensive strength was comparable to high-level Xudan Stage cultivator. Moreover, this beast was born with enormous strength. Though its magical abilities were not as strong, once it fought in close combat, even peak Xudan Stage cultivator would feel a headache.

Of course, if met with a cultivator who was excellent at fighting, there were many ways to toy with this relying-on-brute-force gorilla. However, this time, the opponents were just two little cultivators of Foundation Establishment Stage; what kind of trick could they possibly play?

Therefore, for Chen Dongzhi and her Junior Sister, though their master temporarily couldn’t travel with them, seeing their Junior Uncle going into action, their heart calmed down a lot as they thought that those two reckless things from Yue Family would surely turn into a pulp.


On the other side, Wang Lu and Liu Li had restarted the Cloud Wave Boat. Without delay, they rapidly flew towards the eastern direction of the Moral Enlightenment City.

Inside the flying boat pocket realm, Wang Lu was having an interest in barbeque, so he roasted a wild hog for Liu Li. The happy little girl raised her eyebrows in delight and beamed with joy; she also sang a song. The song was waxy sweet, full of delight and childlike quality, yet with a hint of clear spirit that seemed to place the listener high in the clouds, purifying and invigorating the soul.

After dinner, Wang Lu, while tidying up the leftover bones, gave a few for their prisoner, Little White, as he contemplated the next step of the plan.

While thinking, he suddenly heard Liu Li asking a question, "Senior Brother, Senior Brother, we seem to go in the wrong direction. Isn’t Grand Cloud Mountain on the northern side of the Moral Enlightenment City? This is going eastward."

Wang Lu nodded. "Very good, you actually can find the north. However, you are still stupid, who said we are going to Grand Cloud Mountain?"

Liu Li’s eyes widened in surprise as she felt even more confused. "Em, Senior Brother, didn’t you say you want to go to the Grand Cloud Mountain to send a letter, why…"

"That’s in the general direction. But at this stage, where could we find that Zen Master Gou Ruo? This Grand Cloud Mountain is so big. Moreover, we just had our first clash against the people of the Beast Master School. If we run into their headquarters now, we’re just asking to be gang rape. Right now, on the matter regarding Zen Master Gou Ruo, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals is unreliable, and so is Beast Master School. Naturally, we should look for the original owner of this place, the White Dragon Temple."

"... I don’t understand." Liu Li candidly said, "However, I will just listen to you, Senior Brother, whatever you say, I will do it. This is… sister-con, right?"

"Hmm, a promising child," Wang Lu said while his gaze landed on the full chest of Liu Li.

That breast can indeed be touched (homonym with a promising child)... this is wrong, this is really becoming a real perverted sis-con. I have to think about how to pry the news from those waste at the White Dragon Temple first.

However, before Wang Lu could resume his thought, Little White, who was gnawing a bone, suddenly shivered, then its face slowly revealed a look of fear. It then barked. Its eyes were anxious as if it tried to warn about something.

Wang Lu chuckled. He didn’t need for Huahua to translate it for him—Little White’s action was clear enough for him to make a judgment: The long awaited Beast Master School pursuer has finally come.


Without the need to see nor having to confirm each other’s position, Wang Lu had ordered the Cloud Wave Boat to descend. Although he was not afraid of that pursuer from the Beast Master School, if the boat accidentally got destroyed, it would be too late to regret.

As soon as the Cloud Wave Boat landed on the ground, Wang Lu, Liu Li, his pet dog Huahua walked out of the flying boat. Before long, a meteor-like shadow fell from the sky.


A giant beast over three meters tall and clad in battle armor fiercely looked at its opponent while holding a waist-thick silver giant stick. Its spirit beast eyes soon saw that the opponent’s cultivation base was just middle-level Foundation Establishment. It uttered a beast-like roar before questioning its opponent.

"Are you two the one who wounded my Beast Master School people? Hand over your spirit dog and surrender yourself."

Wang Lu couldn’t hold back his laughter; he didn’t show the least bit of care about the threat from that huge beast. Meanwhile, Liu Li, along with a laugh, also clapped and said, "What a cute monkey!"

That silver back gorilla was stunned for a moment, then it suddenly felt a burst of anger. With a cold humph, it slammed its weapon to the ground. The earth quaked, and the mountain shook. A sharp and violent force passed through under the ground, ready to detonate under Wang Lu’s feet.

Once this force broke out, it would shake and break the Jade Mansion of Foundation Establishment cultivator, sending the primordial spirit into turmoil. However, before its eyes, Wang Lu took a step forward and firmly landed his foot on the ground, promptly intercepting that violent force sent by the silver back. That attack was filled with the full strength of a Xudan, yet it was trampled on by this foot. After trembling for a moment, the force fell apart—it was completely beyond expectation!

While silver back was still in shock, the opponent’s counter attack came at once.

"Xian’Er, go."

"Oh!" Liu Li very obediently called out her customary flying sword. Two flashing red lights glowed from the two fiery swords in her hands. The next moment, the girl suddenly dashed forward and appeared before the silver back while simultaneously thrusting the two swords at it.

Such a quick attack took silver back by surprise. Fortunately, its cultivation base was profound. In the nick of time, it rose its weapon across it before the two swords arrived, in an attempt to block them. After that, it wanted to wait for an opportunity to strike back.

However, the next moment, those swords that were imbued with blazingly high temperature, as well as a sword intent that was sharp and invincible, broke open its defense, which caused all the hair on its body to stood up in pain! The enormous natural strength of this spirit beast had barely managed to help it withstood the opponent strike’s impact. However, after this impact, its two thick arms faintly trembled. The lingering pain constantly stimulated its primordial spirit, making it extremely painful. As far as its eyes could see, there were two deep black sword scars on its beloved weapon. This magical treasure that was refined from smelting hundreds of different kind of metals was nearly broken by just one strike from the opposite party!

This was just to fend off the opposite party’s attack.

Silver back simply could not imagine how a middle-level Foundation Establishment cultivator was able to have such a powerful attack that even a spirit beast comparable in strength to high-level Xudan like it almost could not face it.

However, a round of awe has yet to finish, and a more shocking scene occurred. After that strike, the girl unexpectedly didn’t stop. She swung her body around and launched the second attack. This time, compared to the first attack, its might was even somewhat stronger.

In an instant, Silver Back determined that it would never be able to stop the second strike. Though the absolute strength of the opposite party was inferior to itself, the sword was imbued with a special force that was far above its brute force. Although Silver Back wasn’t able to recognize the Brilliant Sword Heart, it was ultimately a battle hardened spirit beast, thus, it immediately made the right choice.

It pointed its weapon forward. Right before the fire sword reached its body, it adopted a posture of mutual death.

Silver Back was after all a century old powerful spirit beast. This pointing its weapon forward, whether it was in timing, angle, or the amount of force, everything was just right. Even if it couldn’t resist Liu Li’s Brilliant Sword Heart, it could put her to death together with it.

Despite the thousands of changes of Liu Li’s Brilliant Sword Heart, in the face of a Xudan cultivator who wanted to die together, she had no choice but to retreat.

However, Liu Li didn’t even have the intention to retreat. Her delicate and tender body openly welcomed that Silver Back’s magical treasure. The two swords in her hands were set ablaze as she directly swung them at it.

Because she knew, the counterattack from Silver Back would naturally be blocked by someone… For the past five years, whenever she fought side by side with Wang Lu, she never had to worry about defense, and this time, it was certainly no exception.

Sure enough, a familiar sword shadow appeared just right in front of her. Stepping on Liu Li’s flying sword, as fast as lightning, Wang Lu thrusted his Sword of Mount Kun. Though it started late, it arrived first, striking that stick of Silver Back head on, which completely took down the attack force of Silver Back; he then feed it back again to it.

At the same time, Liu Li’s fire swords landed on their target.

The combined power of Liu Li’s Brilliant Sword Heart and Wang Lu’s full counter attack should seriously injure the Silver Back gorilla on the spot. If not for its battle armor that absorbed more than fifty percent of the damage, plus its innate strong body, this combined strike would’ve been deadly. However, despite this lost, it simply used its enormous palm to firmly hold that stick. Relying on its fierce nature that was printed deep within its bones, it went all out to prop itself from collapsing. Its pair of red pupils contained its unyielding nature and indignation.

Faced with this surviving-at-the-dead-end heroic scene, Wang Lu was not in the least bit sympathetic. He merely ruminated and sized up his opponent. And then, using his free hand, he cut the fingers on its hand that was holding the stick.

Silver Back screamed and threw itself on the ground. Its voice was incomparably miserable. However, Wang Lu put his foot on its head, pressing it to the ground.

"What are you pretending to be miserable about? You’re clearly the bastard who came to rob people, yet you’re pretending to be the victim here? Since you don’t want this face, then I’ll bury it for you."

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