Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 180: Monkey, Please Come and Play

Chapter 180: Monkey, Please Come and Play

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Gorillas have never been a strong and resilient creature. Compared to those natural born hunters like jackals, wolves, tigers, and panthers, even though it has a strong physique, its sensitivity to pain and fear of death made it less capable in combat.

Though this Silver Back Gorilla has succeeded in its cultivation and inner core, it still inherited the flaw of its species—the biological instinct. Its cultivation was not weak, but its guts and cultivation were not commensurate; it was very afraid of death. The reason why its master fancied it was that it was relatively smarter than other spirit beasts, thus, in the situation where too strong of force wasn’t needed, it could assume a sole responsibility for an important task.

And, Silver Back’s reaction was indeed worthy of its master’s expectation. The moment it was defeated, it correctly guessed that the two young cultivators before it were likely to be gifted disciples from a big sect. Immortal Cultivation Family from Celestial Water Lake could never produce such strong Foundation Establishment cultivators. These two must have borrowed the Celestial Water Lake Family identity to go out on experiential learning. Thus, Silver Back immediately assumed the indomitable martyr image—for those who lacked experience, young cultivators who still held an idealistic view of the world, the martyr image was easy to gain sympathy, and also the easiest way to escape with its life. Although Silver Back was a spirit beast in origin, it has gradually become familiar with human nature.

Unfortunately, this time, the opponent that it encountered was clearly not so easy to cheat. For this survival method of Silver Back, Wang Lu’s response was two simple moves: cut off its fingers and firmly step on its head. These two moves instantly scattered all of its thoughts, replaced only by an intense sense of fear that could not be dissolved.

Then, Wang Lu’s cold voice passed into its ears.

"Now I will ask you questions, and you will answer. If you can’t, you die, if you use any tricks, you die."

Silver Back repeatedly nodded without the slightest hint of revolt, much less dare to utter out conditions. It has seen from their behavior that, compared to its highway robbery method, the opponents were obviously more ruthless, lawless, cold-blooded, and without the least bit hesitation. If it dealt with them even a bit carelessly, the other party would not hesitate to kill it.

"Let’s start with simple one. Name, sex, age, species."

"... Silver Back, male, gorilla, 136 years old."

Wang Lu’s indifferent voice continued, "Good, next question. I heard that the Beast Master School is collecting spirit dog in the vicinity of Grand Cloud Mountain, why is that?"

Silver Back was surprised. He never thought that the other party would actually ask this question. This was his sect secret, if leaked from his mouth, then...

However, Silver Back only hesitated slightly, but Wang Lu’s Sword of Mount Kun was not. The sword was unceremoniously inserted into Silver Back’s stout arm. The giant beast howled as blood gushed out like a fountain.

"You can slowly think about the wording, but the longer you think about it, the more blood will flow."

Wang Lu said with an indifferent tone as he withdrew the sword and then pointed it at Silver Back’s nape.

Silver Back tremblingly opened his mouth and was about to speak when he heard Liu Li questioning Wang Lu with a frown, "Senior Brother, I remember in the sect rules. It is written that we can’t inflict tyranny to weak creatures."

It was such a heavenly music to Silver Back ears. Though he had suffered severe wounds and thus couldn’t kowtow to her, he couldn’t help but still want to send out several praising words.

Well said. How could disciples from upright sect inflict abuse on the weak? Even if you must kill, you mustn’t inflict torture!

However, in the face of Liu Li’s serious question, Wang Lu didn’t go on to explain too much.

Despite the fact that Beast Master School has no one to blame but themselves—highway robbery attempt in broad daylight, blatantly trying to snatch a spirit dog and not hesitating to injure and even kill the target—using violence to curb violence toward this kind of bandit behavior could already be considered as being lenient.

However, in light of Liu Li’s cognitive ability, was there any use to explain its complexity? Therefore, in reply to her question, Wang Lu just said with a smile, "I’m not abusing but cooking."

"Cooking?" Liu Li’s eyes widened in amazement, once again feeling that her brain capacity was not enough.

Wang Lu chuckled. "Have you ever tried gorilla sashimi?"

"Em…" Liu Li knitted her brows awkwardly.

"Later, we will have live monkey brain. This is just a necessary step in cooking, in no way this is being sadistic. So, you can rest assured."

Liu Li’s willowy eyebrows stretched up, and she grinningly said, "I know that Senior Brother is good, you definitely won’t violate the sect rules!"

Silver Back’s jaw dropped on the spot: No, this is absolutely wrong! How can this bullsh*t explanation be accepted? Which sect has such undignified rules!?

Unfortunately, he didn’t have much time to think as the Sword of Mount Kun began to prick into the back of his neck. The intense pain took away Silver Back’s ability to think. As a spirit beast that was not good at enduring pain, Silver Back really could not withstand this.

Therefore, he finally divulged his sect’s secret. "Because we are trying to refine spiritual treasure of spirit beast collar. To do so, we need to use the spirit of ten thousand dogs, but relying on the spirit dogs on the Division alone is far from enough. Therefore, we must collect all spirit dog in the vicinity of Grand Cloud Mountain. Although your spirit dog is not that strong, it is of a very special breed, which is highly valuable in this spiritual treasure refining. Therefore, we tried to get our hands on it no matter what."

Wang Lu nodded and pulled the Sword of Mount Kun up a little bit.

"Refining spirit beast collar using the spirit of ten thousand dogs?" Wang Lu pursed his lips and recalled his two years study in the Teng Cloud Hall. He only learned the intermediate part of refining as the prerequisite to learning about advance refining was Xudan Stage, thus, he hasn’t learned about the subject deep enough. Nevertheless, inferring from the general knowledge about refining, Silver Back’s statement should not be false.

The most important magical treasure for the Beast Master School to tame the beast was spirit beast collar. Once it was put on the targeted spirit beast, the spirit beast’s magical primordial spirit couldn’t help but be controlled by the owner of the spirit beast collar. It was a magical treasure used by the Beast Master School to tame a few minority spirit beast that was hard to tame.

However, spirit beast collar was, of course, not omnipotent. The more naturally gifted and the more powerful the spirit beast was, the more difficult it was to tame. For example, spirit beast collar of magical tool level would be difficult to tame Silver Back.

However, Beast Master School was currently trying to refine spirit beast collar of spiritual treasure level, so what kind of spirit beast that was worthy to be put a spiritual treasure on? Moreover, it was pointed that it must use numerous spirit dogs to refine it, clearly, it was targeted to create a certain spirit beast collar of extraordinary type, with a much higher efficiency. In short, did Beast Master Sect want to capture an immortal dog...?

When Wang Lu put that question out to Silver Back, the latter immediately cursed his own luck. He had deliberately avoided talking about this topic and only said about the spirit beast collar, but he didn’t expect the opposite party's follow up question would exactly be that.

However, if he divulged it this time, it would seriously damage the sect’s interest. Thus, Silver Back hesitated for a long time and didn’t dare to open his mouth.

Silver Back’s hesitation, however, caused Wang Lu’s eyes to turn bright. "Oh, you seem to hesitate to say it? Looks like this is the core of the problem. If I have to speculate, this, combined with your previous statement, then I would venture to guess that you guys found some kind of rare spirit dog near the Grand Cloud Mountain. Perhaps its strength is not of high grade, but it’s especially good at hiding and fleeing. Your division has a lot of Jindan cultivators, but there’s no way to capture it. Thus, your last resort is to refine the spirit beast collar, and using the suppression power of this spiritual treasure level of spirit beast collar in a hundred miles radius, you can restrict its action within this perimeter."

In Silver Back’s horror-stricken eyes, Wang Lu continued, "Why did your Beast Master Sect field great number of people to do this, even so much that you become bandits… probably because you want this to be over as soon as possible, as you can’t afford to delay the time. Why would you want this to be quick? Do you worry people would create difficulties if you take your time? Why would you worry people would create difficulties for you? Is it because that spirit dog is also very valuable to other sects so much that they would not hesitate to oppose your Beast Master School? Then if I’m not mistaken, it ought to be an ultra high-level young spirit beast, or it might even be an immortal beast?"

While the Silver Back Gorilla continued to gradually turn cold, Wang Lu chuckled. "Although my guess might not be accurate, but I think all the nearby forces, whether it’s White Dragon Temple, Flowing Cloud Temple, or even the Grand Cloud Empire and other big and small sects would be very interested. For a young immortal beast, even Union of Ten Thousand Immortals would find it very attractive! So, you might as well guess what kind of amazing thing that would unfold if I spread this news around for everyone?"

The next moment, a heavy voice from the horizon bloomed over. "If you really want to do this, I guarantee you will not live pass this day."

Hearing this voice, the Silver Back Gorilla’s expression suddenly stiffened, immediately followed by uncontrollable ecstasy!

At the same time, Chen Dongzhi and her Junior Sister, who had been hiding far away, tremblingly watching the scene, could not help but cheer, "Master!"

Through the spirit beast contract connection, his master, the Jindan Stage Elder of the Beast Master School was able to perceive that the Silver Back was facing a crisis, and went full speed ahead to come!

"Let go of Silver Back and I will spare you!"

While speaking, the elder was still dozens of miles away, yet his voice was able to pass over. The pure magical power of a Jindan Stage Daoist Master swept through along with the rolling sound wave. The impact strength could directly penetrate the opponent’s Jade Mansion in an attempt to shake the primordial spirit.

A thunderous voice from a Jindan Stage Elder of high-level sect could hurt people even if separated for dozens of miles. Regarding this first move by the Jindan Stage Elder, Wang Lu simply waved his Sword of Mount Kun lightly, and the invisible Non-Phase Sword Qi began to encircle him as well as Liu Li and the mottled dog. The noise was shattered at the edge of that sword encirclement.

In this one exchanged, Wang Lu had carefully appreciated the impact force on the edge of that sword encirclement and judged that the opponent was a genuine Jindan Stage cultivator. Though only low-level Jindan, and wasn’t of good quality to begin with, but still, towards Foundation Establishment cultivators like them, he was still a terrifying opponent.

At this time, Silver Back’s head was still pressed on the ground with downcast head, which hid the ominous light that flashed through his eyes. Though Wang Lu was indeed formidable by blocking the thunderous voice attack, when his master came closer, within a certain range, he could get out of the trouble instantly with the Beast Master School secret technique, Person Beast Unite, which would further increase his master’s strength. By then, his master would easily be able to dispose of these two Foundation Establishment little bugs, and he would be able to return in kind.

However, Wang Lu was still not in a hurry. After withstanding that thunderous voice, he pointed his Sword of Mount Kun in the direction of the voice at a distant point. "Which monkey came to play here?"

At the same time, his left hand made a hand gesture towards Liu Li. The girl seemed surprised at that, but her action was still as fast as lightning.

She called out her fiery flying sword, and it pierced through the head of the Silver Back from behind, which immediately took his life, yet the Gorilla’s strange smile still hung on his face.

"How dare you! You bring about your own destruction!" What followed was a thunderous furious voice of a Jindan Stage Elder. His fury soared through the sky which even changed its color.

Yet, Wang Lu inwardly sneered. Do you think I’m an idiot? Who doesn’t know that collaboration of cultivator from Beast Master School with their spirit pet would make them really strong? If I don’t take advantage to solve one of the problems while the two of you were still separated, do I have to fall into a bitter struggle when I meet you?

So I broke your arm, and then...

You can play your p*nis with your only hand, idiot!

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