Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 183: To Get Along with Liu Li, One Needs to Be Good at Summarizing

Chapter 183: To Get Along with Liu Li, One Needs to Be Good at Summarizing

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"There’s something I need to ask of you. Beast Master School has established a division on the Grand Cloud Mountain over there, and it’s an eyesore. Help me find a way to get rid of it together."

While speaking, the look of Xiao Qi became incomparably indifferent.

Though he had already kind of expected that from the name Zen Master Dog Meat, she would be at odds with the Beast Master School that championed for animal rights, Wang Lu didn’t think that the contradiction between them would be this sharp.

On the outside, senior Xiao Qi looked delicate and pleasing to the eyes, with genial temperament and amity. Yet, she advocated for a destruction of a sect division; the most poisonous thing was indeed a woman’s heart.

"Hey, hey, I just want to get rid of this division. I never said I want to eliminate the whole sect. Don’t let your imagination run wild."

Wang Lu shrugged. "Mind telling me how senior become enemies with them?"

Xiao Qi hesitated for a moment and then lightly said, "It’s not that big of a deal actually. Recently, the Beast Master School has been collecting thousands of spirit dog on the Grand Cloud Mountain to refine Spirit Beast Collar. When I came across those spirit dogs, I ate them. That’s where our enmity started. Then several of their Elders constantly chased after me, and after a few fights, the enmity became bigger and bigger."

Wang Lu couldn’t help but exclaim, "You’re his damn mother’s deserve it!"

Love for dog meat was just a personal hobby that stemmed from personal freedom. Eating dog meat in the territory of Beast Master School could be considered as a face slapping, an impolite act. However, taking into account that the Beast Master School had forcibly reversed the public opinion on eating dog meat in the area around Grand Cloud Mountain, it was also a just act. However, this fellow unexpectedly ate the spirit dogs collected by other people! Was there a difference between this and tarnishing other people’s wife at their home? Beast Master School was not a pushover, so how could they endure? It would be strange instead if they didn’t turn her into an enemy...

At this time, looking at this frank and genial senior again, Wang Lu couldn’t help but sigh, thinking that you indeed couldn’t judge a person by appearance. A person that could become good friends with his Master must have a distorted personality.

As for helping to get rid of the division? Frankly speaking, in this northern part of Grand Cloud Mountain of Cloud Region, Wang Lu was indeed figuring out how to gain prestige by dealing with the Beast Master School. However, he didn’t want to gain prestige together with someone evil.

After all, Beast Master School was still a righteous sect. In the past great war between Immortal and Demon, they had made a distinguished contribution. Though many of their sect’s ideas were extremely undesirable, and their people’s quality were also mixed—for example, their Elder Chi Hou that wanted to obtain Huahua by hook or by crook, which strictly speaking, was an evil act—however, you could only trouble them in secret; openly opposing them was not an option.

Seeing Wang Lu’s knitted brows, Xiao Qi smiled. "How about this, you can just come with me to see the situation in the Beast Master School division with your own eyes. If you’re still unwilling to help me once we arrive there, I won’t force you."

Hearing this, Wang Lu furrowed his brows even tighter. Does Seventh Madame mean there’s still more to this? Very well, let us see then.


Led by Xiao Qi, a line of people flew towards the direction of Grand Cloud Mountain.

As a good friend of Wang Wu, daring to challenge a division of Beast Master School, Xiao Qi’s magical power was naturally not bad. Visually, according to Wang Lu, she was at least a Jindan Stage cultivator. Bringing two people and a dog flying with her, she was only a bit slower than Wang Lu’s Cloud Wave Boat.

When they were close to Grand Cloud Mountain, Xiao Qi took the initiative to descend. After covering the several people of their scents and other traces, she told them through her primordial spirit, "Follow after me. Do not make a sound."

Xiao Qi’s concealing spell was very powerful; a row of three people quickly trotted through the wooded mountain and the Beast Master School Division’s boundary but didn’t trigger any early alarm of Beast Master School. Grand Cloud Mountain has been dominated by Beast Master School for about a year, therefore, though no mines were put on each step of the way, there were many mechanisms or arrays put in place to ring the alarm for intruders. However, Xiao Qi walked as if it was her own house. And even if they met patrolling disciples, they were still undetected.

Supposedly, Beast Master School has many spirit beasts, and spirit beast’s five senses were far better than common cultivators, not to mention the inside of the division should also be the most guarded place. However, even after they arrived inside the division, they haven’t been discovered by anybody.

And in a level area, Wang Lu saw a surprising scene.

Thousands of spirit dogs were clustered on that level area. And because it was small, they were packed like sardines. Specially made collar tied the neck of these spirit dogs. Beast Master School’s collar was supposed to be a magical tool that nourishes the flesh and primordial spirit. However, upon closer look, one could see a trace of life flying from the spirit dog to the collar and then converging to the gathering array at the distance. The collar was basically sucking the life out of the spirit dog! At this point, most of the spirit dogs on the mountain seemed to be dispirited. Similarly, the surrounding spiritual energy was also unpleasant. With Wang Lu’s Void Spirit Root qualification, he could clearly see the withered and yellow luster, just like the despair of fire of life that was about to die out.

Among the thousands of spirit dogs, many were wounded and sick. However, Beast Master School didn’t give them any treatment at all; they just left them like that. Even spirit dog with strong physique would meet a dead end if they lived in this kind of spiritless level area and constantly sucked out of life, not to mention those sick and wounded.


Xiao Qi turned and asked, "How do you feel?"

"I think I can understand what you’re trying to accomplish here."

Xiao Qi said, "In order to catch the Immortal beast hatchling, Beast Master School gathered thousands of spirit dogs to refine spiritual treasure. This itself is not a problem. However, this knocking-on-the-bone-sucking-out-the-marrow kind of exploitation is... The Division Head of the Beast Master School used the technique of ‘sword moves with a side stroke’ to refine the Spirit Beast Collar, which was to extract numerous spirits with negative emotions. Therefore, they forced these thousands of spirit dogs into nasty situations, which would generate pain, despair, and other negative emotions from them. These were then extracted out through the collar and the special array, which became the material for the spiritual treasure. Luckily, the source material came from dogs and not humans. Otherwise, based on this situation, Union of Ten Thousand Immortals could not turn a blind eye to it; their law enforcement would’ve come and settled them early on.

Wang Lu slowly nodded, deep in thought.

Liu Li couldn’t watch the scene anymore, her clear eyes were glistening with tears. "H-How come they’re so cruel? Aren’t they supposed to love spirit beast?"

Xiao Qi lightly smiled. "Beast Master School people love spirit beasts? That’s a really big joke. Think carefully about the name of their sect. Is it Beast Master or Beast Lover? If they really love spirit beast, how could they call themselves Beast Master? How could they put collars on the spirit beasts?"

Liu Li still struggled to understand. "In the Moral Enlightenment City, they publicly promote…"

Xiao Qi interrupted with a sneer. "Vegetarianism? That’s even more ridiculous. There are numerous kinds of spirit beasts, of which a substantial part of them are carnivores that could not digest the vegetarian diet. How would Beast Master School feed this kind of spirit beast to raise them? By massively slaughtering animals to provide fresh meat. They just forbid common people from eating meat; in their eyes, common people are lower than animals. Not to mention, their Division Head is probably a cat person, thus hostile to spirit dogs… In short, just remember that from the tens of thousands of cultivators of Beast Master School, many are sincere in their universal love and broad-minded. However, in recent years, this sect expand too quick, so good and bad people are mixed in. Of which, there is no shortage of these bastards in the Grand Cloud Mountain. Otherwise, why do you think they couldn’t stay in their headquarters in the Southern Heaven Region and had to survive in the Cloud Region?"

Liu Li was still puzzled. Clearly, she was lost somewhere in that explanation.

Thus, Wang Lu patted her on the head. "You just have to remember this three conclusions. First, Beast Master School people lied. Secondly, therefore, they are bad people. Thirdly, thus, when we fight with them, no need to have any guilt or hesitation."

Liu Li thought for a moment and nodded. "Em, if that’s the case, then I understand."

The nearby Xiao Qi looked surprised; she asked, "This child…"

Wang Lu made a circling motion with his finger on the side of his head. Upon seeing this, Xiao Qi immediately revealed an understanding look. Now, her look on Liu Li seemed to have several notches of sympathy within it.

"In short, the situation is as you see. And the last time I passed here, it’s even more terrible than this."

Wang Lu asked, "So you ate those dogs?"

Xiao Qi indifferently shrugged. "Otherwise, what else? Being collared and sucked out of life essence like that, they’re basically on the dead end. Finally, they would only be left with husks of a flesh and incomplete primordial spirit after Beast Master School sucked all of their negative emotion to refine the Spirit Beast Collar. I thought that, since sooner or later they would end up dead anyway, they might as well dead on my belly and be reincarnated soon."

Wang Lu understandingly nodded. This Zen Master Dog Meat was obviously not a dog lover, thus, killing these several thousands of spirit dog, giving them relief, could be counted as charity. As for how to dispose of their corpses, obviously she was not kind enough to willingly bury them, thus, stuffing them into her belly could also be counted as passable.

"It’s just a pity that thousands of innocent dogs had to die in your stomach."

Xiao Qi angrily retorted, "Hey-hey, is this how they taught you in Spirit Sword Sect? Die on the stomach and die in the stomach are two completely different concepts okay!"

"Sorry, since that’s the case, then I don’t have a problem with it. Rather than barely living in this heartless division, early death is more preferable."

For Wang Lu, since the two sides had the same goal, and this senior Seventh Madame didn’t have any intolerable defect, then the two sides could cooperate happily.

"Good, I know that, that person, Wang Wu’s disciple, must be a frank and straightforward person."

Wang Lu didn’t object this assessment.

Gaining Wang Lu’s support, Xiao Qi became even more spirited. She rolled her eyes, looked at the thousands of spirit dogs suffering in the abyss of that level area, and wiped her mouth. "To celebrate our cooperation, let us have a hearty meal first!"

Then she was going to break through the enemy line and plunder the flesh of those spirit dogs.

Wang Lu was taken aback. "... Are you sure? Here? Such a direct and blatant way like this?"

Seeing the complex look on Xiao Qi’s face, Wang Lu hurriedly explained, "I mean, the last time you did this, Beast Master School suffered a huge loss, so it’s highly unlikely that this place would be unguarded just to let you score twice. Although we were able to smoothly sneak our way all the way here, it’s also possible that they purposely let us through so that they could catch us here."

Then, in order to deepen the power of persuasion, Wang Lu pulled Liu Li towards him. "Xian’Er, I think we should withdraw now, tell me about your intuition."

Liu Li earnestly said, "I agree with Senior Brother’s point of view that it may be dangerous to continue."

Xiao Qi’s eyes seemed even more complex. "Do you think an idiot’s judgment has any persuasive value?"

"I-I’m not an idiot." Liu Li softly but firmly protested, "Master has got me tested!"

Wang Lu peevishly held her head. "You shut up."

Unfortunately, it was too late. In the end, Xiao Qi was unable to resist the temptation of her belly. No longer caring about Wang Lu and Liu Li’s persuasion, her fingers moved which then formed a seal, and a mysterious spell then quickly condensed, driving the change in the entire surrounding spiritual energy.

However, at this time, a sudden change occurred. The gentle surrounding spiritual energy suddenly surged, and the surrounding hills formed a natural cage which trapped the several people in it. All around them were rock barrier that blocked the sun light, which cast a very dark shadow on them. A sharp, slightly immature, yet no lack of hostility female voice echoed inside the cage.

"I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Sure enough, you’re really here!"

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