Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 190: Peace and Development Have Never Been My Main Theme

Chapter 190: Peace and Development Have Never Been My Main Theme

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When the Five Mountain Broken Veins Great Array of Beast Master School appeared before Xiao Qi, the woman’s complexion turned solemn and her heart heavy.

That A Xia was really not that simple; he has chosen an opportune time for it. When the cat girl launched this same technique at her, Xiao Qi, using her "All Living Beings Are Equal", they could easily get out of their predicament. However, now it was difficult for her to produce the same miracle.

Because just one day ago, she had just created a modest miracle. With her comprehension of the road of reincarnation, she brought the cat girl’s petrified right eye back to live, becoming just as new. If it were the Yuanying Stage cultivator who did it, it would’ve been a piece of cake, but since she currently was just a Jindan’s avatar, it caused her somewhat a serious injury. At this time, her magical power and monk staff have yet to reach the optimum condition.

However, those were not the things that mattered.

Xiao Qi was very well aware of their situation. She knew her condition was not the best, yet she still followed the guidance of the cat girl, walking on the Grand Cloud Mountain, because she always thought the cat girl would not harm her.

Indeed, cats were never known for their loyalty. However, faced with humiliation and abusive master, faced with a sect she could never return to, did she have many choices? This wasn’t about loyalty, but the value of choices. Needless to say, once something went wrong, she would be the first to bear the brunt! Xiao Qi had promised her to kill her first; it was not a promise that she could not keep.

However, despite all of that, there was still this scene before them. Perhaps the cat girl was not the leader in laying out this trap, but to say she has no knowledge of it, who would believe it? When the cat girl didn’t say a word and just let their group walk into a trap, she was already their enemy.

To treat an enemy, naturally, it was to let her die as quickly and in as many pieces as possible.

Xiao Qi didn’t need the urge from Wang Lu as her staff has already been violently swung backward. The zen light that it emitted was no longer of soft and compassionate type, but littered with sharp and fierce firmness. This staff swing carried enough momentum to crack a mountain, and the restriction spell on the cat girl has already been activated by Xiao Qi early on, so she could not avoid this strike and could only freeze standing in place as she was hit by the vajra rage of Xiao Qi’s staff right on the head.


That delicate little head burst open on the spot, splashing out large pieces of red and white matters. The corpse of the girl was then thrown back by great force and flung hundreds of meters away, deeply chiseled into the Five Mountain Broken Great Veins rock wall. The broken hole was then sealed by the rocks that fell because of the quake that happened when the corpse bore into the wall, making it look like a natural grave.

With her monk staff, Xiao Qi has killed the cat girl, yet her mood was actually extremely low. Though she took the religious name Zen Master Dog Meat and has taken the lives of creatures by the thousands and tens of thousands, this did not mean that she was bloodthirsty. On the contrary, not only did she really try to restrain herself from killing, but she also has an aversion to it. Her feeling was even more intense than those who boasted themselves as righteous cultivators.

She had endured the feeling of self-loathing in her heart before she launched that strike, and though the staff’s momentum was swift and fierce, it has also tangled her feeling. And exactly because of this entanglement that she had inadvertently overlooked one thing.

"Seventh Madame, just now, you were distracted, you really are a bold expert."

Wang Lu timely remark immediately cleared Xiao Qi up from her mixed feelings, then she suddenly thought about how just now, she had used her staff to blow the head of the cat, so it was naturally stained with a lot of blood. When she was temporarily absent-minded, she hadn’t thought about it, but now… the monk staff was already covered with a layer of foul light. At the last moment, the cat had unexpectedly used her blood to curse it.

Spiritual treasure dimmed with dust, though it was not enough to damage it, for a time, it was impossible for it to have any use. Hence, using the "All Living Beings Are Equal" and the door to escape Five Mountain Broken Veins Great Array was no longer an option. And without Xiao Qi’s spiritual treasure, how could Wang Lu and Liu Li escape from a Jindan Stage Daoist Master?

However, Xiao Qi wasn’t in the least bit worry, because Wang Lu still looked calm. And as long as he didn’t panic, there was nothing for her to panic either.

However, she then heard Wang Lu sigh. "Seventh Madame, when you and my Master traveled together in the Nine Regions, did you often get sprayed by her?"

Xiao Qi was silent for a while and decided not to answer.

"Frankly speaking, you can be really stupid. Just now, after you burst her head off with your staff, why don’t you leave some leeway? You hit her body away so that it was directly buried between rocks. Do you think she would crawl out and say thank you? She would just crawl out and laugh at your lack of brain."

Speaking to this, Wang Lu pointed at something. It was at the gap between rocks on the wall. A pile of stone suddenly moved a little, from which a bloody small hand reached out. A moment later, the cat girl Ling Yan distressingly struggled out. Dust and blood stained all over her, but indeed, she was all smile. Not only was it the smile of joy for having survived, but also a mocking smile just like what Wang Lu said.

"This…" Xiao Qi furrowed her eyebrows and recalled that when she used her staff to burst the cat girl’s head, though she just used the "in the moment" strength, she was absolutely without mercy. The cat girl’s head burst was not a fake, then...

"Don’t you understand it yet? It’s the nine lives of a cat. How could a fully transformed spirit cat cultivator be that easy to kill? She would resurrect. Though with her ability, a resurrection would cost her cultivation base by several levels… But, if you just kill her on the spot, when she resurrect, she could do nothing but die once again. But now she’s really free."

The two sides were several hundreds of meters apart, not far for a Jindan Stage cultivator. However, within the confinement of Five Mountain Broken Veins Great Array, that range was like a natural moat. Thus, Xiao Qi didn’t even waste her magical power to try to pursue, but just silently looked as Ling Yan leisurely moved her limbs and then flew to the sky, flying to the side of A Xia.

"You did it beautifully."

A Xia seemed to never forget his trademark of gloomy smile.

"I’ve decided to give you some rewards."

Hearing the word reward, Ling Yan’s whole body began to tremble as if she recalled a horror scene. Because she has yet to completely recover from her one-time dying, her pale complexion became even uglier.

However, the next moment, A Xia just stooped down, kissed each of Ling Yan’s nimble and agile ears and then patted the cat girl’s head.

This seemingly gentle and kind action slightly reduced the cat girl’s fear. If the so-called reward was just this, then...

Unfortunately, A Xia then said, "Well then, the rest of that thing is already over, I will supply it to you again."

The fear in cat girl’s heart came to her once again. The emotional ups and downs had caused her to want to vomit blood.

Seeing this scene, Xiao Qi could not help but want to throw up. "That guy is a pervert." It was hard for her to accept it. "She clearly said she doesn’t want to go back, and I know it’s not a lie, but why… she must insist on going back to that pervert’s side and tread the path of her own destruction?"

Wang Lu sneered. "She doesn’t want to go back, but she also didn’t say she wants to stay on our side. The two of us wanted to harm her, was she making her own choice then?"

Xiao Qi went into silence.

"Did you already guess that it would be like this?"

"If I had guessed, I would’ve killed that cat with three surnames early on," Wang Lu said with a sinking voice, "I just never believed her, so I always kept my guard up. Now that the situation has developed to this point, it’s just a confirmation that my worry is not a mistake. Hindsight always comes late."

"In other words, you have no way to deal with this?"

However, before Wang Lu could speak, the hovering in mid-air A Xia could no longer endure his loneliness.

"We meet again."

Wang Lu smiled and asked, "Still without malice?"

A Xia very seriously nodded. "Still without malice, and still that same request, I hope we can abandon the past animosity, turning hostility into friendship."

Xiao Qi couldn’t help but ask, "You’ve designed such an elaborate drama just to rehash the old tune?"

A Xia smiled. "This is more able to reflect my sincerity. Even after at this point, I still have no intention to exchange swords with you. As long as you’re willing to promise not to interfere with our task in capturing the immortal beast, this Five Mountain Broken Veins Great Array will immediately be canceled, and then I and Ling Yan will respectfully send you guys out of the Grand Cloud Mountain. Moreover, we would also present you with gifts. This should be more sincere than our previous effort."

Xiao Qi asked, "I really can’t see any benefit in you doing all this."

A Xia said, "My benefit is that, compared with exchanging swords, if the problem can be settled peacefully, the cost would be minimum. I believe you’ve heard from Ling Yan that in Grand Cloud Mountain, Beast Master School has a total of ten Jindan Stage Elders and one Yuanying Stage Grand Elder. Our comprehensive strength is ten times stronger than all of you. However, this ten times strength could not all be used on just three of you, compared to that come and go without a trace immortal beast spirit moon… Allow me to be frank here, you three uninvited guests can only be regarded as a small interlude. It means that we do not want to and can not spare too much energy on you. That being the case, rather than fighting a lose-lose fight, peace and harmony would be a much better prize. Is it possible for you to accept this explanation?"

Xiao Qi was silent for a while, and then asked, "That guy Lei Zhen, would he accept your method?"

"Hehehe, Great Elder is a hot-tempered person, indeed he wouldn’t want my ‘appeasement’ kind of way in doing things. According to his instruction, we should give our best effort to capture the three of you, bring you to him, or if that’s not possible, kill you on site. Moreover, it would be done at all costs."

Xiao Qi asked, "Then, you dare to defy him?"

"Mm, the ultimate loss, which is implicating our great undertaking, is even greater than the actual disregarding of order. If another way of doing it could lead to a better end result, I believe the Great Elder will accept my small disobedience."

"Indeed a man that could conduct himself could also do the work." Xiao Qi could not help but lament. If she were by herself, she would mostly accept this condition. Compared to mutually wounding each other resulting in a lose-lose situation, although A Xia’s stance was disgusting, rationally, it was indeed a better solution.

The question of trust between the two sides meant nothing.

The only question was, would this solution be acceptable to Wang Lu?

Compared to her hundred years of experiential learning in the Nine Regions, this kid’s whole ten years of cultivation has always been smooth sailing. Would he accept being condescendingly talked to basically back away?

"Of course not."

Though Wang Lu’s answer was not really a surprise for her, his explanation actually was.

"I have to thank you Seventh Madame to willingly talk so much bullsh*t with him. After hearing all of that, I become sure of one thing, which is also the thing that contributes to my decision."

"And that is?"

"That beast trainer, is a waste."

"And I, will never accept a proposal from a waste."

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