Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 192 - Liu Li’s Unlicensed Driving

Chapter 192: Liu Li’s Unlicensed Driving

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How could flesh and blood stand against a tank?

When that silver flying boat slowly returned to the ground in front of Wang Lu, bringing with it flesh and blood, its silver surface reflected a few startled faces.

While in the plight, Wang Lu took out his card and turned everything upside down in one fell swoop. This was not that surprising to someone—the present Liu Li has been on the seat of honor when Wang Lu consecutively took out card after card when he took away the lead representative that year. However, at this time, it has taken a lot of people by surprise.

"Isn’t this supposed to be… an official vehicle?"

Because she was still in the battle state, Liu Li’s sanity was still exceptionally sober, thus she put forward a very sober question.

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Isn’t this supposed to be an official vehicle?

Wang Lu scoffed at this. "You have confused me with those fat bureaucrats. This entitlement can’t be turned down, otherwise, it would make things awkward for my subordinates. However, the same leadership treatment, whether it was used simply in the pursuit of frivolous extravagance or just to enjoy life, the difference is in the practical arrangement, which is the gap between the realm. Alright, go up now. Under the restriction of the Big Heart Demon Oath, this flying boat can’t be controlled by me."

Taking advantage of the gap that happened when Xiao Qi swept away that incoming "army" with her dog beating stick, Wang Lu told the several people to enter the flying boat.

At this time, the interior of the flying boat was no longer the initial spacious and luxurious living space. Now, they found themselves as if they were in an engine room, and the space was compact and crowded. Rows after rows of transmission pipeline made from the finest cloud silver were neatly arranged on the surrounding walls, where a dazzlingly brilliant substance flew, which was the liquified form of immortal spirit qi—the most efficient energy to power the flying boat.

While briskly walking, Wang Lu introduced and did the arrangement for the several people.

"This is the battle form of the flying boat; time is not much, so I will not elaborate. Seventh Madame, I want you to go to the second layer’s energy core room and continue to use your Jindan Stage cultivation base’s magical power to power it; if the magical power is not enough, just use the reserved spirit stones that are prepared there, no need try to save it. Xian’Er, you and I will go to the command room; through Brilliant Sword Heart and common sense, you’ll be able to control the overall situation. Um, I know you’ve never tried to drive this thing before, but so long as you treat this flying boat as a large flying sword, that would do. As long you listen and obey my commands, we will win this battle without a doubt."


If Liu Li has anything that she was good at, obeying orders and listening to commands must the best among them.

Before long, the several people were already at their respective place. Xiao Qi was stationed in the center of energy room, her two hands each were holding a group of cloud silver pipeline port. With the activation of her Jindan Stage Jade Mansion, her pure magical power flew out through her hands, providing the energy for the flying boat. Meanwhile, Liu Li, under the guidance of Wang Lu, pressed her hands on a silver disc. The moment she touched it, there seemed to be a burst of wave-like flow that flew into her through her hands. Liu Li was shocked as she realized that her primordial spirit and the flying boat has been connected; the entire flying boat became like the extension of her body, which could be arbitrarily driven by her.

For ordinary people, perhaps they needed some time to adapt to this kind of control. However, Liu Li just did according to what Wang Lu previously said, treating the flying boat as if it was a flying sword. Thereupon, in a flash, the Brilliant Sword Heart within her Jade Mansion operated according to this line of thought, and she fully adapted to this flying boat. Her primordial spirit and the flying boat core perfectly resonated, and the silver flying boat then suddenly glowed out an even more dazzling luster.

"Good, we’re ready for action!"

Wang Lu stood behind Liu Li and patted her on the shoulder as an encouragement.

The silver flying boat entered the perfect stage and began to move.

In mid-air, A Xia also took advantage of this few short breaths of time to make his own response. He reached out his hand to block the eager-to-give-a-try, impatient-to-fight scarlet Red Demon Wolf. He then, through the array, made some adjustments to the beast tide level in the mountain valley.

That silver flying boat slamming into the black turtle’s bloody scene was too thrilling. A Xia knew that when the opposite party has just turned up a powerful card like that, he should better not confront them head on with brute force… Instead, he needed to delay time. That tank-like vehicle magical tool could not operate for long; as long as he could delay the time long enough, the victory would still be in his hands.

"Red three, green five, black four…" According to the array algorithm pattern, A Xia soon completed the adjustment. He then saw within the Five Mountain Broken Veins Array that the herd of beasts became agitated. From the forest, river, and sky, a variety of spirit beasts gushed out like the tide, like an all out move from someone desperate.

However, the reality was that this was just illusion. At this time, the level of these spirit beasts was low, and most of them haven’t even condensed out their inner core, which meant that they were just Foundation Establishment stage small fries. Their role was to cover the real powerful spirit beast to launch a sneak attack during the chaos. No matter how powerful that silver flying boat was, could it really break the Five Mountain Broken Veins Great Array and the Ten Thousand Beasts Array, efficiently breaking them piece by piece?

While he was still in apprehension, the first wave of confrontation began.

Within the valley, a silver ray of light crossed through. Through Xiao Qi’s supply of energy, its speed was impressively quicker by several points! And with Liu Li’s Brilliant Sword Heart Method driving it, it obtained enormous enhancement. In a raid, in the blink of an eye, the flying boat has already crossed through several kilometers.

Were it not for A Xia’s timely array adjustment, this raid would’ve passed through the mountain rock, causing heavy losses to the Five Mountain Broken Veins Great Array.

However, though A Xia managed to adjust the terrain, it was too late for him to command the beast tide. In these several kilometers across, there were already many smashed spirit beasts, which, along with the mountain breeze blowing, looked as if there was a rain of blood within the valley.

"Damn, what the hell is that thing!?"

As a cultivator from a high-rank sect, A Xia had already seen many flying boats, but the one that was so persistently unreasonable, like a rampaging madman, was really rare!

While clenching his teeth to calculate his loss, A Xia firmly resolved to increase the siphoning of the Grand Cloud Mountain surrounding spiritual energy, which simultaneously strengthened the Five Mountain Broken Veins Great Array and the Ten Thousand Beasts Array, which resulted in even more spirit beasts to appear.

"He’s using the absolute number to crush everything strategy." Inside the energy room, Xiao Qi could not help but sigh. "Your flying boat is indeed very convenient, but if we really battle it out against him… our energy consumption could never be compared to the opposite party’s surrounding spiritual energy along the Feng Shui Line."

Wang Lu used the bronze transmission line in the control room to reply to Xiao Qi, "I’m not going to be wasting my time with him, my time is infinitely more precious. Just now was a test run, we’re going to officially start breaking the array."

"Break the array?"

Wang Lu said, "Although my attainment in setting up an array is not high, as the best student of Spirit Sword Sect, I do have the theoretical knowledge on how to break an array. His two large arrays can be broken, but since it’s more of a hassle to break the Five Mountain Broken Veins Great Array, we might as well destroy his Ten Thousand Beasts Array. This array could make spiritual energy to appear like a spirit beast, to such extent that there’s no difference between real and fake. However, because the person who set up and control the array has insufficient strength, the array has many flaws. Just now when I used my Non-Phase Sword to exchange blows with the opponent, I can feel in that there are some special existence in the beast tide; as long as they are killed, it could cause an irrecoverable damage. That black turtle that died just now is one of them."

Xiao Qi said, "So, in short, we just need to kill some specific spirit beasts? Is it really that easy?"

Wang Lu chuckled. "Of course it is!"

Then, after a pause. "I’ve found one! One o’clock direction, advance!"


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The girl complied at once. Though she was completely unable to conceptualize the term o’clock, the tacit understanding between the two of them let her accurately understand Wang Lu’s intention. She adjusted the direction of the flying boat, aiming it straight at the stunned Thunder Leopard in mid-air.

The Thunder Leopard was very fast. Seeing the flying boat whistling in high speed towards it, it immediately launched its magical power in an attempt to flee. However, unexpectedly, the flying boat was much faster than what it thought. The sight of the silver flying boat was actually just an afterimage. When it tried to activate its inner core, it found that the inner core on its chest could not be linked anymore.

The next moment, it saw that everything below its neck was already torn to pieces, turning into rains of flesh and blood.

Meanwhile, amongst the beast tide, dozens of Thunder Leopard silently dissipated, fading away like they were just illusions.

"Damn it!"

A Xia clenched his fists and then frantically adjusted the array, determined not to let the other party do whatever they want!

Within the beast tide, the core of the spirit beasts began to hide their whereabouts, deciding to temporarily evade the confrontation.


"Three o’clock, move!"


A crystal clear bird of prey was swept by a silvery light and was smashed asunder.

"Six o’clock, onward!"

The upper torso of an ash-gray ape who just merged half of its body into a rock was directly crushed over, leaving only a flat section on the ground, from which surged out a gush of spring blood.

"Eight o’clock, forward!"

The silvery light dove straight into the river, penetrating the crab hidden at the bottom; then the ovaries, roe and digestive tract of the crab floated on the river.

"Godd*mn it, what the hell is going on!?" A Xia was finally unable to maintain his calm as he tightly grasped the array chart in his hands, totally unable to understand how the opposite party could accurately find the key.

Before, he could still laugh at Wang Lu and the people in his group for using only brute force, completely ignorant to the skill in breaking the array. But now, he saw how accurate and efficient they were in dismantling the Ten Thousand Beasts Array piece by piece. If this went on, it wouldn’t be long before the array completely collapsed!

"… On the flying boat of that fellow, there seems to be something similar to me."

At this time, that scarlet Red Demon Wolf suddenly said something to remind A Xia. A Xia immediately remembered about that mottled dog.

"So that’s why. I was careless…" A Xia resumed his calm demeanor and immediately adjusted the array. The next moment, within the wooded mountain, a group of long-haired strange beasts began to howl and clamor incessantly, and a strong smell that could choke a person began to disperse out from the pores in their body, which dissipated everywhere within the valley, forming a thick mist.

"F*ck me, what the hell is this thing!? It’s like a lightning strike, a choo!"

Within the flying boat, the stupid dog uttered a foul language and then fled from the observation room.

Wang Lu shook his head as he smiled in spite trying not to. "Don’t take a piss on the river… No matter, they think I only rely on Quan Zouhua to observe. They underestimate me too much."

With that, he stretched out his hand and placed it on the flying boat control disc. After his primordial spirit was connected to the flying boat, his line of sight suddenly became three dimensional. Within the valley, the turbulent flow of the surrounding spiritual energy soon revealed their respective patterns before Wang Lu.

Through the several strikes just now as well as his entire theoretical understanding of array, Wang Lu has traced the underlying structure of the Ten Thousand Beast Array. By virtue of the surprisingly sharp spiritual energy perception characteristic of his Void Spirit Root, it was enough to accurately lock the key and continue to break the array.

"At seven o’clock direction, that wild-vine-ridden boar," Wang Lu communicated to Liu Li through primordial spirit the location of the target. Liu Li immediately understood and drove the flying boat straight at it.

This time, however, the flying boat was actually interrupted in its track.

The scarlet Red Demon Wolf flew to the front of the flying boat, and the flying boat was caught off guard.

The next moment, there was a violent collision, the Red Demon Wolf was flung upside down more than ten meters away. It ended up with an extremely embarrassing posture, however, there was a cruel and proud smile in its eyes.

It had indeed succeeded in blocking the flying boat. Moreover, a crack appeared on that sharp collision angle, and it was covered with black color.

On the Cloud Wave Boat, the surface was layered with refined cloud silver, which was well known for its degree of firmness. Coupled with the ultra-fast movement, even the black tortoise who was famous for its defense could not resist it either. Though the demon wolf was of Jindan Stage—an existence that has already experienced the divine tribulation of changing form and with body toughness far exceeding that of other spirit beasts with similar level—after bumping that flying boat, it also felt that its five organs were dislocated, and its Jade Mansion even went into turmoil. If it was hit the second time, its muscle would definitely be torn and its bones fractured… However, it knew that the flying boat would not be able to hit it for the second time.

The moment they collided just now, it dyed its own blood on the surface of the flying boat, which was toxic and highly corrosive. Though the refined cloud silver was strong, its ability to resist corrosion was just average. At this time, the inside of the spot where they collided was already corroded, no longer useful. Let alone doing that kind of brutal impact, even a high-speed flight might make them fall over.

After all, it was just an inanimate object, and it could not contend with the nimble spirit beast. However, just then…

While the demon wolf was smugly thinking of its achievement, that flying boat retreated, no longer bumping hardly on it. But during the withdrawal, it saw a turret slowly rose on the front part of the flying boat…

The next moment, under the consternating eyes of the demon wolf, that turret flared out a huge fireball at its face.

With a pitiful yelling sound, it found its face burned, and its arrogance immediately suffered a setback.

At the same time, Wang Lu’s voice sounded within the silver flying boat.

"We just gave the enemy a firm whack!"

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