Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 194: Cats Are Good for Physical and Mental Health

Chapter 194: Cats Are Good for Physical and Mental Health

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Wang Lu’s question was not answered.

Because when he ordered Liu Li to stop the flying boat while they were enjoying the taste of victory, as the losing side, A Xia has already fled without a trace.

When the flying sword stabbed through the scarlet Red Demonic Wolf before his eyes, his filled-with-plan heart turned into fear-filled heart. In addition to escape, he couldn’t afford to spare any other distracting thoughts. He immediately activated his escape talisman, fleeing away from the mess in the valley.

"What a clever man."

Inside the flying boat, Wang Lu fed the exhausted Liu Li beside him with elixir pill and sighed with emotion.

"If this grandson doesn’t leave, we’ll have to stake it all."

As the one who controlled the overall operation of the flying boat, Liu Li mostly understood the meaning of those words. Currently, the flying boat was on its last leg. After defeating the demonic wolf, steam already appeared on the entire flying boat, and even most of the refined cloud silver was already evaporated.

This silver flying boat was indeed something special and custom made. In addition to luxurious enjoyment, it also has a tank-like function. Moreover, concerning this tank-like function, it was also quite sophisticated. However, its rank was not too high, at most, it was at the Jindan Stage level. Because when Wang Lu ordered the tank-like function of the flying boat, he took into account whether he could drive it or not. Though the tank-like function the level of high-level Jindan and higher was so powerful that it went against the natural order of things, its price was equally against the natural order of things. Even if Wisdom Sect were rich, it would also put it under a great pressure. And even if someone bought it, nobody could drive it.

This time, it was thanks to Xiao Qi who supported the flying boat operation within the energy room. Otherwise, based on Liu Li and Wang Lu, two people alone, even if they activated the tank-like function of the flying boat, they wouldn’t be able to maintain its battle form.

Of course, in order to cope with the emergency situation, several top grade inner cores were stored within the energy room, which could be used as energy source for the entire flying boat. However, the dead could never be compared with the living being. Because of the distraction, it would be difficult for him to adjust the input or output of energy from the command room, thus unable to fully display the full function of the flying boat.

While he was feeling emotional about this, Xiao Qi happened to walk from the second floor. Her whole person seemed like a fish out of the water—her clothes were thoroughly soaked, and her whole body spread out a rich fragrance smell.

For Jindan Stage cultivator, the level of body refinement was extremely high. So much that even their sweat had a particularly fragrant smell, let alone Xiao Qi herself who was a middle-level Jindan. For Xiao Qi, her sweat was just waste, but for mortals, they were good tonic...

"I’m truly exhausted…"

Seeing Xiao Qi, Wang Lu immediately pulled Liu Li up and together gave Xiao Qi a round of applause. Just now in the energy room, Xiao Qi’s given magical power output went far beyond the amount that a normal middle-level Jindan cultivator could have. It could be said that the credit for this victory mostly came from her.

"That’s enough, don’t applause me. The real hero here is not me," Xiao Qi said, and then heaved a heavy sigh. "What really opened my eyes is you, this boss."

"How could you say that, Seventh Madame."

Xiao Qi ignored his civility and immediately pointed at the core question, "How much money was spent just now?"

Wang Lu said with a smile, "You would feel bad if I say it."

"... I’m beginning to feel bad right now, why don’t you just get it over with."

Wang Lu said, "Just now, the whole battle happened in one thousand and three hundred breaths. Aside from your supply of magical power, Seventh Madame, it also needed to continue to extract from the spirit stone reserve to replenish the energy. On average, it consumed ten spirit stones per breath. It was also thanks to you, otherwise, it would need to consume several tens of thousands worth of monster’s inner core; one is certainly not enough, but three or four is the minimum. Furthermore, during the battle, it continued to consume refined cloud silver to maintain the protective layer. The total consumption of cloud silver is fifteen thousand spirit stones. As for the blast of fire and thunder from the turret, each blast consumed one thunder-fire bullet, and the price for each bullet is thirty spirit stones. For this fight, the total rounds used is six hundred, which equates to eighteen thousand spirit stones. The last is flying sword, which has a varied price, but on average, it’s five thousand spirit stones each. The total fired is ten flying swords, which are worth fifty thousand spirit stones. If we count the overall maintenance cost, then…"

Xiao Qi’s face was filled with envy as she interrupted Wang Lu’s bragging about his wealth. "I have plenty of experience in the Immortal Cultivation World, yet I’ve rarely seen someone as rich as you. Throwing away a hundred thousand spirit stones like that, I’m afraid even the Elders of the Beast Master School are not as rich as you!"

Wang Lu chuckled. "Why would you compare me to them? They’re just small managers in a big company, while I am a big boss of a small coal mine. Which one is richer is pretty obvious!"

Though she didn’t understand the words company, manager, and other words, Wang Lu’s self-confident tone on his wealth could still be heard.

Seventh Madame sighed with emotion and then asked, "If that’s true, do you really not want to consider repaying the money owed by your Master?"

Wang Lu didn’t reply, but just directly fished out a Mysterious Sky Crystal from his mustard seed bag.

"For our friendship in fighting side by side, let alone paying back the money owed by my Master… Seventh Madame, you’ve earned this!"

As a result, instead of awkwardly receiving that crystal, she faltered for a while before trying to change the topic.

"Then what’s next? This flying boat won’t last long."

"No problem, later on, we shouldn’t need it anymore."


Wang Lu said, "Because more than likely we won’t have the opportunity to use it. First of all, our goal is not to fight it out against the Beast Master School people, but to find the immortal beast moon spirit. And on this point, we have made great progress. The location where we are now is frequently visited by the immortal beast. Though A Xia has set an ambush here, the location itself is not a problem. As long as the stupid dog concentrates on the search, we can find the immortal beast ahead of the Beast Master School. To put it simply, we have absolutely no need to fight with them."

And in order to confirm Wang Lu’s argument, Quan Zouhua walked over and barked twice to show its support.

However, Xiao Qi put out a problem, "Just now, we’ve made a big commotion here, how could Beast Master School people possibly let us here?"

"Therefore I let A Xia go and just seriously injured the demonic wolf. Actually, I have the opportunity to keep him, but a stray dog is more useful than a dead dog. A Xia spent a great price to lay this trap, but now if he returns in a defeated state and just wait for the punishment, it would be a dead end for him. He is a kind of evil cultivator, so he must have quite a lot of opponents in the Beast Master School, and they would surely take advantage of his unfavorable situation. His only hope is to redeem himself through meritorious achievement before other people hold him accountable for his crime so that everything would even out. Therefore, this time, he would help us block the involvement of other Elders, and then tap into his own potential before staging a comeback."

Xiao Qi frowned. "He wouldn’t be that stupid, right? After spending so many resources, he still failed to defeat you. Now his resources are depleted, and his loyal spirit beasts are either dead or seriously injured. His chance to win will only get slimmer."

"But he has no other choice. Otherwise, do you think he would just let himself be punished to death by the sect? Moreover, just now, in front of his face, I purposely scattered the cloud silver from the exterior surface of the cloud wave boat to show him our slight weakness, which gives him a glimmer of hope in his state of despair. This, in turn, would let him continue to tempt his fate."

"You… you thought about that when you were fighting so fiercely?"

"If I can’t even do two things at once, how can I call myself a professional adventurer? Hmm, if I guess it right, that waste should be hysterical by now… I hope he can be strong and pick himself up as soon as possible."


"F*ck, f*ck, f*cking f*ck, f*ck!"

In a narrow valley somewhere in the Grand Cloud Mountain, a figure similar to A Xia, with blood seeping out through his seven orifices, wildly cursed everything as he moved like crazy. Accompanied by his crazy roar, Jindan level magical power violently burst out in the form of a blade-like storm that swept everything around him.

Gravels continued to fall as the walls of the valley was torn by this magical power storm. The dust around his feet was swept up and turned into a violent sandstorm.

When the storm subsided, the narrow valley was widened by a few meters, and the valley was filled with gravel and sand.

A Jindan Stage cultivator could easily split open a mountain, crack a stone, break a city and exterminate a country. If people of the mortal world witnessed this scene, most would prostrate in front of A Xia to worship him… However, when his gaze swept around, A Xia was depressed. Not only did it not alleviate the heavy feeling in his heart, but it also became drearier instead.

After this all out outburst, he could only slice off some stone and soil, his Jindan was really unworthy of its name… Though he was a middle-level Jindan, within Beast Master School, even those with low-level Jindan were a bit stronger than him.

At least the claim of the young man named Yue Lu was right. In Immortal Cultivation, he was indeed a waste.

However, him as a waste was only because his path was cut off from him. It was not because he lacked in intelligence nor determination. After countless trial and error, he finally selected his current path… Though in many people’s view, his was an evil path, but, victory after victory has made him confident of his choice.

His path was certainly not wrong. For him whose aptitude was insufficient, this was the most effective method to be strong. As a beast trainer, as long as he squeezed out the power of spirit beast and used it for his cause, it was enough for him. And this was the thing that he excelled at!

What could a single defeat show him? In Immortal Cultivation path, who could travel through without any mishap? Those experts with astonishing cultivation base, who hasn’t suffered a setback in their journey? There was nothing to be ashamed of from losing a fight against a rich guy with a battle tank that could release flying swords!

After a long time, A Xia was finally able to think of all the reasons of his defeat and somewhat accepted it.

It was really a close call. Not long ago when he launched the escape talisman and took refuge in this secluded place, his heart was filled with fear. Under the tide of enormous fear, his originally calm dao's heart within his Jade Mansion nearly crumbled. This time, his lost was really too big.

At this time, his state of mind has finally returned to normal, and he didn’t obsess about it anymore. However, things have yet to be resolved. After he had calmed down, he still needed to face the bleak situation.

Previously, he promised before the Great Elder and the other Elders that he would deal with the three uninvited guest by mobilizing vast resources from the sect. Now, if he came back with such a result… Tiger King would likely execute him. Thinking of this, his just calm state of mind became unstable again. Thus, A Xia wanted to vent his anger...

"Ling Yan, get over here at once."

The cat girl figure silently appeared beside him. The girl looked pale and extremely terrified.

"You incompetent waste! Where the hell have you been at that time!"

A Xia slapped her straight on the face, unreservedly releasing the power of a Jindan. The cat girl screamed miserably as her body slammed into the rock wall, with half of her face covered in blood!

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