Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 197: With Her Stubbornness… Liu Li Pierced through the Cat Girl

Chapter 197: With Her Stubbornness… Liu Li Pierced through the Cat Girl

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The cat girl obviously didn't plan this matter overnight. Today, she finally had the chance to openly tell it.

The pill that A Xia fed her was extraordinary. When it was first invented, it could be said that it was the nightmare of spirit beasts. It could engrave an unerasable mark on the spirit beast’s primordial spirit. Only when the spirit beast reached the Deity Stage, which was when their primordial spirit was reborn, could they have the opportunity to be free. However, though the world’s cultivators were many, how many could reach the Deity Stage?

There were also many methods to defuse the efficacy of the pill, but all of them were stuck in the theoretical stage. It was as if there were many choices, but upon closer look, there was actually no way out.

But now, the cat girl has seen a road—a light at the end of the tunnel.

Brilliant Sword Heart.

It truly was the cat girl’s good fortune. As a captive, she was on good terms with Liu Li. The latter’s mind was simple, which inadvertently let her spill out many things that she shouldn’t have said, including many characteristics of the Brilliant Sword Heart.

The first time she heard Liu Li’s sword that can cut anything, the cat girl was still in disbelief. When it came to Immortal Cultivation, in Immortal Cultivation World, she wasn’t considered as weak. Peak Jindan Stage could still hold a certain position in Shengjing Sect, however, she had never heard a sword strike that could cut anything, not to mention the sword strike from high-level Foundation Establishment.

However, when Liu Li enthusiastically demonstrated her swordsmanship for her, the cat girl’s jaw almost fell off because of fright.

Liu Li looked for a puddle of water, swung her pointed finger, and the water thus separated by an invisible force. Then… after a long time, the water didn’t merge again.

Although it was just a simple one, the meaning that which contained was not. After Liu Li emitted out her sword qi, she didn’t continue the output of magical power, yet the sword intent continued to split the water, and not before a very long time did it dissipate away. This pure sword intent broke through all her understanding of sword art. Even though she was a peak Jindan Stage cultivator, and she also had studied the way of the sword for a period of time, she knew it was impossible to maintain the sword intent out of the body for such a long time!

However, upon seeing this secret, the cat girl finally believed Liu Li’s Brilliant Sword Heart. It was also then when she first thought of the way to free herself from the slave mark on her primordial spirit. Perhaps with Liu Li’s current cultivation base, she still couldn’t peel off the engraved mark and root it out. However, Brilliant Sword Heart was clearly an immortal level method. With such a high origin, even if the sword intent born out of the Brilliant Sword Heart was still weak, it was extraordinarily pure, and has all sorts of unimaginable beauty. All of these finally let the cat girl see the opportunity.

Of course, before experiencing it herself, nobody could vouch for the efficiency of this move. Perhaps, in the end, she would still be disappointed. Regardless, the cat girl still wanted to bet on it.

For this, she really could do anything.

"Well, your sincerity is commendable, but to be honest, I have nothing of use of you." Wang Lu somewhat funnily looked at the kneeling cat girl. "When you were still at the peak Jindan Stage, you could still be useful. But now, you’re seriously injured, your strength can’t even reach a tenth of your original strength, how would you be of use? You want to warm my bed? But you’re not that pretty."

The cat girl gawked for a moment, and then she went into despair.

Indeed, with her broken body, even if she gave her all, how much value could she have in other people’s eyes?

Perhaps his cultivation base was not high, but how could cat girl not see that his background was extraordinary? Solely that cloud wave boat that could be repurposed into a battle tank alone was not something that a common cultivator could enjoy. Moreover, with his Immortal Cultivation method, he was able to have the strength far beyond that of his cultivation base, which highlighted his extraordinariness.

Yue Family of Celestial Water Lake? Even if the cat girl were stupid, she would not believe that that was his origin. Wang Lu was obviously a disciple of one of those genuinely powerful sects. And for these genuinely powerful sects, a mere Jindan Stage cat girl was indeed not qualified to even enter their eyes.

However, she had no other way...

"Senior Brother, Senior Brother, let’s help her, okay?"

In her despair, a soothing sound entered the cat girl’s ears.

Wang Lu sighed. "Now you’re just acting like those PETA… there’s no future in those organization; you can’t just give up on yourself just because of your IQ."

Though Liu Li didn’t understand what Wang Lu said, she obviously knew how to deal with Wang Lu.

"Senior Brother, please, pretty please."

Wang Lu felt a chill coming from the depths of the abyss which could freeze all his bones and his primordial spirit.

"Don’t be a spoiled brat!"

"Pretty please…"

"My god! Suit yourself, I, your father, want to wash my ears!"

Wang Lu stood up and walked away, no longer paying attention to the foolishly giggling Liu Li.

After Wang Lu had left, Liu Li then put on a triumphant hand gesture. "I won!"

The cat girl could only wryly smile. Inwardly, however, she was extremely envious of this brother and sister relationship. In her entire three hundred years of Immortal Cultivation, she had never met someone who so cherished her like that… Just now, though Wang Lu seemed sick and tired of Liu Li, and never been lenient in teaching her, but unmistakably, he very much cherished this naive Junior Sister to the fullest. The cat girl still remembered in their valley battle, his Non-Phase Sword defense firmly encircled Liu Li, not letting her suffer any danger in the slightest.

"So, tell me what do you want me to do." Then Liu Li’s magical power began to circulate within her Jade Mansion. Her Brilliant Sword Heart also shone.

The cat girl took a deep breath and similarly circulated her magical power. However, her Jade Mansion had suffered a trauma, and there were cracks all over her golden core. Nevertheless, it slowly rotated, sending out a dazzling luster which alighted her Jade Mansion.

However, in that dazzling luster, a pale purple figure vaguely and hazily appeared in the center of the Jade Mansion, which wrapped around that golden core.

It was the cat girl’s highly condensed primordial spirit. Initially, at the Foundation Establishment Stage, the primordial spirit covered the entire Jade Mansion and the cultivator’s body. After that, as the cultivator’s cultivation base improved, it gradually condensed and shrunk until it was inside the Jade Mansion when it reached the Jindan Stage level. Then, the primordial spirit would further condense until it was the same size as the golden core, by which it could lead to inconceivable magical wonders, giving the golden core the characteristics of a living creature, transforming into the nascent soul.

For a peak Jindan Stage cat girl, her primordial spirit condensation was not too far away from the Yuanying Stage. This could be clearly seen in her pale purple primordial spirit, which showed the outline of the cat girl.

"See that?" the cat girl faintly said. She knew that with Liu Li’s Brilliant Sword Heart, the girl could definitely see it.

Sure enough, Liu Li slightly tilted her head. "There seems to be a strange engraving that covers all over your primordial spirit. You want me to get rid of this engraving? Wait a minute, I’m going to prepare myself."

While speaking, a glittering and translucent crystal sword flew out of her sleeve. The girl flicked her wrist and the flying sword flew in a circle, then it shrunk to the size of a needle. With a serious face, Liu Li earnestly clasped the flying sword, took several steps forward and then lifted her hand and thrust forward.

The cat girl felt that her primordial spirit shook, followed by intense pain, so much that she nearly lost her mind; even the golden core’s rotation was nearly derailed!

The cat girl was surprised. "What are you doing!? Don’t rush it!"

Liu Li retrieved her flying sword and, feeling weird, asked, "Don’t you want me to help you eliminate the engraving?"

"Can… you do that?" The cat girl didn’t believe her.

Liu Li raised her head, thought about it, sighed and then said with a sense of loss, "It should be impossible."

"..." The cat girl inwardly exclaimed, "Then why did you make your move then!?"

Liu Li comfortingly said, "It doesn’t matter, when I reach Xudan Stage, I should have enough exquisite control of my force."

The cat girl inwardly burst into tears, thinking that though Little Sister Xian’Er was cute, her IQ was scarily low. Just now, she almost cracked her primordial spirit with her flying sword.

"It’s like this. I don’t need you to remove the mark on my primordial spirit. You just need to leave your sword intent on my primordial spirit, so that it can get rid of all outside interference."

Liu Li was taken aback. "Leave my sword intent on your primordial spirit? I-Is that okay? Master said that’s impolite."

"No problem, this will help me instead… Listen, I need you to condense your sword intent this way…"

The cat girl earnestly looked at Liu Li as she told her the requirements. She saw Liu Li’s willowy eyebrows tightly furrowed before a moment later, they relaxed. "I understand. It’s not that difficult!"

The cat girl’s heart immediately thumped. If Liu Li seemed daunted, she could rest assured a bit, because for this moment, she had also done a lot of preparations. Through various external aids, she should be able to let Liu Li’s Brilliant Sword Heart play a role. But now, because Liu L had easily promised her, it let the cat girl in doubt instead; did she really understand those things that she asked her to do?

"It’s easy. It’s like this, right? "

Liu Li said, and then, like a lightning, her finger moved straight toward the cat girl’s forehead.

The next moment, the cat girl felt as if there was a piece of celestial sword that went straight into her Jade Mansion, which went straight at her primordial spirit.

It was Liu Li’s sword intent… In cat girl’s internal view, a dazzlingly brilliant multi-colored gorgeous sword, like a mountain, stood erect majestically inside the Jade Mansion. That sword intent, which was half void and half real, completely covered the whole Jade Mansion. More strange was that, the sword intent seemed like a cage, yet it didn’t hinder the cat girl’s breathing circulation of surrounding spiritual energy. However, in addition to the surrounding spiritual energy, everything seemed to be cut off by the sword intent, making it a perfect barrier.

Of course, the strength of the sword intent was limited, and perhaps a spell could easily destroy it. However, the connection between the slave mark and A Xia was like an unseen strand of thought. Its strength was not at all strong. It simply existed like a profound mystery, and it was hard to use an ordinary spell to get rid of it.

And as Liu Li left behind her sword intent, that link was broken. Although the cat girl still has the slave identity, she didn’t have to accept anyone’s instructions, which was basically not that different than regaining her freedom.

This was her plan for many years. The cat girl closed her eyes as she carefully probed around her primordial spirit, only to feel that the suppressing force had completely disappeared.

Then, she took a deep breath and shouted out with her whole strength.

"I am free!"

Her sharp voice echoed between the valleys and was soon swallowed up by the deep night. However, even after she had sent out that declaration, the comforting feeling that she felt in her whole body didn’t disappear.

This was the feeling that the cat girl had never felt in decades; it was as if the years of shackles had been removed… If the slave mark were still in effect, she wouldn’t have been able to make that declaration of freedom just now.

To proclaim freedom in an open and aboveboard way was the testament to the broken slave contract. Although the slave mark itself was still engraved on her primordial spirit, the cat girl knew that she was truly free.

Looking at the smiling face of Liu Li, the cat girl opened her mouth, but found out she couldn’t come up with any words of gratitude that could really convey her feeling.

How could she express her gratitude in words for such heavy kindness?

Her eyes gradually blurred with warm tears. However, at this time, Wang Lu’s words inappropriately plugged into this warm atmosphere.

"Yo, it’s done? Then let’s have a talk about the issue of compensation. Like what you said previously, next you’re going to give me a baby, right?"

… Go to your sister!

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