Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 205: Absolute Strength

Chapter 205: Absolute Strength

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Quan Zouhua was certainly not a dog.

How can the mythical monster from the western continent, the legendary demonic wolf Fenrir who could devour gods, be a dog? Actually, most of the immortal beast lineage were unique. Even if they were similar in appearances with other spirit beasts, they were very different inside.

Not to mention that even if Fenrir was really a dog, it was still a western continent dog...

Therefore, when the Elders of the Beast Master School thought that they perfectly knew the spirit dog properties of the moon spirit and therefore used the spirit dog restraining ability of the beast collar, with the use of the dog trainer lash to tie down the demon wolf Fenrir, they were doomed to suffer a miserable end.

From the start, Fenrir hasn’t really been dominated by the beast collar. Although the beast collar was a spiritual treasure and thus certainly have a level of influence on it, but, it was easy to suddenly wound the enemy when they were completely unprepared.

The beast collar spirit itself was not weak, and it would be difficult for a young Fenrir to directly counter it. However, if it was an unsuspecting beast collar spirit, that was another matter entirely… Beast collar spirit didn’t have a physical presence and thus difficult to be harmed. However, for a Fenrir whose specialization was in devouring, the ethereal body was the most defenseless form of body. Once devoured, half of the beast collar spirit body was gone forever. Simultaneously, its connection with the primordial spirits of the two Jindan Stage Elders backfired at them, and their primordial spirits damaged and Golden Core turned bleak.

But then, the ferocious and magnificent demon wolf felt a surge of unspeakable power pouring into its body; the sneak attack was really a great nourishment, thus, its shape instantaneously expanded several times and its ferocity overflowed!

Then, as long as it completely devoured the rest of the beast collar spirit, it would be difficult to estimate how enormous it would grow to. However, when this demon wolf was ready to devour the beast collar spirit, a loud thunder like sound directly boomed out from under the Crown Cloud Peak.

"Evil creature!"

The huge figure was even faster than the sound that the demon wolf didn’t even have enough time to react. It saw a shadow, a tens of meters high giant. Its fingernails firmly grasped the wolf’s neck. The strength of its fingers was too strong. The demon wolf who just now went rampant and was insufferably arrogant was firmly locked. No matter how fierce it struggled its limbs was, it was to no avail. A moment later, the wolf’s howl turned into a sob, becoming miserable.

It was truly a sky above the sky.

No one expected that Tiger King’s action was so decisive.

When he saw the change on the Crown Cloud Peak, unexpectedly, without the slightest hesitation, he left Wang Lu and the rest and turned back to the peak.

At that time, it was clear that as long as he made another strike, the opponent would be seriously injured. Yet, he didn’t even waste the time to make that strike.

"What a wise thing to do."

Inside the Full Moon Valley, Wang Lu slowly recovered his Sword of Mount Kun. Behind him, Liu Li has entered the Brilliant Sword state, and Xiao Qi’s monk staff has also emitted a ray of zen light...Their trinity defense system has already been formed; even two or three full strikes from Tiger King would not be able to break it. However, being delayed by two strikes on the Crown Cloud Peak, Fenrir would have the time to calmly devour the rest of the beast collar spirit and then flee.

The other side’s reaction was quicker and more accurate than expected. Tiger King was actually a more troublesome opponent than the impulsive and irritable Tiger King that was in their data. Looking at the huge figure on top of the Crown Cloud Peak, Wang Lu could not help but chuckle.

"A bit of skill, but meaningless in the face of absolute strength."

Xiao Qi could not help but say, "You’ve been saying this absolute strength for too many times!"

"Then what if I change it to mortal wisdom?"


At the same time, on top of the Crown Cloud Peak, Tiger King Lei Zhen, seeing the mess around him, really wanted to crush this little wolf into minced meat. However, the immortal beast aura that was diffused on his hand stopped him from making his move.

Right now, it seemed like this demon wolf was not the Grand Cloud Mountain’s moon spirit, however, the immortal beast aura from the wolf was around eighty to ninety percent pure, which made it at least a quasi-immortal beast, a priceless thing. Although because of the sneak attack, the spiritual treasure was damaged, and two Jindan Stage Elders were injured, they were nothing compared to the value of an immortal beast.

Half of the beast collar spirit body had been swallowed, but, as long as it went back inside the spiritual treasure and recuperated for ten days to half a month, it would fully recover. The two Jindan Elders were even more insignificant. Even if they were dead, it would not amount to something. Right now, the important thing to do was to completely subdue the demon wolf in his hand; he must not let it run away.

Lei Zhen tightened his grasp, and the superior magical power of a Yuanying began to infiltrate into the body of the demon wolf. Not only it gradually invaded the primordial spirit of the demon wolf, trying to break off the existing contract, it also tried to replace it with the Beast Master School contract.

Fortunately, his Yuanying Stage cultivation base managed to temper his impulsive temperament, letting him, in an instant, calmly thought of many things...This demon wolf grade was comparable to the immortal beast, and the master-servant contract written on its primordial spirit was actually made by an expert in contract making; obviously, this was the spirit beast of a top level sect. However, as long as he replaced it with the Beast Master School contract, even if in the end, they learned that it belonged to the Shengjing Sect, Beast Master School would still dare to confront them. After all, they belonged to the same high-rank sect, thus, reasoning out would still be very much in use.

It was just that, this contract replacing thing was really mind consuming and Tiger King was not as good at this exquisite workmanship. The other two elders were sitting cross-legged in meditation; their primordial spirit had just suffered serious injury and could not help in the slightest.

However, with his Yuanying Stage cultivation base, even if he had to grind it little by little, he could still completely wear down the contract; he just needed to spend more time. His thought then turned to the people that he left in the valley. Inwardly, he thought, do you think this is an opportunity to make a move?

Looking back into the Full Moon Valley, he saw that those several intruders were ready to make trouble. He couldn’t help but shake his head. "Think yourself clever, huh!"

The unexpected appearance of the wolf has indeed brought trouble to the Beast Master School, resulting in unplanned loss of personnel. However, Tiger King had made enough leeway in his arrangement on the Crown Cloud Peak and the Full Moon Valley. Even if they were stumbled on their track, and thus has no time to do several things at the same time, the rest of the Beast Master School people would be enough to suppress those several uppity young cultivators.

In the face of absolute strength, tricks and schemes would only lead to a disaster.


With the command from Tiger King, Beast Master School’s arranged cards inside and outside the Full Moon Valley were all out in the open. Tiger King wasn’t interested in letting the opponent come to him; he wanted to completely crush the opponent as early as possible!

Five Jindan Stage Elders, ten Jindan Stage spirit beasts, as well as Lei Zhen’s pet, a winged tiger of peak Jindan Stage… More than ten times the strength of the opponent. Let alone the opposite party only has one middle-level Jindan and two low-level Xudan, even if they have a Yuanying Stage Daoist Master, it would be difficult for the opponent to escape; they have no fighting capital at all.

And if added that Ten Thousand Spirit Lock Termination Array, it would be nearly impossible for a Yuanying Stage cultivator to escape!

Inside the Full Moon Valley, the cold wind howled, and a malicious spirit ran amok. The vortex of negative energy in the Ten Thousand Spirit Lock Termination Array created a tornado barrier that prevented anybody from entering and leaving.

"Whoa, this lineup is really luxurious." In the face of the nearly hopeless situation, Wang Lu’s smile widened instead. His eyes swept over to his surroundings and saw that, in addition to those Jindan Stage Elders and Jindan Stage Spirit Beasts, the over a hundred elite disciples of the Beast Master School had also stirred.

"Unfortunately, all are incompetent soldiers So, if you guys must blame someone, blame your incompetent leader."

The next moment, Wang Lu’s expression turned deadly serious as he said, "Seventh Madame, now!"

Xiao Qi nodded her head and lightly stomped the ground with her monk staff. Then, a white-clothed monk came out of the monk staff and stood side by side with Xiao Qi. The white-clad monk’s expression was solemn and serene, his gaze was gentle and pious, and his appearance brought a soft, warm wind, which dissipated the eerie ghosts all around them.

That was the spiritual treasure monk staff spirit.

After summoning out the staff spirit, Xiao Qi immediately began to chant religious verses together with it. The woman’s voice was free of her previous frivolous and free and easy attitude, and was instead solemn and serene. Every syllable was as majestic as the buzz of an ancient bell.

The basic zen religious text "Six Passages to Life Sutra", which could be found everywhere in the Nine Regions, was chanted by Xiao Qi and the staff spirit. However, imbued with their incredible magical power, once they read the verse, the countless surrounding ghosts howled in unison as if they suffered an unbearable immense pain. However, this sharp howling in unison, together with the extensive evil wind, immediately drowned out the light from the sutra chanting to an area ten meters around Xiao Qi.

The Jindan Stage Elder who presided over the Ten Thousand Spirit Lock Termination Array loudly laughed. "Ridiculous! A person actually wants to cross over the valley of tens of thousands of ghosts, do you think you are the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva!?"

Xiao Qi’s expression didn’t change and just continued to chant the verse in silent, maintaining the zen light from being extinguished under the suppression from the Ten Thousand Spirit Lock Termination Array.

Then, Wang Lu stepped forward and stood right on the boundary between the zen light and the evil wind.

"Notice that a spark can set the prairie afire!"

His voice fell like an essence in the valley. The next moment, the over one hundred people inside and outside the Full Moon Valley simultaneously felt a vibration on the ground, as if there was a mighty force galloping on it, and also similar to the roar of the Yangtze River, its power was torrential and matchless.

"T-This is Feng Shui line resonance!?" The heart of The elder who presided over the great array suddenly went into panic. The feedback force on the array was so powerful that the first shock almost caused him to lose control of the great array. It was as if the whole Full Moon Valley rebelled against him.

Wang Lu’s step could actually initiate the Feng Shui line resonance? Ridiculous! Only Yuanying and above could have such ability. But then, who would need to use such a trick? Why did he not just slaughter all the people and be done with it?

However, the fact has occurred in front of him, and it was impossible for him to deny it. That elder then operated the array to its full capacity, trying to suppress the turning around of the Feng Shui Line. However, at this time, he was stunned to find that the Feng Shui Line within the Grand Cloud Mountain was actually vaster than he imagined...

Moreover, in addition to the Feng Shui Line, all the living things inside and outside the Full Moon Valley, through the power of this step, also began to silently chant the religious verse along with Xiao Qi.

And all the cultivators of the Beast Master School felt as if there were thousands of voices sounded in their ears. Every blade and grass seemed to have a spirit, chanting together in chorus with Xiao Qi and the staff spirit as the lead. Some of the voices were soft and immature like a child, some were bold and heroic like a robust man, some were flexible and supple like a woman, and furthermore, some seemed to contain the vicissitudes of old people who have passed their prime.

These thousands of voices, each were different, each with its own yearning. However, without exception, they poured out their sincere resistance of death, earnestly seeking for life.

"The wish of the creature!?" That Jindan Stage elder became even more appalled. Legend has it that only a person of great virtue and ability could, through one’s great aspiration, get the response from the tens of thousands of spirit. Although the skill of the Zen Master Dog Meat was not weak, the gap between her and that great virtue and ability was still extremely far. Don’t tell me… this is Wang Lu’s doing!?

Unfortunately, it was already too late for him to further think about it. Under the response from all the living things, in the Full Moon Valley, Xiao Qi’s zen light gradually disintegrated the Ten Thousand Spirit Lock Termination Array barrier; with her as the center, she opened up a piece of pure land. The evil wind stopped blowing, the resentful souls dissipated, leaving behind only a wisp of cool breeze. The Ten Thousand Spirit Lock Termination Array was reduced at an alarming rate and on the verge of collapse!

"How could this be?"

Within the Moon Valley, the several remaining Jindan Stage Elders looked at each other and immediately returned to their respective positions. Then, they began to join forces to maintain the array. However, the ten spirit beasts simultaneously sped to Xiao Qi, trying to interrupt her from chanting the verses.

The power of these spirit beasts was comparable to a Jindan Stage cultivator, and their might and power were really astonishing. However, in a flash, there were more than ten series of explosion sound, then one by one, each of the spirit beast let out a painful muffled scream; they were bounced back by absolute power.

Wang Lu maintained the Non-Phase Sword defense and slowly spat out a mouthful of blood rich with foul air.

Behind him, Liu Li was pressed up against him. Both her hands clung to his arms; the two nearly combining into one.

Just now, when he sent out his Non-Phase Sword, Liu Li simultaneously activated her Brilliant Sword Heart, merging her clear and incorruptible sword intent with Wang Lu’s Non-Phase Sword Art, sending out millions of sharp sword intent at those spirit beasts before them, using offense as a defense to force the opposite side to somewhat flinch at the final moment, greatly reducing their impact.

Of course, even if there were some who were not afraid of dying, bracing the Brilliant Sword Heart’s sword intent attack, their strength would still also be reduced a lot. Therefore, even if there were more than ten spirit beasts that joined forces together, they could not break the Non-Phase Sword defense.

Wang Lu’s Non-Phase Method was never afraid of a group fight. The force of the more than ten spirit beasts was actually not that much stronger than one spirit beast with menacing nature. At this time, his defense power had already reached level nine Xudan +24, which, if converted, was comparable to peak Jindan Stage. Moreover, with Liu Li’s help, he could even go further, almost reaching the Yuanying Stage!

Unless there was a Yuanying Stage full power strike, otherwise, no one could enter even one step into his Non-Phase Sword defense.

After that, the more than ten spirit beasts repeatedly attacked them. Admittedly, Wang Lu was in a somewhat strained situation as he busily bounced off the attack with his nameless sword. However, as the time passed on little by little, Xiao Qi’s "reborn in the pure land" continued to push out the suppression from the Five Jindan Stage Elders, and in a moment, it would break the Ten Thousand Spirit Lock Termination Array.

"A bunch of waste!"

On top of the Crown Cloud Peak, Tiger King finally could not hold himself back and sent out a soul-stirring roar.

How vicious exactly the eyesight of a Yuanying Stage Daoist Master? Glancing below, the situation in the Full Moon Valley was already out of control and had to be settled down by someone of a higher level.

And that someone of a higher level, beside him, who else could it be?

Although he has yet to completely deal with the demon wolf, he had just broken through the periphery of the contract, thus has no time to deal with several things at the same time. However, for a Yuanying Stage cultivator, the situation was not difficult to deal with.

Splitting into avatars was out of the question because it would just be a distraction.

A purple-red shadow emerged out from within Tiger King’s giant body and flew above the Full Moon Valley. That shadow looked like a reduced version of Tiger King himself. On the outside, it was covered with purple and red color, and within, magnificent light seemed to roam.

Many people exclaimed in unison, "Nascent Soul Body Separation!"

Once a cultivator reached Yuanying Stage, it was as if it had a second life. Not only could the cultivator abandon their body by fleeing away as a Nascent Soul in times of crisis, which then could occupy a new body, when needed, the cultivator could also initiate the Nascent Soul Body Separation, using it as one’s embodiment outside of one’s body.

Alone, Nascent Soul lacked the physical protection from the body, seemingly appeared vulnerable. However, the nascent soul would have one’s complete magical power and ability! When Tiger King separated his nascent soul from his body and sent it looming over the Full Moon Valley, its appearance brought about an absolute power suppression on everyone.

When a Yuanying Stage cultivator went all out, the level was completely different. Xiao Qi’s "reborn in the pure land" was immediately pushed back. The purple-red light suppressed back the zen light until it was only about ten meters in radius. Wang Lu’s Non-Phase Sword was also violently shaken, and black blood flowed down from his mouth and nose… Even with Liu Li’s help, the combined forces of the two still couldn’t contend against the full power suppression from the nascent soul.

There was an insurmountable gap between near Yuanying and a true Yuanying. Not to mention that Tiger King’s Nascent Soul directly stood at the array eye of the Ten Thousand Spirit Lock Termination Array, which increased its power a bit!

"Under absolute strength, your tricks are meaningless."

Tiger King gave off a cold sneer to Wang Lu from the air.

"Try to squeeze out every bit of your potential, let me play a little longer."

Tiger King said while increasing the magical power output from his Nascent Soul, then the sky seemed to sink toward the Full Moon Valley. Under the heavy pressure, Wang Lu’s sword defense began to contract, crumbling.

In the middle of the Non-Phase Sword defense, Xiao Qi has already stopped chanting the verses and retracted the monk staff spirit. Faced with this level of crisis, as an avatar, she was powerless.

The woman looked up at the sky and sighed with emotion. "Absolute strength… Tiger King Lei Zhen really lives up to his reputation!"

As the Great Elder of the Beast Master School Division, in many people’s eyes, Tiger King was just an ordinary Yuanying Stage cultivator. Only by teaming up with his spirit pet winged tiger did his power become above average. However, now it seemed like this Yuanying Stage cultivator truly hid many of his strength. Solely on his Nascent Soul he could contend with that of an ordinary level eight Yuanying Stage.

Therefore, when he boasted about the absolute strength, it was truly not a laughing matter.

Of course, Wang Lu could laugh at any time.

"Live up to his reputation? How long would it last? Ha! I’ll let you see what is real absolute strength!"

As soon as his voice fell, a long horn sound sounded from a distant.


More than ten kilometers beyond Full Moon Valley, cat girl Ling Yan put down the horn that was personally given to her by Wang Lu. Just now, the dull horn sound almost deafened her cat ears.

She could clearly perceive the situation within the Full Moon Valley, especially that bloodthirsty killer magical power fluctuation of Tiger King, which caused her hair to stand on end. The cat girl was very clear that Wang Lu and the others were facing a crisis. It was just that, she didn’t understand why Wang Lu previously told her to blow this horn once she found out Tiger King’s Nascent Soul has left his body?

A moment later, the surrounding aura all around her changed. The cat girl was startled, and then, in a daze, she saw the scene under the night sky, within the forest on the mountain, tens of millions of points of light quietly lit up.

Glittering points of light of various colors came out from the woods, mountain rocks, and streams. Slowly at first, then, as if pulled by an invisible force, they sped up a bit. Soon, they turned into meteors, flying into space...

Looking around, the cat girl was keenly aware that those were the spirits of all living things on the mountain. All living things have spirits, and this time, they were the manifestation of the spirits of all living things!

The entire spiritual energy veins in the Grand Cloud Mountain had been woken up by the sound of that horn just now. The spirits of all living things then gathered and flew to a certain direction.

It was the direction of the Full Moon Valley.


"Absolute strength, in my opinion, is a subtraction problem."

Under the heavy pressure, Wang Lu's area of Non-Phase Sword Defense further contracted; the Three Feet Sword Defense has now become Three Inches Sword Defense. The collapse was imminent, yet, he was indifferent to it. Instead, he opened his mouth and began to explain his knowledge pertaining the absolute strength.

"First of all, the opponent’s strength has been completely laid out. One Yuanying, several Jindans, several Xudans… We then put out our strength before we begin to do the subtraction. We will count how much each of our character’s strength deducts their strength. For example, Quan Zouhua. It can at least deduct two of the other side’s Jindan Elders. While Xiao Qi, your ‘reborn in the pure land’ can at least snap off the other three to four Jindan Elders. As for Liu Li and I, our joint forces are enough to deduct the rest of the opposite party’s underlings... Finally, the last step of the subtraction, as long as the opponent’s Yuanying goes out of the equation, the victory is ours."

Wang Lu calmly explained. Although more blood came pouring out of his nose and mouth, his stance actually appeared even more unflustered.

"And according to my calculation, even if every step of this battle is not going smoothly for us: Quan Zouhua is recognized early on, Xiao Qi’s ‘reborn in the pure land’ could not contend against Ten Thousand Spirit Lock Termination Array, Beast Master School has other hidden cards… As long as it remains within reasonable range, I can find a way to subtract them all."

Within the Full Moon Valley, Wang Lu’s insipid voice was particularly grating. However, even though there were many people present, no one could stop him from saying that.

Because everyone has seen the rising of the spirits of all living things within the radius of five hundred kilometers of Grand Cloud Mountain, and their following convergence into surging wave.

This force was truly powerful. Even though the distribution of spirits of all living things have too many flaws—rough, disperse, unsystematic, and unorganized—they were plentiful enough and powerful enough. Their surging wave was something that no power could resist.

Tiger King’s Nascent Soul crazily twisted, trying to escape from the air. However, it has already locked itself in the array eye of the Ten Thousand Spirit Lock Termination Array, which no doubt temporarily strengthened him. However, the evil wind that has become a barrier to protect his Nascent Soul, at this time, has become a trap for him.

When the spirit of all living things gathered, the surrounding spiritual energy surged. If there were no protection from the Ten Thousand Spirit Lock Termination Array, his vulnerable Yuanying would immediately be blown away to fall and withered! Tiger King was in a dilemma!

Tiger King felt as if time has stopped, and every breath of his has become extremely long… Only Wang Lu’s indifferent voice that was leisurely passed over to him.

"Do you find it strange why I can drive out the spirits of all living things in the Grand Cloud Mountain? Three days before, this place mountain spirit has entrusted her daughter to me. And I, as the guardian of the next mountain spirit, possess not only the power to direct the mountain spirit, but before its spirit knowledge fully matured, I am the Regent of this Grand Cloud Mountain. Although this royal power is not omnipotent, I have the power to launch a total war in this Grand Cloud Mountain. Moreover, by luck, I was able to advance to Xudan Stage and managed to mark the refined bugle horn with my primordial spirit before this fight. Tiger King, your cultivation base is quite advance, reaching the true Yuanying Stage realm. Your brave generals are also as numerous as the clouds. Compared to us, your combined strength is many times more powerful. However, compared to all living things on this Grand Cloud Mountain, your strength amounts to what? If you didn’t separate your Nascent Soul with your body, perhaps I won’t have any good means to deal with you, but now you have stepped into the gate of death. In the face of absolute strength, there is only a dead end."

"This is actually not that big of a deal. This strike from the spirits of all living things, at best, can be said to wound the enemy with one thousand force while wounding self with ten thousand force. Grand Cloud Fairy was too gentle and kind. In any case, she couldn’t bear to let her people sacrifice that much. Therefore, previously, she could only tolerate your evil deeds here. However, I am different. I am neither gentle nor kind. I believe long time pain is inferior to short time pain. I would rather order Grand Cloud Mountain to break one of its fingers today, but I must thoroughly expel you, this group of viruses and bacterias out of this place!"

"Oh, Tiger King, the night wind on this Grand Cloud Mountain is pretty cold, and your Nascent Soul is completely naked. I’m afraid it won’t stand for long. Be a darling and rest in peace."

While speaking, the tens of thousands of points of light gathered together, and the purple-red Nascent Soul was immediately submerged by this tide, no longer able to send out any bit of light.

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