Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 21: Oh Sht!

Chapter 21: Oh Sht!

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The woman in white's interpretation of "more people means more power" nearly made Liu Xian vomit blood.

However, it was yet to be over since he heard the woman continue to flaunt, "I already set the monsters in the Frozen Wind Valley, Red Ridge Mountain, Cyan Cloud Peak... according to the principle of 'more people means more power'. So now, in the Immortal Path, no longer will the participants use the human wave tactic, making its function even more perfect and more humane! Aren't your heart convinced now?"

Yeah, our hearts are indeed convinced, if not, we're going to get a heart attack.

Liu Xian tried really hard to quell his own anger. If he went all out to fight her here, he was afraid that it would destroy the Misty Peak, so he just turned around and walked out of the Misty Peak.

Before he went out, he said, "Junior Martial Sister, I don't care anymore. If something happens, go tell the Disciplinary Elder and the Sect Leader yourself."

After Liu Xian left, his disciples looked at each other and then turned to their Fifth Martial Aunt... Soon, led by a few Senior Martial Brothers, they all left, leaving behind the original two disciples who were ordered to observe standing awkwardly.

Their Fifth Martial Aunt ignored them; she just stood on the edge of the cliff edge, watching the cloud. The Grand Cloud Array only permitted the ordinary disciples to watch the animated cloud. However, the elders could undoubtedly see more.

However, not long after, the woman shook her head in disappointment.

"Tch, a group of waste. Even after teaming up, they still couldn't overcome the monster."

The two brothers nearby shivered when they heard her words. They could not help but be glad that they were found by their master, Liu Xian, when he was out wandering, so they didn't need to go through this inhumane Immortal Path.

Although it was still the same category 3 monster and the only difference was in the rank, from ninth rank to third rank, in reality, its strength went up at least three to four times, while the number of challengers had only increased by a factor of four. According to their Fifth Martial Aunt, its strength should increase exponentially, relative to the number of challengers, rather than linear before she could be satisfied. "What a joke, this is Immortal Map, not Big Dipper Array!"

After watching for a while, the woman soon lost her interest. "This group of people is hopeless."

She then turned around and walked away. The two disciples in black and white exchanged glances at each other and then bitterly smiled.

The younger disciple said, "Fifth Martial Aunt's ideas are too hard to understand. From what I see, those five people's qualities are quite good. If even they are hopeless, then would this Immortal Gathering be in vain?"

The older disciple said, "Yeah, Fifth Martial Aunt even directly took part in this... Since I came here twenty years ago, this is the first time I saw Fifth Martial Aunt so eager about something. But if, in the end, nobody could successfully complete the Immortal Path, then her face would not look good."

While they were talking, a voice came from behind them.

"Oh, you don't have to worry about that, someone will definitely pass... Damn, no one can stop that person."

Hearing this voice, the two brothers almost fell off the cliff out of fright.

"Fi-Fifth Martial Aunt!"

The woman did not bother to address them; instead, she just scratched her head because she had remembered the youth who had discovered the flaw in her design.

Realizing that they wouldn't get punished for talking about their Martial Aunt behind her back, the two brothers let out a sigh of relief. Then, the older disciple ventured to ask, "Martial Aunt, who is this person?"

"You're asking me who is that person?" Fifth Martial Aunt asked, "You two have been guarding this place for so long, can't you see who's weak and who's strong?"

At a glance, they obviously knew who was stronger. If Zhu Qin and his companions were strong, then Hai Yunfan was obviously super strong. As a person who came out of the Peach Blossom Village and arrived in the Frozen Wind Valley ahead of anyone else, his strength could almost make him look like a cheater. However, no matter how powerful he was, without being an Immortal Cultivator, how could he possibly overcome the category 3 third rank monster? If he faced one of the monsters, who have yet to be enhanced, in the Red Ridge Mountain or the Cyan Cloud Peak, perhaps he might have a chance. But now... Except if he had a divine intervention? And what made Fifth Martial Aunt so confident about that person's ability to pass this trial?

Thinking of this, the younger disciple suddenly had a thought. "Martial Aunt, are you talking about the rewards from the Peach Blossom Village?"

Fifth Martial Aunt casted him a glance. "Nonsense, except for that, what else could it be? The key to the entire Immortal Path lies in the Peach Blossom Village. Several hundred years ago, those ancient elders suffered a brain cramp; they wrote category 2 monster as category 3, which completely ruined this Immortal Path. It never occurred to them that nobody would be able to pass this Immortal Path in hundreds of years. Speaking about those seniors with brain cramp, the seniors after them were even worse; their brains have been fully damaged. They knew that the elders before them had made a mistake, but they still said that nonsense about ancient law can't be altered. Damn it, who said that firing a Heavenly Sword Hall Elder could be done by words?"

Fifth Martial Aunt's audacity was very well-known in the sect, but the two disciples did not have her boldness, so they kept their silent.

It took a while before the younger disciple gathered enough courage to ask again, "Are all those tools from Martial Aunt's collection?"

In the younger disciple's opinion, as one of the sect's elders, it was naturally easy for the woman in white to collect those seventh or eighth rank magical tools. He just didn't know what kind of tools that could enable a person without cultivation to contend against that category 3 third rank Western Mammoth.

The Fifth Martial Aunt immediately replied, "How could I pay for all of these? Of course they came directly from the sect's storage. That stupid Sect Leader didn't even give me my benefit as an elder. I am so poor that I wish I could go down the mountain and start to rob people."

The two disciples looked at each other, unable to respond to that.

The sect's fifth elder was rarely seen in the sect, even by the older disciple who had been here for twenty years. However, she was exactly like what their master had said about her...

"Fifth Martial Aunt, according to your design, what kind of magical tool will this so-called Wang Lu get? To be able to contend with the category 3 third rank Western Mammoth, it must have been at least a second rank magical tool right? But he has yet to start cultivating, how could he use it?"

Their Fifth Martial Aunt muttered, "I am not that clear either. Because that idiot Sect Leader forbade me to meddle with the sect storage directly, so I just designed a scoring formula, which will automatically withdraw the tools inside the storage based on the score of the participant in the Peach Blossom Village. Now, each member of this ragtag team scored between three thousand to five thousand. As for that kid who was the last one to come out of the village, I didn't watch the latter half of his performance, but he should have easily scored around thirty to fifty thousand. Let alone a second rank magical tool, he could even obtain a ninth rank magical treasure. A magical treasure on this level does not rely on the user's cultivation power to fully unleash its power. In the mortal world, these things are priceless. But in our Spirit Sword Sect storage, they are a dime a dozen. If that kid can get one or two of this kind of treasure, his luck is quite good. If he uses it carefully, his chance of winning against this idiot elephant would be around seventy to eighty percent."

Hearing her reasoning, the two disciples sucked a mouthful of cold air.

Seventy to eighty percent odds might not sound like much, but for hundred of years, a lot of geniuses and talented youths have failed at this stage. But this country boy actually had seventy to eighty percent chance of passing this stage... He indeed had a great affinity with immortality.

If he did succeed in entering the sect, with ten to twenty years of hard training, let alone an Inner Court Disciple, he could even become one of the Successor Disciples! Thinking of this, the two disciples could not help but feel envious.

At that moment, there was a change in the cloud, and the three people immediately focused their attention to observe it. The animated cloud showed Wang Lu finally entering the Frozen Wind Valley.

The other participants before him had to work so hard to pass through the long and dangerous journey across mountains and rivers, as well as the numerous treacherous passages in just ten days. And all of them had the help of their magical tools. But Wang Lu easily skipped through all of that and arrived at Hai Yunfan's group's emergency meeting.

His sudden appearance not only nearly frightened Hai Yunfan and the rest to death, even the two disciples watching dropped their jaws. Wang Lu himself trembled.

"Fxck me! What the hell is that!"

From the Misty Peak above them, the Fifth Martial Aunt, who was watching this scene, had her complexion changed. "What the fxck! Cloud Treading Boot!?"

The nearby two disciples simultaneously exclaimed, "What the hell! Cloud Treading Boot!?"

Even the younger disciple, who had been in the sect for just five years, had heard about this Cloud Treading Boot which was a fifth rank spiritual treasure, one of the collections of the Spirit Sword Sect.

Spiritual treasure! Its level was much higher than a magical treasure. Even a ninth rank spiritual treasure was highly sought after by common Jindan Stage cultivators, much less a fifth rank spiritual treasure personally crafted by the Patriarch of the Spirit Sword Sect. No one who didn't reach the peak Jindan stage could use it.

However, the two disciples did not have the time to wonder how could Wang Lu, who had yet to cultivate, was able to unleash the power of the fifth rank spiritual treasure, because something even stranger happened immediately after.

Wang Lu had skipped almost all the trials in the Frozen Wind Valley with the Cloud Treading Boot to appear in the last trial. However, just as he saw Hai Yunfan and the others, he immediately saw the almost fifty meters tall fierce and brutal beast.

In the Western Continent, this mutated snow mammoth could destroy a city by itself. Upon seeing this monster, Wang Lu was shocked and lost his composure. He immediately scrambled to unsheathe the long sword from his waist to defend himself.

Then, the sword began to shine, dazzling everyone's eyes.

On the cloud above them, three people simultaneously yelled.

"Black Frost Sword!"

Among the many treasured swords in the storage of the Spirit Sword Sect, perhaps this Black Frost Sword was not the best, but it was one of the famous third rank spiritual treasure. And in this favorable location of Frozen Wind Valley, which matched the sword's cold attribute, its maximum power was comparable to a first rank spiritual treasure!

And this amazing sword was currently in Wang Lu's hand!

"Fi-Fifth Martial Aunt, didn't you say he would only get a ninth rank magical treasure at most? How could he even get two spiritual treasures? And a third rank on top of that!"

Fifth Martial Aunt inwardly spouted profanities ten thousand times. "I fxcking want to know too!"

Back at the Frozen Wind Valley, Wang Lu casually wielded that one-meter long sword, which was sharp enough to crack open a mountain, and swung it around.

In the hands of a mortal, a third rank spiritual treasure was no different than an ordinary iron, a useless treasure. If its master prohibit its use, then it would likely suck up the user's life, leaving behind a dry corpse.

However, when Wang Lu swung that sword downward, powerful wind rolled out along with a snow storm. In the middle of the howling snow and wind, the Black Frost Sword became even brighter until the light pierced through the entire sky. The snow storm had filled the entire area, and the ground beneath that mutated mammoth, which was a thousand years old snow, began to condense. Then, layers upon layers of the ground immediately split open as soon as it was touched by the light. After that, those layers of split ground turned into dust, and from dust, they turned into particles until they completely disappeared.

It was like the age of chaos again; the heaven and earth parted.

After a while, the storm finally calmed down, and that fifty-meter tall behemoth had long vanished. The frozen land in front of Wang Lu had also disappeared.

The place had turned into beautiful picturesque scenery with luxuriant mist. Although Wang Lu did not know what kind of place he was currently in, he still knew that it was definitely not Frozen Wind Valley.

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