Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 211: When He Was Young He Did Not Know What Love Is

Chapter 211: When He Was Young He Did Not Know What Love Is

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Dispatching Chi Hou to Yue Family of Celestial Water Lake was undoubtedly a risky move, so much that it was actually a stupid move. In the beginning, he just wanted to verify Wang Lu and Liu Li’s identity through their channel there. However, unexpectedly, the progress was very smooth and quick. Not long after Chi Hou infiltrated the Yue Family of Celestial Water Lake, he soon discovered the truth, and it was an unexpected truth.

When A Xia learned that Wang Lu came from Spirit Sword Sect, one of the Five Unique of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, his heart that was once overwhelmed with greed instantly became terrified.

The Five Unique of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals were not simply stronger than mere top rank sects. Except for the special case that was the Spirit Sword Sect, the other four supreme level sects, regardless of how the later generations whitewashed their past, in the end, had accumulated mountains of corpses and seas of blood.

More than six thousand years ago, at the end of the Age of Chaos, Kunlun Sect’s nearly absolute dominance collapsed. Around two thousand years ago, at the great war between Immortals and Demons, the achievements of Shengjing Sect propelled their status to the fore. At that time, the Ten Thousand Arts Sect and Royal Soldier Sect also made their fame there. The rise of Spirit Sword Sect was relatively low-key, and has been confined to the Blue River Region for around four thousand years, never expanding outward. Actually, there were quite some controversies within the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals on why it could share the honor with the other four great sects. However, from a certain point of view, Spirit Sword Sect was definitely not to be treated lightly: since their establishment around four thousand years ago, Spirit Sword Sect has never lost in any foreign war.

At least, no sect could confidently say that they have won a major sect level war against Spirit Sword Sect, none at all.

Therefore, A Xia absolutely did not want to provoke Spirit Sword Sect. Even if the influence of Spirit Sword Sect outside their own Blue River Region was notoriously weak that it might as well be similar to that of a middle-rank sect, but after all, it carried the glorious name of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals’ Five Unique.

If it were only to teach Wang Lu a lesson, badly beating him black and blue, Spirit Sword Sect would not have too much reaction. For these supreme level sects, when their talented disciples suffered a setback under the mountain, it would not cost them any prestige at all. On the contrary, it was actually a good thing. Because not only would it toughen their disciples, but it would also let them mature. So what if their disciples lost some face? The exception was, of course, for Royal Soldier Sect who always shielded their disciples.

However, if A Xia used some despicable means to threaten the family of their disciple, that was another matter entirely. Spirit Sword Sect would certainly not tolerate such actions. There was no precedent on the specifics on how they were going to retaliate. However, if one referred to the means used by Shengjing Sect… Beast Master School would not be listed as one of the high-rank sects in at least another two hundred years.

A Xia certainly did not want to provoke such a terrible opponent. However, at this time, did he even have a choice? His biggest card was a failure. Therefore, even if he knew this was a poison, he could only drink it to quench his thirst. It was just that, he could never think that things changed incredibly quickly...

For the sake of insurance, a day before he had ordered Chi Hou to pay close attention to Yue Family, he only sent his order after Wang Lu had cracked his first card.

Therefore, it wasn’t that Wang Lu was cheating, as he was the one who cheated on Wang Lu. Chi Hou and that fully transformed spirit beast was indeed at Yue Family of Celestial Water Lake, but they didn’t make their move. Of course, in A Xia’s calculation, a spirit beast of peak Jindan Stage with real power nearly that of a Yuanying Stage, plus Chi Hou’s controlled Ten Thousand Beasts Array could control the situation in mere seconds. He just didn’t expect that in just a few words, the situation had dramatically changed.

"Big Sister is indeed Big Sister, her power is so almighty. I thought that the chance encounter that happened to Liu Li and me, though not necessarily be more than her, could let us keep pace with her development, it seemed like we need to practice more."

Wang Lu casually muttered. However, every word pushed A Xia’s mood further to the bottom.

However, it was also at this time that Wang Lu heard Xiao Qi’s primordial spirit said, "Are you done there! Why are you talking rubbish with that waste? Don’t you know that talking crap would often overturn the cart? The danger here is not yet over, quickly come back here!"

Ridicule and disdain still hung on Wang Lu’s face, however, his reply to Xiao Qi was filled with helplessness.

"Come back? How? There are at least twenty Jindan Stage experts from Beast Master School around me. Moreover, I’m still in mid-air so my feet have yet to touch the ground and I can’t use the defense of my Non-Phase Method like when I was on the ground. Do you really think I can go out of this encirclement through force?"

Xiao Qi was stunned. "You… in other words, just now, in a spur of the moment, you crashed into the enemy line and is now stuck there? Does that mean when you brandished your sword as if to kill A Xia was just an act? And you can’t actually do it? Then what are you going to do? Do you want my help?"

"Can you even lend your hand? Forget it, I can handle this myself. Even if I don’t make my move, it doesn’t matter, it will not take long. Just take care of Liu Li, I’ll be right there soon."

With that, Wang Lu cut off his dialogue connection with Xiao Qi and focused his attention back to A Xia.

Since all of his cards have been invalidated, A Xia has really been forced into a dead end. His mind was in a daze and his infinite despair was reflected out of the fierce tiger head. However, at this time, he suddenly heard Wang Lu casually said.

"If you want to live, I can give you a chance."


"Kneel down to apologize and give up the antidote, and I’ll spare your life. Of course, don’t get me wrong, I don’t really need the antidote, I just want my Junior Sister’s pain to end sooner. Even if you don’t give it up, it’s not that big of a deal to me."

A Xia’s countenance showed his internal struggle. A moment later, he tremblingly took out a small blue vial from his mustard seed bag. Wang Lu directly took it and threw it behind towardS Xiao Qi in the Full Moon Valley.

"Good. I’ve got the antidote. Now, as long as you kneel down and apologize, I will let bygones be bygones."

A Xia hoarsely said, "Do you dare to swear it? Use Great Heart Demon Oath and swear that you will let bygones be bygones!"

Wang Lu laughed. "Great Heart Demon Oath? It doesn’t matter, you really think your life is worth it? In my opinion, the death of a low life like you is really unimportant. So, kneel down and kneel well. Make me feel better a bit, and I’ll leave your pathetic life alone."

Then, Wang Lu summoned out the heart demon and made the most standard vow before it. Moreover, the scope of the oath was actually broader than A Xia’s expectation.

"I swear, as long as he kneels in front of me and begs for mercy, I and my friends will never harm him even a tiny bit. If I violate this oath, I am willing to be haunted to death by the heart demon."

Hearing how casually Wang Lu took the oath, A Xia’s intuition told him that there must be some kind of loopholes here. However, on the one hand, he was seriously injured; his dao heart was damaged, so his ability to think has dropped to the bottom; on the other hand, this was his chance to survive, so he had no other alternative… Therefore, after a long struggle, he finally slowly lowered his body. He was in mid-air, so his knees could not actually touch the ground, however, his kneeling action was unmistakable.

"Hehehe, you have guts." Wang Lu didn’t even look at him much. After smiling contemptuously, he turned around and was ready to leave.

While kneeling in mid-air, A Xia closely watched Wang Lu’s movement, however, he suddenly found that something was wrong.

Do I let him go just like that? He rushed into the enemy line alone and is clearly surrounded by many experts, unexpectedly… he would just leave? Did I do something wrong?

However, before his dull brain could think more deeply, he heard Wang Lu chuckling and saying, "Elders of Beast Master School, are you not going to make your move? What are you waiting for? This counterfeit trash has desecrated the dignity of your Great Elder Lei Zhen and nearly brought a disaster to your Beast Master School. According to your sect’s rules, killing him on the spot is also reasonable."

A Xia felt as if his mind had exploded as he was suddenly enlightened. He slowly understood Wang Lu’s plan.

This guy, was really a despicable crafty disciple!

"Though I keep a hostile stance against your Great Elder Lei Zhen, I acknowledge him as a respectable man. He is competent, bold, and does not shirk on responsibilities. If I don’t have the help from the mountain spirit, and have to rely on cultivation base alone, even in ten years, I would still not necessarily be his opponent. If we met in other situations, I very much want to be his friend."

With that, Wang Lu looked back at the Elders of Beast Master School.

The lead Elder, Elder Gong Yang, has a very complex look. Obviously, his heart has been deeply shaken by Wang Lu’s words.

"Moreover, I know for certain that Great Elder Lei Zhen will never use such despicable tricks. Heh, forcing the pitiful cat girl to act as an assassin for you by stabbing a young girl on her back, and by using poisoned dagger no less. Even the original devil sect would never be this despicable! Moreover, that’s not all. You even threaten other people’s family, aren’t you afraid that you’d be struck by tribulation lightning?"

Here, all the Elders of the Beast Master School have revealed a shamed look. Evidently, they were deeply ashamed. No matter how many people criticize the conduct of Beast Master School, it was not a sinister and evil sect. A Xia’s act was completely the opposite of the sect’s identity.

"If it’s the real Tiger King, even if, for all sorts of reasons, he made an injustice move, he will persist to the end, even if it means certain death for him. At the very least, he will not, in order to survive, kneel before others."

Wang Lu then managed to hang a helpless smile. "Therefore, a fake is a fake. At the beginning, he could still make it seem realistic, but once his life is in danger, he will reveal himself. A Xia, oh, A Xia, this is as far as you can make it."

"A Xia!?" Hearing the name, the several elders were shocked.

Wang Lu asked, "What are you pretending about? Things have gotten to this point, do you guys really can’t see his real identity? Forget it, I’m done with what I have to say, you can clean up the mess in your own sect."

With that, Wang Lu no longer hesitated as his figure floated downward away, rapidly decreasing in size in A Xia’s line of sight.

A Xia felt that his brain was buzzing. At the last moment, he really could not reconcile with this end. He loudly roared, "Gong Yangyue, Liang Yu, what are you guys waiting for? Are you just going to let him get away? Hurry up and catch him!"

If they could seize Wang Lu, everything could still be saved. As the Division’s Great Elder, even if he had taken a heavy blow and on the verge of dying, as long as he was still in control of the Division, then...

"Enough! You son of a bitch!"

The answer to A Xia’s command was a stab in the back. A long beast tooth sword had pierced through his chest.

Elder Liang Yu’s two red eyes were filled with fury.

"Throughout his life, Great Elder has been magnanimous, but unexpectedly, after he died, you this filthy disciple sully his reputation. You took over the Great Elder’s body and did such shameless acts. Even if you die a hundred times, you will not be able to redeem this sin!"

"I." A Xia desperately wanted to say that he was the Great Elder, but the outbreak of injuries caused his body to crash, making him unable to utter a single word. His line of sight quickly plunged into darkness.


What did I do wrong? I am obviously better than the original Tiger King, why would it become like this… Why aren’t you, this group of mediocre people, willing to obey me? If you guys let me have the perfect command from the beginning, the ending would absolutely be different!


In the darkness, A Xia suddenly heard a roar. The familiar voice horrified him.

Within the dark, a burly figure gradually shimmered. That person has a tiger head. It was actually Tiger King Lei Zhen!

"H-How could you… aren’t you dead? Why are you here? Am I dead too? Impossible! How could I die!?"

"Humph, you’re not dead yet, though the difference is really not that much… These body and Nascent Soul are all mine, why can’t I show up?" Tiger King coldly snorted. "How about it, are you happy playing as me?"

A Xia was startled for a moment and immediately gritted his teeth. "Yes, I did fail, so now you’re here to gloat about it?"

Tiger King scoffed at this. "Do you think you’re worthy to be gloated at by me? If that Wang Lu failed, I would’ve laughed instead! But you…"

After that, Tiger King couldn’t help but sigh.

"To tell you the truth, it’s actually me who harmed you. These past years, because I feel like you’re pitiful, I let things drift the way they are, even though I clearly knew that your temperament has become more and more extreme, and your means of doing things became unbearably despicable. In fact, I even acted as your shelter during the storm. Yet all of this only let you become more and more uppity. Thinking that your crooked way has brought you so far, you further and further away walked down the wrong path, until finally, you can’t turn back anymore. Humph, to die in your hands, I can only blame myself."

A Xia was stunned. "W-What did you say? You sheltered me during the storm?"

Tiger King coldly said, "If it were not for me who shielded you, do you really think the Disciplinary Elder would just let you go for doing what you did within the sect all these years? Do you really think you received a high-level recognition because of your skill in beast training? If it were not for me, your father, protecting you, early on, you would’ve been locked in the black beast cage for a millennium!"


"Hey, now that I think about it, letting you get locked in the black beast cage for a few years would’ve actually been better. Sect Leader once advised me that spoiling you too much will only harm you and myself. At that time, I only thought that he was b*llshitting me, but now, it seems like lard had actually blinded my heart!"

Shock after shock continued to pound A Xia’s heart.

"H-How come I never knew about this?"

Tiger King glanced at him and said, "Is it necessary to let you know about it?"

"Why did you do all of these things for me? You… you were pushed out of the Southern Heaven Region, was it also because of this?"

Tiger King said, "Why did I do all of these things for you? Do you even need to ask this? Unfortunately, for decades, I really don’t know that your heart is so unwilling!"


"I remember that, before the first time we did it, I stated that, if you don’t like it, I will not force you. In the end, you’re the one who crawled up to me on your own initiative. Heh, all these years, you’ve actually been so miserable!"

Hearing Tiger King’s words of sarcasm, A Xia’s heart was filled with mixed feelings. Weird feelings were felt throughout his five senses. He even began to feel a trace of guilt, however, in the end, he was still adamant.

"You can only blame yourself for having blind eyes!"

Tiger King laughed out loud. "Well said. I was indeed blind and lost my mind, so I deserved to die in your hands… but, I wizened up just before I died. A Xia, after you have taken over my body and Nascent Soul, though I really hated it in my heart, last words from a dying man are always good. I thought that since you have given me happiness for most of these past few decades, I wanted to give you a final piece of advice. Unexpectedly, you didn’t even wait for me to say it. You can’t wait to pounce on me, so I, your father, finally bit my tongue to kill myself and swallowed down that advice."

"... What advice?"

"I, your father, wanted to warn you that, you can mess with anyone, but don’t mess with that kid Wang Lu, hahaha! But, even if I told you, you’ll likely treat it as a fart. Therefore, you deserve to die here!"

A Xia clenched his teeth as he said, "I will not die!"

"That’s not up to you."

Tiger King stopped smiling, and the light from his body suddenly became intense, shining the scene all around them.

They were not inside the Jade Mansion, or inside the primordial spirit like what A Xia expected, nor were they on the Crown Cloud Peak or in the Full Moon Valley… Instead, they were in a densely foggy place. A huge gate stood tall before them. Its towering figure exuded an aura that caused people’s heart to palpitate.

"This is…"

Tiger King coldly said, "Welcome to the gate of hell."


"All right, let’s go inside."

"I-I don’t want to die, why don’t you go die yourself!" A Xia furiously struggled, however, when he swung his fist, he found out that the strong body that he inherited from Tiger King had disappeared and was replaced by the thin body he detested and cursed.

With such a body, he was without resistance before Tiger King. Tiger King picked A Xia up and laughed wildly as he carried him into the gate.

"From now on, we have endless time to love each other, and I, your father, swear I will make you fall in love with me, hahaha!"

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