Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 212: Are You Also a Virgin?

Chapter 212: Are You Also a Virgin?

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"How is Liu Li?"

After calmly withdrawing from the encirclement, as soon as his feet touched the ground, his initially indifferent look was immediately replaced by a glimmer of irrepressible anxiety.

Xiao Qi gave him a look. "You finally remembered her? I don’t know what has gotten over you, do you think it’s cool to go straight into the enemy line like that? What a fool! You often boast about your professional adventurer qualities… yet, you wasted your time with that waste, that’s really childish!"

Wang Lu urged, "Less nonsense and just get down to business. What’s the current situation?"

"... Do you have the nerve to tell me to get down to business?" Xiao Qi helplessly shook her head. "The situation is not so good. Liu Li’s poison resistance is really good, coupled with the antidote, the poison was quickly neutralized. But, the dagger stabbed her vital parts, plus the damage that happened when the poison first entered her body, the damage is practically…"

With that, Xiao Qi leaned down and turned over the unconscious Liu Li. She then reached out to rip open her back clothing, which revealed a silky white back. The pitch-black wound was at the center of her back, and along the wound, black lines spread throughout her whole body...

Seeing the wound, Wang Lu could not help but frown. From the knowledge he got from the Teng Cloud Hall class, when Spirit Sword Sect disciples reached the Xudan Stage, their bodies should have been highly refined, with vitality far more powerful than common cultivators.

Even for Liu Li who was notoriously good at offense but bad at defense, her body’s tenacity should be closer to the common Jindan Stage cultivator… Theoretically, she would not die even if she was stabbed in the heart. Especially since there was Xiao Qi, the master of zen who was there to cure her. Even if her head was decapitated, as long as it was immediately reconnected, she could still survive.

However, now, even after her body was wrapped in the zen light, there was no sign of improvement… This could only be explained that her injuries have been severe enough that her body was unable to enter the positive cycle spontaneously.

For example, if a person was slightly wounded, no matter what, the body could heal itself. However, if the injury were too heavy, the life lost rate would be much higher than what the body could produce. If it were even higher than the healing rate from the treatment, then no elixir could help. Now, Liu Li’s situation was similar to this. Although the wound was not big, the inside damage was very serious, to the point where it could not possibly heal.

"That dagger is indeed a rare antique. In addition to the poison that was attached to it, the structure of the dagger is also very vicious. Look at the tip of the dagger, there is a tiny bifurcation there, however, each of them constitutes a broken structure, which could rapidly take vitality off of the body, like a vicious curse."

Speaking to this, Xiao Qi clenched her teeth and bitterly said, "That bastard is really good. With this dagger, even after she took the antidote, I have to go all out just keep her from dying, I can’t lax even a bit… Truly ruthless!"

Wang Lu waved his hand. "There’s no need to care about the dead. We need to focus on the current problem."

While speaking, he furrowed his brow, thinking about all his knowledge from the Teng Cloud Hall. The books about healing that he read in ten years emerged one by one in Wang Lu’s mind...

After a long while, Wang Lu said, "Liu Li’s problem is that her injury is too heavy and has lost too much of vitality. And the zen healing spell is, in essence, to stimulate a person’s vitality. If the person’s own vitality is insufficient, zen method could not make bricks without straws. That being the case…"

"What about Innate Vitality Direct Transfusion?" Wang Lu said, "Although innate vitality of different people is generally difficult to share, zen method has this technique of equal salvation of all living things, so it should have the relevant spell right?"

Xiao Qi furrowed her brows. "Well, yes… but now I’m just in avatar form. Though I have the Jindan Stage power and flesh, no innate vitality."

"Hm, I know. But how could something like this need your supply of innate vitality, I’ll just go grab several of those Beast Master School people and use theirs."

Wang Lu got up and was about to pick a fight again, but he was quickly stopped by Xiao Qi.

"Wait, Liu Li’s Brilliant Sword Heart has pure physique, so innate vitality of general people are like foul air for her, it would just be detrimental if it entered her body."

Wang Lu asked, "Then what kind of innate vitality that meet the standard? Does the pm 2.5 has to be lower than 50? Or do you want a purifying tool?"

Xiao Qi gave Wang Lu a look and somewhat reluctantly said, "In addition to sufficiently high cultivation base, sufficiently pure method… but also a virgin."

"Vir…" Wang Lu was stunned, and then looked up at the Crown Cloud Peak at the group of noisy Beast Master School cultivators. When he looked back at Xiao Qi again, his expression was very complex; he sighed. "I’m now in a very delicate mood."

Xiao Qi wryly smiled. "I can understand. Not only the requirement of innate vitality for Liu Li is that, it needs to be pure enough, it also has to be in sufficiently high quantity, because the loss in the middle of the transfer would be astonishing…"

Wang Lu interrupted, "Never mind, saving people is more important. I can afford to pay it."

Xiao Qi cast a glance at him, and then softly said, "Even if it would cost you one hundred years?"

Wang Lu was startled. "One hundred years? Can’t you be more exaggerating than that?" Then, without hesitation, he continued, "One hundred years is one hundred years, just take it."

While speaking, he reached out and touched the wound on Liu Li’s back, which felt cold and stiff upon touch, causing Wang Lu to wrinkle his brows. Once upon a time, this girl’s body was warm and as soft as jade, but now, it was like being corrupted by the cadaverous aura...

Beast Master School, this matter will not end here! Wang Lu inwardly exclaimed.

However, though Wang Lu was ready to sacrifice one hundred years of his lifespan, Xiao Qi was not.

"You have always been shrewd, so you ought to know what sacrificing one hundred years of your lifespan means? You have now reached the Xudan Stage, with three hundred years of lifespan. Even if Non-Phase Method has the life-prolonged ability, so you have a total of five hundred years of lifespan, a decrease in one-fifth of lifespan would cause a serious impact on your Immortal Cultivation; you might later encounter a great bottleneck."

Wang Lu dismissively said, "If there’s a bottleneck, I can just break through it. Would the Void Spirit Root be afraid of the bottleneck?"

"Losing a hundred years of lifespan in a breath, perhaps… it would reduce the quality of your spirit root, causing irreparable damage, would that still not matter to you?"

"It doesn’t matter. Saving Liu Li is the first priority. In any case, I’m a professional adventurer, what am I afraid of? Besides, my Void Spirit Root is actually a pain in the ass to me, so even if its quality is decreased, big deal, there are still many ways in Immortal Cultivation. So, you don’t need to worry."

"You…" Seeing Wang Lu that determined, Xiao Qi could not help but inwardly sigh that the pair of Master and disciple of Non-Phase Peak was indeed carved out of the same mold.

In normal times, you could not wait to get rid of them. However, in critical times, they were more reliable than anyone. The boy was still young, yet he already had his Master’s demeanor.

Perhaps, this one hundred years decrease would instead turn into a breakthrough opportunity for him?

However, when she was about to begin, they suddenly heard a faint woman voice.

"Just use mine."

Xiao Qi turned her head in surprise and saw the initially unconscious after being attacked by Quan Zouhua cat girl had actually opened her eyes.

Ling Yan weakly but firmly said, "This is all my fault, so naturally, I should be the one to make up for it. If innate vitality could save her, I’m willing to give her mine, no matter how much."

Xiao Qi has a complex look. "You…"

Cat girl said, "Though under A Xia I have been tortured for dozens of years, but, according to your human standard, I...am still a virgin."

Wang Lu could not help but laugh. "What kind of b*llshit is this? You’ve obviously been ruined by A Xia for dozens of years. The only holes in your body that are still virgins are your nostrils and your ears, you…"

"A Xia is impotent."

"..." Wang Lu’s smile suddenly froze, and then somewhat embarrassedly touched his nose. "Go on, I won’t interrupt you anymore."

"Use mine. My innate vitality definitely meets the requirement. Also, please give me a chance to atone." The more the cat girl talk, the more her voice became pitiable, full of self-reproach and remorse. "Personally hurting people that I like the most, I really want to die right now."

Xiao Qi said, "That action was involuntary, so it’s not your fault. Moreover, since you have this heart, I believe Liu Li would also forgive you… As for your innate vitality, the difference in quality between yours and Wang Lu’s is really far. If he had to give up one hundred years, you might have to give up much more than that. Even if you’re a fully transformed spirit beast, with natural lifespan much longer than human, you still couldn’t afford it."

Unfortunately, Xiao Qi’s comforting words were really ineffective. In a flash, the cat girl had suddenly moved toward Liu Li’s side. The two still bleeding broken arms that were bitten off by Quan Zouhua were pressed to by her to Liu Li’s back, so that her blood directly entered Liu Li’s wound. After a moment, the blood shone with white golden light as if it was burning.

"You!?" Xiao Qi was startled. Cat girl had actually forcibly burned her innate vitality! This move prevented others from stopping her because they couldn’t just let her waste her innate vitality except for letting her flow it into Liu Li as soon as possible.

In desperation, Xiao Qi hurriedly cast her zen spell and used the method of all living things are equal to transfer Ling Yan’s innate vitality into Liu Li. As the vitality entered into her, the pale gray color that spread from around her wound quickly receded, and her originally stiff body gradually became warm again.

Liu Li’s vitality was recovering at an astonishing speed, correspondingly, cat girl continued to weaken at an amazing rate.

Cultivator’s innate vitality was extremely precious. Even if cat girl was already at Peak Jindan Stage, she could not freely squander her innate vitality. Along with the rapid loss of vitality, which could be seen with naked eyes, her body’s human characteristics began to degenerate, and the cat’s characteristics gradually increased. A moment later, her figure had almost shrunk by half; the whiskers on her cheek grew longer, the pair of cat ears became more conspicuous, and furry tail began to grow out of her bone tail.

This was the reverse transformation of spirit beast… when the life essence has been extremely depleted, spirit beast would instinctively revert to its original beast form, which would prolong its life. However, once this process occurred, it meant that its previous hundred years of penance might go down the drain. Once it completely reverted to its animal form, it would be impossible to transform into the human form again in its entire life.

Cat girl was so determined to repent that she didn’t even balk at sacrificing her life essence. For Xiao Qi, this was so unbearable to look at, but what could she do?

Did she really want to let Wang Lu sacrifice his one hundred years of lifespan? How could she even open her mouth!

However, at this time, Wang Lu shook his head and reached out his hand. "Enough, look at you. If she wakes up and sees you like this, how do you think she would feel?"

While speaking, Wang Lu lightly put his hand on cat girl’s shoulder and, along with the shining of the white-golden light, cat girl’s body shook. The innate vitality transfusion had been forced to stop!

Wang Lu then directly sent his own fast-as-ocean vitality into cat girl, extinguishing her self-ignition flame.

Before cat girl could ignite her vitality again, Xiao Qi immediately stunned her into the ground with her staff. Wang Lu then stepped forward and took over cat girl’s previous position.

"Heh, it’s better for me to do this kind of thing. If I let this stupid cat save her, where would I, as her Senior Brother, put my face?"

While speaking, his forehead had been oozing out sweat; pouring out innate vitality was evidently not easy for Wang Lu...

However, at this time, a person that they had neglected for so long, faintly said.

"Everything happened because of me, so I should be the one who finishes it."

In Wang Lu and Xiao Qi’s astonishment, dazzling light erupted out of that light cocoon near them.

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