Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 213: Robbing Someone off of Their Treasure!?

Chapter 213: Robbing Someone off of Their Treasure!?

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Immortal beast moon spirit has indeed been neglected for a long time.

After Wang Lu summoned the spirits of all living things on the Grand Cloud Mountain and routed Tiger King out, shattering the blockade and letting the Emperor Essence spread throughout the entire Grand Cloud Mountain, immortal beast moon spirit took advantage of this opportunity to start the transformation process. By absorbing the moonlight essence, it curled up in the light cocoon and began its metamorphosis.

For common spirit beasts, form transformation process must be experienced along with heavenly tribulation. Immortal cultivation alone was already against the heaven, let alone transformation from beast to human. Of course, with the end of the Age of Chaos, the strength of divine tribulation was also not as high. As long as the preparation was sufficient, usually, it would not be too difficult. Cat girl’s talent was good; when she transformed her form, she firmly withstood three golden divine tribulation lightnings and successfully broke the bottleneck.

However, for the level of immortal beast, all tribulation lightnings were simply omitted from the transformation process. Perhaps for the heaven, immortal beast transformation was a natural process, so there was no need to hinder it.

Therefore, Grand Cloud Mountain moon spirit’s transformation process was very smooth and quiet. So much that in the event of emergency, Wang Lu and the others subconsciously ignored the nearby immortal beast, until this time when the immortal beast moon spirit took the initiative to talk.

"Everything happened because of me, so I should be the one who finishes it."

As this ethereal sound echoed throughout the Full Moon Valley, dazzling light emitted out from the light cocoon. Though his eyes that had received special training, Wang Lu was still temporarily blinded by that dazzling light. Nevertheless, vaguely, he could still see a beautiful woman’s silhouette slowly walk towards Liu Li and reach out to touch Liu Li’s wound.

Almost instantaneously, all the cadaverous aura in Liu Li’s body was expelled out, and a like-a-sunshine vitality permeated into every corner of her body. Liu Li uttered a whimper, her injury had been completely healed! It was just that she was still unconscious, not immediately awakened.

With Liu Li thoroughly out of danger, moon spirit quickly drew back the light, revealing her true form. Wang Lu dumbfoundedly looked at the successfully transformed moon spirit; though he was well-informed, for a time, he was completely tongue-tied.

After the form transformation, similar to what Wang Lu expect, moon spirit was every bit as beautiful otherworldly teenage girl, with apparent age of around sixteen or seventeen. Her looks were around eighty to ninety percent similar to that of the Grand Cloud Fairy. It was just that, compared to Grand Cloud Fairy, she was somewhat a bit more exuberant and full of life. Her eyes were also filled with irrepressible curiosity and intelligence.

After she withdrew the light, with a trace of intoxicating smile, she said to Wang Lu, "Thank you."

It was rare for Wang Lu to lost his composure like this; he coughed up to clear his throat and then said, "You’re welcome. I have made an agreement with Grand Cloud Fairy, so this is just me fulfilling my obligation. It’s just that… don’t you think that you need to wear some clothes?"

Moon spirit has just finished the form transformation, so naturally, she still maintained her initial state, covered by not a single strand of thread. Her ample chest, slim waist, and plentiful buttocks together outlined a perfect curve and slender and slim posture. Of course, the woman’s most fascinating and sensitive parts could also be seen at a glance.

As a professional adventurer, Wang Lu would never feel at ease just because of mere nakedness of a woman. However, he also had to admit the flawless figure of moon spirit was far from "a mere nakedness of a woman". It was a soul-stirring beauty. Despite his achievement in Non-Phase Immortal Heart, he could not help but palpitate with excitement.

Moon spirit froze for a moment, and then ignorantly did a slow and graceful twirl in front of Wang Lu. "Isn’t this good? Why do you look embarrassed?"

"... I remember Grand Cloud Fairy has a snow-white dress, how come you don’t wear one?"

Moon spirit lightly smiled and said, "Mom said, her clothes symbolized the worldly bondage, and she hoped that I could live in freedom, so I think more often than not I should not wear any clothes, right? But, since you find it inappropriate, it seems that there is a difference between my perception and reality, then…"

The girl lifted up her hand then all the sensitive parts of her body shone with white light, blocking them from people’s line of sight...

"I’d never thought you for the saint light party…" Wang Lu could not help but chuckle. Seeing that the girl was adamant, he no longer tried to persuade her. In any case, since the other party was willing to dole out the benefit, who was he to stop it? He quickly displayed his best student’s photographic memory specialty and remembered as many as he could.

In the beginning, after the form transformation process, immortal beast was not well-versed in the affairs of life, oblivious to human interactions, pure as a blank page. However, unlike Liu Li and Quan Zouhua whose behaviors were incurable, while in the form of immortal beast, moon spirit behaved like a typical beast, but after she transformed her form into human, her intelligence was completely enlightened, and her rationality grew. After a few days, when she became familiar with the rules and conducts, naturally, she would have a sense of shame. By then, there could be no beautiful scenery like this anymore.

However, with this, the trip to Grand Cloud Mountain, finally has to come to an end. The moon spirit has transformed her form, and the enemy has been routed; they have basically done everything that they could do. Next, as long as they brought moon spirit back to the Spirit Sword Mountain, this experiential learning down the mountain would be a great success. And, in order to avoid any unforeseeable situation, they needed to directly use the Heavenly Talisman.

Despite the sky-high value of the Heavenly Talisman, it was a drop in the bucket compared to that of the immortal beast, thus Wang Lu would not hesitate to use it. He took out that Heavenly Talisman from his mustard seed bag and saw the glittering and translucent carving of over a thousand characters over that fat jade talisman, with each character contained a mysterious power. The second half of the talisman was left as blank. That was the place where the user left their marks. Once they placed their marks there, when the Heavenly Talisman was activated, as long as they were still in its area of effect, they would be pulled and transferred away by the magical power. Currently, Wang Lu, Liu Li, and Quan Zouhua had left their marks on the Heavenly Talisman. Now, they only needed cat girl, Xiao Qi, and moon spirit to leave their marks. One Heavenly Talisman could carry up to ten people at once, so there were still many rooms left.

Seeing this life-saving talisman of Spirit Sword Sect, Xiao Qi could not help but sigh. "When I was traveling with your Master, she talked about this thing for a long time, saying that if she had this Spirit Sword Heavenly Talisman with her, she would dare to go on exploring every dangerous place in the Nine Regions. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem able to collect enough sect points."

Wang Lu sneered. "That poor ghost would’ve already been forced to sell her kidney every day were it not for the Sect Leader who takes pity on her, giving her the Elder allowance each month."

While leaving her own mark on the Heavenly Talisman, Xiao Qi smiled and said, "You don’t have to discredit her like that. Though her character is somewhat… But she could actually make money."

Wang Lu was astonished. "She could make money? Could it be that there’s someone in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals buying people’s moral integrity in high price?"

"No. She’s actually quite business savvy, and have done several enviable business endeavors. However, the more she could make money, the more she could spend it. She’s not like you, her resource consumption for Immortal Cultivation is truly scary, so…"

While explaining with a smile, Xiao Qi held up the dazed cat girl whose innate vitality has been burned, clutched her whiskers, melted them into pure magical power and then left it as the cat girl’s mark on the Heavenly Talisman.

Finally, the one remaining left was moon spirit. The girl sized up the Heavenly Talisman. "Though I don’t know what’s going on, it seems pretty awesome. What is it for?"

"It’s to take you away from here and return to my Spirit Sword Mountain."

"Leaving here?" The girl looked up in surprise, and then whispered, "But here is my home."

"Evil guest has wreaked havoc on your home. While my great Spirit Sword Mountain has beautiful scenery, with birdsong and fragrant flowers everywhere, rich with spiritual energy, and plenty of lavish meal."

Xiao Qi butted in, "Hey, those descriptions do not rhyme at all!?"

The girl was obviously intrigued. "Is it a very interesting place?"

"Of course it is. Moreover, Grand Cloud Fairy also doesn’t want you to be trapped in Grand Cloud Mountain for your entire life. The world is vast, you can travel to every corner of it."

The girl forcefully nodded. "Mm, I understand. Mom said you’re a trustworthy person, so I’ll go with you. Then, do you want me to leave my mark on the Heavenly Talisman right? How?"

Wang Lu said, "You can put down your real name imbued with a bit of your vitality. Em, the real name must be able to get the heart’s natural response. I remember Grand Cloud Fairy has left you with the name Shixuan, but you still lack a surname. How about using my surname, Wang?"

Moon spirit shook her head. "No, I want Bai as my surname."

"Suit yourself." Wang Lu shrugged as he passed the Heavenly Talisman and then wait for her to put her mark on it.

The girl named Bai Shixuan gently shook her fingers and began to condense her own mark. She was a fully transformed immortal beast, so she was born with natural magical abilities. In general, if a person never condensed a personal mark, they would at least need some period to learn to imbue vitality to their real name in order to form a mark. However, Bai Shixuan easily made her mark, which looked like a crescent pure white moon.

However, just as Bai Shixuan was about to put her mark on the Heavenly Talisman, Xiao Qi’s complexion suddenly changed, and at once swung her staff in the air.

The next moment, the staff emitted out a buzzing noise, and its zen light covered half of the sky over the Full Moon Valley.

However, in an instant, that zen light was pierced and crushed by a swift and fierce beam of light. It was as if Xiao Qi had been hit as the air was cut off from her lung and she staggered several steps back, and blood flowed from her seven orifices. Xiao Qi’s zen light was able to hold that beam of light for a few moments, but it was as if it was alive. Halfway through, it sped up again towards Wang Lu. Wang Lu instinctively reacted by pulling the Heavenly Talisman behind his back, only to feel a sharp pain on his hand. The light beam had cut off a few of his fingers. Fortunately, the Heavenly Talisman was not damaged.

However, beyond a reasonable doubt, a crisis has come. When this drama was about to end, a new mighty wave appeared. Despite his good mentality, Wang Lu couldn’t help but feel a bit anxious.

In particular, that light beam was overwhelmingly fierce, and its power was incomparably matchless. Moreover, its magical power seemed to be alive, which was the typical characteristic of a Yuanying Stage cultivator. Moreover, the cultivation base was far higher than that of Tiger King!

"Don’t even think of leaving!"

Along with the roar that shook the valley, a dark cloud that blotted out the sky came from afar. Though it was far away, it emitted a majestic imposing manner that pressured every living thing, and even caused people difficult to breathe. Wang Lu forced himself to look up, trying to see the truth behind those dark clouds. Through his eyes, he saw those clouds seemed to compose of all kinds of strange shapes. And, within those black clouds, there seemed to be waves of numerous beasts. There were sounds of thunder and lightning, and there were also howling wind and torrential rain… Wang Lu promptly flung his head back. His Non-Phase Immortal Heart floated on top of his Jade Mansion, his primordial spirit, Xudan, and Non-Phase Emperor Bone, all joined forces to send out their power to get rid of this strange shapes corrosion.

"Holy hell, it’s peak Yuanying…"

Creating strange shapes just by lifting a hand or foot, primordial spirit that could be sent out to invade the human heart, all of these indicated that the person’s cultivation base had reached the peak Yuanying Stage. Since Wang Lu had tried to look with his Immortal Heart, his vision was blocked by those strange shapes. At the same time, since he had sent his primordial spirit far away, it had almost made contact with that disturbance and influenced by it.

Having such a stage could already be counted as an expert in the entire Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. If only the stage that counted, the Elders of the Heavenly Sword Hall of the Spirit Sword Mountain were also at this stage.

However, the incoming person was naturally not an elder of Spirit Sword Sect. A moment later, those dark clouds dissipated, revealing a dignified and solemn elder. The man was clad in black, and his whole body was covered with lightning and flame. His two stout arms were crossed in front of his chest, and those arms were fully covered with jet-black scales, which doubly displayed his ferociousness.

Xiao Qi sucked a mouthful of cold air. "Beast Master School’s Disciplinary Elder!?"

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