Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 214: Although She Robbed It, I Love Her

Chapter 214: Although She Robbed It, I Love Her

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"Disciplinary Elder?"

Hearing Xiao Qi’s exclaimation, Wang Lu’s heart could not help but sink

In most sects, the position of Disciplinary Elder was usually held by one of the top five elders within the sect. The strength and position were all much higher than that of Tiger King, the kind of local area feudal vassal. To put it simply, it was one of the core leadership!

Facing Tiger King, Wang Lu could still employ various means to survive. However, in the face of a peak Yuanying Stage Great Elder, no matter how confident he was, it would still be very difficult for him to say that there was a chance to survive.

However, this was not difficult to understand. Considering the value of young immortal beast, Beast Master School of Southern Heaven Region making sure their investment in Grand Cloud Mountain did not go in vain by sending one of their top Elders was not a surprise. It was only because of Tiger King, who, because of his temper, didn’t want to share the spoil that this Disciplinary Elder did not show himself until now.

However, since Tiger King was now dead, it gave this elder the perfect excuse to intervene. Wang Lu has been trying as best as he could to not waste time. As soon as moon spirit awakened, he immediately readied the Heavenly Talisman. Though his mouth continued to chat, his hands did not stop moving even for a second. Unexpectedly, it was still a bit late.

Sure enough, the greater the benefit, the greater the risk.

In the face of such an enormous crisis, while thinking furiously about the countermeasures, Wang Lu asked, "Seventh Madame, Seventh Madame, I urgently need your help!"

However, he saw Xiao Qi revealed a complex look and bitterly said, "I’m afraid I’m not a suitable person to seek help with. I am just one of many avatars. Even if you beg me, there’s nothing I can do. Don’t forget, he’s the Disciplinary Elder of Beast Master School."

Wang Lu suddenly became aware. Beast Master School cultivators were usually accompanied by their spirit beasts. However, this Disciplinary Elder seemed alone, but how could he not bring his spirit beasts?

Xiao Qi was only middle-level Jindan, so even if she risked her life, she could only focus on one opponent. If the other party sent the spirit beasts to fight them separately, she would not be able to attend one thing without losing track of another thing. It was impossible to create the opportunity for Bai Shixuan to leave her mark on the Heavenly Talisman and for Wang Lu to activate it.

"Damn it, it’s a dead end…"

Wang Lu furrowed his brows. Even with his wisdom and bag of tricks, as the time passed bit by bit, he realized that with the repression of peak Yuanying Stage, even if he had the time in the world, it would still be difficult for him to find the opportunity to let moon spirit leave her mark.

"Had I known it, I should’ve let Shixuan leave her mark first." Xiao Qi was quite annoyed; she was just one of many, so even if this body of hers were to die, she would just encounter a slight resistance in her Immortal Cultivation path. Why would she leave her mark first?

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu said, "How could I let you, Seventh Madame make the sacrifice? Moreover, the other party has already arrived at Grand Cloud Mountain early on, and just specifically waited until this time."

The moment his voice fell, he heard the black-clad elder in mid-air say, "Correct. You all can leave this place, but leave immortal beast to me."

Yes, he waited until everyone had left their marks and made his move when it was moon spirit’s turn… In this way, it was fortunate to leave Bai Shixuan last, otherwise, more people wouldn’t be able to leave.

Wang Lu squinted his eyes and, while furiously thinking, said, "I…"

"Shut up! There’s no room for bargaining here, no room for being a smart ass. It’s because I’m looking at your Spirit Sword Sect that I give you the chance to get the hell out of here. Otherwise, seeing that you have wantonly destroyed my Beast Master School Division, cutting you into pieces is not out of the question!"

The black-clad elder completely paid no attention to Wang Lu, even if he had been, for several years, a famous peerless disciple of Spirit Sword Sect. However, currently, he was still in the ant-like Xudan Stage. Though this black-clad Elder's talent and intelligence were inferior to Wang Lu, at any time, he could kill Wang Lu with a simple thought.

What about Spirit Sword Sect? Five Unique of Union of Ten Thousand Immortal indeed could not be ignored. However, Beast Master School was not a pushover either. Let alone in this Grand Cloud Mountain case, Beast Master School was in the right. Wang Lu and his group were clearly the ones who crashed the Beast Master School Division big affair, thus even if he killed him on the spot, it was still reasonable.

Of course, the ownership of Grand Cloud Mountain hasn’t been fully recognized by Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. However, since they had assumed substantial control of the mountain over the last year, as per Union of Ten Thousand Immortals unwritten rule, they were indeed so. Therefore, the black-clad elder didn’t think that there would be a problem. Even if the Spirit Sword Sect were to pick up trouble in the future, Sect Leader of Beast Master School would not just stand back and watch.

His trip from Southern Heaven Region to here was under incitement of the Sect Leader.

If Tiger King were still here, perhaps it would be too inconvenient for him to interfere. After all, though Lei Zhen’s cultivation base was not too high, he was quite popular within the sect, and he had paid a huge price to separate from the main base in order to capture the immortal beast. If he did not let go, it would not be good at all for the sect to rob it from him. Now that Lei Zhen had died, he just stepped in to clean up the situation.

Wang Lu and other people could go, but immortal beast moon spirit must stay!

Seeing that the opposite party’s stance was completely without any weakness that he could exploit, Wang Lu’s heart sank. Clearly, the other side would disregard all rules and speak with the fist first, which put him in a bind.

The black-clad elder said, "I will count to three, either you all piss off, or die here."

Then, his two jet black scaly hands suddenly spread out, turning into two jet black water dragons. They wandered around the lightning and fire, but from time to time, they revealed their vicious look at Wang Lu.

"My goodness, two pet dragons. He indeed deserves to be a member of the core leadership of the Beast Master School…" Wang Lu gritted his teeth; he really could not find any opportunity.


The cold count resounded throughout the valley and Beast Master School Disciplinary Elder released even more magical power. The lightning and fire around his body got a boost of power, and the two dragons body swelled up. Their faces turned even more ferocious, and from time to time, they would spat out thunder and lightning, which struck the mountain rock surrounding the Full Moon Valley, igniting mountain fire.

"What wicked beasts." Seeing the fire surrounding Full Moon Valley, Bai Shixuan furrowed her eyebrows and softly expressed her disgust.

She was the daughter of Grand Cloud Fairy, and the current demonstrative action of the two water dragons had destroyed parts of the mountain, which was similar to hurting her body. However, at this time, there were more important things to pay attention to other than that forest fire.

"Wang Lu, I can’t leave, right?"

Bai Shixuan looked up at the cloud in the sky and then softly asked.

Wang Lu sighed. "You really have given me a very difficult problem."

While talking, his mind had already begun to calculate. If he went all out, burning his innate vitality to dish out the not yet matured Non-Phase Diamond Sword, could he hold off one or two moves from peak Yuanying Stage cultivator? Alternatively, if he woke Liu Li up, and then combined their swords...

With the rationality of professional adventurer, Bai Shixuan’s question was without a doubt; she indeed could not leave. However, this answer was unacceptable to Wang Lu.

While pondering about it, he saw Bai Shixuan cast him a smile. "Wang Lu, thank you."

Wang Lu asked, "Thank me for what?"

Bai Shixuan blinked a few times and then explained, "Because you let me experience the feeling of freedom. Mom said it was the most valuable treasure. She said that she’s the Grand Cloud Mountain Spirit. The mountain gave her her life, but also gave her the yoke. I’m luckier than her, I’m not bound by the mountain. But I’m also more unfortunate than her, because just when I am about to mature, the world’s greed coveted me and I’d likely to get captured. However, because of you, at least since I had my form transformation, I think I am free."


In the ensuing silence, the ice cold counting voice resounded once more.


The two water dragons greedily sucked the spiritual energy on the mountain, and along with the lightning and fire catalyst of black-clad elder, their bodies continued to expand, until finally, they reached the size of a giant hill...These were water dragons that almost received their divine tribulation. In the myths of many places, they were enough to exterminate the world. Even a peak Jindan Stage common cultivator would not be able to withstand even three moves from each one of them.

The two dragons danced in the sky. The clouds in the sky tumbled and were filled with lightning and thunder as if the sky had collapsed and the end of the world was fast approaching. The few people within the valley were like duckweed leaves on a stormy sea, completely without any resistance.

However, Bai Shixuan seemed to turn a blind eye to all those in the sky; the girl’s smile was still as bright. "Although the time is not long, I think I will always remember the taste of freedom."

The black-clad Elder coldly snorted. "Remember? When I put my beast collar on your neck, you will remember nothing! Forever!"

Bai Shixuan turned a deaf ear and just smiled and asked Wang Lu, "You will come to pick me up, right?"

Wang Lu felt that his words were caught in his throat. He really didn’t know what to say.

Yes, he was a Heavenly Spirit Root cultivator with peerless Immortal Cultivation aptitude, and there would be a day where he would be more powerful than anybody. By then, even the whole Beast Master School would not be able to afford a single strike from him, however… so what? How many "there would be a day" one have in one’s entire life?

There would be a day… these were the most worthless words.

Bai Shixuan has just finished her form transformation, yet she was extremely bright; she had already clearly understood his own situation. Thus, those words from her just now were actually intended to comfort him.

Comforting him that you have done well, and there would be more opportunities for a comeback later on, so don’t be sad and moreover, don’t make irrational choices.

Wang Lu closed his eyes while inwardly sighed with emotion.

Little White (Bai in Bai Shixuan means white) , ultimately, you’re still very young, coupled with that comforting words, how could someone just walk away?

Just as Wang Lu and Bai Shixuan fell into silent, the impatient Elder finally dropped the last count.


As soon as the count ended, something similar to heavenly thunder strike down the earth, and the two water dragons swept out thick black clouds, pouring down furious rumbles of thunder.

However, the black-clad elder somewhat has a slight scruple. Though he had released the two water dragons that could destroy the world, they didn’t immediately make their move, leaving Wang Lu and the others a window of opportunity. This was the Elder’s way to remind Wang Lu to choose, whether to die here, or wisely launch the Heavenly Talisman. Of course, if Wang Lu was ungrateful, trying to use this short time to play something… peak Yuanying Stage cultivator’s reaction speed was much better than that of Xudan.

The time left by black-clad Elder was not long, but for Wang Lu, it was like a hundred years in an extremely harsh oppressive environment, as well as extreme emotional ups and downs. He felt that his primordial spirit, Emperor Bone, Void Core, and Immortal Heart...all were having an unprecedentedly high degree of integration, and by the burning of innate vitality came a subtle reaction. Time seemed to stop as over thousands of ideas flashed through Wang Lu’s mind. Each and every thought were clear and defined. Then, his sensitivity to the surrounding spiritual energy increased multiple times; Wang Lu was well aware each and every fluctuation of surrounding spiritual energy in a hundred meters, and he saw the surrounding spiritual energy seemed to be at a standstill. Wang Lu even vaguely felt that he could predict the movement directions of this spiritual energy!

At the same time, the two water dragons descended from the sky. In Wang Lu’s eyes, he no longer felt that he would end up in a certain death; vaguely, he felt that there exist flaws in those thick black clouds. His chance to withstand perhaps was only one in a thousand or even one in ten thousand, nevertheless, where there was a chance, there was hope. Therefore, Wang Lu did not hesitate to act. Activating his magical power, Wang Lu, through subtle rhythm, led the spiritual energy to resonate, and he also burned his innate vitality, ready to integrate the energy in his entire body to risk his life.

Bai Shixuan was not stupid; she naturally knew that she must take this chance to leave her mark on the Heavenly Talisman, and then activate the Heavenly Talisman so that everyone would flee through the Heavenly Talisman. As long as he could hold it for a moment!

When Wang Lu erupted out an unprecedentedly powerful sword qi, the unconscious Liu Li suddenly spontaneously responded. She scattered the Brilliant Sword Heart’s void sword qi into a mist and then tightly combined with Wang Lu’s magical power, providing the final push for Wang Lu.

Time seemed to crawl. Wang Lu could clearly see that the complexion of the black-clad elder who stood among the clouds suddenly changed, as if questioning the reckless action that he chose. He clearly saw the two water dragons’ violent and bloodthirsty gesture, holding nothing back as they barreled down at him. He clearly saw the numerous ways the spiritual energy creaked and burst in that dark cloud. He clearly saw that within his Jade Mansion, the blazing golden glitter of light were emitted out of his half real half ethereal Void Core, and his innate Non-Phase Sword Qi was refined with that golden light, becoming doubly thick and impossible destroy!

A light flashed through Wang Lu’s brain. Although the result has yet to be seen, though the dark cloud in the sky still looked unstoppable, he had enough confidence to succeed! He definitely could withstand this strike!

The next moment, when the two strands of power were about to collide.

High up in the sky, green light tore the dark clouds into pieces. The green sword light was like a meteor, coming down from the sky even faster than the light, freely dashing while the time around it seemed to stop.

Green sword light, faster than anyone could imagine, instantly came to the center of the battlefield. The sword light came from the opposite side and clashed head-on against the two ferocious water dragons!

The resultant explosion tore the sky and crashed the earth, sweeping everything around it. All the nearby people were shaken, and ringing sound flooded their ears. Without any struggle, the two water dragons turned into black dust, which was then rolled and pushed away by the strong wind, disappearing without a trace. The black-clad elder miserably screamed as his body staggered and fell.

"Reckless thing, you dare to rob me of my Non-Phase Peak immortal beast!?"

The white clothes of Fifth Elder seemed especially bright. At Full Moon Valley, she was like a god descending to earth.

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