Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 221: Wang Lu Regards Unwarranted Reputation as Dust

Chapter 221: Wang Lu Regards Unwarranted Reputation as Dust

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A troubled youngster Wang Lu in the end did not develop into a disaster. After brandishing his big greatsword of will to cut off the worry of Spirit Sword Lead Representative, he soon restored the sharpness of a professional adventurer.

However, it was not difficult for people close to him to find out that Wang Lu’s mood was more or less somewhat affected. On the days when he was still recovering from injuries, he exuded a strong aggressiveness, like an elephant in heat—at any time he could retaliate against the act of society.

Fortunately, in those few days, Beast Master School happened to send a protest letter to Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, with a copy sent to Spirit Sword Sect. Sect Leader Daoist Master Feng Yin at once conveniently sent it to Non-Phase Peak to be reviewed. However, at Non-Phase Peak, the letter would certainly fall in Wang Lu’s hand, which provided him a better target to channel his emotion.

The protest of Beast Master School was more or less similar to what Wang Wu initially expected, except for minor differences. It was criticizing the bullying action of Spirit Sword Sect by illegally seizing the immortal beast, killing and wounding Beast Master School cultivators, and so on, so it must surely be punished severely… Although from Beast Master School point of view, there really were such things, however, the fact of the matter was, in the eyes of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, this protest really has no weight. Because similar sectarian disputes were happening every moment, therefore, the follow-up development was nothing more than war of words.

In accordance with the common practice, Spirit Sword Sect, as the concerned party with substantial benefits, would issue out several announcements to appease the mood of Beast Master School, and then explain in details the most intense issue in the protest letter. The two sides then would repeatedly nag each other for several rounds until it gradually died out.

However, at that time, Wang Lu was in his most aggressive period. After browsing through the protest letter, he sneered three times and then spat out, "What a load of crap!" He then buried himself in that case, writing a rebuttal article.

Unlike the convention of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, Wang Lu’s article was like a sharp sword mountain, full of aggression that intensified the problem instead of a conciliatory note to ease the contradiction.

For example, the point that Beast Master School strongly protested about was the pair of ‘master and disciple’ who did all kinds of despicable things in the domain of Beast Master School. Wang Lu’s rebuttal to that was to first clarify: Who the f*ck acknowledged that that place was your domain!? In contrast to the strict stipulation from Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, the jurisdiction of Beast Master School over Grand Cloud Mountain was not clear. The relevant formalities have yet to be completed. The statement of Beast Master School that they owned the Grand Cloud Mountain could not be justified. Compared to Wang Lu, whose presence gained the approval of the spirit of Grand Cloud Mountain, the Beast Master School cultivators were more like uninvited intruders!

Moreover, even more appalling was that, out of nowhere, Wang Lu has actually unearthed a long-buried historical record: Thousands of years ago, there was a Spirit Sword Sect predecessor who cultivated in seclusion in Grand Cloud Mountain spiritual energy line. Therefore, he simply wrote a tit for tat rebuttal: Since ancient times, Grand Cloud Mountain has been an integral part of Spirit Sword Mountain...

Another example point from the written protest of Beast Master School was that, even disregarding the owner of the place problem, in trying to capture the immortal beast, Beast Master School has been planning for years, and as such, has spent a considerable amount of resources and manpower. This made the immortal beast matter an internal affair of Beast Master School. Therefore, in accordance with the early investment point of view, Beast Master School should enjoy the priority of ownership over the immortal beast of Grand Cloud Mountain. Consequently, Wang Lu and his group have meddled in other people’s affair, stealing the work result of Beast Master School, grossly interfering the internal affair of Beast Master School, and thus violating the sovereignty of Beast Master School.

Regarding this, Wang Lu fervently accused Beast Master School of taking a series of extremely irresponsible cruelty to the spirit beast. Including the Ten Thousand Spirit Lock Termination Array, Ten Thousand Spirit Assemble Array and all the other completely inhuman treatment of spirit beast, which completely contradicted the long-acclaimed concept of animal-human equality championed by Beast Master School, thus belonged to the disgraceful path in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals! As for the reason why Wang Lu and his group meddled in the affairs of other people, of course it was on the principle of helping people on the road from injustice! As for whether it constituted as a violation of sovereignty over another sect...

As it was well known, human rights took precedence over the sovereignty of all members of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals combined! Wang Lu and his group were merely spreading the humanity’s brilliance, planting the universal flower. The former Grand Cloud Spirit has a secret affection for Wang Lu, while the current Grand Cloud spirit has a marriage pledge with him. These sufficiently proved that Wang Lu and his group’s action was widely popular among the masses. However, Beast Master School who obstinately played a mantis that tried to stop a chariot was doomed to inevitably die under the wheel of history...

Having written such an aggressive-filled article, Wang Lu conveniently stamped it with his master’s seal and submitted it to the personnel responsible in Spirit Pool Peak for sending the reply to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. When Chi Feng and other senior disciples opened the manuscript to take a look, they immediately jumped three feet high in fright and quickly sent it to the elders of Heavenly Sword Hall for a review. At that time, Elder Lu Li who was in charge of the sect diplomatic affairs also has a great changed in his expression when reading it. He, therefore, quickly sent it to the Sect Leader for a review.

Toward Non-Phase Peak, Daoist Master Feng Yin has always been partial, and even indulged them sometimes. However, when he read Wang Lu’s article, he could not help but suck in a mouthful of cold breath. "Could it be that this child Wang Lu is feeling jilted!?"

Astonished, Daoist Master Feng Yin pondered for a moment and then summoned Chi Feng and several other senior disciples. After they slightly polished the report, Feng Yin actually allowed them to publish the article! Suddenly, it stirred up thousands of layers of wave in Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, inviting continuous protest from Beast Master School.

However, despite the unusually warm situation of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, the actual temperature of the matter has, obviously, actually dropped. There was no further action except for the letter of protest—in fact, they have no effective method. Spirit Sword Sect’s humble abode was in Blue River Region and has very little interaction with the outside world. Once they closed themselves from outside world, even the other members of the Five Uniques would feel like a rabbit trying to pull a turtle. However, this was also the helplessness feeling when common sects of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals have to deal with the Five Uniques; when the other party assumed the attitude of not wanting to talk with you anymore, no matter how much you talk, it would be of no use. Not to mention that, though the rhetoric in Wang Lu’s article was intense, his several core viewpoints were actually very steady. Though there were many rebuttals from Beast Master School, they were, in fact, powerless.

Of course, as a hot event, the aftermath shock took a long time to subside, making the idlers of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals excited for quite some time. However, all of this has no relationship whatsoever with the chief criminal Wang Lu. After venting out his anger in that article, he returned to his normal life rhythm just like when a child of a noble abandoned a pregnant commoner girl, putting those disputes behind his back.

After that, he directly looked for Daoist Master Feng Yin, demanding to settle the account on the sect prestige points.

If not for Wang Lu who asked it himself, even Daoist Master Feng Yin himself had almost forgotten that the reason why Wang Lu went to the Cloud Region in the first place was to earn the sect prestige points so that he could exchange it for a title and the corresponding spiritual treasure. The system of prestige point was designed by Spirit Sword Sect to inspire the disciples to bring glory and fame for the sect. However, in this case, it appeared that Wang Lu’s action in Grand Cloud Mountain only gained a small amount of sect prestige points.

Even the immortal beast has been brought back, why would you still care about the prestige points?

However, since Wang Lu has asked it, that was fine. After counting with his fingers, Sect Leader couldn’t help but smile.

If the prestige points were counted based on the hard work that Wang Lu had done in Grand Cloud Mountain, then the points gained were indeed many. However, actually, it was still less than his impassioned article, which has pushed the fame of Spirit Sword Sect to the forefront in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. And this reputation that was set up by Wang Lu in the entire Immortal Cultivation World could already be counted as a huge number of points.

Sect Leader smiled. "Considering your actions and the way you gained the prestige points, according to the rules promulgated by the sect, I decided to grant you the title of ‘Democracy Fighter’."

"... Sorry, I don’t want this title."


The current Wang Lu has already regarded the things like title and so on as floating clouds. As for the custom spiritual treasure, it would take some time to complete. Coupled with his current mood, he quickly put this matter to the back of his mind.

The experiential learning in Grand Cloud Mountain has condensed his supposed years of cultivation time into mere days, jumping directly from Foundation Establishment Stage to Xudan Stage. Though gratifying, it has also put a bit of pressure in Wang Lu’s Immortal Cultivation.

The rapid growth of his magical power along his cultivation base has left his sword path, body, immortal heart and immortal cultivation method somewhat behind. Though it wouldn’t cause him any harm, he needed to catch up with the progress as soon as possible.

After entering the Xudan Stage, a cultivator’s magical ability would be greatly expanded. Though Non-Phase Method was a plain and simple method relatively speaking, it could still come up with some abilities. Especially after Wang Lu had witnessed his Master’s jaw-dropping Innate Non-Phase Wealth Protection Sword Qi, he still felt that he still has a long way to go in Immortal Cultivation road.

According to his Master’s Immortal Cultivation practice plan, Wang Lu’s life activity was quite rich—of course, it wasn’t really a twelve hours a day plan. Nevertheless, his life activity was very colorful.

For example, to improve his meal variation, the first day after he recovered from injury, he went down the Spirit Creek Town to visit Lady Boss in her inn. When they met, both sides greeted each other warmly.

"Yo, Lady Boss, good morning."

"Yo, pervert, good morning."


"I heard that when you went down the mountain this time, you pledged to marry a dog? Hahaha, I can’t believe you're actually a pervert dog lover."


"Moreover, I heard that you have a true love in your heart, and these few days, you were like a lovelorn teenager on the mountain? Hahaha, young people really have too many worries in their head. Come, eat this dish of fried celery to calm yourself."

Thereupon, after recovering from injury, the first thing that Wang Lu needed to do was to track down these fierce gossips. Unexpectedly, while he was recovering from injury on Non-Phase Peak for two days, his master had actually spread out such vicious rumors!

"Who told me these?"

While wiping the plate on the side, with an indifferent face, the Lady Boss said, "Of course it’s Wang Wu. Two days ago, I looked for her to settle these years of credit. She didn’t pay. Instead, she said she wanted to settle the debt with incomparably explosive gossips, then… I just knew that you these pair of master and disciple are perverts who have no limit on how low you two could go!"

"Hey-hey, how could you believe Wang Wu, that person’s nonsense?"

Lady Boss coldly humphed. "If she were just spouting bullsh*t, of course I wouldn’t have believed her. But I have seen Bai Shixuan myself. Humph-humph, when I mentioned you, that girl’s face immediately turned dreamy. I’m not a fool, how could I not see that there’s something between you two?"

"Damn, now it’s still the eighth month, so the immortal beast is still in heat, how could it have anything to do with me?"

"Yeah, who knows what kind of ability you have that caused the immortal beast to be in heat."

… In short, in order to eliminate the misunderstanding of Lady Boss, Wang Lu’s life has become more colorful.

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