Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 232: To Attack the Guardian

Chapter 232: To Attack the Guardian

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What a terrifying stellar sword… What a terrifying Spirit Sword Sect’s people!

Running through the gray corridor behind the wall, Jianglu’s momentum never ended as he released the astonishing energy from his thoroughly tempered Mysterious Metal body, unstoppable like a spherical stone rolling down the mountain. Nevertheless, while running, Jianglu actually could not suppress the surging intermittent chill in his heart.

Just now, when those shocking starlights lit up, everything seemed to stop as they plunged into the black and white world. Only the tall and beautiful figure bloomed with her own colors, independent of the world, remaining aloof and dismissive to everything and everyone around her.

That sword strike hit the wall, but then, this ancient sword tomb that was built by true immortal level means unexpectedly cracked and was then torn under the might of this sword strike. When the twenty-five people team of Shengjing Sect tried to open the entrance, it was very difficult for them, yet it was easily broken by her sword strike!

What if that sword strike was aimed at him instead? Could the Mysterious Metal body withstand the Stellar Sword Qi? Jianglu completely has no confidence in this!

Wangyue Luanyun tried to intercept her using the Yin and Yang Five Elements Claw, however, even though Luanyun was within the team’s protection array that could share the injury to the rest of the twenty-four people, where even a Yuanying Stage cultivator would find it difficult to harm him, he was actually unable to resist even a fraction of that unpredictable Stellar Sword Qi.

Jianglu saw it clearly; it wasn’t that she managed to break the combined defense of the twenty-five people, but rather with a brilliant swordplay, she cut off the array link and then defeated Wangyue Luanyun without even skipping a beat… This level of technique was without a doubt god-like. Not to mention that she was merely still in Xudan Stage, even among Jindan Stage Daoist Masters, it was extremely rare for someone to achieve this step.

Therefore, Jianglu disregarded the people from the other three sects and immediately led all his people into the fourth level entrance.

Even if he could keep off the other three sects, so what? If he let Zhu Shiyao go, who knew how far she could go? Previously, he heard that Zhu Shiyao directly entered the treasure room on the third level, which obviously meant that she has an extremely good immortal affinity, and was highly likely the recognized heir of the ancient sword tomb; he could not let her get away no matter what!

As for the team strength, it was even more foolish. Shengjing Sect team was indeed the strongest, but the other three sects were absolutely not weak. If they combined their forces, their power would be similar to that of the Shengjing Sect team. But in case they were divided, the consequences would be difficult to anticipate. Perhaps at this time, the correct choice would be like what Wang Lu, the Lead Representative, of Spirit Sword Sect had said, which was to collaborate.

"Senior Brother, what are we going to do now?"

Behind him, Wangyue Luanyun voiced his doubt. Although the sword wound that was caused by Zhu Shiyao had been treated by his teammate, at this time, his countenance was still somewhat pale.

Jianglu said, "Follow her first. As for the cultivators from the three sects… Don’t bother with them. Since previously we can’t even block them at the checkpoint, there’s no need to waste time in internal friction."

"Yes, I understand." Wangyue Luanyun nodded, and then asked, "Senior Brother, I couldn’t feel her breath, are you still able to lock her whereabouts?"

When asked about it, Jianglu went silent for a while, and then passed on his thoughts through primordial spirit, "Absolutely not… after stepping into the passage, I immediately lost her track. I suspect it’s the problem of the sword tomb itself. This passage looks like a straight line, but it’s very likely to have another mystery. You must take a good care of your Junior Brothers and Sisters, don’t let anyone get lost."

"Rest assured, Luanyu is in charge of the array connection, they won’t be easily lost," Luanyun said, and then wrinkled his brows. "But strangely enough, Zhu Shiyao came into the passage and immediately disappeared without a trace, seemingly being transmitted to another place by the sword tomb. However, the others kept following us like maggot latching at the bone."

"... Then that’s still good, proving that they also don’t keep pace with Zhu Shiyao. These Spirit Sword Sect people are interesting, they don’t seem to be too united."

While saying that, Jianglu shook his head and put that thought behind his back.

"Forget it. Now is not the time to think about this. I feel like the passage is coming to an end, tell everyone to get ready."

At the same time, Wang Lu, who closely followed the Shengjing Sect team in the passage to the fourth level, was also puzzled.

"Little White, can you still smell Big Sister?"

"No, she’s not here anymore."

Bai Shixuan, who was by Wang Lu’s side, wrinkled her nose and then gently shook her head.

Immortal Beast Bai Shixuan naturally has superior olfactory sense than any human. Coupled with her magically-transformed-moonlight pure Yin physique, her senses even exceeded that of a Yuanying Stage cultivator. If she says no, then it must be a no.

"Hehe, truly a thousand skill can’t be compared to foreign donation."

"Senior Brother, did Big Sister already find the treasure?" Liu Li curiously asked, "So that means we can go back now? The air in this place makes me uncomfortable."

"After being trapped for years, the air here has already stale, so of course, it will make you feel uncomfortable. However, it has yet to reach the level that forces us to give up. Big Sister has immortal affinity with this place, but our immortal path hasn’t really been cut off. Otherwise, the sword tomb didn’t need to design this endless passage and continue the level test. This tomb is the remains from a True Immortal, so no one can monopolize it; she can take what’s hers, and we’ll explore our own."

Liu Li was somewhat disappointed. However, since Wang Lu had said so, she has no objection.

"Senior Brother, I smell a different flavor, the passage should be near the end."

A moment later, the Shengjing Sect team at the front suddenly sped up, apparently also aware of this.

After about a time to brew a cup of tea, light suddenly appeared at the end of the passage as the bright sunlight was ahead of them.

Coming out from the dark and narrow passage, they were greeted with a magnificent sight of mountains and mountain peaks. The exit of the passage was located on top of one of the peaks where there was a piece of flat vacant land. The entire area was extremely vast like it was a plain.

"The magical ability of this space’s spatial variation is indeed exceptional. Indeed made by a True Immortal."

Looking at the vast expanse of space, the Big Brother of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect Zhan Ziye sighed heavily with emotion. As an academic cultivator, he was very clear on how much magical power was needed to be consumed to build such a vast pocket dimension in this sword tomb. Although for a decent sect, building a pocket dimension was the norm, this one was unusually vast. And this was just one of the many levels designed to choose a successor for the tomb!

For others, however, the issue of concern was clearly not the immortal method of time immemorial.

How do we go on this fourth level? What clues are hidden in the mountains? In the process of exploring, how to deal with the relationship with the other sects?

Because of Zhu Shiyao’s soul-stirring sword strike, the initial stalemate situation was forcefully broken, and the four teams went through the passage towards the fourth level together. Vaguely, this could also be counted as some sort of cooperation. However, anyone also knew that sincere operation was just a dream...

When many of them were thinking about some things, suddenly, a strange voice rang up in everyone’s mind simultaneously



The cultivators of the four sects looked at each other in a daze, however, there were a few of them who were thoughtful.

"This is an ancient language from time immemorial, before the last Age of Chaos."

The first to uncover the riddle was Hai Yunfan of Ten Thousand Arts Sect.

Cultivators of Ten Thousand Arts Sect were very good academically, and each of the elite disciples that came here has their own strong point. And Hai Yunfan precisely has deep knowledge in the ancient language.

"What I heard was, beat the guardian, go to the next level."

A moment later, Zhou Mumu of Kunlun Immortal Sect nodded. "I also heard the same content."

As the most ancient sect within the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, Kunlun Immortal Sect has a very deep knowledge about ancient things. Consequently, most of their disciples were experts in ancient knowledge.

"Yes. The meaning is indeed this, so it’s probably true."

Shengjing Sect team also consisted of elite disciples, one of which was talented in the knowledge of the ancient language.

While the other three sects were exchanging ideas, Wang Lu was also trying to remember what he learned.

"According to the relevant records in ‘Ten Thousand Strange Tales of Nine Regions’, before the Age of Chaos, this is a common language circulated in most parts of the southern parts of Nine Regions. However, judging by the pronunciation features, it should be spread over eleven thousand years ago, which is also a variant of today’s Southern Region dialect."

"And from the book ‘Bai Li Ascension Biography’, it recorded about True Immortals that were born from Bai Li Region. Just before the calamity arrived, there were rumors that they have three True Immortals: Immortal Bai Mu (A Hundred Eyes), Immortal Yan He (Flaming River), and Immortal Zi Yuan (Unitary Purple). Among which, Immortal Bai Mu was likely the only one who didn’t want to leave behind a heritage legacy for the later generation. As for the other two remaining True Immortals, further textual research is necessary, however, it would only provide us with conjecture’s source material."


While thinking, he also observed the rather awkward exchanged of the three sects, thinking that it was funny. Though his nickname was Spirit Sword’s best student, he didn’t dare claim to have all the knowledge. Especially now where the elites of the Five Uniques gathered. No one dared to claim to be more knowledgeable than the others. The attainments of the other three sects’ disciples who specialized in ancient language should not be below him, yet now they pretended to be unsure of themselves as they glanced at each other—it was just too ridiculous.

All of them were experts, yet they acted as if they were just learning about it.

This was nothing more than because they were in a strange atmosphere. The four-sect cooperation pattern has tentatively been formed, therefore, to further advance the will to cooperate, dialogue needed to be taken, and it just so happened that the academic exchange was the most convenient tool.

However, this was also good, better than arguing about who has the best knowledge. The levels on the Ancient Sword Tomb left behind by a True Immortal were difficult to be cleared all by a professional adventurer alone—unless if it were his Big Sister Zhu Shiyao who would likely be a spinster for life. Using the other three sects as cannon fodders were absolutely useful this time.

The three people had just finished their foreplay and began to talk about the meat of the problem when they heard Jianglu ask, "Then, whose voice was that?"

Zhou Mumu said, "For an Ancient Sword Tomb from time immemorial like this, it most likely has something similar to spirit guardian who guides the later generation to complete the levels. It’s just that… perhaps it has been too long, and the guardian has lost its intelligence. We have been trying to summon it with several methods, but all the response that we got were those same words."

Hai Yunfan said, "Intelligence is actually not that needed here. However, the hint from it is not wrong, we only need to take down the guardian to enter the next level."

Jianglu said in agreement, "This piece of pocket world, though broad, is completely devoid of vitality. There’s not even a clue anywhere. So who is the guardian here?"

Zhou Mumu seconded, "Completely without any clue. Moreover, it’s really strange that though the mountains are vast, there’s no sign of animal life anywhere, and even the vegetation is very scarce. I absolutely can’t see this so-called guardian."

"How could you not see?"

Wang Lu chimed in right on time, which successfully attracted all the people’s attention.

Jianglu earnestly asked, "Have you found it?"

Wang Lu reached out and pointed at something. It was a piece of rolling mountains with an especially noticeable towering peak with its ‘back’ facing at them. The peak pierced through the clouds. This huge mountain was able to cover an entire lake with its shadow. Even if it was far at the distance, the amazing pressure could still be felt.

"That’s it."

With the guide from Wang Lu, Zhou Mumu and other people carefully observed the mountain. Though they couldn’t feel any signs of life from it, but… indeed, the shape of the mountain was vaguely humanoid!

Jianglu gasped. "... Are you kidding me?"

Wang Lu laughed. "What are you afraid of? It’s just a ten thousand stories dregs!"

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