Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 233: F*ck—We Need to Resurrect the Corpse and Do It Again

Chapter 233: F*ck—We Need to Resurrect the Corpse and Do It Again

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"... Can this sword tomb be serious a bit!?"

Looking dumbfoundedly at the towering mountain at the distant, the Lead Representative of Kunlun Immortal Sect Zhou Mumu inwardly felt incredulous.

Is this the guardian? Is this the damn guardian!? Do we really need to take down a lofty mountain to advance to the next level? Are you kidding me?

Although many people described the magical power of cultivators as something that could move mountains and fill the sea and other such words, and within the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, there were indeed Daoist Immortals that could move mountains and fill the sea, but, among the present cultivators, not a single one of them was even a Daoist Master. What mountain? Mountain of bread? Not to mention the guardian was not a dead object, since it has a mountain-size like body, its magical power was certainly higher than the mountain!

In legend, only the ancestors of the shamans from the Great Drought Era, which was even more ‘time immemorial’ in the past, have this kind of hiding-the-sky-covering-the-earth body type. However, any senior ancestor shaman who could live to this age would’ve already swept away the entire Nine Regions.

Of course, if it were a true ancestor shaman, it would not be reduced to a watchdog in one of the levels in this ancient sword tomb—even if it was the last level’s watchdog. However, the guardian’s strength was still much more than expected.

At this time, even Shengjing Sect team, as the most arrogant of them, were also glad not to take the high-pressure policy to try to monopolize the sword tomb from the other three sects.

The people of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect were baffled. "Why would the master of this place leave such a test? Didn’t he think that it would be too hard?"

Wang Lu said, "It’s probably because ten thousand years ago, the guardian is probably not that big."

Upon hearing that, everybody was startled, then immediately realized that this lofty mountain was probably because of the result of the passing of time. Just like a small sapling that grew into a towering ancient tree. In the past, the guardian was probably just a formidable enemy, but now...

Zhou Mumu furrowed her brows as she said, "But, why can’t I feel any of its spiritual energy?"

Wang Lu waved his hand. "Because it’s dead."


"After ten thousand years, except plants, who could live that long? Let alone the passage of time here is certainly not the same as the outside, therefore, ten thousand years on the outside is equal to even more than that here."

Zhou Mumu asked, "... The guardian is dead, so what are we supposed to do? Whip its corpse?"

Wang Lu said, "I’m not sure either. Perhaps there’s no good answer to this question. This sword tomb, after all, has been sleeping for far too long; it has even experienced the last Age of Chaos. Therefore, a lot of things might not be following the rules; even if we meet a dead end, we have nothing to say."

After that, this flat piece of land on top of the peak of one of the mountains fell into a long silence. The people from the other three sects naturally would not completely trust the words of Wang Lu. Shengjing Sect people divided their team into five sub-teams to explore this vast mountainous area separately.

A moment later, the people of Ten Thousand Arts Sect and Kunlun Immortal Sect also left one by one. Everyone agreed to rendezvous in this place half a day later. Wang Lu shook his head but didn’t follow them down the mountain. Instead, he set up a campfire and began to cook for Liu Li and Bai Shixuan.

Liu Li has always been a good companion. As long as her belly was full of food and drink, she would be as happy as a clam. However, Bai Shixuan looked worried. "Senior Brother, the atmosphere here is very strange, I can’t sense any spirit of all living things at all."

Wang Lu said, "This is only an inner space of the sword tomb, and has been sleeping for ten thousand years. The surrounding spiritual energy veins have long been cut off, so how could there be a spirit of all living things?"

Bai Shixuan tried to explain, "Things are more complicated than what I said, and I might not say it properly, in fact…"

However, before she could continue, Wang Lu had reached out his finger to cover her lips and shook his head, signaling her that there was no need for her to continue.

Bai Shixuan was stunned, then immediately realized Wang Lu probably had a better idea and had already thought it through. Immediately. the worry in her heart vanished, and the smile that hung once again on her face became too beautiful to behold.

After half a day, the people from the other sects returned with mixed looks.

After half a day, they should have seen and should have also tried. The most radical one was people of Shengjing Sect; they tried to shell the mountain with the immortal method that has the most destructive power. The result of that was, they made a giant one hundred meters deep pit on the hard-as-steel mountain. The power was indeed amazing, but it was meaningless.

Whipping a corpse was not the same as beating a guardian.

Feeling that he was filled with bad luck, Jianglu strode toward Wang Lu and said, "If you have a way, just say it."

Wang Lu said, "To be honest, a correct way I have not, but a crooked way I have. If you guys really have no way to deal with this situation, you might as well try it."

"What is it?"

"Resurrect it first and then kill it."


"Because the conditions are limited to defeating the guardian, if there is no struggle, it won’t be counted. Therefore, we have to first create the condition where we struggle."

Jianglu angrily said, "You’re just indulging in fantasy! Bring it back from the dead? Let alone such a behemoth being, even if it’s just a rabbit, do you have the ability to bring back its soul!?"

Dead people could not come back to life. Even though this was not absolute in the Immortal Cultivation World, bringing back a being from the death was extremely difficult, which was something that a group of Xudan Stage disciples could not easily achieve, not to mention the object that they needed to resurrect was a lofty mountain!

However, Wang Lu said, "Your thoughts are being constrained by common sense. As a matter of fact, it is because this big guy’s rank is much higher than that of a wild rabbit that it is easy to bring it back from the dead. Especially since its body has evolved into the level of able-to-support-the-heaven-and-earth, it may just need a stimulus."

Jianglu’s eyes went wide as he gawked, and a flash of epiphany vaguely lit up his brain, but he still couldn’t grasp the details.

After all, he was known for his Unbreakable Mysterious Metal, so, methods and the related aspect were not his forte. However, upon hearing Wang Lu’s words, the other people were greatly inspired, especially Ye Feifei of Ten Thousand Arts Sect; she animatedly said, "That’s right! The higher level the existence, the easier it is for living characteristics to appear. It is easier for the mountain spirit to appear on a blessed mountain than on a desolate mountain. Top grade spirit object is easier to transform than any ordinary object, and overcoming-the-heaven stone is far better than the easier to get common good fortune rock. If this is the case, then even if this big guy is dead, it left its powerful body behind, so perhaps there is hope for resurrection!"

Jianglu was still in denial. "Yet another fantasy. For a creature that huge, even if resurrection is possible, we absolutely can’t provide the required amount of magical power."

Wang Lu said, "That’s why this is a desperate rescue plan. If you have a better way, I won’t say this plan again, but do you? Though this approach is like indulging in fantasy, nevertheless, it has a definite direction that we can work toward. Moreover, at present, everyone is at least in Xudan Stage, and there’s no need to even mention about the elixirs. Therefore, a mere supply of magical power should not be a problem, right?"

Jianglu hesitated for a moment, not in a hurry to state his position.

However, soon, cultivators from Ten Thousand Arts Sect gave the first approval.

Zhan Ziye said, "I agree with Brother Wang’s plan. Though it sounds absurd, at least it is worth trying."

A moment later, Zhou Mumu also nodded her head. "In any case, there’s no better plan, so we might as well try it."

Seeing that the other three teams have already made their positions, Jianglu finally yielded. "In that case, let’s try your idea. Ten Thousand Arts people, aren’t you guys the best at all kinds of spells and arrays? Why don’t you guys design the implementation of this plan and the rest of us will cooperate accordingly."

Zhan Ziye and his teammates ignored his bossy attitude as they huddled up together and gradually immersed in the academic process, each of them excitedly discussing their piece. Zhan Ziye then summed up with, "There’s indeed the appropriate immortal method. If that mountain is like any other creature, then we can try to open its natural meridian circulation system and infuse them with the transformed-into-life-essence pure magical power. If its physical body hierarchy is high enough, it should come back to life."

Ye Feifei added, "We have already measured it, the required magical power is indeed huge. However, if the four sects can unite, we can supply it."

Hai Yunfan said, "Of course, we should also pay attention to the scale. We want to resurrect it so that we can beat it. Therefore, it is best that when it’s resurrected, its strength would be at the minimum. We just need to give it a state of living, but not give it the ability to act."

Zhou Mumu raised her eyebrows. "That’s right. If when resurrected, we are powerless to it, then that would be a joke. Well then, since you have a way, we from Kunlun Immortal Sect fully support you all the way!"

Wang Lu also said, "Since the proposal originated from our Spirit Sword Sect, we naturally support this matter."

Finally Jianglu finalized, "Then that’s settled, let’s carry this thing through."


Though Shengjing Sect was somewhat bossy and has the attitude of a bureaucrat, their actions were actually astonishing. More than seventy percent of the actual work was completed by Shengjing Sect, including the array set up, infusing different attribute of magical power in key nodes, and engraving the talismans on the mountain wall of the lofty mountain...

Although in many people’s view, Shengjing Sect’s cultivators were nothing but a group of arrogant nouveau riche, but since they were able to burst through and be the first in the Nine Regions, naturally there was a reason for that.

Unlike the other four super sects each with their clear characteristics, Shengjing Sect won in the overall strength. Their entire Immortal Cultivation for their disciples has no weak point. Whether it was the method system, body refining, magical treasures, or even elixirs and panaceas, all were maintained on the high standard by the Shengjing Sect. Therefore, their comprehensive strength was really far beyond of the other four sects. Especially in terms of team organization and mobilization, which could only be matched by the Royal Soldier Sect; however, the latter’s overall strength fell far short of the Shengjing Sect.

However, although these disciples of the four sects have put out their real skills, it took them a full three days to complete the preparation.

No less than one hundred thousand talismans were depicted on the massive lofty mountain; each of them was connected through the winding special rope that was made of magical power. All of which eventually converged at the foot of the mountain, into a mirror-like frozen lake. This vast amount of construction was enough to make those Daoist Masters of common sects feel powerless and incompetent. However, under the elite disciples of the Five Uniques, it was done in just three days.

The natural meridian circulation system was simulated by the arrays as the arteries and veins of the living creature, which completed the life energy cycle and stimulated the spiritual nature. And to supply this extremely high mountain with spiritual knowledge, the required magical power was as great as one imagined, and this was the biggest hurdle in the plan.

However, in practice, they found that it was easier than expected—the magical power of Bai Shixuan of Spirit Sword Sect was well beyond anyone of them could imagine; she alone was equal to all the Shengjing Sect team members combined! The magical power of an immortal beast was truly stunning.

However, when the stimulated natural meridians circulation of the lofty mountain slightly trembled, which caused the ground to shake, no one could spare their attention on how amazing and powerful Bai Shixuan was.

Jianglu roared, "The guardian has been revived, everyone get ready for the fight!"

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