Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 234: Educated and Well Balanced Liu Li

Chapter 234: Educated and Well Balanced Liu Li

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This was a battle that was doomed not to be conventional.

Even if the present cultivators were the elites among the elites of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals’ Five Uniques, even if their real strength was far beyond their stage that appeared on the surface and any sect’s team has the power to destroy a city or extinguish a country, the guardian still seemed overly powerful compared to the four sects disciples—even if the guardian has just come back to life through the brilliant Great Array of Meridian Circulation of the cultivators and was in its weakest moment.

To defeat this behemoth head-on, one at least needed to have the magical ability of a Deity Stage, which was far beyond the upper limit of the four sects disciples. However, should they defeat their target head-on?

Perhaps a tough and powerful warrior could not be defeated by a heavy hammer or a sword, but meat dumplings… or a poisonous mushroom could end its life. Regardless of how high or low in the hierarchy a life was, formidability and frailness would always coexist in it. As long as they found the right way to damage it internally, perhaps with a gentle push, it could collapse.

Therefore, in the whole three days arrangement, setting up one hundred thousand talismans all over the mountain, it was not only in order to stimulate the life through the natural meridian circulation, but more importantly, when the guardian woke up from the slumber, these one hundred thousand talismans could reverse the natural meridian circulation, so that the magical power could run through the heavy mountain defense, directly burying its vitality within its own body.

Of course, implementing the internal damage would not be easy. Giving life was one thing, taking it back was another. The guardian was, after all, a higher level of life. The moment it gained its vitality back, it would immediately enter a perfect cycle, constantly heal itself, and expel any harmful existence out of its body.

In the words of Wang Lu, this was a fight against the guardian’s immune system.

"Everyone get ready to fight!"

The roar from Jianglu was like a crack of thunder in the spring. No doubt it has an undeniably intense penetrating power—even under the rumblings of the mountain, it could still be heard.

However, he didn’t really have to. Because every cultivator of the Shengjing Sect team had already found their own position. But it was not towards the sky to contend the guardian directly, but rather to move the battlefield to another location. They anchored on the icy surface of the lake; mapped on the ice surface was the over hundred thousand talismans that constitute the precision array. Under each of their foot was more than four thousand mapped talismans, which required extremely precise magical power to accurately control each of the talisman, similar to extraordinary player of a stringed instrument that was adept at plucking the string.

Suddenly, the icy lake glittered with countless starlights as if it was a milky way. However, the countless ropes made of magical power that linked the ice lake surface to the mountain faithfully passed the change to the more than one hundred thousand talismans.

This was the latest artificial spirit object developed by Ten Thousand Arts Sect, the third model Divine Optical Conduit Cable, abbreviated as the Optical Cable. Using a spell, the divine light was transmitted as a signal, with special arithmetic for encoding and decoding, and extremely high transmission efficiency and anti-interference ability, which allowed it to maintain transmission signal fidelity even if the sky collapsed and the earth trembled. Because of this, it was possible for one man to control four thousand talismans, which if totaled for the twenty-five person team of Shengjing Sect, controlled the one hundred thousand talismans on the lofty mountain,

If not so, how could the one hundred thousand talismans respond to a mere couple of dozens of people?

While the Shengjing Sect cultivators were busy sending the signals, guiding the one hundred thousand talismans to simultaneously stimulate all kinds of magical abilities, the Ten Thousand Arts Sect people were busily encoding and decoding the one hundred thousand signals, which not only needed fine control of magical power, but also high speed calculation that only the people of Ten Thousand Arts Sect were competent to do it.

As for the cultivators of the Kunlun Immortal Sect, they were in mid-air, forming the Reincarnation Law Array, which displayed their profound advantage, channeling down the endless supply of pure magical power and spiritual energy, so that the present cultivators would never be exhausted of magical power.

The three people of Spirit Sword Sect became their mobile force. In case of an accident, they would be the one to handle it. This task could be easy, but could also be difficult—because according to the plan, the newly resurrected guardian should have no resistance to the natural meridian reverse circulation, which made their task easy—but once there was an error, if this giant mountain slapped down towards them, even peak Jindan Stage cultivator would turn into mud.

The division of labor of the task has been very meticulous, but the situation immediately went beyond their control.

The moment the Shengjing Sect people launched the array, they were bombarded by the copious amount of irresistible resistance force that came through the optical cables. Even if the guardian has just been resurrected, did not have its intelligence yet, and was just acting on instinct, its subconscious struggle was difficult to enjoy.

At the same time, blood oozed out of the seven orifices from the more than half of the Shengjing Sect people!

At the center, Jianglu’s injury was the heaviest as blood even oozed out through his pores, which then evaporated into gas because of his extremely high body temperature. His vitality rapidly passed, but he did not waver in the slightest. Instead, his body became even firmer.

"Everyone, brace yourself!"

However, Jianglu actually didn’t need to say anything, because Shengjing Sect people, as if by prior agreement, began to burn their innate vitality.

In the Nine Regions, Shengjing Sect’s development strategy of absolute power has turned them into the most unpopular sect in the various sects of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. However, correspondingly, along with their wild gesture, in times of need, Shengjing Sect people often took most of the responsibility. Whether it was because of their absolute confidence in their own strength, or they just wanted to show off their prestige, overall, even if there was more dissatisfaction towards them, no one could deny that, as the Big Boss of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, based on the overall performance of the Shengjing Sect, they were absolutely qualified for the role.

However, obviously it would not be enough to turn the situation around if they were to rely solely on the desperate effort from the Shengjing Sect cultivators—how could the struggle of dozens of ants do anything to the trampling of an elephant?

"Tsk, we have to do something quick. Come on."

Seeing that the situation was contrary to expectation, Wang Lu did not hesitate. He led Liu Li and Bai Shixuan to fly non-stop in mid-air, while the latter launched her remarkable ability, getting a general feeling on all the living things on this place.

As if announcing the sovereignty on a piece of desolate land, Grand Cloud Mountain’s current mountain spirit easily spread the feeler of her primordial spirit to the wide expanse of mountains. And then, within Bai Shixuan’s awareness, she saw a black giant shadow that ‘hid the sky and covered the earth’, which caused her to be intimidated at first glance.

That was the primordial spirit of the extremely weak just-resurrected guardian, which looked like a ten thousand years old dried up mummy, heavy with cadaverous aura. However, even so, it was still a powerful enemy that all of them could not resist; clashing against its primordial spirit would only bring about a quicker death.

Therefore, with immortal beast magical ability, Bai Shixuan turned her primordial spirit into a bridge to directly communicate with the guardian itself, not to wound or defeat it, but as the foundation for Wang Lu’s next action.

She gently put her primordial spirit on the guardian’s body; because she was without hostility and her existence was too subtle, it didn’t provoke a reaction from the other side.

Wang Lu coldly said, "Liu Li, prepare your almighty Brilliant Sword."

Liu Li had already entered the combat state as her two vivid and lively eyes were already cold as ice. Hearing Wang Lu’s instruction, she made a sword sign with her right hand and pressed it against the spot between her two eyebrows, prompting her primordial spirit to produce an astonishing sword intent. At this time, her primordial spirit has already surpassed the half real half void stage. Moreover, her Brilliant Sword Heart has been extremely strengthened that the resulting powerfully amazing brilliant sword intent even seemed to form a substance, which felt like a slight sting to the surrounding cultivators whose perception was acute.


Primordial spirit sword intent moved accordingly, thrusting straight along the bridge erected by Bai Shixuan towards the critical spot of the Guardian. Solely on the scattered power of this sword intent alone caused the nearest Ten Thousand Arts Sect cultivators to feel a splitting headache. If this amazing sword intent were to be directed at them, none of the present cultivators’ primordial spirit could withstand it.

Holy sh*t!

Power King Jianglu, Wangyue Luanyu, Zhan Ziye and the others felt a chill in their hearts—Liu Li actually has this kind of killer move! This almost-formed-into-essence pure sword intent was not only sharper than her Limpid Water Sword, Fiery Sword, and other elemental swords, but also more difficult to prevent. If met head on...

However, this was only a momentary distraction; they could not be half-hearted in their task because the pressure from the Guardian was not reduced by that amazing sword intent in the slightest. Liu Li’s earthshaking sword intent unexpectedly flushed away like a stone thrown into the ocean!

How strong exactly was the primordial spirit of this Guardian?

However, Wang Lu was still calm. His primordial spirit and Bai Shixuan’s were connected with Liu Li, and just now, when that amazing sword intent hit its target... it actually has an effect.

The Guardian has awoken.

Although the Guardian’s primordial spirit was still in a hazy state in the beginning of resurrection, making all of its actions based on instinct, Liu Li’s earth-shattering sword intent acted like an alarm clock to it, making it suddenly awakened.

And this was enough. What Wang Lu wanted was for it to wake up. Because only when it was awakened could its flaw appear.

"Liu Li, use the Brilliant Sword language to pass me the following words."

The sword language was not unique only for Big Sister Zhu Shiyao. Liu Li, whose talent in the way of the sword was equally ranked at the top, also has the ability to use the sword language. Moreover, her sword language was easier to comprehend than that of Zhu Shiyao; it wasn’t required for others to have the talent in the way of the sword to be able to comprehend her sword language.

And now, Wang Lu was ready for the killer move, which was Liu Li’s sword language. Waking up the Guardian using the amazing sword intent which was passed through Bai Shixuan’s supernaturally built bridge was exactly for it to hear the talk from their side!

As long as there was the chance to communicate… the room to maneuver would be big.

"Liu Li, later, you paraphrase my words with your sword language. In the process, I want you to simultaneously use the clear heart sutra, with a calm heart and peaceful soul. Don’t ever try to think about the meaning of my words, you just need to transmit them directly to the Guardian."


Though there were thousands of doubts in her heart, and she was completely unable to understand the purpose of Wang Lu’s instruction, but Liu Li didn’t ask anything. Without hesitation, she quickly applied the clear heart sutra, and her heart seemed to immediately be covered with frost, turning into a desert with an unprecedented state of emptiness.

Then, after hearing the words from Wang Lu, at once, Liu Li, based on her general instinct, translated them into the sword language. And then, her delicate hand swung, passing the following content to the Guardian through her sword intent.

"Grandson! You fu-beep a dog beep seed! Your mother was a beep, you beep come out from beep. You beep beep—"

A series of unspeakable malice was passed through the primordial spirit bridge. The guardian, in a moment of clarity, released the earth-destroying-heaven-burning wrath.

That was the pent-up anger released through the roar of primordial spirit. However, when that pent-up anger was about to set the prairie afire, Bai Shixuan’s primordial spirit shrewdly hid between the mountains, avoiding the suffering of an innocent bystander. As for Liu Li who directly faced the Guardian’s wrath...

"Heh, want to hurt someone in front of me?"

Like an eternally motionless rock, a dazzling golden sword light blocked the majestic wrath without wavering, an eyesore stone that blocked the highway, covering Liu Li behind it.

This was like the primordial spirit sword, the Non-Phase Immovable Sword that Wang Lu recently learned!

Having perfectly covered by Wang Lu, Liu Li completely didn’t think about anything else; while launching the clear heart sutra, she continued to translate Wang Lu’s word and send out the content.

"You’re a beep, your mother is beep, your dad is beep, your master is also beep…"

The primordial spirit’s wrath was blocked, but that vicious voice still continued. The Guardian’s anger boiled, and all of its attention was focused on Wang Lu and Liu Li. This instant distraction broke its initial instinct to maintain the balance, which immediately affected the state of its body.

"There’s a flaw!"

Jianglu who stood on the front line, as well as Zhan Ziye who kept monitoring the status and deducing the data, simultaneously roared.

The next moment, the light on the icy lake suddenly intensified several times. Everyone immediately grasped this rare flaw, stimulating the one hundred thousand talismans to launch an unprecedented fierce offensive!

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