Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 238: The Wise Liu Li Skillfully Solved The Difficult Problem

Chapter 238: The Wise Liu Li Skillfully Solved The Difficult Problem

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When Wang Lu ended his dialogue with Hai Yunfan, the silent atmosphere on the room was soon broken.

Wangyua Luanyu of Shengjing Sect took half a step forward. As she moved, her shapely eyebrows slightly rose, her delicate facial features became serious, and her brisk mannerism turned even sharper.

"Wang Lu," the woman coldly said. There was a hint of unquestionable coldness in her voice. "Just now, you said that if some people are willing to pay enough price, they can avoid many meaningless battles to safely pass the test, am I right? Now I’m willing to pay enough price, I don’t know if you would like to avoid the unnecessary battle?"

Wang Lu was stunned for a moment. "Your Shengjing Sect’s way of negotiating is really simple and crude."

Wangyue Luanyu said, "Yes. This first of the eight virtues, our Shengjing Sect is determined to get it. Currently, we have a total of fourteen people, so only seven people can pass the test. We have been negotiating with ourselves and Junior Brother Teng Fei would sacrifice for us to hold the parent card. As for the other six parents card, I would like to trouble the three sects Kunlun, Ten Thousand, and Spirit Sword."

Upon saying this remark, the atmosphere in the stone chamber suddenly became tense. This Wangyue Luanyu usually looked ethereal and elegant, unexpectedly, her words were so domineering, not in the least bit below of that her Senior Brother Jianglu!

After the first virtue, there were still seven virtues left, yet Shengjing Sect didn’t budge even a bit! This was an unbearable pressure on the other three sects!

Of course, although Shengjing Sect was unbearable, they were not bandits. After she finished that remark, Wangyue Luanyu added, "Of course, Shengjing Sect will not let you suffer for nothing, there’s enough compensation for everyone."

Zhou Mumu angrily said, "Compensation? What a big statement is that! I want to know how much can you Shengjing Sect compensate us that you dare to ask us to give up the sword tomb inheritance!"

Wangyue Luanyu said, "What a joke, since when was this ancient sword tomb inheritance is in your Kunlun Immortal Sect bag? It’s like if you don’t give up, others will not get it. Whether you admit it or not, in this sword tomb exploration, from among the four sects, my Shengjing Sect is the one with the greatest chance of winning. We are just hoping that in the process, it would be smoother; exchanging benefits is, after all, more attractive than fighting to the bitter end. Of course, if you refuse to accept, all bets are off, our Shengjing Sect does not fear anyone. Then, fellow daoist Zhao Mumu, do you know yourself well enough to not start a fight, or do you want to challenge our Shengjing Sect in a battle!?"

While speaking, Wangyue Luanyu’s imposing manner became even sharper and fierce. Her rainbow-colored feather clothes became dazzling and sharp, and the line of feathers that were hung on it rose and became as sharp as blade, suddenly becoming the incarnation of the red-crowned crane. Her murderous intent assaulted everyone in the face!

Zhou Mumu’s willowy eyebrows rose up, not to be outdone in the slightest. She came from Kunlun Immortal Sect, the ancestor of Immortal Path in the Nine Regions. How could she stand for such a provocation?

"If you want to fight then come on, who’s afraid of you? A mere seventeenth in Successor Disciple rank, yet dare to go rampant here? If you were your Sect’s Qiong Hua, then that’s more likely!"

As soon as her voice fell, a mocking voice from Wangyue Luanyun suddenly came, "Hah! You think you can call out our Senior Sister Qiong Hua casually like that? Who do you think you are? No wonder the original ancestor of Immortal Path Kunlun Immortal Sect continues to decline day by day, their disciples simply do not know the immensity of heaven and earth!"

Zhou Mumu immediately became furious. She immediately pulled out her personal spiritual treasure, the Origin Vajra Ring, and filled it with her Void Core’s innate essence, ready to fight it out with Wangyue siblings.

Wangyue Luanyu would not just sit idly by. The siblings teamed up and dished out their Yin and Yang Precious Box. The Yin energy and Yang energy wound around the box and opened the cover. People immediately sensed the horror of the disaster that surged out of the box.

Seeing that the fight was about to start, Wang Lu helplessly shook his head, took two steps forward, launched his Non-Phase Sword Light, and stood between the two parties, blocking them from attacking each other.

Under the Sword of Mount Kun, the sword defense soared to about three meters away, which, in the narrow stone chamber, completely obstructed the two sides of Zhou Mumu and Wangyue siblings. The two sides stared at each other, but no matter how they secretly launched their attack, Wang Lu’s Non-Phase blockade kept all of them off—their magical power was unable to move forward even a bit!

Both sides were inwardly aghast: this Wang Lu was indeed well known in recent years for his unequal defense for cultivators on the same stage as him, however, which of the two sides were not experts in the similar peak stage? For the elites of the Five uniques, over rank challenge was really not out of the ordinary. Using the fight as an example, almost everyone has claimed to be unequaled in their stage. Therefore, although no one looked at Wang Lu down, they never thought that his defense was truly unequal within the same stage. Let alone that everyone’s stage was practically not the same. Wang Lu’s cultivation base was only low-level Xudan Stage, while Wangyue siblings and Zhou Mumu was already in the high-level Xudan Stage.

It was just that, these three high-level Xudan appeared a bit weaker before the Non-Phase Sword.

And once the two sides felt they were both weaker than him, the tension in the atmosphere suddenly became weaker a bit. After showing his prowess, Wang Lu scolded them, "Fight! Fight! Fight! All you guys know is to fight! In this situation!? Are you out of your mind?"

With that, Wang Lu pointed at the stone wall. "I have already explained the rules on that wall, who still doesn’t get it? What does the second article sixth part write? Behavior that violates the principle of the trial is considered as illegal, and the violator would be disqualified! Do you guys think that smashing each other’s head conform to the principle of the trial? Do you guys think these eight trials by the sword tomb is just so that you guys can make unreasonable scene like some unruly monkeys?"

This remark caught the two parties off guard that their boiling anger was immediately dispersed and they calmed down.

Zhou Mumu retrieved back her Vajra Ring, and Wangyue Siblings recalled their precious box.

Wang Lu sneered. "If you insist on fighting, you actually can. Go on, fight each other out. Best if all of your heads are splattered everywhere that you’d be expelled from the filial piety gate by the sword tomb. My sister and I will reap the benefit as she will guarantee me to pass the trial with ease!"

Since things have come to this, naturally, no one wanted to fight. Both sides turned around with indignant expression. However, just as they turned their head, Wangyue siblings actually revealed a trace of anxiety.

The way things developed was different than what they expected. This Wang Lu… could really mess things up.

From the beginning, Wangyue siblings didn’t really want to have a fight with Zhou Mumu and other people. They were not that stupid. Who would be willing to fight to the bitter end here? Even if the comprehensive strength of the Shengjing Sect was higher than their opponent, to win, they still have to pay a great price. Shengjing Sect actually only needed to show their stance: in order to pass the filial piety test, they were ready to fight!

This was to give pressure to the other people so that they would get in line to serve the interest of Shengjing Sect. And Wangyue siblings thought that with the power of their precious box and their coordination, they could suppress any parties present and thus occupy the upper hand. Unexpectedly, just now, their Yin and Yang Precious Box was actually firmly suppressed by the Non-Phase Sword Light. Finally, the side with the overwhelming imposing manner was neither Shengjing Sect nor Kunlun Immortal Sect, but rather Spirit Sword Sect!

Wang Lu’s sword defense was actually even more powerful than the rumor. This kind of opponent might not be terrifying, but it was certainly the most hateful. They were not necessarily competent, but their ability to stir up trouble was absolutely top-notch.

However, this was just the beginning...

After Wang Lu had interrupted their fight, the two sides were forced to return to the negotiating table. How to allocate the seven people that were qualified to pass from the total of fourteen people, this was the topic of negotiation of the people of the four sects.

As the representative of the Shengjing Sect, Wangyue Luanyu took upon herself the leader of the negotiation. She said, "Please send each of your team’s respective proposal plan so that we can renegotiate. Wang Lu, I see you’re as confident as any other, why don’t you come up with your plan first."

Wang Lu didn’t refuse. "Very simple. From seven spots, our Spirit Sword Sect would have two of them. The rest of you can assign the five other spots freely among yourselves."

Wangyue Luanyu angrily exclaimed, "Nonsense!"

Wang Lu said, "This nonsense is also still conformed to the procedure, which is to propose a plan, and in line with the standard of democracy and freedom of speech. You seem flustered, could it be that you support the party of autocratic dictatorship?"

Wangyue Luanyu said, "Since Spirit Sword Sect does not have any sincerity in negotiating, you don’t need to speak anymore, let’s just listen to the opinion of the other two sects."

With that, she deliberately excluded Wang Lu from the negotiation. However, Wang Lu didn’t care either.

This kind of nonsense negotiation would be time consuming and laborious, and would not have a good outcome; he did not want to take part in it. Therefore, he deliberately made a scene to excuse himself from the negotiation, leaving the other three parties to continue to waste time at the negotiation table.

The next development was really like what he expected. Each of the three sects’ proposals would always be vetoed by the others. Even between Kunlun Immortal Sect and Ten Thousand Arts Sect, they did not have a tacit understanding; they would undermine each other frequently. During which, Hai Yunfan repeatedly looked for Wang Lu, hoping for a helping hand, however, the latter was completely without interest in participating.

Of course, he would not have any interest. Even if Spirit Sword Sect and Ten Thousand Arts Sect could join forces, Shengjing Sect could always veto their proposal. Of course, likewise, Shengjing Sect proposal could also be vetoed by the other two sects together. This absurd negotiation has lasted for quite a while, and the people of the three sects were already somewhat exhausted. At this time, whenever they looked at the nearby happy-go-lucky Wang Lu, they could not help but clench their jaws.

However, things could not be dragged down indefinitely. They must produce a solution. Seeing that some people even began to propose to draw lots in the negotiation table, Wang Lu inwardly thought that it was almost time for him to make his move.

His stance was completely different than when he first acted to deter the two sides from fighting. Now, he just wanted them to hate each other even more.

The more they struggled, the more he could seize the chance to profit from it. In any case, it was the three sects who drew hatred on each other, and it has no relationship with him whatsoever. If he must make his move, he wanted to make sure that he would come out ahead.

However, just as the scene continued to reach a deadlock and everyone has become tense, they suddenly heard Liu Li jump up and issue a surprised cry.


Suddenly, the three parties on the negotiation table forgot their hatred, and one by one looked at her.

Wang Lu was also curious. "What’s so great?"

With a delighted countenance, Liu Li bounced up and giggled in front of Wang Lu. "Hehehe, before we enter the gate, didn’t you give me a problem to solve? All this time, I have been thinking about it!"

Wang Lu was mesmerized. "Unbelievable, so all this time, you have been thinking about that problem!?"

"Yes, to prove that I’m not stupid! Hehe, I figured it out!"

Wang Lu gawked for a moment, and immediately his eyes almost came out of their sockets. "You figured it out!? You can prove any given even number greater than two can be expressed as the sum of two prime numbers?"

Liu Li stuck out her chest and confidently said, "That’s right!"

Wang Lu suddenly felt dizzy, as if the whole world was not real. At present, seeing the charming and cute girl with a proud countenance, he felt that she was now the grandmaster of learning of the Spirit Sword Mountain! Perhaps, far into the future, Daoist Master Feng Yin, Spirit Sword’s twelve peaks have already disappeared from the history. However, Liu Li, because of her earth-shattering mathematical talent, would certainly be remembered forever.

Later generation would tell such a story: once upon a time there was Spirit Sword Mountain, and on the mountain, there was Liu Li...

Sh*t! This story is so wrong!

Wang Lu fought back the impulse to slam his head and inwardly said, I must have the actual proof first! Then, he tremblingly asked, "... prove it."

Liu Li proudly said, "Just now, I calculated from two all the way to one billion. Every even number can be presented with the sum of two prime numbers!"

"What the! You use this exhausting method to prove it!? Moreover, in just less than an hour, you counted all the way to one billion!?"

"Hehe, I’m awesome right?"

"... Yes, you’re indeed awesome, though awesome in something else. But, this can’t be considered as proof."

Liu Li was startled, and then hastily anxiously asked, "Why can’t it be counted? I’ve tried till one billion!"

"Em, After one billion, there’s still ten billion, one hundred billion, and even infinite number of billion. A mere one billion is not enough…"

Liu Li pitifully argued, "But-but I’ve tried so hard to calculate it…" With that, somewhat annoyed, her small face lit up as she said, "Senior Brother, since you think I’m wrong, then why don’t you prove it! You’re much more smarter than me, so you definitely can calculate up to ten billion, or even one hundred billion in the blink of an eye, right? Why don’t you tell me if what you say is true or not!"

"What the hell! You want to give the question back to me!?" Wang Lu had no choice but to lament that math really made people smarter; after she finished the calculation just now, this Liu Li actually learned how to do the reductio ad absurdum!

However, ultimately, this was not a serious mathematical proof method. Wang Lu reached out his hand, wanting to touch Liu Li’s head, only to see the girl flung her head to the side and fumingly said, "Senior Brother, you’re so annoying!"

"..." Wang Lu retracted his hand, gawked, and immediately laughed in spite of trying not to.

This time, he would only end up in trouble if he continued to haggle over scientific spirit and mathematical theory with the girl, therefore, the correct response should be...

"Hahaha, I’m sorry, my mistake. Liu Li, you have proven this conjecture really well. Come, this is your reward."

Wang Lu then fished out a crystal clear candy rich with spiritual energy.

Liu Li was suddenly in tears as she happily enjoyed the candy.

While he appeased his Junior Sister, Wang Lu was inwardly moved.

Reductio ad absurdum? This would be a good method to solve the current impasse.

"I think, since you guys can’t come up with a result, even after you tried so hard, why don’t we use a simple method: we pick seven pairs of parents and children cards, then either Shengjing Sect or the other three sects shuffle them while the other party pick seven of them. The remaining seven would be left to the shuffler. What do you guys think?"

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