Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 247: Someone is Always Behind A Capable Person!

Chapter 247: Someone is Always Behind A Capable Person!

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Non-Phase Method was the number one defensive method.

Before coming here, Jianglu has already heard of this rumor, but at that time, he didn’t take it seriously. Similar rumors emerged one after the other continuously in the Nine Regions, with unverifiable sources and indistinguishable authenticity. When Jianglu heard about the defensive prowess of Non-Phase Method, he had also heard thirty to forty types of methods whose defense was known as the first under the heaven.

So which was was truly the first in the world? As one of the Successor Disciple of Shengjing Sect, Jianglu’s information was far more than the common cultivator. Currently, in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, aside from the five super sects, there were also several top-level sects that possessed ancient heritage in the form of applicable immortal level method which clearly exceeded the other methods. However, the rest of the methods, in large part, didn’t differ too much. In different situations, they would give different performances. Different people would also lead to a different outcome, that was all. Number one in the world… in today’s world, who dared to boast such a thing?

Even the Sect Leader of Shengjing Sect Daoist Immortal He Tu, whose cultivation base was already unmatched in this world, didn’t dare to say that his Immortal Cultivation method was the best in the world.

Therefore, Jianglu firmly believed that no method that was the first in the world.

Until he personally experienced Wang Lu’s Non-Phase Sword.

In their first clash, the Fist of Thunder of his Power King True Body was equal to Non-Phase Sword, and Jianglu still thought that Non-Phase Sword was nowhere near as good as the rumors make it out to be. In theory, with his peak Xudan Stage cultivation base and Wang Lu’s low-level Xudan Stage, to be able to evenly match with him, Wang Lu has indeed scored one against him.

However, firstly, Jianglu has yet to use his full force, secondly, Power King True Body was the kind of the-more-the-fight-the-stronger-it-became kind of method. Later on, he could still display his peak power. Moreover, his strength was both in offense and defense, not just offense but no defense. In terms of instantaneous explosive force, Shengjing Sect’s lead representative Qiong Hua could erupt more than ten times of power than him; that one has the qualification to compete for the title of the first in the world method.

However, on their second clash, Wang Lu condensed his sword qi, retrieved his sword momentum and used the one-foot sword defense against his two fists; this defense was actually impregnable! Moreover, it seemed like Wang Lu still has ample power left!

Although that was not Jianglu’s peak strength, he was now very skeptical. Even if he went all out, would he be able to break through the opponent’s one-foot sword defense?

He has no confidence at all… it was as if he was facing his Senior Sister Qiong Hua.

But Wang Lu was still in low-level Xudan… In actuality, just how powerful was the defense of this Non-Phase Sword!?

Even more frightening was that, just now when the fists and the sword collided, and the Power King True Body advanced forward, as soon as he touched the Sword of Mount Kun, Jianglu felt as if he was instantly invaded by thousands of small streams. Each fine stream has a clear task, and they accurately and rapidly did their respective roles, by dividing into thousands of parts to disintegrate the impact of Power King True Body… This rapid and delicate change that happened in such a short amount of time was really unexpected!

Thus, it could be seen that, Non-Phase Sword was not the kind of method that relied on strength to handle everything, but rather the perfect combination of strength and skill. But, in theory, there was not much difference in facing a single or thousands of opponents for this kind of thousand-layers-ten-thousand-folds swordsmanship.

Therefore, like what Wang Lu said, even if everyone on Shengjing Sect team attacked him at the same time and he was seriously injured, he could still hold them off for a moment.

This was not a speculation, but something that actually happened.

When Wang Lu threatened to destroy the other four gates, he used his Non-Phase Sword as a guarantee, which was indeed a very powerful trump card. However, Shengjing Sect people who had been provoked time and time again would certainly let their opponent see what they're made off!

Therefore, when Wang Lu provocatively asked if they believed or not, Jianglu answered with a sneer, "Of course not!"

Because this time, Jianglu has basically paid no heed to the last four gates, he just wanted to cut off Wang Lu, this greatest scourge first. On this trip to ancient sword tomb, Shengjing Sect team nearly has the power to steamroll everything. However, this Wang Lu had unexpectedly tied them down again and again. As long as he was there, things would never go smoothly for them. Therefore, if they didn’t get rid of him, then who!?

One by one, twenty-five people made their move. Their momentum was monstrous. Jianglu was confident that even a Jindan Stage from one of the Five Uniques wouldn’t dare to clash with them head-on. If it were other sects, even a Yuangying Stage cultivator would not be able to contend with such joint attack.

Under such an attack, how could a mere low-level Xudan presumptuously think that he could withstand it?

But then, Wang Lu actually didn’t dodge. With the dagger-sized Sword of Mount Kun, he launched an unbreakable one-foot sword defense! More than twenty elite cultivators wantonly barraged him with their spells and spiritual treasures, but one by one, he actually resisted them with his Sword of Mount Kun—not a single one of them passed through his defense! In front of Jianglu, the Sword of Mount Kun turned into countless mirages, as if it pointed in all directions, an impregnable sword mountain!

At the same time, under the cover of those barrage of spells, using his Power King True Body, Jianglu struck once again. His two fists tore the balance of the five elements which drew lightning around his fists. In the blink of an eye, he had bombarded the target several hundred times!

However, in these hundreds of times, not once did Jianglu ever feel that the sword mountain shook and about to collapse. Instead, every time, the rebound shock from the Sword of Mount Kun became stronger and stronger. Moreover, each rebound shock has a different attribute, completely different from each other. At the same time, some of the Shengjing Sect people let out a miserable scream, then vomited black blood; their Jade Mansion was shocked, making them unable to continue fighting.

Each time he launched a full attack, while Wang Lu appeared to tremble, one of his team members would scream pitifully and then collapse. In the blink of an eye, ten Shengjing Sect people have successively fallen. Even Wangyue siblings have suffered a great shock. Their yin and yang precious chest violently trembled as the yin and yang element intertwined. As for Wang Lu, although blood had flowed out of his seven orifices, which obviously showed that he was extremely uncomfortable, his sword defense was still as stable as a mountain!

The attack from the entire team of Shengjing Sect was actually blocked by him!

In the midst of this shock, Jianglu correctly guessed this impossible possibility.

Could it be that, Wang Lu borrowed his power to use it on the others and vice versa!? More than twenty immortal methods, flying sword, spiritual treasure… he borrowed their power and used it to counterattack each of them! No wonder every time he attacked, he felt that the opposite force was different, yet somewhat familiar. They were actually the magical abilities of his Junior Apprentices. Their all-out attack has actually become Wang Lu’s weapon to injure his opponent!

Only this possibility could explain the incredible scene that just happened. However… could this really happen?

Although he has heard that the opponent has the rebound shock ability, but it was impossible for him to receive an all-out attack from more than twenty people and not lose his life even if his vitality was ten times as strong. Could it be that this was also the magical ability of Non-Phase Method?

… Truly impressive.

Suddenly, such admiration appeared in Jianglu’s mind. Even if they were currently hostile to each other, as a cultivator, he couldn’t help but pay respect to such a remarkable feat.

Such sword defense and marvelous ability indeed qualified as the best in the world!

However, the next moment, Jianglu clenched his fists even tighter as his fighting intent became more resolute. Whether or not you’re the best in the world, I have to kill you now, there’s no possibility to settle this peacefully! Once I beat you, I’ll be the first in the world!

Moreover, after his hundreds of attacks, Jianglu found the only weakness in this number one defensive method.

No matter what kind of magical ability that Wang Lu used that enabled him to do the rebound shock against the siege from more than twenty elite disciples, in the end, he was still a low-level Xudan, thus his attainment in Non-Phase Sword was far from being invincible. And though it has a strange effect against complex attack, if a single-attack exceeded his limit, Non-Phase Sword defense was bound to collapse.

In fact, along with his barrage of attacks, his attack power continued to rise, and Jianglu felt that Non-Phase Sword has begun to waver—a crack has appeared in the initially seemingly difficult to break giant wall. The collapse was imminent!

"In your dreams!"

However, just when Jianglu saw the dawn of victory, he heard the roar from Wang Lu, and then, seemingly taken a wrong step, Wang Lu’s body spun, and the Sword of Mount Kun came at the heavy fists of Jianglu in an intense arc.

When the fists and the sword collided, Jianglu felt an unprecedentedly powerful rebound shock creeping into his arm, colliding with the second wave of Power King True Body that just came out with a loud bang!

Wang Lu’s timing and position were excellent that the rebound shock power exploded in Jianglu’s arm. With a loud bang, his entire right hand turned into dust. The impact from the explosion also sent him flying.

However, Jianglu was indeed a seasoned fighter. Although he lost his right arm, like a gecko that lost its tail, the injury was fully contained in his arm and didn’t spread to other places. Jianglu somersaulted in mid-air before he landed on the ground, yet the momentum of his Power King True Body has yet to be interrupted! On the contrary, under the stimulation from his wound, his attack became more violent by several points!

However, just as Jianglu was ready to strike again, he saw a scene that absolutely stunned him.

After that sharp and brilliant counterattack, Wang Lu himself has also been subjected to an unprecedentedly strong shock. Coupled with the previous accumulation of internal injury, he spat out a mouthful of dark blood mixed with a lot of his internal organ fragments. His golden image supported by his Non-Phase Sword Bone could no longer be maintained anymore and his magical power scattered in all directions. His unshakable one-foot sword defense finally couldn’t be supported as he knelt on the ground with one knee, barely keeping himself from falling by holding onto his Sword of Mount Kun; he seemed to be in an unspeakable misery.

However, when Wang Lu knelt down, it exposed the graceful figure behind him.

Bai Shixuan stood behind Wang Lu as her delicate hand sent out a milky white halo light that enveloped Wang Lu. At the same time, Wang Lu recovered his vitality with amazing speed. Almost in the blink of an eye, his pale as paper face turned a bit rosy.

Just as Jianglu was still in shock, Wang Lu staggered and stood up, and he firmly held the Sword of Mount Kun. It was as if the previous almost-dying serious injury has vanished into thin air!

In the face of Jianglu’s incredulous expression, Wang Lu faintly smiled, which has some part ridicule and some part proud in it. "What are you looking at? Haven’t you ever heard the old saying that says, behind each overwhelming and mighty meat shield was nutritious milk treatment? I am a glorious meat shield, so of course I have a full-time wet nurse!"

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