Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 250: Incomparably Obscure Justice, Unmatched Shamelessness

Chapter 250: Incomparably Obscure Justice, Unmatched Shamelessness

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"Wang Lu, you want other people to give up the trial, then what about you?"

Towards Jianglu’s question, Wang Lu was exceptionally calm in answering it, "When you all give up the trial, I will be the winner and go deeper into the next level."

"You’re totally f*cking shameless, aren’t you!?" Suddenly furious, Wangyue Luanyun could not help but loudly yell.

However, Wang Lu didn’t need to give an excuse because Jianglu has already given him one.

"You want to face the person who manipulates all of this behind the scene alone?"

Wang Lu said with a smile, "Among all the people present, my cultivation base is relatively low, but my ability to cope with a complex and unknown situation exceeds all of you. So, instead of bringing a mob of people, I might as well go alone. This is also to reduce unnecessary risks for others."

"Ha! You always find a way to be righteous!" Jianglu looked less irritated, but obviously not easy to persuade. "However, like in your theory: things that are good for others have nothing to do with oneself, as long as there’s an opposition, then it’s good."

"Of course, Shengjing Sect also doesn’t want to give benefit to the evil manipulator behind the scene, therefore, my suggestion is that we carry out this trial as usual by playing it by the rules. However, this should be done in accordance with the spirit and principle of fair competition. At the same time, we will accept whatever the outcome of the game."

Wang Lu sighed. "In short, you’re not willing to give up?"

Jianglu laughed. "Actually, the evil manipulator behind the scene didn’t hesitate to expose its existence by trapping us in this shame gate, so even if we want to give up, it is easier said than done, wouldn’t you think? Or do you actually not have the confidence to win by the rules?"

"What a joke. Since you’re being stubborn, then bring it on."

Actually, Wang Lu had kinda expected this choice of Shengjing Sect team. In fact, what Jianglu said was not wrong. The evil hand behind the scene had made this five gates into one move and forcibly sucked everyone into it. Clearly, it would not let anyone out without playing the game first. Expecting others not to play was easier said than done either. It was difficult to count on other teams, especially Shengjing Sect to cooperate willingly, even though Ten Thousand Arts Sect and Kunlun Immortal Sect were open to discussion. However, Shengjing Sect was determined to win, so it was very difficult to imagine them to willingly let Wang Lu go deeper into the next level without fighting it out with them first.

As a person, Wang Lu very much appreciated Jianglu. However, as an opponent, Jianglu, and his Shengjing Sect team was the most annoying type for him. Whether it was for enemy or friends, all they would give you was trouble.

At this moment, the only option for him was to play it to the end.

Just at this time, Hai Yunfan said, "The rules came out! On the stone wall!"

Everyone immediately turned to look. On the surface of the stonewall, a row of simple handwriting slowly appeared. Compared to the complex rules of the previous trials, this rule was actually surprisingly simple!

Rules: If a person is without any sense of shame, what is the difference between that person and a beast?

Each person will have a degree of shame. Any feeling of shame will increase the degree of shame. Anyone whose degree of shame reach one hundred points fails. The last survivor will be the victor.


It seemed that, since the evil hand behind the scene had decided to no longer hide itself, it made the rules vague, and there were many spots that were open to judgment… However, compared to this, what was worth pondering was the rule itself. Anyone whose degree of shame reaching one hundred points fails. The last survivor would be the victor?

In other words, he needed to try to make other people ashamed? What was being ashamed? Any non-righteous act should make people ashamed, and this rule tried to force people to confront with any unethical act that they did in the past. Tsk, this rule was too simple and crude, and the plot of that evil behind the scene manipulator has become truly naked.

Just now, when he talked with Jianglu, not everything that he thought of were said out loud by him. As early as the first test, Wang Lu already has an in-depth guess about this eight virtues trial, and now, seeing the rule of the shame gate has only confirmed his judgment.

This evil hand behind the scene wanted the four teams to do all kinds of shameful performance to expose the ugly side of human nature. In fact, this was the main point of the test of this level. Why was it that many of the Shengjing Sect people managed to lose on the first gate? Because there would be many individuals who would become annoyed by failure. Even more so, because they lost to a numerically less opponent. As for the second gate, why would it let Shengjing Sect won?

On one hand, it was to maintain the balance, so that they would be willing to continue playing. If they always lose, who would want to continue to play? On the other hand, being defeated by Shengjing Sect through a shameless tactic, perhaps the negative emotion on the other three sects was much more intense than that of Shengjing Sect on the first gate.

As for the present gate, the intention was still the same. Presumably to urge the participant to attack each other, expose each other’s shortcomings, revealing the most private thing that people didn’t want others to know in order to produce strong negative emotions.

Although it was still difficult to accurately judge on the benefit of this negative emotion to that evil hand behind the scene, based on simple logic, what Wang Lu has to do was to minimize the occurrence of this negative emotion. However, things didn’t develop as smoothly as he expected...

Sure enough, while Wang Lu was still pondering, there were already some impatient cultivators who began their own attempt.

And their method was precisely the favorite kind of method of the person behind the scene.

"Hai Yunfan, you came from the mortal world royalty, so you grew up in wealth, enjoying an extravagant lifestyle. However, because of your longing for the immortal path, you cut off your ties with the mortal world, how could you be worthy of those who have high expectation of you?"

A cultivator from Shengjing Sect, with a clear and resonant voice, directly opened the first salvo at Hai Yunfan.

Towards this, Hai Yunfan slightly shook his head. How could the matters of a royal family be clearly said in just a few words? Although it was regrettable for the royal family, having a disciple in one of the Five Uniques pose a considerable advantage to the imperial power stability.

"Nevertheless, many people that I grew up with since childhood certainly felt sad for me cutting ties with them, especially mother…" Although Hai Yunfan had successfully become one of the elite disciples of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, when he occasionally thought about it, he would still unavoidably feel guilty.

Just as Hai Yunfan went into silence, on top of his head suddenly appeared a red digit: 3

Hai Yunfan was stunned. Is this the degree of shame? Once the heart is ashamed, this number would accumulate, and when it reaches one hundred, the person will fail?

Seeing that his attempt was successful, that Shengjing Sect cultivator was immediately delighted and wanted to launch another attack at this weak spot. However, how could Hai Yunfan be passively beaten by other people? Casting that person a glance, he said, "Senior Brother Meng Zhaojian, twenty years ago, you abandoned your wife at Meng Family Village, what about now?"

The cultivator named Meng Zhaojian immediately turned pale. Before he stepped on the path of immortality, he was just an ordinary villager in the Meng Family Village. Later on, he wandered and obtained an immortal chance, becoming a Shengjing Sect cultivator for twenty years. After he entered the sect, he made a rapid progress. Sensing that he got a bright future ahead of him, he decided that his wife was no longer worthy of him and looked for reasons to cast her aside. In addition for his Master, few people knew about this. This time, this thing being revealed by Hai Yunfan gave him an enormous shock. When he swept his glance, he found that his fellow apprentices all gave him a skeptical eye. Meng Zhaojian felt that his cheek flushed, as if a sharp dagger stabbed his heart.

At the same time, a red number appeared on top of his head: 77! And it kept on rising.

Hai Yunfan merely said a sentence, and it almost let Meng Zhaojian fall into the brink of collapse. This immediately aroused the vigilance of many people.

This guy was really prepared for this. He was completely unlike Zhan Ziye, Ye Feifei, Zhao Jiangyuan, and other Ten Thousand Arts Sect disciples, who, before entering the ancient sword tomb, were more concerned about the technical aspects such as the design and organization of the sword tomb, the use of the corresponding method and so on. Hai Yunfan was more concerned with human affairs. Before coming here, he overviewed all of the data concerning the elite disciples of more than the top ten sects over and over again. Ten Thousand Arts Sect was also known as the library of the Immortal Cultivation World, so the collection that they have were not only about immortal cultivation method. The rest of the collection was also very informative. At that time, even though he didn’t think they would cross path with the Shengjing Sect, Hai Yunfan still spent his time to learn most of the Shengjing Sect elite disciples’ profile.

Such comprehensive preparation allowed him to give a stunning performance this time.

However, how could Shengjing Sect team be that easy to defeat? As soon as Meng Zhaojian was defeated, someone immediately came out and loudly denounced the other shameful aspect of Hai Yunfan. These sharp words immediately caused Hai Yunfan to wryly smile and thus increased his degree of shame by twenty points. Zhan Ziye, Ye Feifei, and the others could not sit back and watch; they immediately fell into a cursing war. After a while, Zhou Mumu of Kunlun Mountain, with her voice full of vitality, also joined in the battlefield, turning the scene into a chaotic mess.

Of course, from an optimistic point of view, cursing war was infinitely better than a bloody battle. Although the previous dialogue between Wang Lu and Jianglu didn’t completely solve the problem, it held the people back from casually going into a fight. However, conversely, people felt they were free to expose each other’s dark history.

Towards this, Wang Lu’s stand was just to casually watch on the sideline. In any case, no one would dare to look at him for trouble. Only after watching for a while did Wang Lu finally shake his head.

"The gameplay is totally wrong, this plays into the hands of the person who manipulates behind the scene."

Sometimes, as far as the enmity was concerned, it was easier to make enemies through battle of words than a fight—saying something offensive was more destructive to the relationship than hitting someone.

"Oh well, it seems like I have to do it myself."

As soon as he said this, he immediately thought about that incident, and then turned to look at Bai Shixuan and Liu Li. He said everyone must fail the trial, including his own people. In any case, since there could only be one victor according to the rules, there was no need to let his Junior Sisters brave dangers and difficulties. However, although he has the confidence to defeat the other people, he has none in dealing with these two.

If a person was shameless, that person was basically an animal. However, of these two people, clearly one was animal in origin, and the other one...

Wang Lu touched Liu Li’s head. "Liu Li, the feeling of shame could not be eaten."

"... Although I’m not quite sure, I have a feeling that what you, Senior Brother, said is very impolite."

Wang Lu chuckled. "Can I borrow your mustard seed bag?"

Without hesitation, Liu Li said, "Okay."

After taking the mustard seed bag, Wang Lu softly said to Liu Li, "Liu Li, not long ago, on our way to Spirit Sword Mountain from the Grand Cloud Mountain, inside the Cloud Wave Boat, you and Little White slept together in one room. That night, while half asleep, you hugged Little White and called her ‘mommy’, right?"

"Ah!" Liu Li called out in alarm. That was one of the few big embarrassing things in her life. She initially thought only the two of them knew it, unexpectedly...

The pitiful Liu Li naturally couldn’t think that since the Cloud Wave Boat was custom made, naturally, it was installed with several surveillance props.

The next moment, Liu Li’s cheek turned crimson red, and the red colored digit on top of her head continued to soar dramatically, quickly reaching the limit of one hundred points! Then a flash of light appeared, and the girl was teleported out of the shame gate.

Standing next to Liu Li, Little White was also extremely embarrassed as she thought of that night when Liu Li writhed like a young animal in her arms, it was really… At this time, a red colored number also appeared on top of her head.

Wang Lu then redoubled his effort, "That night, Liu Li unconsciously said the wrong thing, but you seemed to enjoy it and even felt happy for the whole night, right?"

"I…" Little White faintly said, but the tone was tinged with a trace of anxiety. However, the number on top of her head didn’t lie as it quickly reached one hundred. Before she could explain further, she was already expelled out of the room.

Whether it was Liu Li or Bai Shixuan, both have pure thoughts and simple mind; rights and wrong were clearly distinguished by them, and their emotion was sincere, therefore, even a small matter could make their degree of shame go through the roof.

However, it was not that simple for everyone else.

Meanwhile, seeing the successive exit of Liu Li and Bai Shixuan, and it was initiated by Wang Lu no less, everyone was alarmed.

What was this about?

"Senior Brother Ziye, I suddenly have an ominous foreboding, we should be prepared." Hai Yunfan tightly frowned and, at the same time, launched his mind-calming method, lest his degree of shame would soar because of Wang Lu’s imminent attack.

Needless to say, Shengjing Sect people and the others also prepared themselves.

No matter how outrageous Wang Lu’s ‘dark history offense’ against them, they have the confidence to withstand it. Indeed, there was no one who was able to say with a clear conscience that they never had any stain in their dozens of years of immortal cultivation. However, the road to immortality was filled with thistles and thorns, and one would have to bravely cut them all and forge ahead courageously! If they were bound by the past, how could they deserve to talk about immortal cultivation anymore!?

Noticing that everyone seemed to be on guard and full of vigilance, Wang Lu laughed in spite of trying not to. "You guys think too highly of me! That being the case, I’ll show you something nice."

With that, he earnestly stretched his muscles and bones. Every time his joints issued a ‘ka-ka’ sound, it was like a heavy hammer pounding the heart of everyone.

Everyone knew Wang Lu wanted to launch his big offensive. However, what kind of offensive would let the degree of shame of everyone present to go through the roof?

Would it? Could it?

While the crowd was still bewildered and suspicious, Wang Lu finally finished his stretching exercise. Then, he opened the mustard seed bag that he borrowed from Liu Li, from which he took out...

Liu Li’s favorite colorful dress. With a flick of his hand, he wore it on his body. The next moment, under the glitter of that dress, Wang Lu flashed a smile, which blinded everyone’s eyes.

"Stellar Fairy Wang Lulu will perform a special dance!"

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