Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 251: Bravely Fight the Serious Illness

Chapter 251: Bravely Fight the Serious Illness

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Stellar Fairy Wang Lulu’s magical dance charmed every living being. The colorful skirt shone in that stone chamber, dazzling everyone present.

During that magical dance, waves after waves of people spurting out blood were heard in the stone chamber—someone even gushed out blood from his seven orifices.

Finally, after numerous flashes of light, the stone chamber was deserted. In addition to the bloodstains on the ground, there was no trace of other people ever been there. There was only a rhythm of lively dance steps on the ground, reverberating unceasingly.

A moment later, the dancing stopped, the stellar fairy’s magical dance finally ended. Wang Lu sighed, took off Liu Li’s colorful skirt, looked around, and then smiled. "Sure enough, the last man standing has no qualms in doing things, no need to feel ashamed on anything that makes people ashamed, because the man’s concept of shame is different from ordinary people."

After he finished laughing, he no longer smiled. On the contrary, his expression turned unusually cold.

"Okay, I’ve won. Let me see your true face, brother that manipulates behind the scene!"

As soon as his voice fell, the stone chamber floor collapsed, and a bottomless dark pit engulfed Wang Lu whole.


In that boundless darkness, Wang Lu has been falling for a long time. In accordance with the laws of physics, he had traveled for hundreds of miles, yet the bottom was still elusive.

Ancient Sword Tomb was in an unidentified space, thus, theoretically, if he dropped out of the edge of the space, he would enter a space of endless turbulence, which was likely to appear like the scene before him. However, Wang Lu was very clear that he didn’t fall out of the sword tomb, but he was still inside it. It was just that the sword tomb was unimaginably big, and the person behind the eight virtues trial was probably unimaginably terrifying.

After a long time, Wang Lu finally landed. Like a meteor strike, his landing sent out a huge shockwave and quake to the surrounding. Fortunately, he had Non-Phase Sword Bone, which, coupled with his Non-Phase Method, saved him from suffering injury. If he has the Power King True Body instead, he would’ve spat out blood for sure.

However, Wang Lu was more concerned about his position.

He was surrounded by darkness. A layer of dark haze, like endless tides, enveloped him like it wanted to swallow him whole. It was as if there were endless, cold murderous intention hidden within the black haze, which shook the mind of the people. As long as someone touched that black haze, that someone would feel a burst of despair and mournful wailing, echoing endlessly in the mind. All the human suffering and miseries turned into countless illusions that blinded the primordial spirit. A moment later, one would begin to feel a headache, as if various dark markings were being engraved within the mind.

"This black haze is so ruthless!" Wang Lu immediately stepped back, leaving behind that black haze. He then looked all around him and saw that he had landed on an island within the sea of black tide. The surface area was not big, moreover, it seemed like because of the strong impact that was caused by his fall, it shook the ground so much that it began to disintegrate. As the fissure continued to spread, so was the black tide, causing his footing to become unsteady.

However, not far away, there was a light, and a boat-like silhouette gleamed faintly in the dark. Wang Lu was immediately moved and he quickly strode forward.

Sure enough, it was a boat. The hull floated on the steaming black haze; it seemed like it was mounting the cloud and riding the mist, slowly fluctuation up and down. A few words were engraved on the side of the boat, still in that archaic language thousands of years ago: The sea of bitterness boat.

"The sea of bitterness boat? In other words, the surrounding black haze is the sea of misery? Well, just now, even a little touch gave me such a pain, as if I have suffered the human suffering… I don’t know how could this many human suffering be gathered into this kind of sea and what kind of devil lurks underneath this sea. It was such a coincidence that this boat appeared in this sea of bitterness, it’s like the devil of this sea of bitterness deliberately sent this to welcome me."

"Ah, that should be it."

"The evil manipulator behind the scene of that eight virtues trial couldn’t hold itself back anymore. My stellar fairy magical dance just now was indeed a killer move, but it also made this evil manipulator behind the scene helpless."

In fact, the trial of the shame gate itself was worth pondering. Who decided the scoring criteria for the degree of shame if not subjectively by the evil manipulator behind the scene! Perhaps after witnessing the magical dance of stellar fairy Wang Lulu, some people were just slightly shaken—for example, some twisted perverts—but they were still judged as being ashamed and thus eliminated.

The reason that the evil manipulator behind the scene wanted to see him was probably because it wanted to justify this. And he… seemed to have no choice in this.

If rationally looking from an objective point of view, this time’s trip to the sword tomb has already greatly deviated from the initial expectation. Aside from people of the Shengjing Sect who butted in uninvited, the experience within the sword tomb was very bizarre. At this time, the most sensible choice of action was to quit and return to the sect to report so that the Elders would come and solve it. In fact, the reason why he sent Liu Li and Little Bai away was exactly to allow them to return to the sect as soon as possible, to seek help from the Elders.

However, he himself could not go back just yet. Although this current level was already far beyond his rank, he still has to march forward...

First, the situation has yet to completely get out of control. At any time, he could activate the heavenly talisman. Second, which was also the most important point, just when he entered the trial of the eight virtues, in the squad roster that he held because he was the team leader, Zhu Shiyao’s name has strangely turned into orange.

The team roster was handed to him before he left the Spirit Sword Mountain by the Sect Leader as the symbol of the team leader. Four of the Spirit Sword Sect participant names were written in it. At any time, the situation of a person could be judged by the color of that person’s name on that roster. For example, Liu Li and Bai Shixuan were bright green, meaning that they were safe and sound. As for Wang Lu, he was pale green with a slightly yellowish tint, meaning that he was slightly exhausted. However, Zhu Shiyao was actually orange in color.

Orange meant that for the time being, her life was not in danger, however, she was also in great difficulty, her action was restricted, and most likely that she was trapped somewhere. However, considering that change could happen anytime in this sword tomb, Zhu Shiyao’s orange color could, at any time, change into red, meaning that she was in a life-threatening situation, or even black, meaning that she was already dead.

Seeing her situation, what should he do? Scrupulously abide by the duty of a disciple by sitting idly by and waiting for the sect rescue? That was the easy way. But things were not as simple as it look. In fact, Liu Li and Bai Shixuan should’ve contacted the sect by now, and if things were just as simple as the Elders teleporting to the ancient tomb and rescuing them, by their strength, they should’ve already come.

Therefore, since he could not count on the sect reinforcements for the moment, he could only rely on his own effort.

It was difficult to tell whether his current choice was in line with his spirit of professional adventurer. However, as a disciple of Non-Phase Peak, Wang Lu could be indifferent in anywhere else but his own side, especially when his own people were in danger… At least, Wang Wu has never taught him otherwise.

Wang Wu’s viewpoint has always been the same, which was to keep the goodies within the families. Even if the Spirit Sword Sect has to be cheated, only she alone could do that. No outsiders were allowed to insult her sect, and once her own people encountered any danger, if she could help, then she has to help them. And at this time, Zhu Shiyao was in danger, so who has the responsibility to save her other than him?

Thinking to this, Wang Lu could not help but wryly smile. The saying of the greater the ability the greater the responsibility was apt here. It didn’t matter whether Zhu Shiyao didn’t regard him as the team leader; since he has the title of sect’s lead representative, with many privileges and benefits, he should perform his obligation when the situation needed it, even if the road before him was filled with thistles and thorns, and a hundred times more dangerous than before.

As for the direction where he had to go to rescue, it has already been determined by him. In the team leader handbook, on the rescue page, a few lines of words appeared. Naturally. they were words imbued by the Stellar Diffractions Technique of the Sect Leader, with the general idea to give Wang Lu the opportunity to save people even in the deepest part of the sword tomb… so that Wang Lu could exhaust all his effort to overcome the obstacle.

As for the moment… Wang Lu thought for a bit and then boarded the sea of misery boat. The boat slightly sank and immediately set sail. The bow separated the black haze as it slowly sailed forward.

Actually, this was a bit risky move. No one knew what exactly was this sea of bitterness boat, however, once he boarded it, he could feel the flow of magical power. Its materials were elegant, and its structure was exquisite, and although its design was somewhat outdated, it was still a rare magical object with magical abilities that even with Wang Lu’s insight, it was still difficult for him to parse them out in a short period of time. The only thing that he was clear about was that this sea of bitterness boat has some kind of protection that caused the vicious sea of bitterness’ black tide unable to come near.

What was the purpose of this sea of bitterness boat? It was probably a necessary transport towards the devil, but it might also be the escape key for the devil that was trapped in this sword tomb. The devil lured Wang Lu to go deeper so that he would navigate the sea of bitterness boat towards the devil.

Everything was possible. However, Wang Lu didn’t want to think too much for the time being.

He wanted to take the step by step approach. He didn’t want to make groundless assumption based on indecisiveness and over-cautiousness.

The sea of bitterness boat sailed faster and faster, braving the wind and wave in the vast black haze. Although everywhere was dark and there was no point of reference, Wang Lu could still clearly feel the black haze rapidly retreating on both sides of his field of vision; he knew that he was rapidly moving towards the destination.

Before long, a bright image appeared in his field of vision. Wang Lu took a closer look and was immediately shocked.

The bright image was actually a piece of open space that abruptly opened up in the vast black tide. Whenever there was light, the black tide could not creep forward even an inch. And within that bright place, a white-haired old man slowly moved step by step as he brandished his sword.

As the sea of bitterness boat approached, the sword moves of that old man became clearer. Wang Lu watched him for a while and was immediately enraptured. The old man’s swordsmanship seemed casual, but each move contained a profound extremely high-level way of the sword. If his cultivation base were slightly weaker, perhaps this would be imperceptible to him. However, with Wang Lu’s current understanding of the way of the sword, he was able to see the exquisiteness of the old man’s swordsmanship, each move was very captivating.

Such a swordsmanship was really unprecedented. And with this set of swordsmanship, Wang Lu was even more convinced of his own judgment.

The person in front of him, was exactly the man behind the scene that manipulated the eight virtues trial, and he might also be the master of this sword tomb—at least one of its masters.

As for the name, he should be called… Sword Demon?

Because Wang Lu saw that the old man’s robe was embroidered with the ancient word of "Sword" at the front and "Demon" at the back.

The Sword Demon didn’t deliberately show off his swordsmanship. In that bright space, he wielded his sword unhindered like electricity. Every stroke flowed naturally like the moving clouds and the flowing water, like the natural instinct to lie, to sit and to walk. Looking at his appearance, it seemed as if he has been practicing this set of swordsmanship since the beginning of time and would not even stop even at the end of time.

When the sea of bitterness boat came near, Sword Demon suddenly stopped his move and looked straight at Wang Lu.

His voice was hoarse as he said, "Are you sick?"

Wang Lu was taken aback by this opening remark, which was a bit too unconventional even for him. He then thought of a response.

"If handsome is a kind of sickness…"

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