Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 252: Even My Father Never Scolded Me Like This

Chapter 252: Even My Father Never Scolded Me Like This

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Before meeting the manipulator behind the scene, Wang Lu has actually done countless of guessing.

There were some words that he didn’t share with Jianglu, but it didn’t mean that he didn’t think about it.

For example, in Wang Lu’s eyes, the real meaning of this eight virtues trial was very likely to be a bloody sacrificial offering. Using a bit of benefit to lure the four sects to fight each other until it became a river of blood; the casualties would be the perfect sacrificial offerings. Even if the people of the four sects were more sober and rational, not easy to get rid of, but carefully designed levels could generate negative emotion in each of the cultivators. And for many devil cultivators, the demons in the heart of the cultivators were also an excellent tonic. Similar cases were common in the thousands of years of history of the Nine Regions. And it was the great devils that were mostly able to design and profit of such things.

However, it was precisely because of this that the devil in this place was in distress. After painstakingly designing the eight gates, he could only respond with that five gates into one move after Wang Lu’s ‘furiously turning over the chessboard’ move, indicating that his control of the situation was quite limited. Otherwise, he could just directly round the cultivators of the four sects and put them in the blood furnace to refine them.

This was also one of the reasons why Wang Lu dared to explore deeper into the tomb.

However, even with limited control, the devil was still the devil, able to control the parts of the sword tomb. The devil’s identity and magical ability were not to be treated lightly. Therefore, when approaching him, although Wang Lu seemed indifferent on the surface, the state of his mind has already reached peak vigilant. Regardless of whether the other side suddenly wielded the sword to attack him, called out the surrounding black tide, or the sea of bitterness boat suddenly turned wild, he has enough preparation.

However, he never expected the opposite party to say such words.

"Are you sick?"

In view of the unreasonable sentence that was directed at him, in accordance with the principle of reciprocity, while recalling the past old saying, Wang Lu replied, "If handsome can be considered as sickness…"

That Sword Demon grunted coldly. "Then your body is actually very strong."

While silently watching the Sword Demon, Wang Lu rubbed his own chin. "The aesthetic of the ancient people are really something."

Sword Demon said, "No matter when, retards will always have repulsive countenance."

Wang Lu was immediately amazed. "With my great wisdom, your designed plot was totally debunked by me, yet you criticize me for being a retard?"

Sword Demon said, "Schemes and tricks are nothing, you just have ingenuity in this kind of small little things. However, on the path of immortal cultivation, you’re hopelessly stupid. If that does not make you a retard, then what? If you’re not a retard, then how come with such a peerless qualification like the Void Spirit Root, you carry out your immortal cultivation like this!?"

When it came to this topic, Wang Lu suddenly felt as if there was a fishbone stuck in his throat.

The problem was that it was difficult to cultivate with the Void Spirit Root since the end of the last Age of Chaos. And for the old Devil of this ancient sword tomb, the possessor of Void Spirit Root that he knew of was the extraordinary characters like the Immortal Qin and the Great Ancestor Desheng. Thus, seeing Wang Lu, he would inevitably have such a conclusion.

Of course, there were explanations for this, like the current environment that was a huge letdown and so on. Non-Phase Sword was also marvelous… however, in the end, all of them seemed like a weak excuse. After he thought it over, Wang Lu could only say, "I am content with this."

"You’re content with this? If that doesn’t make you a retard, then what?"

Sword Demon shook his head. "I thought I could find a talented person that could help me out. Unexpectedly, you’re the one who came through. The tide of time waits for no man, causing one to sigh."

With that, he turned his head and continued his sword moves, completely ignoring Wang Lu on the boat!

Such an abrupt change was really unexpected for Wang Lu. After standing in the sea of bitterness boat for a while, he discovered that the Sword Demon spirit actually didn’t intend to pay attention to him, which caused him to frown.

Wang Lu didn’t believe the other side was not anxious. If not, why would he bother to design that eight virtues trial? However, this stance also meant that the other side has seen through his actual situation.

Not only the Sword Demon was anxious, Wang Lu was also anxious. The situation of Zhu Shiyao was still unknown, so if things dragged out any longer, it was likely that her situation would only get worse. Wang Lu himself didn’t intend to stay here. After all, this was not his home, and the Spirit Sword Heavenly Talisman was not a decisive insurance; the crucial part was that the two sides were completely uncoordinated.

Therefore, if he wanted to break this stalemate, he must use a trick. After calculating it for a while, Wang Lu finally decided to make his move.

He wielded out his Sword of Mount Kun and charged towards the Sword Demon.

Sword Demon didn’t even spare a glance to Wang Lu for this action and just continued his sword dance. Only when Wang Lu was near did he thrust his sword at Wang Lu in a strange way.

Seeing this, Wang Lu continued to press forward. Since Non-Phase Sword was a good-at-defense-but-bad-at-offense method, it would be difficult for him if the Sword Demon didn’t attack him first. The two swords clashed. Wang Lu suddenly felt a strange force was transmitted from the opponent sword which gave the sword the ‘sticky’ feature. Not only did it make it difficult for him to perform the rebound shock, but it also stuck into the Sword of Mount Kun, like a venomous snake that unceasingly slithered trying to find its way into the body. However, that force was only able to enter the Sword of Mount Kun. It was difficult to penetrate into Wang Lu’s body as the two hundred and six sword bones firmly kept it off.

After that strike, Sword Demon finally raised his eyebrows and then retrieved his sword. "Not bad."

Not bad was good.

However, the next sentence has a completely different take.

"This is the first time this old man saw such a stupid method."


"Blindly strengthening the defense, and even taking the Big Heart Demon Oath to form the turtle image, what a really idiotic thing to do. In cultivating in order to become immortal, cultivators bravely advance by cutting through thistles and thorns, yet the path that you chose makes you the target of others, what kind of cultivation to immortality is that? How much enmity does the person who teaches you immortal cultivation method has with you that that person actually poisoned your Void Spirit Root?"


"Truly laughable. I thought that my help could come out from that eight virtues trial, but unexpectedly, what I have is a joke!"

Finished speaking, Sword Demon paid no heed to Wang Lu anymore and went back to practice his sword move. At this time, having heard of all of that, Wang Lu’s innermost feeling was shocked, and distracting thoughts arose one after the other unceasingly. The words from the Sword Demon was as sharp as a sword. Each word nailed right on the head, making it difficult for him to be indifferent to it.

His biggest regret in life was that his unprecedented Void Spirit Root was tied within the framework of Non-Phase Method. Even if he has become one of the top figures within the younger generation after ten years of cultivation, but what about the characters who swept the world in twenty years?

Although the environment of the Nine Regions was not the same anymore since the Age of Chaos, anyone would inevitably think, why couldn’t I have the achievements of my predecessors?

Of course, whether it was Immortal Qin or Great Ancestor Desheng, both were lucky that they have the immortal world method to cultivate with. Before the Age of Chaos, the world was rich with surrounding spiritual energy. With such a blessed environment, one didn’t have to depend on one own’s effort to succeed in immortal cultivation. While the environment that Wang Lu was in was a hundred times cursed. It was already commendable for him to have today’s achievements; in fact, it could even be said as a miracle. However...

However, right now, wasn’t the person before him lived before the Age of Chaos? Here was a true immortal level place, and the old man Sword Demon was probably the wisp of residual soul of the master of the sword tomb. Although the strength was perhaps not that strong, it was highly likely that he possessed an immortal world method. Otherwise, why else would he mock him? In other words...

Thinking to this, Wang Lu somewhat couldn’t stay calm anymore. Admittedly, he never had any complaint towards Non-Phase Method during his more than ten years of cultivation in Spirit Sword Sect. However, if he could have the immortal method of Great Ancestor Desheng… Why would he persist in keeping the Non-Phase Method?

The only problem was that the Sword Demon didn’t seem to have a great impression of him, thus, perhaps to get the immortal method from him would be as difficult as to ascend the heaven. However, looking from another point of view, currently, the Sword Demon was trapped within this sword tomb, and he didn’t seem as free and unfettered as he look. Otherwise, why would he need to tamper with the eight virtues trial and bring Wang Lu here?

Now, he was mostly just having a momentary anger. When he calmed down, it would not be difficult for him to realize that the only person that could help him was Wang Lu. And if he doubted on Wang Lu’s skill, thinking that it was not good enough, he ought to pass Wang Lu his immortal world method so that Wang Lu could help him out, right?

Therefore, as long as Wang Lu could behave and seriously cooperate with him, perhaps Wang Lu would have his biggest ever immortal chance!

Thinking about the Great Ancestor Desheng who, in the historical record, swept the world within twenty years, looking very majestic, anyone would be fascinated!

Thinking to this, the corners of Wang Lu’s mouth slightly arched up. However, it only happened in a moment. His smile quickly disappeared, and his expression turned cold.

If he really thought it like that, that was tantamount to doing exactly what the other side wanted! The Sword Demon was indeed worthy to be the devil from the time immemorial; his ability to grasp the heart of someone has already reached perfection. In just a few words, Wang Lu’s was already shaken and unknowingly fell into the trap.

Wang Lu had to admit that he was indeed moved by just a few words from the Sword Demon. Nevertheless, he didn’t lose his basic reason.

Right now, it was not his turn to open his mouth to seek help from the other. Immortal world method was indeed a great temptation. However, first, Sword Demon might not necessarily have it, and it was likely just an act. Second, even if he couldn’t have the immortal world method, so what? He, Wang Lu, was still the lead representative of the Spirit Sword Sect, and one of the top cultivators within the current young generation in the Nine Regions! Third, what did he come here for? Was it for the Immortal world method? Big Sister Zhu Shiyao’s situation was still unclear, how could he disregard everything and run to kneel in front of the suspicious old Sword Demon merely because of his identity and a few words? Fourth, and the most important thing was that, who begged who here!?

After calming himself down, Wang Lu was no longer troubled by the Sword Demon’s trick. He directly reached out into his mustard seed bag and grabbed the Spirit Sword Heavenly Talisman.

"Since I’m such an eyesore, let’s part our ways here."

With that, Wang Lu infused the heavenly talisman with his magical power and was about to launch it. His action was smooth and extremely decisive!

Feeling the change in magical power and Wang Lu’s firm will, Sword Demon finally could not maintain his calm and stopped his sword dance.

"Wait a minute!"

Almost at the same time, Wang Lu deactivated the spirit sword heavenly talisman and then smiled like nothing happened.

"What might be your advice, Mr. Sword Demon?"

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