Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 259: Do You Think You Are the Only One Here?

Chapter 259: Do You Think You Are the Only One Here?

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As the space around them changed, Sword God immediately realized that this was an original magical ability stimulated by the opponent.

The so-called magical ability was actually a higher level of ability, and original magical ability was a magical ability that was engraved within the Jade Mansion of cultivators through great magical power, making it inseparable with the cultivator’s own existence. Just like when a person transplanted a hand or an eye for himself. This original magical ability was ever-changing and has endless possibilities. Generally speaking, only cultivators of Jindan Stage or above could engrave the magical ability into their Jade Mansion. It was already incredible for Wang Lu to be able to have an original magical ability while in Xudan Stage. However, only when his original magical ability was able to change the space in silence did the Sword God become amazed.

It was out and out original magical ability. Moreover, it was the most bizarre space changing type of magical ability. When the surrounding scene suddenly changed, this was the immediate judgment from the Sword God.

The other side has yet to reach Jindan Stage, thus this original magical ability ought to not involve the law of cultivation. However, this strange man-made space would certainly play into the opposite party’s hand, making it disadvantageous to his own side. Thus, it was prudent to not be wrapped by this original magical ability. Moreover, even if they were accidentally wrapped into it, they should break the barrier as quickly as possible, retreating from the range of this magical ability.

With Zhu Shiyao’s ability, it was difficult to imagine what could hold her. After withdrawing from the range, they could slowly figure it out. Whether to attack the space from the outside, or simply wait until the effectiveness of the magical ability disappeared… However, rather than choosing any of that, she took the most direct and most unconstrained way to deal with it.

Boldly rushing forward!

No matter how many tricks would be displayed by the opponent, she was a sword cultivator. With the sword in her hand, nothing could stop her.

In this regard, Wang Lu had long expected it.

"Welcome to my world."

When he finished speaking, this hundreds of meters sized world suddenly undergone a sea of change. Tens of thousands of broken swords were pulled out from the ground and then, with their broken bodies, they flew straight towards the opponent. Immediately, it was as if there was a rain of swords, firmly sealing Zhu Shiyao’s movement.

Because Zhu Shiyao’s action has already been anticipated, this sword rain was really perfect in timing. Even though Zhu Shiyao’s dash was quite fast, she was still surrounded by the sudden appearance of these flying swords.

Numerous flying swords, with each one of them containing a powerful force—because they were too numerous, the formation was really dense, making it impossible to dodge. The swords glittered like awns, and their murderous intent was dense!


Standing behind Wang Lu, Sword Demon secretly gave his appraisal.

From the start of immortal cultivation, Wang Lu, this kid, has already walked on the defensive style path of Non-Phase Method, and from five years ago, after he took the Big Heart Demon Oath, he almost never initiated any attack.

After five years of holding back from attacking, unexpectedly, this time, he really showed what he was capable of. The black haze that he swallowed gave him a huge amount of magical power, which he brilliantly displayed here. This rain of flying swords has a crushing-everything-in-its-path kind of imposing manner, using overwhelming power to suppress the opponent, not the least bit inferior to those sword cultivators that went on the full attack mode. This kid was a natural attacker.

However, on the other hand, he was also a natural schemer… At this time, his Big Heart Demon Oath still existed, causing him to be unable to take the initiative to attack using the method on immortal path, however, relying on his original magical ability, he actually found a flaw.

Original magical ability was like an extension of one’s own body, and this hundreds of meters area space was the manifestation of that original magical ability. Thus, when Zhu Shiyao and Sword God entered this space, it was like they were invading his own body.

Since this was his own body, many things have an exception. Wang Lu’s initiative to attack them was like an antibody fiercely rejecting the invasion of toxin, which was perfectly justified.

He got the inspiration for this move from the fight in Grand Cloud Mountain where his Master used the three hundred meters sword defense to bully the Disciplinary Elder of Beast Master School. At that time, Wang Lu thought that since Non-Phase Sword could use the rebound injury to hurt or even kill, what if the range of rebound injury could be infinitely expanded? Of course, expanding the range of sword defense infinitely required unlimited amount of magical power, which even his Master could not provide. However, at the very least, this opened up new ideas.

Later, when he decided to practice Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword, this inspiration came to him, which quickly came to fruition.

Surrounded by those thousands of flying swords, Zhu Shiyao seemed to face a great difficulty. These flying swords have enormous power, moreover, their quantity was endless. If she was entangled by these flying swords, it was highly likely that even a Jindan Stage cultivator would fall. After all, this was the trade-off when she chose to fight in the other side’s original magical ability. Let alone, in just dozens of hours, the opponent has actually become ten times as powerful, far above her own!

It was just that, all of this was just a simple curiosity in Zhu Shiyao’s mind. Because basically, she didn’t put all of those flying swords in her eyes!

The girl flicked her sword, and her Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword suddenly changed; the scorching sun changed into tens of thousands of stars. Although they were just specks of lights, the combined light was more blazing than the original, dazzling like the milky way.

This was the unique move of this Big Sister, Stellar Sword Qi. The sword qis were as numerous as the stars. Although they seemed fine, every point of sword qi was like an eternal galaxy, having intrinsically fierce and eternal properties. It was the one-against-many powerful killer move of Stellar Sword Method.

However, no matter how powerful this move was, it was, after all, not omnipotent. Although the stellar sword qi was of high quality, the rain of flying swords of the opponent’s original magical ability was not a simple thing either. They were the highly condensed heaven splitting sword qi transformed by Wang Lu’s original magical ability! If clashed, it would have the 1:2 outcome, which was a good exchange ratio for him. In Wang Lu’s world, the strength of the sword rain was probably five to six times more than stellar sword qi...

Stellar sword qi and the broken swords finally clashed, sending out thousands upon thousands of sounds of explosion. The energy collided and devastated one after the other. However, in that extreme chaos, the power of the golden sword light didn’t decrease in the slightest. It broke through and rushed out of the siege of sword rain!

"My goodness!"

Seeing the whole process, Sword Demon was stunned. Using one strike of stellar sword qi, Zhu Shiyao actually managed to force her way out even under the five to six times power disparity situation! And it was actually much harder than it looked. Because her opponent was not just anyone, but Wang Lu who has absorbed the essence of his heaven splitting sword qi! To be able to force her way out while ignoring the five to six times power disparity meant that each speck of stellar sword qi was ingeniously utilized to the max.

Even in his heyday, it was impossible for Zhong Shengming of Bai Li who was able to pierce through the ninth heaven firmament to be able to do better than that!

Stellar divine eyes was indeed one of the most powerful magical abilities.

Unfortunately, before he could think anymore, the sword awn of Zhu Shiyao’s Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword has already arrived, thrusting straight toward Wang Lu’s body. Wang Lu himself did not hesitate as his hand grasped a suddenly materialized sword and swung it towards her.

Along with the sweeping move of his sword, the sword also rapidly expanded, making it seem like a huge shadow from the sky that swept from the side. It was as large as a small mountain, peerless without compare. This huge sword sealed all the moves of Zhu Shiyao.

Seeing this happened when she was already close to her target, Zhu Shiyao was finally startled. The power that Wang Lu displayed in this sweeping sword was actually stronger than that myriad sword rain! The core of this sword was the Sword of Mount Kun while the rest was the highly condensed heaven splitting sword qi. This sword not only came fast and all of sudden, but it also completely didn’t leave behind any flaw. The only way to break this sweeping sword was to face it head-on.

However, how could Zhu Shiyao contend against this sword, which was almost ten times as powerful as her?


Along with the girl’s cold humph, the answer was revealed.

Wang Lu’s enormous sword collided with the Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword. At first, it seemed like her sword could be ignored, then, they seemed to be in a long stalemate, and then… like an illusion, the giant sword crumbled.

Zhu Shiyao’s sword momentum didn’t reduce and, since there was nothing that blocked her way anymore, the Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword was thrusted straight at Wang Lu’s chest, almost to the hilt!


Behind him, Sword Demon could not believe his eyes when saw the part of the sword that went through Wang Lu’s back.

Even this can’t block her!? Ten times as powerful, plus using an above standard skill, this was something that no human can make up the gap, how could she still…!?

When Zhong Shengming swept the Nine Regions, stellar divine eyes was yet to born. Thus, he only heard about the legend of this unsurpassed magical ability. But when he actually witnessed it, it was even sharper than its legend.

"Because this is not the power of human."

Wang Lu’s voice coldly sounded in Sword Demon’s mind.

He was not surprised by all the things that happened. After several times of encounter with Zhu Shiyao, he has already figured out the inner workings of his Big Sister’s magical ability.

Actually, a long time ago, this was a problem that puzzled him. According to the rumor, Stellar Divine Eyes could see through future possibilities, however, because there were too many future possibilities that were seen at once, the real one was hard to distinguish. Later on, after Sect Leader’s brilliant remodeling, the majority of these virtual images were finally filtered, leaving behind only one image.

The problem was, if the overlapped virtual images represented all the myriad possibilities of the future, then what was the only image left after being filtered?

Was that even needed to be asked? Of course, it was the future victory possibility.

It might sound very simple, however, if looked from another angle, it meant that Zhu Shiyao could clearly see the trajectory of victory in the battle. As long as she strictly acted according to what she saw, she would be able to gain victory as if it was a prophecy. Even if this future victory possibility was hidden in the midst of thousands of failures...

In other words, just like in the lottery, one would only have one in a million chance to win, however, Zhu Shiyao could draw a jackpot every time. In fighting, although her enemy’s power was ten times stronger than her, and her chance of victory was only one in a million, her Stellar Divine Eyes could let her win everytime!

Such a magical ability was definitely not a ‘human power’.

However, Wang Lu didn’t panic. On the contrary, at this time, he was relieved instead.


Very simple. Because Zhu Shiyao’s sword has pierced through his chest.

Instead of his forehead.

Being stabbed by Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword, Wang Lu didn’t die on the spot. This was certainly not because Zhu Shiyao being lenient, but because she couldn’t.

Even with the help of Stellar Divine Eyes, she could pick the one in a million chance, but under the ten times power disparity, would there even be a chance at all?

A sword through the chest was already the best result that Zhu Shiyao could have. The previous sword rain and the later sweeping giant sword were not without effect, even though she managed to break them all.

The world built by these broken swords, each and every square of its space was filled with malice towards the sword. And all of the broken sword made of condensation of heaven splitting sword qi contain the sword splitting attribute. When Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword collided with these broken swords, though they failed to break her sword, its sharp intent was, to some extent, used up, to the extent that the last thrust of Zhu Shiyao’s sword could not be launched as smoothly and freely, making it a bit incomplete.

Actually, this result was quite good. If stabbed by top rank spiritual treasure, even Jindan Stage cultivators would’ve died and have their primordial spirit scattered.

However, Wang Lu was still alive and well! He was indeed born attacker, however, for the last ten years, he was first and foremost a defensive specialist! All of his cultivation was mainly about defense and protecting life. And at this time, when his cultivation base rapidly progressed, his physical strength was naturally better than the previous!

The so-called crushing with absolute strength was actually based on this!

Big Sister, your sword is indeed invincible, but even if I let you stab my chest, you could not kill me! What else can you do in this situation?

Zhu Shiyao was naturally aware of the change in the situation. There were still many virtual images in her eyes, yet she was unable to see the one that she really wanted. When she tried to pull back her Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword, she found out that the sword has been completely stuck in the opponent’s body.

Her opponent would rather endure the pain of the stab from the sword than to let it go.

"I finally got you."

Wang Lu grinning fiendishly, stretched out his hand and fiercely clutched the slender wrist of Zhu Shiyao. Then, under the astonishment of the latter, he punched her in the face!

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