Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 260: Unfortunately, There Is No Eye on the Back

Chapter 260: Unfortunately, There Is No Eye on the Back

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Punching the face was just the beginning.

In fact, putting his fist on Zhu Shiyao’s nose was more symbolic than practical.

Unlike Liu Li, Zhu Shiyao was not a full offensive type of cultivator. Stellar sword qi protected her body, making her skin seem like a mosaic of countless pieces of bright diamonds, which was incomparably hard.

Wang Lu has already used his real strength in that heavy fist, yet, it still didn’t cause her any actual harm. Zhu Shiyao only felt a bit dizzy and caused her to have a nosebleed, but it was no big deal… Luckily, she managed to see the perfect trajectory to dodge when the opponent swung the heavy fist.

However, with an ominous foreboding, she knew that the battle was not over, and her situation was very delicate.

From the other end of the sea of bitterness, she made a long-range raid against the opponent. On her peak state, she met head-on against the opponent’s original magical ability. After which, her stellar sword qi clashed against the opponent’s broken sword and huge sword, all of them relying on her long distant raid and uncut momentum, not entirely based on Stellar Divine Eyes.

However, in the end, she was still blocked. Not by the opponent’s divine sword, but by defensive force and incredible physical vitality. Although it was a bit embarrassing, and she was somewhat reluctant to accept it, it was still unwinnable even though she had tried her best. This just meant that the strength of the opponent has gone beyond her ability to cope with. After her sword momentum was exhausted, in the next move, she would lose for sure.

Fortunately, at least she has the ability to defend herself. If she activated her full defense, she was confident that she would be able to retreat. It was just that, there was a strange feeling that has always existed in her heart, as if bad things might happen at any moment.

"Got you! Now get out!"

With that man’s roar, Zhu Shiyao finally found the source of her strange feeling.

Yes, that’s it! I forgot something very important. The key to this battle is not to kill the person who has been lured and corrupted into a demon by the Sword Demon, but to slay the Sword Demon himself, to help the Sword God become whole as the Sword God of Bai Li.

At the same time, the opponent’s goal is not myself, but… Sword God that attaches himself in my body!

Sure enough, when that not particularly powerful punch landed on her face once again, Zhu Shiyao has already been able to feel the invasion of a strange force. The next moment, stimulated by this force, Sword God roared, "You dare!"

At the same time, Sword God rushed out from Zhu Shiyao’s body. His heaven splitting sword qi was aimed at Wang Lu. Its sharp edge was not inferior to Zhu Shiyao’s Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword. Rarer still was the sword momentum, which was difficult to guard against.

As the Sword God of Bai Li, because he was just resurrected, his power was extremely weak, but his use of subtle power was still something that newcomers in the world of immortal cultivation could not compare. This sword qi might not have Zhu Shiyao’s victory seeking magical ability, but Wang Lu was still unable to resist it. Not to mention that at this time, his chest suffered a stab wound—although his life was not at risk, he could not fully use his strength.

However, since Sword God has made his move, would Sword Demon just stand idly by?

"Humph, I’ve been waiting for you to come out for a long time!"

When Sword Demon’s stature appeared by Wang Lu’s side, Sword God actually revealed a smile. "Sorry for making you wait, unfortunately, I don’t want to accompany you!"

With that, Sword God roared, and his whole body turned into a flash of light. The next moment, he and Zhu Shiyao have disappeared without a trace. The Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword that was stuck in Wang Lu’s chest has also disappeared.

"Ohh, they ran away…"

Sword Demon’s complexion turned solemn and began to narrate with a sinking voice, "Able to use his own magical power to break your original magical ability and directly leave… he is indeed worthy to be the legitimate inheritor of Zhong Shengming. His power is far above me. Were it not for the yin and yang division array, which forced us to not make a direct move against each other, I’m afraid I would’ve died by now."

Then, after a pause, Sword Demon continued, "Unfortunately, though you’ve tried so hard, you didn’t manage to be the last to laugh."

Wang Lu actually didn’t care much about this. "Although they managed to save their lives through the last second escape spell, this is not that bad actually because this kind of desperate escape spell could not possibly be unlimitedly used. And since we can win for this first time, we can win the next one hundred times. In this unique environment, my advantage would just snowball, so they have no chance at all."

"Mmm, since your morale is still high, then that’s really good… How is your injury?"

"Hehe, rest assured, although I lost some of my blood, I will soon recover."

"Mm, that’s good. Take your time to recuperate, there’s no need to rush. After suffering this defeat, they will not come back so soon, so we still have time."

The exchange between the two seemed to say that they cared for each other. It was just that there was an unclear undertone in their voice, making the dialogue feel strange.

At the same time, at the other end of the sea of black haze, with a flurry of light, Sword God and Zhu Shiyao finally appeared.

Sword God seemed somewhat exhausted. Just now, when he used his own spell to break the other side’s original magical ability, the energy consumed was really not small. If he was in his heyday, he could easily crush one hundred Wang Lu’s original magical ability. But now, he was far from the peak of his power.

Zhu Shiyao herself still has her trademark indifferent look, as if she didn’t feel happy or sad, as if the defeat just now had never happened.

At this time, she was holding her Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword as she was looking at it. Her mind was completely immersed in her own sword light. After a moment, the corner of her mouth arched up to form a smile, unexpectedly she seemed to have lost herself in it.

Upon seeing this, Sword God sighed. She was really a sword lunatic, anywhere she could immerse herself in the way of the sword. But now was not the time.

"The means of Sword Demon is really unexpected. Unexpectedly, he found such a formidable companion; that guy managed to increase his cultivation base ten times as powerful in just dozens of hours. Unless it’s the legendary Void Spirit Root, otherwise, he must have increased his power through demonic method, meaning that companion would die sooner or later… But until then, our days are not going to get better."


Seeing Zhu Shiyao completely without any reaction, Sword God wrinkled his brows and shouted, "Now is not the time to relax!"

With her train of thoughts interrupted, Zhu Shiyao somewhat shook her head in a daze and then said, "It doesn’t matter."

"It doesn’t matter!? Do you think after that last fight, the opponent would just sit waiting for us to take the initiative? When the companion has healed his injury, they would definitely take the initiative to come here and make their move!"

"It doesn’t matter." Then, realizing that her sentence was not clear enough, Zhu Shiyao hesitated and then added, "The next time, I will not lose."

Next time you will not lose? Sword God shook his head.

Yes, Zhu Shiyao was advancing fast, but her opponent was not slow either. Just now, the defeat seemed to be a hair’s breadth difference, however, in his vision, it was like a moat. The opponent ran her over with absolute strength, and there was simply no solution to that.

However, this situation was actually advantageous to him, because the next step was...

While he was pondering, he suddenly heard Zhu Shiyao happily say, "I-have found a way, to repair my glasses."


Zhu Shiyao said, "Just now, that demon’s original magical ability gave me an inspiration. I can, like him, use magical power to condense out a magical treasure, which I can use to temporarily replace the original."


Sword God looked stunned and seemed somewhat incredulous about the idea.

Zhu Shiyao also didn’t explain further because she was clumsy with words, let alone demonstrating it should be more powerful than any words.

Therefore, she recalled that flash of inspiration, began to transport her magical power and then condensed out a crystal on her fingertip.

The most profound use of magical power was condensing out a material, which needed a very brilliant use of magical power. Since this was the first attempt by her, Zhu Shiyao found it to be extremely difficult. After a moment, beads of sweat already appeared on her forehead. However, the tiny lens on her fingertip continued to become smooth and round, getting increasingly similar to an authentic contact lens.

After the time it took to finish a cup of tea, Zhu Shiyao finally let out a long breath. "It’s done."

With that, she smiled, fiddled with the lens on her fingertips and then deftly wore it on her left eye.

This lens was not easy to refine. However, for Zhu Shiyao, one lens was enough.

Most of the virtual images on her eyes were immediately filtered by the lens. Seeing the familiar vision, Zhu Shiyao maintained her smile while her inexplicable imposing manner gradually soared.

"Now, I will not lose anymore."

Although without the lens Zhu Shiyao was still a force to reckon with, with the lens, she was like a whole other person, and her imposing manner was much more stronger than the original!

"Mm, congratulations then."

Behind her, the voice of Sword God appeared somewhat indifferent. However, Zhu Shiyao didn’t realize this. Although her sharpness manifested more in the middle of the fight, in other things, she was somewhat similarly slow as Liu Li.

Because of this slowness, Zhu Shiyao spoke completely without any concern. Under the excitement, she thoughtlessly said, "This time, I will know who exactly is the companion of that demon! Before, I always feel like he is somewhat familiar, but I can’t see him clearly."

"Oh? When you put your lens, you can see him clearly?"

The voice of Sword God rang behind her back.

Zhu Shiyao nodded. "Certainly. If we meet again, I will know who he is for sure. I should’ve met that person before. His core method is too familiar. If possible, I will advise him to repent, don’t do evil things for the demon, and don’t kill each other. Previously, several times my sword strikes were without mercy… If Master is here, he would probably scold me. Should I apologize then?"

These words have been lingering in her heart for quite a long time, so much that when she said it out, there was no stuttering at all.

Upon hearing this, Sword God suddenly sighed.

"What a pity, in my entire life, you’re the only one with this kind of talent and persistence in the way of the sword. If possible, I really want to accept you as my successor. You have the Stellar Divine Eyes that can make you see through the future, therefore, you will certainly be able to achieve higher achievement than me. But, why do you want to bring about your own destruction?"


Upon hearing this, no matter how slow Zhu Shiyao was, she has also realized that there was something different this time. When she turned her head, Sword God was no longer there.

There was only a cloud of red mist.

At the same time, at the other side of the sea of black haze, Wang Lu was recuperating himself. While there was nothing else to do, Wang Lu asked out a problem towards Sword Demon.

"You said you and Sword God were made from the countless pieces of the destroyed soul of Zhong Shengming, and now, although both of you continue to get stronger, the essence of the two of you are still the soul, meaning, you are without a corporeal body?"

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