Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 264: Big Capacity II

Chapter 264: Big Capacity II

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When talking about the ancient times, most of the present day cultivators would speak with yearning. Although in theory, the modern people was inferior to the ancient people, however, before the age of chaos, the world was rich with surrounding spiritual energy, and as such, almighty people appearing in droves was an indisputable fact.

Right now, on the Nine Regions, the number one cultivator based on cultivation base was Supreme He Tu of Shengjing Sect, a peak Unity Stage cultivator, and half a step away from the Mahayana Stage. However, for several thousands of years, only a few people were able to cross this half a step distance. Moreover, after they did pass it, they have already overdrafted their potential, no longer were they able to pass more than that. As for taking the divine tribulation to ascend to the world of immortals, that was just a story in the legend.

There was really no comparison against the era prior to the Age of Chaos.

However, for the people with knowledge and experience on this topic, the modern people being inferior to the ancient people was just in general. Although the Age of Chaos was a catastrophe, however, the subsequent thousands of years of efforts of cultivators were not without results. Compared to the ancient time, although the cultivation base of the modern people were clearly backward, but on the same stage, modern people have many tricks up their sleeves.

A relatively simple and rough way to describe this was, the current cultivators have several points lower base, however, the added value was relatively high, making the comprehensive strength not that much inferior. For example, a few decades ago in the Blue River Region, there was a raging Nine-Tailed Fox, which, in theory, should be on the level of true immortal. However, wasn’t it suppressed by a seal in the body of Lady Boss? If it were in the past, the whole sect would’ve already been exterminated using one of its tail if the sect leader of the sect was merely a Deity Stage cultivator.

Therefore, even though Zhong Shengming’s cultivation base was frighteningly high that he dared to challenge the four in nine divine tribulations, a genuine true immortal on earth, but considering that he was just a wisp of remnant soul compared to the ultra high added value of modern cultivators...

So what if the other party was peak Mahayana Stage?

Looking at the empty expanse of this dark mansion, Wang Lu tried to use this reasoning to convince himself to overcome this difficulty.

Peak Mahayana Stage was not invincible. In fact, it was exactly because Sword God had been compelled into a hopeless situation by his God Destroying Sword Strike and God-Seal seal that he finally had to use the unique skill of primordial spirit self-explosion.

However, even if defeated, it was still because Sword God was too weak at the time. Moreover, Sword Demon that backed him up was not that inferior to Sword God. A Mahayana Stage cultivator was not merely a cultivator with ‘high stage’.

Only when seeing this piece of endless darkness could one truly realize the distance to the Mahayana Stage. Although the other side was just a wisp of remnant soul and only stayed a very short while in this purple mansion, it has already left an earth-shaking change. This broad space was an expansion of the purple mansion in order to adapt to the Mahayana Stage primordial spirit. For a Xudan Stage cultivator, this would be infinitely smaller. Although the magical ability of primordial spirit could not simply be measured in size, no one could deny the disparity if the difference was thousand upon thousands and even hundreds of millions of times!

This was the most direct way the prestige of Mahayana Stage was showed, and no argument or reasoning could disparage that.

The only good thing here was that, in this situation, the solution also came to the fore. At this time, they were not imprisoned in some dangerous place, but in Zhu Shiyao’s purple mansion. It was only because of the expansion of the purple mansion that their primordial spirit seemed small.

And this was the crux of the problem. Under normal circumstances, primordial spirit and purple mansion should be perfectly matched. The primordial spirit’s ability to exercise control of the body and magical power was based on this matching. In theory, only when primordial spirit tightly snuggled in purple mansion could it be able to transmit signal without a hindrance.

However, now there was a mismatch in size, making Zhu Shiyao’s primordial spirit unable to make contact with the outside, which basically imprisoned them. The solution was simple, as long as she was able to make contact with the purple mansion, she would be able to make a contact with her body and thus free both of them. As a cultivator with Sword Spirit Root, her root bone qualification was one of the best in the world, and her purple mansion adaptability was good enough. However, the premise was, her primordial spirit being able to make contact with her purple mansion.

From the current situation, it would take years before Zhu Shiyao’s primordial spirit could expand to fill the empty purple mansion.

The cultivation of primordial spirit was not independent. It has to be complemented with the increase in magical power and refining of the body. However, right now, they were isolated from the outside world, which meant that, theoretically, they couldn’t even reach Jindan Stage, so how could the primordial spirit be catalyzed to that of the size of Mahayana Stage?

In addition, they could also take the crooked way—by simply expanding the primordial spirit without advancing its stage, just trying to make contact with the purple mansion first. However, there was also an obstacle to this: for a Xudan Stage cultivator to simply inflate the primordial spirit thousands upon thousands of times, they would end up dead. Even Wang Lu, who cultivated Non-Phase Method and condensed his primordial spirit many times more than the average cultivators, also has limit in inflating his primordial spirit thousands of times in just a short time… And according to the current situation, without thousands upon thousands of times of expansion, it was impossible to completely touch the purple mansion.

Thousands upon thousands of times… no matter how he calculated, only those with above Jindan Stage cultivation base could achieve it. Thus, this road was tantamount to a dead end.

In fact, this was exactly the reason Sword God exploded his primordial spirit to form a black hole, which was to trap them here, leaving them with no way out… According to the present situation, Wang Lu and Zhu Shiyao would’ve long lost their lives before their primordial spirits could achieve the required inflation.

Of course, there was also a problem here, that was, Sword God completely ignored the existence of another person. However, Wang Lu could not count on the help of Sword Demon. At present, he could only rely on himself. Although they had been cut off from the outside world, when it came to being trapped, two people were always better than one.

Just now, after he thought out his speculation to Zhu Shiyao, the later blinked and said, "And then?"

Wang Lu said, "Please inflate yourself, Senior Sister."

This was, of course, a joke. Even Wang Lu, whose primordial spirit was highly condensed, could not inflate it thousands upon thousands of times. Although Big Sister’s attainment in the way of the sword was astonishingly high, it was impossible for her primordial spirit to be as fierce as him.

Wang Lu just hoped that Zhu Shiyao could raise an idea from the point of view of peak sword cultivation, which would then inspire him.

Who knew that upon hearing Wang Lu’s word, Zhu Shiyao simply nodded and said, "Okay."

Then she began to swell. Although slow, it didn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Wang Lu gawked for a moment, and then he hurriedly tried to dissuade her, "Hey, hey, don’t take things too hard. If you die because of my words, my previous efforts to defeat you would greatly reduce in value!"

However, Zhu Shiyao didn’t seem to hear Wang Lu’s words.

"No wonder the atmosphere here is familiar to me, it turns out this is my purple mansion… That being the case, I will just light up the whole place."

With that, while slowly expanding, Zhu Shiyao took a deep breath.

"Let there be light."

The next moment, dazzlingly brilliant light spread out.

Glamorously sparkling silvery starlights appeared, blazing like the fire of the golden sun… The yin and yang coincided, eternally changing. This was the peerless secret technique of Spirit Sword Sect’s Stellar Peak, Stellar Sword Light!

Suddenly being wrapped by the stellar sword light, Wang Lu helplessly shook his head.

"I really underestimated the magical ability of Big Sister."

He mistook the simple concept of primordial spirit expansion. In theory, it was indeed the more condensed the primordial spirit was, the more it would not lose its shape during the expansion. If it were too condensed instead, it would actually influence the expansion.

However, regarding his Senior Sister, the situation was diametrically opposite. Her cultivation was Stellar Sword Method, a top class sword art in the world with many kinds of variation. The prestige of her sword-defeat-all-methods was also the natural outcome of that. And for such a highly varied method, inflating the primordial spirit was actually easier.

Of course, it was not volume expansion in the strict sense, but rather the transformation of primordial spirit into light.

Where there was a light, there was the spirit, which was the primordial spirit of his Big Sister.

Even though he did not want to accept it, he had to.

After the light spread out, in a flash, Wang Lu was forced to pop out of the purple mansion. Zhu Shiyao has occupied every inch of space of the purple mansion, leaving Wang Lu with no room to stand.

Upon popping out, Wang Lu felt a flash of darkness and then light. In the blink of an eye, he had returned to his own body.

And before his eyes were no longer the glorious and incomparable figure of Big Sister, but rather a cold and old face.

"You’re awake? Very good, it’s faster than what I expected."

With that, Sword Demon stood up and then said to Wang Lu, "Get up and let’s have a talk."

Wang Lu silently nodded and then began to observe the situation around him.

He was still at the location where he defeated the Sword God. All around him, the sea of bitterness slowly swayed. His Big Sister who has just been possessed was lying down unconscious at his feet. With a serene look coupled with the sword in hand, she simultaneously exuded the contrasting image of a beauty and hero.

Her unconscious state was not unexpected for Wang Lu. Although she succeeded in thousands upon thousands of times of primordial spirit expansion and form transformation through her Stellar Sword Method, showing how brilliant this Big Sister was, but trying to reach the level of Mahayana Stage from Xudan Stage has definitely left an enormous burden on her.

Nevertheless, she seemed fine. Looking at her ruddy complexion and rough breathing, she was mostly just exhausted.

"Her condition is fine." Guessing what Wang Lu was thinking, Sword Demon lightly said, "Fortunately, she was able to think of using the magical ability of Stellar Sword Method to transform the primordial spirit. After this time, if she can straighten this out, in the future, the power of her primordial spirit would increase multiple times."

"If she can straighten out?" Wang Lu keenly captured the main point. "If she can’t?"

"She’ll die." Sword Demon said, "However, let’s put aside her problem first. Let’s talk about us."

Wang Lu was stunned for a moment, and then he cupped his fists to salute. "In light of the death of the Sword God, I should congratulate you for your successful achievement in experiencing a reversal of fortune."

Actually, since the moment he awoke, Wang Lu has already seen that there was a big difference between the current Sword Demon and the previous Sword Demon.

Although he was still a wisp of remnant soul, after the death of Sword God, his momentum has greatly changed. It was not the kind of suddenly becoming a million times stronger, but the kind of mysteriously unspeakable… He had to admit that, the current Sword Demon was in line with the image of an ancient true immortal level cultivator that was in his mind.

Although there was a strong sense of oppression from the previous Sword Demon, and when unraveling many truths people became more depressed, it only stopped there.

The Sword Demon before him, however, has already gone beyond giving people a sense of oppression; it was the impossible to perceive, unable to ponder kind of feeling.

If it could be described, it would be like ‘the power of heaven was unfathomable’ kind of situation. The primordial spirit of Mahayana Stage cultivator was that powerful.

"Experiencing a reversal of fortune?" Upon hearing the last few words, Sword Demon shook his head. "I’m just getting what I deserve."

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